Evolution: Fact or Fallacy (Sept. 22, 2018)

Chapter 1:  Darwin

The most successful battle waged against the soul of mankind in the industrialized age has a tangible beginning and its origin can be traced back to the thoughts and writings of one man in which the observations he made would manifest and bring to the world a new philosophy on the origins of life, ultimately challenging the traditional and biblical understanding of Creation, the universe and cosmology itself.  The popularity is increasing despite the technological advances made in this – the quantum computing age, advances which easily serve to refute the theory, available to anyone who cares to search for and understand the truth.  And although the idea of evolution was not new at the time and was postulated in earlier works by men such as Alfred Russel Wallace, Georges Cuvier, Thomas Malthus and Charles Lyell to name a few, Darwin combined his observations with the many ideas of others, to pen what has transpired into the foremost work on the biological evolution of mankind ever to have been written.

In 1831 Charles Darwin boarded the HMS Beagle captained by Robert Fitzroy of the Royal British Navy.  The ship was commissioned to take a five-year survey around the world. Sometime during that voyage, what Darwin discovered in the archipelago of The Galapagos off the coast of Chili, combined with the many other observations he made of animal life on the continent of South America, would, over the next few years, turn into a viral revolution against the long-held belief in the Creation account recorded in the bible and send shock waves throughout the global, scientific and ecclesiastical communities.  It would be a journey of thought from which there could be no return; a voyage carefully set about to challenge the Very Truth of God. Darwin, believing he was onto the discovery of something unique, relished the chance at fulfilling a lifelong endeavor; a mental journey into the metaphysical which he would willingly undertake, and to which the waiting world would help him to establish at every turn.

After Darwin’s first voyage and following his observations of the flora and fauna of the unique tropical and sub-tropical paradises he encountered, he published a book detailing the beginnings of his adventure called “Journal and Remarks” in which he casually introduced the world to the idea of the physical “evolution” of animals which he would later use to formulate his observations pertaining to this new school of thought.  And although the idea of “gradualism” or uniformitarianism was a new idea in the realm of biological and geological science at the time, Darwin was not the progenitor of this thinking.  He carried with him a copy of his friend Charles Lyell’s book, Principles of Geology so it is clear that Darwin was already beyond thinking of the biblical chronology of a young earth. Darwin continued his journeys on the Beagle funded by the British Navy while Darwin himself provided funding for his own journey, paid for mostly by his wealthy father Dr. Robert Darwin, a prominent English physician.  Darwin made countless notes on the nature of life in and around South America and particularly, the Galapagos Islands and how they seemed to be a world unto themselves, their myriad and diverse lifeforms seemingly changing and adapting to suit themselves to their unique environment – a process later to be named “species adaptation”.[1]


  • The Origin of Species

The young naturalist would go on studying and formulating his theory for several years but never could have imagined what prolific impact it was going to have and to what extent traditional thoughts and worldviews would be set to change.  He published his book, “On the Origin of Species” in 1859 – a book which has since been used as a reference of sorts and is heralded to this day as being THE very foundation of the complete theory of the evolution of animals and by which Darwin himself would gain worldwide acclaim. The book is closing in on its 150th anniversary.

One interesting note and a fact of which most in this age aren’t aware is that the subtitle of Darwin’s book is blatantly racist. “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection; OR THE PRESERVATION OF FAVORED RACES IN THE STRUGGLE FOR LIFE”. Darwin was not only an atheist, he was a white supremacist inwardly full of anger toward mankind and God.  This thinking was necessary because, as the theory would suggest, everything is in a state of very slow transformation and the species are in a constant, genetic struggle, competing with each other for superiority and survival and in which death is not only the cost of life, its dominance is the mechanism of its evolution.  The overall premise of the theory of evolution by natural selection is that all of life is related and all of life came ultimately from non-living chemicals by chance occurrences of nature, beginning with a simple, single cell and developing by genetic mutation over millions of years into the vast plethora of all life forms throughout the world.

So, then, a broader look at what the theory actually states is that the diversity of animals in the animal kingdom are in a constant state of “flux” and that their appearance and, in fact, utility as we see them today, was vastly different at the time of their origin and they are in an ever-increasing state of complexity, slowly brought about by each successive generation by means of favorable mutations which benefit the offspring by making them more fit for survival than the generation that spawned them.  However, any honest investigation will quickly reveal that this theory, upon which the very soul of man lives or dies, and upon which every fabric of morality, meaning, sentiment, kindness and law relies for having a purpose, is still just a theory.  But the scientific, biological, medical, even industrial fields hold firmly to it defending it like no idea before, as though it were a fact.

The theory implicitly connotes that mankind has evolved and is in fact, now in the process of evolving into higher forms of being thus stating categorically that some humans are more “evolved” and some are less evolved.  Modern evolutionists have now adopted the term spiritual evolution to the description of the smug rise of man according to the theory claiming that mankind’s evolution is not only physical but is also occurring on an unseen and (additionally) unproven spiritual level.  Darwin believed that the most highly evolved man was the European, Caucasian, Anglo-Saxon (of which, naturally, Darwin himself was a class member) and that the “lower” races, i.e. the negroid, mongoloid, and any other races of mankind were inferior physically, genetically, and intellectually.[2]

By the first part of the twentieth century, Darwin’s theory of evolution had replaced the biblical model of Creation in most universities and was continuing to gain ground as THE explanation of how everything came to be.

Although evolution of species was an attractive and seemingly sensible theory to many naturalists at the time, it contained a very major flaw; one with which Darwin himself was obviously aware – a complete lack of “transitional skeletons” or, if you will, the bare bones evidence.  If animals had indeed evolved in the manner Darwin was postulating, there would needs be countless “intermediate” skeletons of animals in the process of evolving thereby showing the slow progression of each species retrograde to the original from which it had supposedly evolved, e.g. a frog could be traced back to a fish using the transitional skeletons preserved in the fossil record or geologic column showing its anatomical progression and time line.

Unfortunately for evolutionism, NOT ONE such fossil that CLEARLY shows a visible and distinct animal in the process of evolving has ever been found.  If such evolution of all species did actually occur then fossils of intermediate species – birds, for example, would be found in abundance all over the world and examples of such would be POURING into the paleontological labs in universities all over the world but not one such complete or semi complete example exists.

When complete fossils are found, they are either examples of extinct species or they are virtually identical to the same skeletons of present day animals, some with slight differences compensating for a species particular geographical location, surroundings, climatic conditions etc. Moreover, the “geologic column” which is supposed to show throughout the world, the layers of time show nothing of the sort but the opposite – a complete explosion of life at a very distinct time in the geologically recent past which Darwinists have named the “Cambrian Explosion” and have dated this occurrence at 541 million years ago.  In fact, the geologic column more accurately is representative of a much more recent, global FLOOD in which all life was suddenly and completely cut off.  Much more on that later.

Evolutionists would claim that birds evolved from perhaps lizards or some other four-legged, creeping animal. The common consensus in the modern paradigm is that birds came from dinosaurs.  The theory suggests that a lizard or dinosaur was born with a genetic mutation which allowed it to be superior to a dinosaur that didn’t have this mutation, let’s say, its front legs grew longer by “beneficial” genetic mutation (the beginning of wings). Perhaps this longer-legged dinosaur was faster. That benefit would then allow it to pass on the mutation to its offspring which would mutate perhaps, (by pure chance) with its scales changing to longer, narrower scales (the beginning of feathers).  Remember that each mutation supposedly equipped the animal with a superior ability to survive so that it could pass the mutation along until the process was complete (according to the theory, though, it is NEVER complete and every form of life continues to evolve).  What, then, would a dinosaur with slightly different scales, in the process of turning into feathers possess that would make it more fit for survival? It certainly could not yet fly.  Now take that example and apply it to fishes developing lungs, cow’s nostrils developing into blow holes and every other conceivable “mutation” and it quickly turns from science theory to science fiction.

Certain animals are equipped with the ability to adapt to their environments.  Adaptation is an observable, biological occurrence which can be seen at work in living things all around the world but serves a completely different function than that of one species changing completely into another species or that for supporting the baseless idea of life springing from non-living chemicals.

Darwin concluded that animals have been “evolving” this way for millions of years and although the physical, paleontological evidence of “transitional skeletons” was completely lacking, Darwin himself made the claim that the fossil record would “bear him out”[3] In his book, On the Origin of Species, Darwin attests, “The explanation lies, as I believe, in the extreme imperfection of the geological record” (emphasis added) firmly asserting that future discoveries would prove his theory as fact.  However, the complete lack of transitional skeletons to date is such an epic discrepancy that, to those who are willing to face this truth, the whole idea has been limited to mere speculation and vain imagination.  While the awkward fact of the missing evidence appeared to be an insurmountable problem for some, it would be an inspiration to others – the inspiration to commit a crime.

  • Piltdown Man

When promoting such a theory as evolution, the burden of proof is always on those promoting it.  Therefore, it is imperative to show the evidence as quickly as possible before the idea fades into obscurity.  Darwin himself said that the “transitionals” would be found in abundance.  Time marched on and no such conclusive evidence was found, in fact, what was being found substantiated the biblical narrative which said that animal life appeared almost instantly and every “kind” was complete.  It was beginning to look bleak for evolution.

In 1912, a man named Charles Dawson (don’t confuse the similar sounding names) ostensibly made a discovery in the Piltdown Commons in England of a fossil which apparently had the skull of a man and the jaw of an ape. Upon this discovery, Dawson contacted the geology curator at the British Natural History Museum, Arthur Smith Woodward.  After examination of the find, it was determined to be a legitimate archeological discovery and quickly dubbed “The Dawson Dawn Man” which was a human skull with the jaw of an ape.  It was heralded as undeniable proof and utilized in the propping up of the struggling theory and held there for decades until 1949 when modern dating methods using Fluorine exposed it as a hoax at which time it was renamed “The Piltdown Man“ which would now stand forever, the sad beginning of many more monuments to the failed theory of Darwinian Evolution.

Examination of the Piltdown skull by Dr. Kenneth Oakley from Oxford University revealed the damning evidence when he examined the fossil under a microscope.   Minute scratches on the surfaces of the teeth revealed that they had been filed down to make them appear human.   They also determined by using the radioactive dating methods of the day that the jaw was of a different age than the skull.  In addition, they also discovered that most of the finds from the Piltdown site had been artificially stained to match the local gravels.[4]

Dawson, due to the frustrating lack of physical evidence didn’t have enough faith in Darwin’s theory proving itself over time that he felt it necessary to CREATE his own evidence and present it to the world as genuine. Years later, controversy still swirled around the hoax as to which persons involved at the time were guilty of fraud and obfuscation of scientific evidence. After modern forensic scientific examination of the facts, Dawson was eventually believed to be the solo hoaxer thus clearing the names of any others who had worked with Dawson and appeared to have been involved.[5]  It is proposed that Dawson perpetrated the hoax to further his advancement in the field and to make a name for himself which, most likely not according to his plan, he inevitably achieved.

Between the years announcing the finding of Piltdown Man to the time it was finally revealed as a hoax were nearly 40 years of history smackdab in the middle of a most tumultuous time in our nation when industrialism and technology gave way to a new “enlightenment” and the bible (and God) were given over for fairy tales and the bright hope of mankind and the world of infinite learning now beckoned before him.  These years were like no other in the history of mankind as we took to the skies and the world was suddenly made smaller and more accessible. The automobile replaced the horse and carriage and skyscrapers began to change the skyline.  Mankind was most certainly an upwardly mobile being just as Darwin’s theory was suggesting.

The most impactful yet least mentioned effect of the hoax were that these 4 decades were, no doubt, years of pompous celebration and propagation of the idea of evolution and were undoubtedly the years in which evolutionary theory was determined to be reliable and factual and taught as such in the public-school systems the world over.  New school textbooks were revised to promote the FACT of Darwinism.  These were forty years in which the theory of evolution was not openly contested by its dissenters. It was a proven FACT now free to take precedence.

Many dissertations and theses were written on Piltdown man at that time filling the universities with pro-Darwinian PhD scientists.  Those who dis-believed the theory at first, before Piltdown, must have taken the brunt of the social chastisement from the Darwin camp for ever having doubted at all; many good and qualified scientists’ careers no doubt ruined as a result thereby silencing the dissenters completely. The world that was now craving more knowledge about the particulars of our true origins was ripened for the deep state programming of the Darwinian agenda, having been finally freed from the constraining arguments of those “foolish incompetents” from the creation camp.  These were years in which it seemed that evolution had won the war.

In hindsight, looking at the failure unfortunately cannot reverse the damage already done.  Those collective years when everyone believed the lie because of the deception of Piltdown Man have done more to advance Darwinism than the discovery and announcement of the hoax has done to discredit it because it seems that most in this age aren’t aware that there ever was a Piltdown Man, yet alone that it was a massive hoax, perpetrated on the world for the better part of a generation regarding our true origins giving the theory undisputed veracity for many years.

We are living in an age when truth and those who love truth must be silenced by the majority and the majority in this world are and always have been those who either hate the truth or are indifferent to it.  The world is right now controlled by principalities and powers which are evil.  Luciferianism is behind every secret society and private think-tank that exists in this age.  These powers have fomented every war since the 17th century and have profited from both sides.[6]  They control all big industry and use their vast wealth to obtain more and more power and they are the power behind the propaganda machine of Darwinism.

These human servants of evil powers know whom they serve. They belong to the father of lies, Satan who controls armies of powers that hate mankind.  One of Satan’s biggest advantages in this age is that most don’t believe he exists.  Most believe that what they perceive with their senses is all that exists but once again, the bible says that there is an unseen world; a higher dimension in which battles rage.  We’re not committed to understand any of the unseen, we are only committed to know that we, as those who have accepted Jesus Christ, are protected.  To the Christian who gets his strength from Jesus Christ, we will use Him as our strength for however long the battle rages.  Thankfully, we know Who wins the battle and it is now at its climax which will bring the coming of and recognition of the antichrist.  Much more on that later.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities; against powers; against the rulers of the darkness of this world; against spiritual wickedness in high places”.  Ephesians 6:12

  • Archaeopteryx

Archaeopteryx is said to be a missing link between dinosaur and bird.  Found in Germany in 1861 in the Solnhofen Limestone formation in Bavaria, it was an exceptionally well-preserved fossil and the first of its kind to be found. It wasn’t given its name until 1863 by British naturalist Richard Owen. Estimated to be 150 million years old and of such detailed preservation that the impression of feathers can be seen minutely preserved in its limestone sarcophagus. Soon, other fossils of the same species were found and speculation began to gather regarding Archaeopteryx.  The fact that it possessed feathers on its well-developed wings and ranged in size from a robin to a raven indicates that it was a species of bird capable of flight.  It is said to be a “transitional” species, bridging the gap between birds and reptiles because of the un-birdlike traits of having teeth, a bony tail and three claws on its wings.  Archaeopteryx was touted as the progenitor to the evolution of flight in birds. [7] Other extinct birds also had reptilian traits but never flew as high as Archaeopteryx in the world of fabricated or alleged transitionals.  The mystery grew deeper as to where all those intermediate species with half developed wings were but this one would prove to be a genuine missing link – a missing piece of imagination.

In the mid 70’s, Yale University paleontologist John Ostrom paved the way for the idea that theropods – dinosaurs like the T-Rex and the velociraptors – were the forerunners of all modern birds and although this idea has been debated by paleontologists ever since, it is obvious that the idea was here to stay when Hollywood fossilized the idea in the minds of most with the blockbuster movie “Jurassic Park” twenty some years later.  Although unnoticed by most, this movie solidified the dinosaur/bird relativity in the psyche of the apathetic public whom, upon seeing the movie, suddenly believed that all birds came from reptiles; the manipulative work and sly connotations of the producers’ lifelike portrayal using the latest computer graphics.  And this happened without anyone realizing that their knowledge of dinosaurs had changed! (prime example of “predictive programming” being done on a massive scale in this age – more on that later)

Who can ever forget the “kitchen scene” in the movie when the two kids were being chased down by two very menacing, six-foot, birdlike dinosaurs through the large, darkened kitchen of the surreal resort.

Largely unnoticed by the moviegoers, during a part in the climax of the scene, one of the dinosaurs looked through the window of a door to the kitchen and breathed heavily through its nostrils, fogging up the window with condensation.  It takes a warm-blooded animal to do that!  I always believed reptiles to be cold-blooded creatures (and they are) and I believed dinosaurs were reptiles, (and they were) so I was under the impression that I had caught a “mistake” or an oversight of the editor.  It wasn’t until later study in which I learned that some paleontologists believe that dinosaurs were mesothermic, (warm-blooded).  Perhaps this scene of the movie was not an oversight but an intentional part of the subtle programming (birds ARE warm-blooded creatures) of the elite Hollywood producers and writers who are in the very most part staunch Darwinists.

But the real proof that Archaeopteryx (and other so-called theropods) was a bird and not a reptile comes from the spurious claim that “scales evolved into feathers”. “One of the biggest hurdles for the Darwinist with regard to the evolution of birds is not limited to the evolution of feathers, the fact that birds use feathers to fly ‘affects virtually every aspect of their anatomy’”.[8]  Notable differences in birds compared to other species are too numerous to mention but hollow bones, elongated sternum and expanded lung physiology serve as immovable reminders that birds have much fewer traits in common with reptiles than those with which they share.

Some modern evolutionists claim that the scales on reptiles (dinosaurs) evolved into feathers by air friction acting upon scales combined with genetic mutation which supposedly “frayed the outer edges of reptilian scales, thus in the course of millions of years, scales became more and more like feathers.” [9]

But a feather is a complex and intricate creation with design and beauty unmatched in the animal kingdom.  They are highly effective, ultra-light and diverse in size, shape and color and together allow the bird a unique place in the animal kingdom, separate from all other creatures in both form and function.  Observed under the microscope, feathers reveal their intricate design in ways that even the most ardent Darwinist must admit to having been “designed”.

Birds have several different types of feathers and each type is specialized to serve a different function.[10] Within the surface of the wing, plume, contour and tail feathers are areas of pigment which gives the bird its colorful appearance.  Each section of feather has a tiny pigment which is mostly unnoticeable until combined together with the hundreds of other feathers making a most unique canvas for the most vibrant and stunning colors, lines, shapes and soft, subtle tones. The small feathers on some birds’ throats and tails often reflect light and color with a prism like effect. It’s difficult enough trying to imagine the evolution of the common blackbird with his small red mark on his wings but try to imagine the “mutations” necessary for the evolution of the Peacock.

To see the stunning plumage of the peacock and hear his raucous cry should itself be enough evidence against evolution having designed this by random mutation.  Look at the many species of birds-of-paradise.  What a staggering array of colors and sheens!  However, instead of ascribing the beauty and wonder of creation to its Rightful Designer, the evolutionist stands up at a TED conference, shows the audience a 50-megapixel full-color photo of a peacock in full plumage on a 20-foot screen, using PowerPoint, clicks through the birds complete mating dance and concludes saying, “isn’t evolution remarkable?” and the audience explodes in applause.  The modern Neo-Darwinist gives the creation, and their imaginative idea of evolution, godlike reverence.

Something noteworthy about the animal kingdom, and something largely unnoticed by even bible readers is the fact that God made the creatures in the ocean from the water and that included all birds.

And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven. And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good. Genesis 1:20-21 (emphasis mine)

This happened on the fifth day, then on the sixth day, God made the land creatures from the earth.

And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so.”  Genesis 1:24 (emphasis mine)

Isn’t it remarkable how many times God used the phrase “after his kind”?  It seems as though He was anticipating Darwinism (of course He was) and was thorough in His distinction about how the animals reproduced…after their kind, and not after another’s kind.  But the bible is irrelevant in this age and is insufficient for proving a thing for those that disbelieve its Divine Source. Hence the need to educate those who believe Darwinism without knowing the facts enumerated in this manuscript.  Also peculiar is the mention of the very first creature made from the waters and for the waters is the whale.  Recent claims of the evolution of the whale have made evolution “news” headlines. A bit more on the whale later.

  • Archaeoraptor: The Feathered T Rex?

Archaeoraptor is the name given to a composite fossil fraud which stunned the paleoanthropological world in 1999 when a fossil supposedly found in China by fossil hunters made its way into the states where it showed up at a gem show in Arizona.  The Dinosaur Museum in Blanding, Utah, owned by Steven Czerkas then bought the specimen for 80,000 dollars before checking into its origins and acquisition into the states.  It was alleged that the fossil was going to be authenticated and renown Chinese paleoanthropologist Xing Xu was called in to examine the evidence.  It was determined to be genuine by Xu and Czerkas and one other famous Canadian paleontologist, Phillip Currie of Alberta.  In a rush to publication “Feathers for T. Rex?” New birdlike fossils are missing links in dinosaur evolution.”[11] it was declared, “we can now say that birds are theropods [evolved from dinosaurs] just as confidently as we say that humans are mammals.” Everything from lunch boxes to museum exhibits will change to reflect this revelation.”

Two prominent bird experts expressed doubt in the find; Storrs L. Olson, the curator of birds at the Smithsonian Institution[12] and Larry D. Martin, paleontologist at the University of Kansas specializing in bird fossils, both of whom stated their failure to find “feathers” in the fossil.  It was determined that the fossil was a composite of more than one animal and CT scans laid to rest the fact that this fossil was just another attempt to build credibility around the idea that dinosaurs evolved into birds. Thankfully, the fraud was caught quickly and the perpetrators exposed (Chinese, black market fossil hunters) but not before more damage was done to the failing evolutionary theory itself. Xing Xu also, after comparing the fossil to others concluded that it was a fake.[13]

Here we have another example of trying to push a theory using false evidence.  Apparently, it is very important to the Darwinists for the world to believe that birds came from dinosaurs.  The reason such importance is being placed on this alleged evolution of reptiles into birds is not completely certain at this time. Supposedly, (understandably) the Archaeopteryx fossil wasn’t sufficient enough to sell this idea and it must have been determined that the movie Jurassic Park wasn’t either but for whatever reason – and we mustn’t leave out money and personal gain as a motivator – another hoax was in order.

The evidence of life found in the fossil record of the earth is complete and has been for several decades yet the paleoanthropologists continue to dig, uncovering the same fossils as well as an occasional extinct species looking for that “Holy Grail” of transitional species. It leads me to wonder what the next “find” will be.  Albeit, I don’t discourage archaeological digs by any means and I’m not against paleontology as a whole, as I said, I am very fond of science.  I just don’t believe what we are being told by those who dig, you dig?  Since the discovery of the first fossil specimen, more than 125 million fossils of over 250,000 species have been found.[14]  Many more are in private collections around the world and yet many others are at the bottom of the ocean (more on that later). They can be found in museums across the world and are representative of most of the life forms that are NOW living and breathing and NO intermediate species have EVER been identified however, the Darwinists claim there are many. It would seem that perhaps they’re hoping that they will all turn up at once in a “hidey hole” somewhere.

I might have included other finds that the Neo-Darwinists have held up over the years as proof of transitional species.  I might have mentioned the Coelacanth; a fish thought to be extinct and a progenitor of species crawling out of the water and onto the dry land.  They believed it to possess primitive lungs until one of them was caught off the coast of South Africa in 1938. Many more have been caught since and they are all identical, that is, they are FISH. And we mustn’t leave out Tiktaalik, the “crocodile” like fish which is reported to have been the forerunner of alligators and crocs.  There are the Sinostega, the Hynerpeton and a host of other supposed transitional fossils of which very few bones have been found and more fossilized bone fragments are unearthed every day with the potential to be used to assign a fancy name and to prop up this baseless and futile theory called evolution.  We have all seen the Time/Life picture showing the evolution of mankind from a small, gibbon-like monkey to a fully human male with every form of partially evolved ape in between but why are there no real life fossil examples?  If evolution happened by small changes in species by mutation over millions of years, why don’t we have example after example overflowing the halls of the natural history museums all over the world?  There are hundreds of thousands of species of animals in the archaeological database of the world, why isn’t there ONE complete example of this kind of evolution?

“Over ten thousand fossil species of insects have been identified, over thirty thousand species of spiders, and similar numbers for many sea-dwelling creatures.  Yet so far, the evidence for step-by-step changes leading to major evolutionary transitions looks extremely thin.  The supposed transition from wingless to winged insects still has to be found as has the transition between the two main types of winged insect…”[15]   Piltdown Man, strike one; Archaeopteryx, strike two; Archaeoraptor, strike three, YOU’RE OUT.  But the game is not over yet.

Neither the fossil record nor the study of microbiology has done anything to advance the evolutionary theory but the opposite; Paleoanthropology and technology are compiling an enormous amount of proof to the impossibility of the Darwinian Evolutionary model and the discoveries being made, are revealing a story beginning with the history found in the bible; “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth” and this scripture is STILL the only explanation for what we observe around us and in us.            The author


  • Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny – The Recapitulation Theory

The theory of recapitulation, also called the biogenetic law or embryological parallelism—often expressed using Ernst Haeckel’s phrase “ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny”—”is a historical hypothesis that the development of the embryo of an animal, from fertilization to gestation or hatching, goes through stages resembling or representing successive stages in the evolution of the animal’s remote ancestors. It was formulated in the 1820s by Étienne Serres based on the work of Johann Friedrich Meckel, after whom it is also known [sic] as Meckel-Serres law.” (quote taken from Wikipedia)

The theory was summed up in 24 drawings done by Haeckel which he first published in 1866 in his Generalle Morphologie der Organismen, and then repeated in 1874 in his more popular Anthropogenie. These purport to show embryos of fish, salamander, turtle, chicken, pig, cow, rabbit, and human in three stages of development.[16] The main consideration was that all embryo of all vertebrates advance through the same relative “stages”, each representative stage being indicative of the evolutionary development of animals.

Ontogeny is the physical development of the organism from zygote to adulthood.  Phylogeny is a word invented by Ernst Haeckel (pronounced HECK-EL) and supposedly represents the whole of the evolutionary narrative beginning with a single celled organism and progressing to mankind.  Haeckel was a naturalist and talented artist who had made many drawings of nature and species including the fictitious “evolutionary tree”.  The recapitulation theory was summarized in drawings of embryos of animals through their gestation periods.  He claimed that all embryos of vertebrate animals go through stages in which they show characteristics of other, lesser evolved animals.  The theory stated that a chick embryo early in its development looks exactly like a fish, complete with fins, gills, and tail. It then resembles a reptile, and finally becomes recognizable as a chick. The theory states the same about a human embryo beginning as a fish, complete with gill slits, then a reptile, a mammal and finally a human. I remember learning this when I was in grade school and being completely astonished by it.  This showed for SURE that we evolved from animals and if I had previous doubts about the theory, this solidified my belief in evolution entirely.  Knowing now that this was a lie, deliberately told to hold up a theory which was at best hard to believe and at worst, entirely false demonstrates to me the dichotomy of thought from which I had come.  I didn’t disbelieve evolution until I was born again at the age of 16 years and even then, not completely. It wasn’t until college that I had begun to learn the length to which we had all been and continue to be deceived.

“Ideas have consequences, and false ideas sometimes generate bitter consequences. One of the premier examples of this principle is the infamous “recapitulation theory,” developed by such philosophers as Goette and Robert Chambers, and then popularized in Darwin’s day by Ernst Haeckel, the German atheist.” The Haeckel diagrams were proven false as was the whole recapitulation theory back in 1874[17] yet the schools still included it in the biology textbooks up until 2001 (and after) when the New York Times publicized the fraud thanks to Michael Behe, biochemical researcher and professor at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. Many textbooks used today continue to promote the deception instead of exposing the lies! Think about how many students over the history of this deceptive and overshadowing theory have been convinced that evolution is a fact because of the publicizing and promoting of this LIE. Not one mention of the outright fraud can be found in the Wikipedia article quoted in first paragraph in this section.  It’s as if absolute proof has lost its punch – it’s not relevant in this age.  This is a very sad fact but we live in an age that has rejected truth in all forms.  It is the age of deceit and getting worse by the year.

Moreover, the theory of recapitulation is used today often as an excuse for abortion. “The baby wasn’t human yet but was still in the “fish” stage of ontogeny”.  I wonder how many abortions may never have taken place if it hadn’t been for Haeckel’s fabricated theory and drawings.  But again, proving a fraud is one criminal matter, ignoring that it was proven to be a fraud is completely another (and ignoring the entire controversy is just ignorant).  In 1997 Michael Richardson, embryologist at St George’s Hospital Medical School in London “reopened” the Haeckel fraud[18] when he employed  researchers from around the world to collect 39 vertebrate embryo from various stages of different animals in different stages of development and found that they were all very different[19] further proving that Haeckel not only didn’t utilize the real embryo in his drawings, but that he never even saw the real embryo but completely fabricated the idea from his own mind!

Stephen J. Gould was quoted as saying in the March 2000 issue of Natural History:

“Haeckel’s forceful, eminently comprehensible, if not always accurate, books appeared in all major languages and surely exerted more influence than the works of any other scientist, including Darwin…in convincing people throughout the world about the validity of evolution… Haeckel had exaggerated the similarities [between embryos of different species] by idealizations and omissions. He also, in some cases — in a procedure that can only be called fraudulent — simply copied the same figure over and over again.…Haeckel’s drawings never fooled expert embryologists, who recognized his fudging’s right from the start. Haeckel’s drawings, despite their noted inaccuracies, entered into the most impenetrable and permanent of all quasi-scientific literatures: standard student textbooks of biology… Once ensconced in textbooks, misinformation becomes cocooned and effectively permanent, because…textbooks copy from previous texts…. [W]e do, I think, have the right to be both astonished and ashamed by the century of mindless recycling that has led to the persistence of these drawings in a large number, if not a majority, of modern textbooks!”  (Special thanks to Conservapedia for their publishing of this rare quote)

Gould, a prolific evolutionist himself criticized the deceptive nature of Haeckel who was once one of the world’s renown authors and artists promoting Darwinism and atheism and one who has made huge strides (more than anyone else according to Gould) for the advancement of evolution through the 19th century and beyond.  What’s more disparaging is the fact that this being exposed as a fraud was only publicized in 2001 by the NY Times and only then because they had no choice. (Thank you Michael Behe) Think about how many students over the history of this deceptive and overshadowing theory have been convinced that evolution is a fact because of the publicizing and promoting of this LIE. Those with agendas practicing criminal deception to hold up radically false notions are entirely relentless.

  • Imagination

The fact that Haeckel was an artist helped carry him and his theory further than he may have progressed with his ideas had he not been able to imagine and put to artwork such ideas.  Imagination turns out to be key in explaining the evolutionary narrative.  It births every idea to commit fraud that we have seen thus far and will be seeing later.  Haeckel was merely putting the idea of transitional species into another realm (ontogeny) since the earth wasn’t yielding up the “evidence” the Darwinists expected to find.  There have been other, lesser known fakes not worth mentioning here because of their obscure and comical nature but there will be more on imaginative frauds later.

When trying to explain a theory that gives credit to everything that exists as having come into existence by means of nothing at all, a great imagination is necessary and a great deal of time, space and energy is required.  So, to properly convey the idea of Neo-Darwinism for the purposes of this manuscript, let us take the traditional, Darwinian view which we were all taught from our youth and begin with an early earth; a gaseous cloud of dust and rock which, over the course of billions of years coalesced into itself forming the molten primitive earth.  And by the process of cooling, generated water vapor into clouds and after millions of years, the rain fell, cooling the hot lava of the earth gathering with other fortuitous chemicals (which previously had been “cooked” in the stars for billions of years), joined themselves together forming bodies of water – “Primordial Soup” all over the planet.

Lightning or some other form of energy entered these pools which, completely by chance produced a scant few amino acids; the basic building blocks of life.  It is believed that this sudden “burst” of life into a harsh, non-living environment gradually worked itself from amino acids, to single celled organisms, then to multicellular organisms with functional organs and systems comprised of tissues and cellular structures of immense complexity all the way to life as we now know it, up to and including ourselves. And this was managed by purely natural elements with no supernatural, intelligent design, thought or intervention whatsoever.

This is the current paradigm being taught (give or take a few missing facts) in every university in the world AND in our tax funded public schools.  This archetype presents a very big problem that is the crux of the whole matter – where did everything come from?  How much imagination does it take to believe that everything came from nothing?  Much more, I dare say, than it does to believe that a much Higher Power not only made this miraculous reality in which we find ourselves but He IMAGINED it first. (see Genesis 1:26) After He imagined it, He CREATED it and very shortly afterward, and ever since, mankind has been trying to free himself from his Creator.

Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thingThe kings of the earth set themselves and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against His anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.  He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh; the Lord shall have them in derision.”  Psalm 2:1-4

Just a quick note about Psalm 2; when this charade is over and the liars are silenced and The Truth comes with liberty, those who hold to the nonsense that I’m attempting to expose in this narrative will be…well… mocked by their Creator.  He is going to laugh at those who want to do away with Him and that includes many, millions of Darwinists.  If you are one that God recognizes as a person described in Psalm 2, I feel genuinely sorry for you and I fear for you.  You are the reason I am writing.  If you are reading this book, you are probably interested in knowing the truth (or you believe that you already have the truth in Darwinism in which case you might continue to read on just to ridicule and to scorn).  Whichever is the case, please keep reading to learn the extent to which the errors of evolutionary thinking have progressed and learn what the mainstream, post-modern, neo-Darwinian academicians are trying to keep you from learning.

An inescapable reality of the Darwinian theory proclaimed by Darwin himself is the lack of transitional skeletons.[20]  Nevertheless, examples of transitional species have been introduced over the years but have quickly been proven to be forgeries, fakes or moot.  One doesn’t hear much about the “Cro-Magnon or Neanderthal man” anymore and that is simply because neither could pass the “non-human” (hominid, they call them, giving a name to a fictitious group of apes on an upward ascent toward being a man) test and proved to be every bit as human as you or me. Science still holds to the estimated ages of them, about 100,000 and 10-20,000 years respectively.  Some of the examples given decades ago told of the hunched over “caveman” turned out to be a normal human male with arthritis who wasn’t “rising up” but was “bending over” because of pain. Something much more imaginative was needed if they were to convince future generations that mankind came from apes.

The more recent tale of evolution, that of the whale, is always a source of comedy for those truth hunters in search of a laugh.  “How whales accomplished such an enormous transformation has baffled even the greatest scientific intellects. Recognizing the conundrum as one of the great challenges to his theory of evolution by natural selection, Charles Darwin took a stab at accounting for whales in the first edition of Origin of Species. He noted that black bears had been seen swimming with their mouths open for hours at a time on the surface of a lake, feeding on floating insects. “I can see no difficulty in a race of bears being rendered, by natural selection, more and more aquatic in their structure and habits, with larger and larger mouths,” Darwin concluded, “till a creature was produced as monstrous as a whale.” His critics poked such loud and gleeful fun at this image, however, that he eventually omitted it from later editions of his book.”[21]

I had to apologize for laughing aloud as I turned pages in the public library one day.  While thumbing through another National Geographic, I found myself suddenly staring at a Darwinian artists rendition of an early type “whale” with four legs called Remingtonocetus.  It looked like a river otter with the head and teeth of a crocodile.[22] While studying the evolution of animals, I learned that even within the evolutionary camp perimeters, conflict exists over the evolution of the whale.  Some say that it evolved from a land animal, an ungulate, perhaps a cow or a hippopotamus. (any guess will do; there is nothing preventing it; it’s all imaginary anyway) Others say that the whale was fully aquatic and evolved in the water.  Either way, it is fraught with failure, much of which is due to the fallacy of the evolutionary theory itself.

This concept of evolutionary biology has held the world in its grip for over 150 years yet, with such a preponderance of evidence to its disadvantage, why has this unproven, illogical and unnatural theory with no supporting evidence (except against it) in the fossil record, taken such a prolific and immovable position in the world of science and academia?  Before answering that question, let us first examine some of the other problems with this theory and uncover some of the facts that most – even those in the universities science labs themselves, don’t care to contemplate or that they are willingly unaware.

Since the time of Darwin, some alleged unique discoveries have been made and used in an attempt to fill the enormous gap created in the evolution theory by the lack of transitional skeletons. Since the lack of such intermediate skeletons demonstrates so well the reality of the bankrupt nature of Darwin’s theory, and for the sake of time, we will examine in detail only one of the skeletons found by paleoanthropologists that claim to fill in those enormous gaps – The one “nearly complete” female skeleton found since evolutionism was first imagined…the highly celebrated… Lucy…




CHAPTER 2:  The Evidence


  • Lucy; A Modern-Day Piltdown Woman

Australopithecus afarensis is the Latin name given a fossil which the finders named Lucy, a partial skeleton (claimed to be 40%) of a now extinct, 3.5-foot ape which weighed approximately 60 lbs.  It was found in 1974 in Ethiopia near the Afar Depression by Donald Johanson of The Cleveland Museum of Natural History and Tom Gray and is said to have been named in recognition of the Beatle’s song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” because it is said that this song was played continuously during the week and in celebration of the find.[23]  It is interesting to note that it has been claimed for decades that this particular Beatles song, by John Lennon and Paul McCartney was written while they were hallucinating on an LSD trip and although recently disputed and impossible to prove, the song actually does make use of the acronym, L-S-D.  Isn’t it fitting that what they claim Lucy to be – a missing link or half ape, half man, after examination of the facts, might as well also be a hallucination?




  • 40% Complete?

 It will soon be apparent that Lucy has very little basis in reality and only exists as a “missing link” in the minds of Johanson and modern Darwinian theorists.  It’s amazing to consider that nobody to date has ever challenged the fact that Lucy’s skeleton was NOT 40% complete as Johanson claimed it to be.  Every bit of propaganda ever used to promote the ape-man Lucy boasts that it’s 40% complete.  Even creationist publications and web pages pointing out Lucy’s many discrepancies and flaws repeat the claim when discussing the find, agreeing by default with the exaggerated claims made about this fossil without realizing the error. Many other articles and papers written about Lucy confirm the claim saying that the fossil is “relatively complete”.   The first time I laid eyes on a picture of the Lucy skeleton, I knew that I was not looking at a skeleton that was “40 percent complete”. Common sense quickly alerted me that something just was not right.  I decided to test my perceptions.

When using the claims of Johanson, as finding 47 of the 207 bones of an anatomically complete ape fossil,[24] and using those numbers, I easily discovered that the math doesn’t equal 40%!  This equation yields only 22.7 percent complete!  (47/207=22.7) Johanson divided wrong and nobody ever checked his math! (until now) A quick glance at the numbers reveal that the conclusion of 40% is complete only in that it is completely wrong. Performing the math at a glance, if 47 bones of 100 bones (assuming only 100 bones existed in a complete skeleton for quick determination) were found, that would result in a 47% complete skeleton but there are 107 MORE bones in the complete skeleton of such an ape. We realize that Johanson was a long way from fourth grade arithmetic class when he made these calculations however, it really is important to keep up with the practice as we can see here.  Johanson reversed the division process (207/47 = 4.40) dividing the denominator by the numerator (which is essentially multiplication) and coming up with 4.40 whole skeletons, not a fraction of ONE skeleton!  We have now gone from a “nearly half” complete skeleton to less than a quarter complete skeleton.   Perhaps it was a mistake; perhaps not.  Either way, the wrong equation results in a number that contains the number 40 and resembles 40% at a glance so, maybe Johanson was hoping that whomever might decide to run the numbers might mistakenly conclude that his way was the correct way of doing the math and thus agree with the professional’s claim.  After all, he is the scientist here.

So, according to Johanson after correcting his math, there is less than a 23% complete fossil BUT WAIT:  The most incriminating discovery is yet to come.  Many of the bones among the 47 Johanson claims to have found are merely FRAGMENTS yet, Johanson counted the fragments as whole bones to come up with the figure of 40% complete!  There are, in all fairness, fragments of only 30 whole bones in the entire Lucy skeleton. Noting, for example, the humerus or upper arm bones in the fossil should have been counted as only two bones; we all have only 2 humerus bones in our bodies but in this case, Johanson counted the fragments as whole bones, (each humerus broken in two pieces) which yielded FOUR humerus bones when only TWO should have been counted.  The rib bones were counted in the same way – broken pieces each counted as one whole bone.   So, of the 47 bones allegedly found, a CORRECT count yields that there were actually only 30 bones found; not 47 as claimed, which equation is thus; 30 divided by 207 = 14.5 percent!

Less than FIFTEEN PERCENT COMPLETE is the reality of what was found of this fossil.  Why then, would Johanson intentionally exaggerate his finds?  The answer will fit in neatly with the rest of the puzzle but there is much yet to dig up about this “missing link” between ape and mankind.  Perhaps a fragment is counted as a whole bone in the world of paleontology, disingenuous to be certain but fits the tone of the theory; it doesn’t nullify the truth that this fossil was grossly exaggerated.

This is how Darwinists muddle the facts playing fast and loose with the truth. It would seem that it is necessary for the Darwinist, with so very little evidence to make MORE out of a find, not less.  For example, which scenario sounds better for the find and for the cause of missing transitional skeletons…?” We have found almost a half complete fossilized skeleton”; or, “We have found a 15% complete skeleton.” It is, in reality, nothing more than a very incomplete fossilized skeleton of an extinct ape species with long fingers and toes, and although the hands and feet were never found, they would have evidently been much the same as the other ape species found in the area – over 100 fossil bone pieces in all.  What’s more is the recent finding that Lucy’s skeleton included an anomaly not previously considered (more on that later) With all evidence from surrounding sites it is apparent that Lucy had the hands and feet of an ape and was thus perfectly suited for climbing and swinging from trees, not for walking upright. The wrist bones also indicated that it was a form of ape resembling modern, knuckle-walking apes much more resembling the wrist bones of modern mankind. But this fossil is treated with “Holy Grail” reverence, some reportedly breaking down in tears from simply seeing it!  It has gone on a six year propaganda “tour” of the states with megaphone vocals from anthropologist “roadies” accompanying the “greatest minds in the field” answering questions (telling lies) and promoting this pile of broken bones as the greatest paleoanthropological find ever made.

I have concluded by studying the facts surrounding this “discovery” that the truth is that Johanson and team were unsuccessful in finding anything at all at their site in Africa except crushed and broken bone fragments from chimpanzees and the money was drying up.  He was ordered to find something, or he was going to be defunded and called back to the states, so he put his team to work.  The story of finding Lucy while walking back to their SUV via a fateful, different pathway and how the sun struck the bones in such a manner as to catch the eye of the beleaguered paleontologist, weary from a day in the hot Ethiopian sun,[25] had all the makings of a chimp – erella story.  If they hadn’t decided to take the alternate route, they would have never found Lucy and would have been destitute of the glorious truth awaiting the world, still monkeying around in the “dark” about the magnanimous fact that mankind indeed and truly ascended up from the apes. (Boom-shaka-laka!)

Lucy was claimed to be so much more and named by those promoting it, “the ape that stood up” alleging that this ape species had bipedality – walked on two legs.  This claim was made based on the shape of the pelvis and on high resolution tomography scans.  Findings resulting from the study of Lucy’s skeleton also brought about the claim that the apes began to walk upright prior to developing larger brain capacity.  Whatever benefit that might represent in the world of evolutionary paleontology has yet to be determined.  High resolution scans of the femur and pelvic joints are also said to yield the evidence of bipedality but the most poignant and decisive evidence was yet to come.


“Evolution is unproved and unprovable.  We believe it only because the only alternative is special creation and that is unthinkable”.  – Sir Arthur Keith

  • The Hipbone


But under careful examination of the hip bone, the ONLY bone among the find that could positively identify its alleged bipedality, and according to Dr. Owen Lovejoy of Kent State University; the hip was “anatomically malformed” and was discovered in an “impossible position for bipedality.” It did, however, perfectly represent a broken chimp’s pelvis as found.  It is believed by some that the ape’s demise came about by falling from a tree[26] (how they ascertain that bit of information is anyone’s guess) at which time the hip was broken “under such pressure”, says Lovejoy that the fossilization process itself “fused” the bones together to look more like a chimp’s pelvis than a human’s pelvis.  (PBS Documentary; NOVA “In Search of Human Origins” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFNL4u_IksU )

“But all was not lost” … Lovejoy then got out his Dremel© Moto tool© and began to reverse the “damage” that time and fossilization had done to this ape’s hipbone. This information of exposing the fact that the hip was intentionally MODIFIED was admitted by Johanson himself as he was the narrator of that particular NOVA program.  (Credit to Youtuber “4791oynas” for the clip)

Since when does the fossilization process “fuse” scattered, broken bones together?  What are some other examples of such “recombining” permineralization?  I could find none.  Lovejoy is claiming a natural process – the fusing together of previously petrified material is what “distorted” the pelvis of Lucy giving it the appearance of a chimp’s pelvis and THIS is the evidence used to claim bipedal, upright walking in an “extinct” ape species, yet only after “correcting” the way in which the pelvis was discovered. (by breaking it into many pieces and grinding away at it, then putting it back together) Okay, let’s review…  The only hip bone of its kind ever found on any fossil in the world (which unfortunately, for the record, appeared to be a chimpanzee bone) needed to be REBROKEN and FASTENED back together to “REPAIR” it back into its original, human like  physiology because this chimp was broken by falling from a tree “with such force” that it fossilized WRONG thus giving it the appearance of a chimp bone?

Only half of the pelvis of Lucy was (conveniently) found and many other bones of the fossil were severely damaged and crushed including the skull of which only fragments were found. Furthermore, and most interesting about this find are that the most valuable pieces of this fossil for determining whether or not the animal was bipedal were all conveniently missing.  Both hands and both feet were missing from the fossil thus the only other bone in this skeleton capable of identifying it positively as bipedal were the pelvis bones and only one side was found which had to be broken, ground down and put back together with adhesive to make it appear to be more like man than ape.

The final product is a half man/half ape ‘missing link” which is intended to demonstrate the glorious evolution of mankind in which he had ascended up from the apes, came down out of the trees and walked upright into the geologic future.

  • Duplication of Bones

Considering the fossil discoveries in the area where Lucy was found, coming mostly from the same species of ape, (Australopithecus afarensis) with long arms, fingers and feet equipped with opposable toes for grasping tree branches with the feet – all characteristics seen on present day primates, it was still asserted that Lucy was different and walked mostly in an upright position.  Johanson also adamantly insisted that the fossil was found in an area completely by itself with no other fossils present in the immediate site, however, recent study done by Gary Sawyer and Mike Smith at the American Museum of Natural History in New York discovered that one of the vertebrae of the Lucy skeleton was from a baboon.  This discovery contradicts the “duplication of bones” or sterility of the site stated by Johanson himself.[27]  He declares, “A single duplication of even the most modest of bone fragments would have disproved the single skeleton claim, but no such duplication is seen in Lucy. The bones all come from an individual of a single species, a single size, and a single developmental age.” [28]

Does this discovery of a baboon fossil within the Lucy skeleton contradict Johanson’s claim of a single skeleton?  Nobody has stepped forward yet to explain the claim but the author of the article casually asserts, “If the fragment really does prove to belong to a baboon, we can cut Don Johanson and his colleagues some slack.”  What? Slack?  After all of the effort and “study” and Dremel tool tips and the showing and touring the world and talks and pomp and celebration and all the time devoted and millions of dollars spent to give the world “LUCY the missing link” between man and ape; and after so much claim was laid upon this world famous find – the whole evolutionary construct – a find in which its very founder (almost prophetically) proclaimed that “A single duplication of even the most modest of bone fragments would have disproved the single skeleton claim, we’re supposed to “cut them some slack”? This basically meant that all the accolades to this find… are now (even more) questionable.  Should we cut them some slack? I think they really do need it, however we are searching for nothing less than the truth here and there is no slack when it concerns the truth…NONE. In addition, I am showing example after example of how they have already “cut each other slack” while waiting for time to reveal the “truth” when, in fact, time HAS been revealing the truth – unfortunately, not the truth that they want.  Slack, they want?  If it was actually slack that we were dealing with here, I’m sure we could.  But since they have placed all of their bones in Lucy’s basket, it would be criminal to do so, I’m sure you’ll agree. Slack indeed. The whole paradigm is based on, well… slack… and Lucy has just been shown in this chapter to have moved from a questionable find to an impossible one.

If the evidence unearthed from the surrounding area was all that was used in the presentation of an upright walking, bipedal animal, it would be consistent with the fact that Lucy was just another ape but the peculiar find was skillfully and artistically brought to life and the skeleton shown in an exhibit in the same museum that Lucy’s discoverer, Donald Johanson was curator, The Cleveland Museum of Natural History. The biggest question that arises is why is there only ONE Lucy?

I am also aware that other claimed species of the same extinct ape have been found and presented but they add no validity to the find, especially to the claim of upright bipedality so then, why does so much burden of proof rest on this one example?  Did this ape live alone?  Who was its mother?  Its father?  It is completely obvious to anyone searching for the truth on this matter that the list of questions is getting longer and the number of satisfactory answers shorter and when looked at as a whole, to this point, it looks uncertain for the Darwinist’s lofty claims.  Very uncertain to be sure.

The unrecorded and highly contested fact (on many different levels) is that in boneyards such as the Afar depression, a major physical factor pertaining to history is neglected.  They are all the result of large swirling pools of water, mud, broken bones and rocks from the flood waters which covered the earth. They settle out and are covered over quickly by mud and sand and are then fossilized in history leaving the evidence of a massive deluge of which great pools of swirling water completely changed the surface of the earth leaving indelible markers of its catastrophic work.

The Missing Digits

For anyone who is interested, Donald Johanson, the discoverer of Lucy, is now at Arizona State University where, among other tasks, he hosts a website named “Institute of Human Origins”.  I thought that whoever was curious might take a moment to look at it and see how much information exists there about Lucy.  The facts are relatively few considering the amount of sensationalism which this (very) partial skeleton has created over the years.  Without pointing any fingers, I would tend to be suspicious of the fact that BOTH HANDS AND BOTH FEET — anatomical features that would provide absolute proof against bipedality, are MISSING and an artist is tasked with the creation of them both. But just like the Dremel Moto tool, the paintbrush will finish the job of construction.  It appears at this point that the whole Lucy fabrication is fraught with fatality just like the theory they intend to prop up by showcasing it.  Aren’t you people tired of being lied to on such a scale?  How can anyone be content to sit and absorb their lies and moreover, propagate them?  If you are involved in any capacity with the insidious claim that everything in existence came together by chance and that mankind came up from an amoeba, whether you are a teacher, parent, friend, coworker or anyone else, you are guilty of blasphemy against God The Creator of all things seen and unseen.  If you persist in this belief after reading this lengthy manuscript, if you had paid attention, and you still believe in evolution, I would like to talk to you personally.

If evolution happened in the manner in which the Darwinists say, wouldn’t there exist COUNTLESS “Lucy’s” from which to piece together (pun intended) their theory?  And if evolution happened the way they say, why aren’t there thousands of examples of partially “evolved” hands and feet or hips, of missing links found all over the world wherein each individual could provide FOUR pieces of evidence, (plus the pelvis evidence) proof of evolution should abound.  Why is there only one?  By this time, some may get the impression that I am beating a dead horse.  I am proverbially doing just that very thing.  It is for the very nature of the debate that I appear thus.  If I can say it enough times, perhaps it may wake some people to the truth.  If I were not vociferous in my attempt to draw the attention of the dreamer, I would be wasting my time.

Why would so much incredible claim rest on so very little evidence – one fossilized pelvis which has been tampered with and rebuilt?  The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History claims that more than three hundred Australopithecus Afarensis fossils have been found (!) but none as complete as AL 288-1 or Lucy. However, with the internet at my disposal, I spent hours looking for pictorial examples of the same species, Australopithecus Afarensis, relentlessly searching for a hip from another of the same species, or a skull or feet or hands but found nothing but dead ends.  Perhaps I wasn’t looking in the right place.  I was looking for other examples of this species so that I could see the evidence which was not tampered with but I was not successful. The answer to the first question in this paragraph will likely be answered by the Darwinist thusly: “We have many”.  However, they have nothing of the sort, only fragments less complete than Lucy from which they create whole skeletons like M1 and M2 or the other “australopithecines” which they give different names to but all have the same characteristics of apes.

If apes “stood up” and walked in the manner which evolutionism portends, there would be COUNTLESS examples of credible, step by step skeletons detailing the particulars of how apes evolved into men. Contrary to possessing such evidence, we have such a preponderance of evidence AGAINST this claim that it is necessary for evolutionary scientists like Johanson to create the evidence themselves and then propagandize it, pushing the narrative on a dumbed down and apathetic public which has been pummeled to near unconsciousness with their false worldview for over a century.

There exists a lengthy “human evolution fossil chart” [29] which can be viewed online but which shows only pictures of archeological finds or partial and broken fossil remains of skulls, hands, feet, all with fancy alpha-numeric names and numbers, listed as evidence of evolution but none of these fossils show intermediate skeletons or parts of skeletons of half man, half ape proof necessary to demonstrate the spurious claims of our own origins as having evolved from lower primate animals.  There is a very simple reason for this lack of intermediate fossils: They don’t exist.

Up to this point, most of the evidence (or lack of it) could be used scientifically to prove whether or not an idea was more than a thought (except for the skillful portrayal of the artist’s handiwork giving it feet for walking upright and “anatomically impossible” hips being skillfully carved by artists with Dremel moto tools) but when tasked with the job of “finishing” or coloring in the missing pieces i.e. learning what Lucy Looked like, it becomes apparent that such work cannot be considered “scientific” at all and becomes the “interpretation” of the artist.

  • The Artwork

Such is the case with Lucy.  A real-life picture of the skeleton certainly leaves much to the imagination yet the artist is called upon to do the brush strokes necessary of bringing the bones to life.  A quick Google search for “Lucy” is sure to take you somewhere in which you will find amusement in the many different and bespoke imaginations sure to present themselves in artwork by such an incomplete skeleton.

Not much mentioned is the Foramen Magnum of the skulls of the same species of ape found in the area where Lucy was found. It is the oval shaped hole in the bottom of the skull to which the neck vertebrae and soft tissues connecting the neck to the Medulla and spinal cord are attached.  In the skull of a man, the hole is straight because the head sits directly on top of the backbone.  In ape species, the hole is shaped at an angle (oval) because the animal walked mostly on all four appendages, its head in relation to its body connoting a four-legged walking animal, that being the resting position. This factor alone can defeat most claims of bipedality starting with Lucy that is if there was any significant amount of skull to examine. Is it any wonder that no such evidence containing the Foramen Magnum of any ape skull is presented as evidence for the bogus ascension of apes to mankind?

Anthropologists claim that other skeletons of the same species of ape have been found in different areas and it is those which have given rise to every artists rendition of what our “ancient ancestor” looked like. But many of those skeletons had fragments of hands and feet and they were all the hands and feet of APES, not in-between species of man and ape.  So, why were the artists permitted to use the other similar ape skeletons to complete their paintings but the sculptors not given the feet that came with the same skeletons?

The most important piece for reconstruction of what the ape actually looked like was the skull but it was in “very poor condition”. The entire upper face is shattered, in fact the whole skull contains only six fragments of bone – utterly impossible to determine the size of the brain.  Many other parts of the skeleton were missing or damaged in which case arriving at an agreeable rendition of what Lucy looked like remains up to the individual and the imagination necessary being much the same as trying to fill in the gaps of the sudden appearance of life using the Miller-Urey experiment. Moreover, every artist rendition attempting to “humanize” the Lucy fabrication gives the creature WHITES in the eyes; a characteristic separating man from animals even giving “thoughtful” and humanlike expressions to the faces of these creations.

Since 1974, the artifact which is named Lucy has been used as the missing link between man and animal and although other fossils have been found, Ardi for example, Lucy is still considered to be the milestone of the anthropological ancestry of mankind and the first upright, bipedal, walking ape.

  • ARDI: A different Species?

Ardipithecus Ramidus, otherwise known as Ardi is the fossilized partial skeleton of a similar, chimp-like ape found near the Awash River in Ethiopia in 1994 and is said to be over 4 million years old.[30] How they make such a determination of age will be discussed later but this too, will not bode well for the Darwinist.  The skeleton was unearthed very near where Lucy had been discovered, in the same basin in fact.  Anthropologists claim that Ardi had characteristics of extinct apes AND of early “hominids” but as seen with Lucy, don’t offer any proof.  “Hominid” is the pseudoscientific name given to imaginary creatures that possess identifiable characteristics of both ape and man and are said to be the evolutionary links between mankind and apes.  So far, after examination of the best evidence they showcase, it only exists in the imagination of its promoters.

I won’t elaborate on the Ardi fossil except to say that according to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, Ardi’s pelvis was also crushed and had to be reconstructed and that the feet “indicate a divergent large toe combined with a rigid foot – it’s still unclear what this means concerning bi-pedal behavior”.  But looking at the Ardi skeleton, it is clear that the hands and feet are like those of a tree climbing ape species.  Even one who is not trained in such things can see that Ardi’s “divergent toe” is like our opposable thumbs – useful for GRABBING things like tree limbs. [31]

My peculiar question, after all the facts are heard is, where are all the lawyers looking to make a name for themselves?  If I had chosen to be a lawyer, I would be interested in proving, with the evidence and the tampering thereof, that the Lucy skeleton is falsely represented and that the “proofs” provided are qualitatively and quantitatively insufficient moreover, that the evidence presented as “Lucy” or AL 288-1 has been FALSEIFIED and could never be used to demonstrate in a court of law the validity of upright, bipedal walking among these supposedly extinct ape species. Perhaps later, if Jesus tarries, I shall endeavor to sustain legal help in exposing this far flung and ubiquitous crime of lying to the world about our origins by exhibiting the lies printed in the public school textbooks.





  • The Miller-Urey Experiment

In this section, I will demonstrate that the diversity of life or cellular based DNA life forms, utilizing amino acids, that we see all around us could not have evolved from the “primordial soup” setting.  In order to move from the formation of the planet to the living things upon it, including us, it is necessary to determine (or at least to suggest a possible working method of) how the fundamental building blocks of life came to be and unless it could be proven that amino acids – extremely complex chemical strands themselves, under the proper conditions, could occur from random chemicals naturally by some sort of electrolysis or electrostatic process, the theory would necessarily be halted and an alternative sought.

Enter the Miller-Urey experiment.  This experiment was conducted in 1952 by Stanley Miller, with assistance from Harold Urey, at the University of Chicago.[32]  The premise that complex chemicals could form randomly on the primitive earth leading to more complex forms was first postulated in 1924 by the Oparin-Haldane Hypothesis.[33] Miller and Urey conducted the first experiment testing their theory.  The experiment involved constructing an enclosed glass apparatus in which water was boiled, mixing with three gases; hydrogen, ammonia and methane alleged at that time to be present in the primitive atmosphere of the newly formed and cooling earth.  Into this closed system was introduced a spark of high voltage energy (60,000 volts).  The contents of the apparatus were left for the results to collect in a trap.  After several days, the trap was examined and shown to have produced only the predicted tars and resins but no amino acids.

Over the next few years, further experiments were conducted in an attempt to show that abiogenesis could happen by purely natural circumstances without the need of any outside intervention.  The later experiments took place at the University of California San Diego under the same name, Miller-Urey[34] however the apparatus was changed and chemicals rearranged as they continued experimentation until biological material was produced.  After much effort and trial and error, when the experiment was finally “successful”, only five of the 20 naturally occurring amino acids had been produced thus PROVING NOT that this was the manner in which life began but instead, demonstrated clearly that creativity (Millers’ thoughts) and outside effort (the creation of the experiment and equipment for it) are absolutely necessary[35] to create the most basic forms of the building blocks of life and in this particular case, so much time, creativity and experimentation resulted in exceptionally scant evidence that life can arise from purely natural processes yet this proves however much more conclusively that the experiment was a failure to fulfill the purpose for which it was designed. Those promoting the experiment can do none other than agree that it was only suggestive of how amino acids might have formed however, the whole of the evolutionary construct is completely contingent upon the success of this experiment, without which, there would be NO theory.  How, then, can scientists and academicians build their theory from this starting point moreover how is it that most will insist that the whole paradigm is not theoretical but a proven fact?


“Because that, when they knew God, they glorified Him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.  Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools and changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.”  Romans 1:21-23 (emphasis mine)




  • Amino Acid Chirality

Note:  The synthesized amino acids were still lacking life.  Furthermore, as if to add His signature to the impossibility, our Creator inserted a fool proof indicator – chirality.[36]  All amino acids are left handed and all nucleic acids are right handed.  Had any viable forms of amino acids been produced randomly, they would have been 50% right-handed and 50% left handed as racemate would dictate.  In nature, only LEFT-HANDED amino acids are qualifiable and right-handed amino acids in most cases DESTROY the left handed in the process of protein synthesis proving unequivocally that such processes cannot happen by chance. This fact proves that each experiment would end with the same, repeatable result – the necessary amino acids being destroyed by the natural chirality of the synthesis in the first place.  Darwinists avoid mentioning this topic vehemently because it adds impossibility to an already demonstrably impossible construct.  This lethal problem of chirality is alone enough to debunk the entire experiment on the origins of amino acids and microbial life but there is so much more yet to discover.

While all amino acids are left handed, all nucleotides (DNA, RNA) are RIGHT handed.  This is just another of the “fool” proof items which our Creator customized into His creation and readily available to point out who they are.

Life from non-life is imagined happening in a physical process called abiogenesis or spontaneous generation – without which, the entire evolutionary construct would have no merit whatsoever.  Yet this is the Neo-Darwinist’s magic machine and only proof for life arising from non-life by purely natural causes and without the need for any sort of Designer outside of the Supernatural creation itself. Recognizing the impossibilities of Miller/Urey, many imaginative proposals have been presented in place of the experiment some of them actually requiring much more faith then science based fact such as the idea of “panspermia” – the idea that we were (or the whole evolutionary process was) seeded by extraterrestrial intelligence like some alien science experiment. Recall that much imagination is required for believing Darwinism and, as we will soon learn, the mental and logistical gymnastics required, do more often than not, stretch the limits of imagination.

Before I continue, I would like to bring up a version of the “Infinite Monkey Theorem”.  If you have had any college level biology classes, you’ve heard some form of it undoubtedly, but the main premise is that a monkey, which had a long enough period of time, banging randomly on a typewriter keyboard for billions of years, would eventually, by probability, randomly type the collective works of Shakespeare.

Whoever first divulged that funny was apparently not informed that only left handed amino acids are used in protein synthesis and the right-handed ones are lethal to the left handed.  I’d like to thank one of my favorite speakers, Chuck Missler for pointing out the more correct and reliable musing of the monkey and his typewriter: “What if every other key the monkey typed was lethal to the monkey?”

If abiogenesis were possible, the Miller-Urey experiment would have led to many more such elaborate experiments and the proof would have advanced to be firmly grounded, ready to be repeated at the first sign of debate. The experiment would be continued and improved and the expected single living cell would eventually be produced.  The proponents of abiogenesis will use the results and claim that although only a few potential amino acids were produced, there must have been some other, unknown and yet unconsidered variable, not yet discovered, which brought about all of the necessary amino acids. They will insist that they have demonstrated how it must have happened yet I have just shown how easy it is to prove that it could not have happened in the manner of the Miller/Urey experiment… EVER.

No further conclusive experiments of this nature ever produced any more than the original which is repeated in university science laboratories all over the world, still yielding the same results.  Of course, this is not to say that the first experiment or any further such experiments were conclusive but were so only to confirm that amino acids are extremely complex chemical structures with chirality, which must be separated into only left-handed, specialized components of a whole, which require a very strict and controlled setting of mechanisms to form the very minutest parts of the chain which are all necessary for life. Had any successful experimentation been done since Miller-Urey you can be sure it would have already been used to add validity to the theory.

Let’s hear from Dwain L. Ford and his views about the chances of even the simplest organism coming to life by chance.  Professor Ford is Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan. He holds a B.A. in chemistry from Andrews University and a Ph.D. in chemistry from Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts.

“Chemical evolution, based on random activity of molecules, fails to adequately account for the origin of the proteins required for even the simplest known free-living organism, Mycoplasma genitalium. This bacterium has one chromosome, a cell membrane, but lacks a cell wall and has the smallest genome of any known self-replicating organism. It has 470 genes, which contain an average of 1,040 nucleotide base pairs (bp). This implies that the average size protein coded for by these genes contains about 347 amino acids. The probability of forming, by a random assembly method, one such average-size protein molecule containing the amino acid residues in a required sequence is only 1/10451[37]

Let’s take apart the science of the theory from the big bang, leading up to Miller-Urey. You may desire to skip the next 2 paragraphs if your view of reality requires an action to cause a reaction. All parentheses will contain a question which follows an unscientific and unprovable assumption about the nature of reality subsequent to the event.

The postmodern Neo-Darwinist, macroevolution supporting scientist or professor will say that in the beginning, the universe (? – where did the “space” come from into which anything could exist?) condensed into a pinpoint of light and energy, (what caused this condensation and where did the light and energy come from?) exploded in a big bang (EX-ploded into what? What exploded? What caused the explosion) then, somehow the particles (of what?) and energy coalesced into dust clouds (not possible by natural laws of translational symmetry?) and then into stars and planets all revolving (against the law of angular momentum) and rotating around each other (some rotating backwards?).

Then, after billions of years, (time?) one of these planets which just so happened to be the perfect size and the perfect distance from the sun (how did the sun form?) and whose moon (?) is the perfect size to keep the oceans (water?) in their currents and tides and the perfect size to barely cover the sun in an eclipse and behold!  There, in a tidal pool filled with just the right chemicals which were cooked in the stars over billions and billions of years (How did they get here and to be us?) and the atmosphere was the perfect combination of gaseous chemicals to provide for life, a bolt of energy of some kind (lightning?) struck the puddle and made the building blocks of life of just the right kinds which would, over millions of years (how?), group together into unicellular organisms each with systems and organelles carrying out specific functions balancing with their environment and metabolizing energy to sustain their life (?).

This process – abiogenesis, (?) began to happen all over the world (and other worlds all over the universe too?). One or two of these single celled organisms went “wrong” and began to replicate itself (how?) and after millions of years turned out a perfect copy of itself which could also turn out copies of itself. These would then increase in complexity by mutating (usually fatal) and growing into different species by trial and error using the engine of genetic mutation (leaving many more, countless, horribly mutated failures along the way). Then, one fine day after millions of years the climate changed and the atmosphere was sufficient for the single celled (now many different celled) organisms to come out of the water with freshly mutated and purposely symmetrical legs and lungs and organs and they continued on the land.  Having a genetic urge, they all went in search of a mate, (where and how?) each according to his/her evolved body and mutated gender and every male found a female to start a family according to their evolution.  They all procreated – all over the world and for every species.  The genomes changed and mutations added greatly (? Examples?) to their genetic complexity (despite the natural laws of thermodynamics prohibiting spontaneous generation?) and everyone had plenty to eat and they grew hair and scales and feet and teeth and limbs and eyes and then stood upright and found tools and built fires and their fur started to go away and they trained horses to ride and beasts to work the fields and made things out of metals and glass then made telescopes to look at the heavens and finally, one of them went on a journey to some tropical islands on a ship and amused about how all of this happened and…suddenly, after millions of years of death, trial and error, pain and futility where only the fittest survive in a magic world where physical laws don’t apply… here we are.

Back to reality.  Let us summarize: There are hundreds of amino acids but 20 left handed aminos are essential for life.  As mentioned earlier, the right handed amino acids are fatal to the left but in a world of chance, using the Miller/Urey experiment for example, the random property of the production of amino acids allows for a 50% chance of either right or left handed amino acids.  Why are the amino acids found in nature ALL left handed?  This is another elephant in the room problem for the Darwinist which unfortunately lies buried deep within the deception, the complex terminology, the ceremony and the lies and is a fact that NEVER shows up in the public school textbooks which teach the Miller/Urey experiment and the primordial soup doctrine.  How much design is necessary for such an impossible, immovable obstruction as this?

The Miller-Urey experiment is the hallmark of abiogenesis for the Darwinist and is considered indisputable by those in the fields of study which promote purely natural origins for life.  HOWEVER; the fact of the matter and crucial to the theory’s efficacy is –  IT DIDN’T WORK.  And it STILL doesn’t work and therefore cannot/must not be used.  Yet it is.



  • The Agenda 

Darwin once noted in a letter to Fawcett, September 18, 1861, (quoted in Medawar, 1969 from Niles Eldredge/Harold J. Gould paper on phyletic gradualism vs. punctuated equilibrium, Blackwell publishing, 1972)

“How odd it is that anyone should not see that all observation must be for or against some view if it is to be of any service.”

So frequently do authors of publications promoting the Darwinian evolutionary theory intersperse their opinions about the world in with their study that it is quite obvious that they defend this or that viewpoint yet most will deny it.  They insist that their writings are not tainted with any recognition of any worldview at all but are simply what science and the evidence reveals.  It isn’t until one becomes more intimate with the author that they begin to pick up a sense of weight toward this position or that.

Many credible, peer review scientists are now risking their reputations and careers by coming out against the evolutionary theory and this is largely due to increases in information technologies and various discoveries in the field of microbiology (and the lack of evidence yielded up by the earth).  Many younger scientists are realizing as time progresses, it becomes increasingly difficult to defend this theory. Upon understanding the impossibility of the Miller/Urey experiment and the failure of the theory of abiogenesis combined with every other failure or fraud thus far, one gets the impression that the Darwinists are trying to balance a stack of bowling balls on the ridge of a roof.

These nonreligious scientists and scholars who doubt modern Darwinian theory include former U.S. National Academy of Sciences biologist Lynn Margulis, medical professor Raymond Tallis, Rutgers cognitive scientist Jerry Fodor, New York University philosopher and legal scholar Thomas Nagel, and Princeton-trained mathematician David Berlinski—all of whom have publicly challenged Neo-Darwinism and/or sympathized with ID.[38]

But why?  Because science simply has nowhere else to go and NOTHING else available to explain abiogenesis – a most necessary groundwork and, in the world of half-truths, a failed experiment is better than none. This is not the only example within the Darwinian paradigm in which proven failed evidence is still being used to prop up Evolutionism.  This wouldn’t be as bothersome if it wasn’t for the fact that the basis for the question on the origin of life can be currently debated ONLY on the merits of a theory without proof BUT then, to build science and learning on and around it, assuming its place in legitimate science relying upon failed experiments and impossible fancies while the world waits for VALID proof, is something else altogether.  It’s as though our children in the public-school system are being held captive by someone else’s neurosis until learning catches up with the theory as if the proof were coming to us at a later date via advancement in information and technology. The facts present the very opposite of what is expected.  Remarkable.  The inmates are running the asylum.

The reasoning really is quite simple. There is a much larger AGENDA for abiogenesis to fulfill and a need to hold the truth of it in deception and lies; how LIFE originated is a most enigmatic story, full of HARD consequences and the agenda and ramifications underlying abiogenesis are of such great importance that to admit the experiments’ failure is to surrender the whole agenda.  The Darwinist would be forced to reckon back to Intelligent Design as possibly being the ultimate reason for the universe and so it would continue to be as it had been for centuries:  In the beginning, God.

Dean Kenyon received his undergraduate degree in physics at the University of Chicago and his Ph.D. in biophysics from Stanford University. As an atheist, Kenyon believed that evolution could have explained everything, even the origin of the universe. However, in 1993, five years after co-authoring the book Biochemical Predestination Kenyon was fired from his job teaching at San Francisco State University for merely questioning the theory of evolution (even though he was a former proponent of evolution) in front of his class one day.  He intimated that certain complexities observed in nature had the appearance of being designed because they were so complicated.  Being tenured, he sued the state university and won but when he was reinstated, he took a demotion and was treated unfairly and his career as an author stalled. [39]

Michael Egnor of State University of New York once quipped in a journal while questioning the evidence of Darwinism, “I accepted the Darwinian explanation. I considered religious explanations for biology unscientific at best, dogma at worst. But Darwin’s explanation, too, was a matter of faith because I did not know the evidence… But I understand now that Darwinism itself is a religious creed that masquerades as science. Darwin’s theory of biological origins is atheism’s creation myth, and atheists defend their dogma with religious fervor.[40]

The modern evolutionary model has been, since Darwin’s day, merely a futile challenge to the historic Creation Account found in the bible.  The burden of proof was and continues to be on the proponents of the theory. This, according to the modern scientist is unacceptable because the stated goal of science is to render an explanation for everything observable by demonstrable, repeatable, controlled experimentation. What science is actually trying to do is use the Creation to explain the Creation but since we are here already (and according to all logic), there MUST have been something supernatural that brought us here.  This is the fault of modern science and it is disingenuous at least and deceptive at best that we continue to forbid the teaching of the biblical account of creation in our public schools alongside the theory of evolution and allow the matter to be considered by each student.

But at first glance, it appears that the agenda is only that which stifles the ideology of Intelligent Design, turning the minds of the students away from the biblical account but under closer examination and with the phenomenon of UFO saturation and manifestation in the world, it can be quickly ascertained that there is another suggestion being turned loose on our culture: If abiogenesis is the explanation for life in the chain of natural evolution on earth, logic tells us that it MUST have been happening all over the universe for millions of years on similar earthlike planets.  This is the hidden, additional part of the agenda.  Much more on that later but for those who defend the abiogenic-evolutionary theory, again, the Miller-Urey experiment must be used despite its impossibility of producing the base proteins necessary for life, on this planet or any other in the universe.

But using a failed experiment as the foundation of a theory for the explanation of life itself and for the unfolding of all forms of life – all without Supernatural design, only leads to more and bigger failures and a need to deceive the people further to protect the agenda. This has been going on since the time of Nimrod and powered by the principalities, powers and rulers of the darkness of this age.  They have spun a web of deception around the truth so tightly tangled into itself that most will never make the effort to separate it from the truth, believing instead, the theories generated by science at large which began as a quest for truth but have now been hijacked by the liberal agenda of government funded universities in a closely knit, peer review “church” of sorts in which only sworn, loyal members are permitted to speak with authority.

This carefully guarded state religion of Darwinian evolution exists to further the agenda of ubiquitous, intelligent life existing throughout the cosmos and cheapening the miracle of life turning its rare complexity and glory over to a most non-existent creator which is actually the destroyer; time and chance. This type of thinking, played to its end ultimately reduces mankind to a blight on the beautiful, green earth which spawned him and a “weed” spreading out of control on the earth; a disease instead of the pinnacle of God’s visible creation.  It turns man from his rightful place of being created in the image of God and steward over planet earth to unwanted invader and interloper; a complex form of reproducing slime that is destroying the earth. This ideal has been gaining popularity since its inception back in the 1960’s with the “age of Aquarius.   From this comes all forms of new age religion, making gods out of things and worshiping and serving the creature more than the Creator.


  • Science IS Metaphysical 

The resistance of the Darwinian scientific community to the supernatural, in this case, Intelligent Design is that the definition of science has always excluded the metaphysical and when dealing with reality we must always maintain a distance between science and the supernatural or it becomes something other than science, e.g. philosophy, religion or metaphysics.  They maintain that we cannot allow anything supernatural into the scientific.  However, we live in a supernatural world without taking the time to realize it.

Our world is bound by laws of nature and without the adherence to those laws, the known universe would fly apart.  We can see and measure these laws yet our understanding of what causes them is very limited. Our universe as we know it exists and is held together by 4 forces: gravity, electromagnetism, the weak nuclear force and the strong nuclear force.[41]  All of these forces are combined to make life possible and are balanced so perfectly that the unbalancing of one causes the unbalancing of the others. Trying to determine what is and what isn’t “supernatural” is a tricky task and can be demonstrated by applying a bit of logic and (rare) critical thinking.

TIME is supernatural; space is supernatural; our being here is SUPERNATURAL.  Disagree?  Kindly answer this question:  Why is there space instead of nothing?  Most consider that space IS nothing yet we now understand that space is intertwined with time thus we have space/time in which a small amount of space surprisingly contains a staggering amount of potential energy called zero-point energy which by quantum field measurement is 10 to the 98th ergs. /cm cubed. [42]  That’s an enormous amount of energy in a tiny amount of space, (about the size of two kernels of corn) but what is it, (space/time) actually? What is the opposite of space/time?  Modern science has been experimenting with the idea of antimatter which is a very interesting (and in this writer’s opinion, futile) subject in its own right but we won’t get into that here.

Each of us being so finite and limited means that what we view as natural only appears to us to be natural because we know of nothing that could potentially replace it and we were, in every manner, designed INTO it. Our bodies from which we sense everything are woven into this reality; so much so that we aren’t equipped with understanding that would allow us a glimpse into any other reality (except by mathematical theory).  Some might explain our reality by posing the question, what is the opposite of space? Nothing?  But space IS nothingness, right?  What is the opposite of time? Eternity? But eternity is just a really long time, agreed?  These are the types of questions that slip past most people who really should stop to consider them.

In the science of physics, Translational Symmetry or the Cosmological Principle means that the laws of physics don’t change according to physical location in the universe so the laws at the far reaches of the universe are the same as those we observe here on earth.[43]  We think of GRAVITY as a completely natural force, it’s perfectly balanced force acting upon all that has physicality in all that we call the universe.  However, gravity is something that continues to perplex the world of physics but we won’t go into the technical aspect due to the fact that I’m not a physicist nor have I been substantially trained nor gifted mathematically in this area.  I know enough about these things as is sufficient for my purpose of being here. It so happens that my gifts are bestowed in other areas.

My lack of genius in mathematics was something that took some time to reconcile in my adult life and I tried to foster a spark of enlightenment on the subject many times, putting my mind through the gymnastics by which those gifted mathematicians perceive such things.  I tried many times to understand the higher mathematical world of physics, calculus, and the other “high” mathematics but each time I could only arrive at a point where it just became confusion to me. I can almost FEEL the lacking in my synapse; a general absence of the electrical pathways in the brain necessary to the perception of such things.  I sometimes harken back to my childhood when my liberal parents tried to tell me that I could “be or do anything that I wanted”.

I wish I had the presence of mind to say to them at that time that I could NEVER be a nuclear physicist; I simply hadn’t been “wired” for it. Just as I could never achieve superior standing as a great painter or master of stringed instruments. This is another unfortunate reality of the progressive, liberal, humanist; by removing God from their worldview, they don’t realize that God didn’t create every person with the same talents and abilities.  They don’t see that God is the One who gives talents and gifts to us.  They believe that the only thing separating the man living under a highway overpass from the man teaching at university is DRIVE and hard work and perseverance.  I don’t presume to take anything away from those things, they are admirable qualities, however, to make a famous opera singer out of someone who is tone deaf would be an impossible and futile endeavor.  I digress.

We live our lives taking gravity for granted because it is so much a part of us and is always with us.  We wake up each morning and we subconsciously put our feet on the floor and stand up.  Gravity doesn’t get a second thought.  Any thought of its sudden absence on earth is the stuff of science fiction but what if gravity suddenly CEASED TO EXIST?

Most, under such impossible circumstances would agree that something of such magnitude would be supernatural indeed while we would quickly and desperately find something to hold on to as we found our world flying apart!  How terrifying that would be and how our minds and hearts would be racing to figure out what supernatural occurrence has happened to suddenly cause this.  But conversely, why do we so easily ascribe the reverse of a thing – negative gravity – as having supernatural cause without giving the same credit and wonder to the current, normal reality we (thankfully) already know and enjoy?  Simply because we’re a PART of it; we’re accustomed to it.  We function in and according to it.  Our physical bodies were designed for existence in a world with gravity.

The same logic could be plugged into any of the physical laws we observe in nature.  We can only observe them because they were made observable by the same Power that designed and made the body and the senses with which He designed in us to observe them and if any of their natural properties were suddenly altered, we would have to admit at the very first, that their origin IS MOST supernatural indeed.  This gives us perspective into realizing the supernatural in everyday things that most will never give pause to consider. But a sound mind is a logical mind and one that understands that we are the CREATION and thus there MUST BE A CREATOR. THIS is logic and it comes from our Creator. This is the bare minimum yet modern intelligentsia has rejected this at its core and we are seeing the astounding results of this rejection.  Much more on that later.


  • The Anthropic Principle

“A common sense interpretation of the facts suggests that a superintellect has monkeyed with physics, as well as with chemistry and biology, and that there are no blind forces worth speaking about in nature. The numbers one calculates from the facts seem to me so overwhelming as to put this conclusion almost beyond question.” [44]   Fred Hoyle

The Anthropic Principle states that there are very carefully balanced physical factors in our universe which, when studied mathematically, yield results which demonstrate theoretically, our own existence (or that of the universe itself) being utterly impossible without the carefully set parameters and boundaries we observe in the universe.  Without these laws governing all of nature having been pre-determined by an Intelligent Designer existing outside of the parameters He set up, life as we know it would be non-existent.

The laws that exist in our reality reveal a very certain and measurable degree of being positioned to make the life of mankind on this earth not only possible but quite perfectly suited for his growth, comfort, recreation, reproduction, even for learning about himself and how the universe is so precisely set for his being here.  If any of these equations are changed, most in the very slightest amount, then the whole construct of our reality – space/time – would tumble into nothingness (or perhaps burn with fervent heat) revealing that which exists in a much higher dimension or that plane that existed “overtop” of this one; e.g. before “In the beginning God”.  The list is surprisingly long and includes examples such as the measure of the gravity of the earth, the thickness of the earth’s crust, the speed of rotation, the distance between the earth and the moon, the earth’s magnetic field, the tilt of the earth, the ratio of atmospheric gasses, and many, many more.  When perceived from without, the earth (and universe itself) very much appears to be carefully and kindly set up for the life and proliferation of mankind like a most carefully designed set for a play.  This is the anthropic principle.

The anthropic principle was first discovered in the mid-twentieth century by astronomers who noticed the extremely precise similarity between the electromagnetic force constant and gravitational force constant.  The closely balanced ratio between these two cannot exceed its value by any more than one part in 10 to the 40th power (one part in ten thousand trillion, trillion, trillion) without eliminating the possibility for life on the earth. [45]There are more than 100 finely tuned characteristics identified by science but the most notable is the space/energy density (the self-stretching property of the universe). Its value cannot vary by less than one part in 10 to the 120th and still allow for the kinds of stars and planets physical life requires. [46]

The anthropic principle states that the entire universe has the appearance of being designed for mankind, including all of the plant species and animals but it goes into detail including many other important observations made over the last hundred years.  The physical laws around which our space/time continuum operates depict very accurately that the size of our earth in relation to the sun and the distance of the earth to the sun is not only critical for the sustaining of life but also for the observation of the suns corona during the solar eclipse.  The tilt of the earth also shows itself to be critical; tilted any more, it would be too hot, any less it would be too cold.[47]  The strong and weak nuclear forces are also very carefully balanced making physical substance possible.  The gravity of the earth is perfectly adjusted to maintain the atmosphere, weather and winds.  The electromagnetic force of the earth as well as the ozone layer are carefully set to keep harmful cosmic, ultraviolet rays from preventing or damaging life on earth.

The percentage of oxygen and nitrogen and other gasses in our atmosphere each are carefully balanced for sustaining life on the planet.  Science has demonstrated that the size of the earth in relation to the moon and its distance from earth and its albedo are perfectly set to produce tides and ocean currents balancing the temperature on earth. Even the earth’s placement in one of the spiral arms of the galaxy is in relatively clear space, free of cosmic dust is fortuitous to the very study of the cosmos.[48](most of our galaxy is obscured by dust and our placement most anywhere else in this galaxy would prevent observation of the cosmos) The list goes on and on demonstrating the delicate balance and finely tuned physics which allows not only for the life of mankind but for him to prosper and be fruitful.

When approached from the vantage point of the harsh, cold blackness of our universe, it is clearly seen that this planet is privileged indeed and that mankind was made and intended to be the central theme of all that can be observed. Note how these observances conflict with the general consensus of the industrialized, technological and scientific society in this age.  A quick study of the history of mankind through the ages shows that he has always tended to worship the creation, whether the sun or planets, even the earth which is at the current center of modern idolatry in the form of materialism.

Lessening mankind’s worth and elevating that of the creation over The Creator is what we see in the trendy, new age movement which had its roots in the US in the 1960’s with the dawn of “the age of Aquarius.”  It isn’t until one takes sides with the biblical model that he sees this antichrist trend growing exponentially in this dark age and it is part and parcel of the evolutionary paradigm and related to mankind’s turning away from logical, reasonable thought and keeping his mind open enough to see the anthropic principles for what they verily and truly are; God’s Hand of careful design and protection over the pinnacle of His creation; mankind. The whole need to understand that man is different in one major way over the rest of creation is that mankind was the ONLY part of the whole creation to be created in the Image of God and this is what evolutionary doctrine seeks to not only ignore but to ridicule.

After learning about the lengths to which our Creator has gone for our existence and comfort, it is not difficult to see that this thinking is not particularly welcome in the scientific and academic realm. They tend to marginalize such science taking away its credibility and assigning it to the metaphysical realm. It fits into the giant package they keep hidden in the dark cellar called unavoidable truths.  It was mostly the secular, unbelieving scientists who discovered the anthropic principle, and we can thank them for that, but it is also those scientists who look at such incredibly intricate design and give the credit to chance. We can always hope there are some along the way that have finally understood that they ARE a carefully protected and guarded creation of The Living God who carefully and lovingly prepared all of this for mankind.

It is here that the atheist will inevitably ask “if there is a God, who created Him?”  Let’s look at the logic of that statement and see if we can break it down philosophically.  You can believe that everything came about by nothing in a fictional big bang but you cannot believe in a Creator having done it because you can’t understand how the Creator came to be?  Simplified version: “I won’t believe in God because I don’t understand Him.” The simplified answer exists in the form of a question: If you could understand God, would you worship Him?  Would you marvel at Him or reverence Him recognizing yourself as part of His creation?  Of course not, because if you understood Him you would know how He did everything and where He came from, right?  If you knew that, there would be no need for a God.  AH HA!  You want to be your OWN God. You either believe that you already are or you have fallen for the lie that mankind is on an upward trend in all things physical AND spiritual thanks to evolutionary theory and you don’t reverence God because you are waiting for mankind to become God, then you will be a god yourself!  Congratulations. You have just recapitulated Eve’s dilemma.  You can now take a bite of the fruit in your hand.  You have come full circle. Ye shall be as gods.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the satire I encountered which comes to mind whenever contemplating the anthropic principle.  I am reminded of the definitions and outline given by Fred Heeren in his excellent book Show Me God.   After listing the most common anthropic principles to which he devotes a whole chapter, he mentions four versions of the principle: The Weak Anthropic Principle, (WAP) which ignores the question of origins or creation and simply says “we are here no need to explain”;  The Strong Anthropic Principle (SAP) which suggests that if infinite universes existed, the precise parameters for life must exist in at least one of them; The Participatory Anthropic Principle (PAP) which says that the universe exists only so that it can be observed and/or that it exists BY being observed and The Final Anthropic Principle (FAP) stating that evolving biological life eventually (our great, great, great, great grandchildren) will evolve into gods capable of creating the past. Heeren quotes Martin Gardner in The New York Review of Books: “What should one make of this quartet of WAP, SAP, PAP, and FAP?  In my not so humble opinion, I think the last principle is best called CRAP, the Completely Ridiculous Anthropic Principle.” [49]




  • Thermodynamics

Modern information science teaches us that our universe had a definite beginning and it will eventually run down in a heat-loss death defined by the laws of thermodynamics.[50]  The second law of thermodynamics is the law of entropy which states, that the order we see in the universe and essentially, all around and in us, is constantly moving toward a state of disorder.  The first laws states that matter and energy cannot be created nor destroyed but only changes form. (matter into energy and vice versa) Information is the very genesis of the universe and the reason, I believe, that God said on the sixth day, after creating the universe that, “it is very good.” (Genesis 1:31) It was His perfect creation.  It was from the Infinite Mind of God and thus was perfect in every way.  Information in the natural universe (after the fall of man) is always found either complete or progressing toward incompleteness. It is never seen “building up” in complexity.  It is clear, beautiful, (even in its less than perfect state) highly structured, precise and systematic. Below is a list of names of synonyms of entropy to its antonyms – information.



Entropy                         Information

Disorder Order
Noise Signal
Cacophony Music
Chaos Cosmos
Randomness Design

Figure 2-7 (Koinonia Institute; The Science of God; Chuck Missler, 2006)



If information is the opposite of entropy, how can we say that ANYTHING has arisen out of chance?  How, indeed.  But this is what Darwinian evolution is teaching universally in the public-school system and in federally funded colleges and universities.  Is it any wonder we have a nation void of restraints to behavior and thought?  We have been teaching our children from grade school through higher learning that everything that is, has come from nothing at all and will return to nothing at all.

It was believed for centuries that the universe was infinite and it wasn’t until the late twentieth century with the discovery of the Cosmic Background Radiation[51] that it was proven to be finite – finite in the macro (large) and finite in the micro (infinitesimal).  We now understand that there are definite limits to our known universe both in largeness and smallness, in other words, one would think that he could divide something in two pieces going on forever and likewise, leave the earth sailing a space ship with “solar sails” at the speed of light and never come to the end of the universe, hypothetically speaking, of course.  But it is now known that if you divide something in half enough times, there comes a point at which the smallest piece of whatever it is you are dividing becomes indivisible; it loses its place taking on “non-locality” at 10-33cm or Planck length (named after Max Ludwig Planck, the 19th century, German, theoretical physics scientist) At Planck length, it ceases to have location in this reality.  It becomes everywhere at once.  This, being demonstrated theoretically using mathematics, of course. Very peculiar, this time/space finite reality we live in.

By the same notion, this enigma called time cannot be divided any further than 10-43 seconds or Planck time[52] of which there is no period of time shorter and thus becomes (joins) eternity. We now have mathematical, albeit theoretical, proof that this current reality exists inside another, greater reality. This was the most significant discovery made in the twentieth century regarding cosmology and physics and has allowed for the realization that this space/time continuum – our universe – is a PART of something much larger.  We have here an example of what I like to refer to as science “catching up” with the bible.  “It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:  Isaiah 40:22 (italics mine)




  • The Miraculous, Living Cell

I have begun to show some of the Darwinists latest and best proof while easily turning it to their disadvantage. I’m not boasting; this is not difficult to do considering the construct that is used to prop up their theory; one needn’t be a PhD in physics or any other science; anyone can trample it simply by learning what they are saying about the way in which everything came to be.  It is in fact, much easier to see through to the truth without having been indoctrinated by their imaginative and senseless theories.

The random formation of amino acids is the premise with which the evolutionists build their theory that all things progressed in an upward trend of complexity (against the law of entropy) to the life we see in our world today but let’s look quickly at the building blocks of all carbon based biological life, the miraculous, living cell.  Anton van Leeuwenhoek was the father of the microscope. He was the first to see and describe bacteria, yeast plants, the teeming life in a drop of water, and the circulation of blood corpuscles in capillaries.[53]  Robert Hooke and Charles A. Spencer improved the design and the modern light microscope changed little after Spencer.[54] The revelation that microscopy has offered of the complexity of the living cell has only been occurring since the early part of the twentieth century and the learning continues with the advent of computer technology, the electron microscope and more sensitive apparatus being manufactured to peer into the microcosm and view the wonders of the very small.  To me, the microcosm is just as magnificent and mysterious as the macrocosm (cosmos) and even more so because we can see it up close and in action and can literally touch it.

I have heard of several amusing and likable comparisons of what it would be like for such random processes as a bolt of lightning to somehow arrange such complexity as a living cell from randomly produced amino acids – the currently held “primordial soup” theory (note how they must use the failed Miller/Urey experiment despite its impossibility to produce the necessary amino acids) but here is one that will seal up the sum:  A single living cell coming about by a chance strike of lightning in a pool of primordial soup is akin to a large explosion in a printing press causing Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary to suddenly emerge, BACKWARDS….IN ENGLISH… WITH CHINESE FOOTNOTES!  Okay, I tweaked it a bit, but it STILL doesn’t accurately represent the impossibility of what the science of microevolution rests its whole existence upon. If we can imagine that printing press explosion resulting in a separate edition of dictionary for every language ever spoken, we could be slightly approaching the kind of chance that would be necessary yet still insufficient.  In Charles Darwin’s day, the cell was thought to be a pouch of gelatinous goo but the spontaneous generation/abiogenesis theory has held on despite what technology has revealed about the miraculously complex inner workings and precise chemical codes inside each living cell.

The Darwinist is now confronted with an impasse upon the realization that the cell (or virtually, life as we know it) cannot possibly come from nothing because it is a system of INFORMATION and information necessitates an agreement of at least two intelligences, a sender and a receiver, that are familiar with the information which is translated from the code. Example: “And God said, Let us make a man in OUR image, after our likeness…” (Genesis 1:26 emphasis mine)

We know that it is impossible for any dictionary to be the result of an explosion because we know that it is ordered information (words) encoded in a 26 bit alphabet and it is deliberately designed.  Any architect must have a method of communicating length width and height and the builder must be able to read that code which is portrayed in feet and inches.  Borel’s Law states that any probability (P) greater than 10 to the minus 50, (that is 10 followed by fifty zeros), is ABSURD.  The probability of a cell, factoring in Miller/Urey, coming into existence by chance, without deliberate design is a number much larger than Borel’s Law i.e., patently absurd.  “The evolutionist cannot explain the origin of design because he cannot explain the origin of information.” – Chuck Missler (Dr. Missler has gone on to be with The Lord during the time this book was being edited; He will be greatly missed.)


“If God is good, which His creation shows Him to be, and He LOVES His creation, which also is obvious, then all of His purposes are good thus are His reasons and this should be the rock solid basis for our total trust in Him above all things including our own opinions, our feelings and emotions and especially the opinions of others.”


  • Information

What can we say about the laws of nature regarding information?  It wasn’t until recently that we discovered our own reality at its very core is information.  Every physical substance in this universe is a matrix of ordered information. The very nature of information is not physical, for example, I can load a copy of this book, all 110,000 words of it onto a removable disk and the disk would not weigh a nanogram more than it did before loading it.  I.e. information has no mass.  If we examine the logical characteristics of information, we can reach very certain conclusions about the reality of our world and universe and about Who orders it. Dr. Werner Gitt; Head of the Department of Information Technology at the German Federal Institute of Physics and Technology, ret; (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) says: (please read carefully, this entire section will deal with the outline presented here)

Characteristics of information: [55]

  1. Anything material, such as physical/chemical processes, cannot create something non-material
  2. Information is a non-material fundamental entity and not a property of matter
  3. Information requires a material medium for storage and transmission
  4. Information cannot originate in statistical processes
  5. There can be no information without a code
  6. All codes result from an intentional choice and agreement between sender and recipient
  7. The determination of meaning for and from a set of symbols is a mental process that requires intelligence
  8. There can be no new information without an intelligent, purposeful sender
  9. Any given chain of information can be traced back to an intelligent source.
  10. Information comprises the non-material foundation for all:

a.)  technological systems

b.)  works of art

c.)  biological systems

Dr. Gitt concludes:

  1. Since the DNA code of all life forms is clearly within the definition of domain of information we conclude there must be a sender
  2. Since the density and complexity of the DNA encoded information is billions of times greater than mans present technology, we conclude the Sender must be supremely intelligent.
  3. The Sender is Omniscient; Omnipotent and Omnipresent (infinite in intelligence and information; can do all things; and is everywhere)
  4. The sender must be ETERNAL, knowing all past, present, future
  5. Since information is a non-material fundamental entity and cannot originate from material quantities, we conclude that the Sender must have a non-material component (Spirit) [56]

Please pay very close attention to the next several paragraphs as I attempt to unpack this.  The information I am about to share was difficult to put into words and I’m hoping that I have clearly portrayed these thoughts regarding the logic and thinking about how The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Who, together with God the Father and the Holy Ghost, created all things seen and unseen.

The information constituting both our reality (the universe) and our being, (our bodies) according to the laws of nature set up by the Sender of the code and the characteristics of the information sent, every bit of it, must be 100% TRUTH.  If the information were not true, it would fail to produce anything at all – only confusion.  However, if ANY PART of that information is found to be anything BUT truth, there must be, by necessity, an obfuscator to the Sender, interfering with the truth by lying and deception, i.e. false information or untruths mixed into the true information sent to the receiver.  IF there is an obfuscator to the Sender, he must be in resistance to Him; a malevolent liar who only desires the opposite of what the Sender wills.  If the Sender is GOOD (which He signifies by His wonderful creation saying of it Himself that “it is VERY good; Genesis 1:31) then the obfuscator must be in complete resistance to the sender.  Yet the Sender is powerful over ALL things so He is all powerful over the obfuscator because He created the obfuscator hence He thus allows [certain] false information according to His Will.  If the Sender allows the obfuscator to obfuscate, He must have a good reason. If the Sender is good, which His creation shows Him to be, and He LOVES His creation, which also is obvious, then His purposes are good thus are His reasons and this should be the solid basis for our total TRUST in Him above all things including our own opinions, our feelings and emotions and especially the opinions of others. If the logic is followed thus far, it is clear to see that the Sender would also provide us with additional information about Himself; information about who He is and about His PLANS and direction to us.  And, if He indeed has prepared additional information, (His written word) He would signify such information as coming from Him which He freely offers to ANYONE who wants to learn His Truth. This signifying is proving His position outside of the boundaries of time and space by telling of the things that are yet to come – His prophecy. This telling of events yet to come is prevalent throughout the bible and stands as the proof necessary to authenticate the fact that it is from Him. The fulfilled prophecy of God’s written word is the most specific and abundant proof of its authenticity yet even within the churches through the centuries, it has not been heralded as THE proof as it should be and used as the solid evidence of its origin but sits as a silent reminder marking down those things which it foretells through the passage of time and stands as support, confirmation and comfort to all who believe. It remains a subject which the unbeliever refuses to embrace very similar to the subject which this manuscript attempts to expose.

Since we exist as the Senders “information” in the form of complexly arranged chemicals in a time/space matrix, and we are able to experience information through our senses, and have a view of our own about reality, then we must ALSO have a non-material component or spirit. (Genesis 1:26) We were made by the Sender and FOR Him and His purpose, but those who don’t apply this logic of information in order to arrive at the truthful conclusion, will be deceived by the obfuscator in any and all ways possible.

The Sender, by His Nature, will not force us – the pinnacle of His creation – to believe Truth, He might have created some other beings – automatons if you will, for such a purpose but we, as having been made in His IMAGE, are capable of a very unique characteristic of the Sender – Love. Automatons are incapable of love because they have no CHOICE.  The Sender IS Love but love must first include CHOICE. If love is not willfully favored or individually desired, it cannot be genuine love and that is why we must be able to CHOOSE to either love the Sender or reject the Sender for the lies of the obfuscator. This is why the bible says,

Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God has shown it unto them.  For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:” Romans 1:19-20 KJV (emphasis mine)

See how we are able to start with nothing and simply by using our God-given senses and logic, connecting the things that we can see and feel, mark off the steps toward understanding Who God is?  And do you see also that such pure and clean logic can only lead to ONE God, not the many pagan, capricious gods of other cultures? Every person knows initially that there can be only ONE God because the logic applied above demonstrates this reality.  In fact, it is the obfuscator that has been the presenter and actor of the pagan gods to the cultures that sought them, e.g. the Roman and Greek mythological deities of antiquity as well as the Arab and Asian gods whom they openly worshiped. That would include EVERY other small “g” god that has ever been worshiped including the gods of the Aztecs, the Mayans and the gods of the new age representing the earth, moon, sun and planets.

This particular application of logic allows us to see through the cloudy history of mankind and his quest for the supernatural.  We are taught to respect and even embrace others for their false views of The Creator; those who have not correctly applied the logic used here (which everyone can do) but those who have fallen for the deception of the obfuscator who presents himself as a god or in many cases, several gods (those fallen angels of antiquity). The ancient and medieval cultures of this world have historically worshiped false gods to whom they have sacrificed their children, giving themselves over to the evil and deceptive practices of those who deceive in the spiritual realm teaching and handing down these “religious” practices to their heirs.

The logic we use, if properly applied, teaches us to TRUST the Sender as previously stated and if we sincerely trust Him, He will show us His Love (for He first loved us) by saving us from the obfuscators tactics and destiny which is imprisonment in an eternal confine of death, in utter decay and punishment which burns with fervent heat. If we love Him, He will guide us through this reality, assuring our hearts daily by the indwelling of His Spirt with our own and by leading us to and showing us through His written word, how HE changed our eternal destiny by putting away all power of the obfuscator over death conquering death by coming in the Flesh of a Man.

Jesus Christ is God in the flesh of a man and He willingly gave up His life in the flesh for anyone who would believe.  He was tortured to death.  Jesus was a man without sin;  the only sinless man that ever lived and when He died, He proved to the world that death was powerless over Him and He CONQUERED it for us in the flesh, dying in our place, paying our sin debt then rising from the grave in His New Body, unencumbered by the curse of sin and death thereby making a way for all mankind to be saved simply by believing in the heart that He is God and that His Sacrifice is sufficient for salvation (no works needed).

If we love Him, we want what He wants and that leads us to His written word.  If we love Him and want to do His will, we will find His written word signified by Him and we will be as faithful as we can possibly be to Him by reading, studying, rightly dividing and even memorizing His written word. The Sender in the Flesh (Jesus Christ) warns us repeatedly in His word to “Take heed that no man deceive you” (Matthew 24:4) and to be diligent in so doing. God gave everyone this logical ability so, for the skeptic who insists that “religion is a thing of culture”, you now have very effective retort. This consequentially leads many of us, desiring the pure milk of His perfect word, to study its HISTORY.  Since most of mankind has rejected the Sender, especially in this age, we must take care not to be deceived, even as His written word is involved thereby verifying that we HAVE His written word.  Logic tells us that the Sender would only allow His written word to exist as ONE written word, having one meaning, it is then imperative to those desiring to please Him to use the ONE translation of the biblical text that He wants us to read, study, rightly divide and (hide in our heart) memorize as the obfuscator has been busy in this age changing the written word of God.

After studying the history of His written word, if we are honest, we will agree that it exists, only as one and that one written word for the English speaking people of this age is the King James bible. His written word exists in the language of others also and it is the responsibility of those answering His call; the steps toward knowledge of Him, to find His written word in their language. Never in recent history has there been this abundance of re-translations of His written word and since He promised to preserve and to keep His written word through the ages, we know that it exists in this age. “For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.” (Rev. 22:18-19)

And if you apply this knowledge to us in this age, we who have the bible in abundance, you’ll discover that we have MORE than that; we have “a more sure word of prophecy” (2 Peter 1:19) than any of the believers had in the days before and after the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  WE have the whole counsel of God (Acts 20:27) given to us over time by God’s chosen authors, unconditionally preserved, yet we live in a society of people who have fallen for the lie of the obfuscator, moreover who choose to STAY in darkness mostly for fear of persecution.  Instead of using first, the understanding manifest in us leading us thereby directly to the written word of God to learn about The Savior, we live in an age when the truth has been so completely hijacked by the lie of the obfuscator that 8 out of 10 people believe the bible to be archaic and outdated; untrue “fairy tales” and not fit to read.  We can also know by Gods written word of prophecy that He is surely coming back soon at which time this age of Grace will come to an abrupt halt. (Many thanks again to Dr. Werner Gitt for his simple, masterfully logical spelling out of everything logically by beginning at nothing and showing how God has shown Himself to us and of His Eternal and Glorious Existence, leading us to the bible and into a wonderous and loving relationship with Himself)[57]

One important factor to consider that is not discernable completely by logic is the definition of LIFE.  Everyone knows what life is because everyone is alive, but nobody has ever understood it at its most basic elemental matrix.  Scientists have tried to define life since the foundation of the scientific method but LIFE is in a category by itself and is undefinable by our capability to comprehend it.  LIFE is, by all that we know it to be, the opposite of death but this portrayal simply shifts the burden of definition: what is death?  It is the absence of life in short and can only be understood in this way without anything other than logic to give it definition. We each have life and we desire to KEEP that life.  Those who have understood life in the most meaningful sense know that there is only one place where life is truly defined for us – in the bible.  “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; no man cometh unto the Father but by me.” John 14:6; This, of course, speaks of God’s Word made Flesh, Jesus Christ.  We cannot understand life outside of The Source.  The Source of LIFE is Jesus Christ.  Our time here consists of a very short LIFETIME and the inevitable reality of our losing this life is understood by us yet so many of us don’t “do the math” as I have prepared and shown in this section, to understand where they came from and where they’re going. They have not heeded the words of Jesus “be not deceived” and have followed the common deceptive notion that we all came from nothing and are all going back to nothing.  This is the alternative to the greatest lie ever told which is still widely believed:  Ye shall be as gods.  Don’t believe it!

The whole world is under deception in this age and that is the reason for this book.  I hope to make people understand how far they have been taken in this deception and where to go for understanding the Truth.  My motivation comes from the realization that most people in this age are not going to understand until it’s too late. I could be writing this book to some people that I love dearly. Suffice to say, if you would only think about an eternal place where life doesn’t exist (because everything and everyone is in a constant, eternal state of death, that is, dying eternally) and having to die there, in yourself, that is, in your eternal body (everyone will be resurrected and given new bodies that are indestructible and eternal and will be judged by the Creator) with mind and consciousness, and no hope of ever getting out.

If only you might change your worldview. Having no hope is just the tip of the iceberg (sorry, bad choice of words describing a place where every occupant would so desire a tiny tip of any iceberg), And according to God’s written word, this place burns you inside and out in evil, horrific, unimaginable torment; in a place that is the opposite of life; a place where you will die forever and ever because you continually rejected the truth your entire life.  Please don’t go there but take my advice instead.  Understand God and confess to Jesus Christ, Who is able to save you from this place of eternal punishment which was designed for the obfuscator Satan and his angels.  Don’t go.  Believe Truth. He showed us His Love by dying for us in our place, why won’t you respond to the greatest act of kindness you will ever encounter?  Accept the Truth; Jesus Christ is Truth.


  • Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA)

In the following section, we will look briefly at how each living cell is packed with chemical information, organized into coded strands called Deoxyribonucleic Acid or DNA.  It is a chemical code; a complex language with punctuated instructions serving as commas (pauses) periods, (stops) dashes, even bold type.  It reads forward and backwards, up and down like crosswords, and is even STACKED, reading in three dimensions, unlike our linear codes.  Double stranded DNA exists in the form of a double helix which resembles a spiral staircase of a sort.  If somehow taken from the nucleus of a single cell and unwound, the DNA would be six feet long![58]  The DNA is wound together by proteins called histones and packed into threads of DNA called chromatins.  The chromatins are wound together into chromosomes (bundles of genes) which contain all information necessary for the building of the organism.

At theoretical maximum, one gram of single stranded genetic code can encode 455 exabytes of information. That’s almost half a billion terabytes, or 4.9 * 1011 GB. (As a point of reference, the latest iPad tops out at 64 GB of storage space.) [59]

The scientific discoveries made over the last few decades have provided for a closer look than ever before into the vast inner workings of the cell, however the fact remains that the greatest mysteries continue to elude scientific discovery to this day. What seems to be known; things that the brightest minds pretend to understand about the origins of life plummet down the wormhole into a new dimension of complexity yet unknown in an effort to ascribe purely natural explanations for the origin of life. “What brought these amino acids together into that very first DNA strand?”  You’ll recall that LIFE requires 20 amino acids but less than a few had been produced in the lab, (both right and left handed.) Once again and for the sake of moving forward, I will have to amuse the Darwinist and briefly (and painfully) pretend along with him that DNA and cells exist and came about in the manner that the Miller-Urey experiment proposes.

The single cell is a highly complex system of DNA; a Masterpiece of chemical information.  It is a self-replicating, 3 out of 4, error correcting code which involves a nucleic alphabet of 4 base molecules, Adenine, Thymine, Guanine, and cytosine.[60]  These molecules combine with one another to make the characteristic double helix shape.  The DNA combines to make the genes and chromosomes – information each cell uses for the synthesis of its functions and containing all of the directive information necessary for the growth and development of the organism.

The specified complexity of the processes and functions of the living cell are being understood more as information and technology increases.  I won’t get into the chemical structures or the technical aspects as much as I would like, simply because the subject is so large.  But keeping up with the advances made in this field over the last two decades also requires a level of understanding that is beyond the non-scientist and layman (such as myself) however, many of the mysteries of life remain hidden from understanding at this point and for the Darwinist to continue with the original idea of life arising without supernatural, intelligent design and unfolding into everything that has life, is becoming increasingly difficult to imagine and evidenced by the fact that many very gifted and intelligent scientists are beginning to publicly question the theory simply because information is order and there is no order without design.

So, what about the mechanism which that very first CELL used in order to reproduce itself?  Without some system of reproduction, that cell would have built itself (by the chance occurrence of chemicals) into a tiny mass of extremely complicated systems and codes, billions fold more complex than any system science has ever approached, whereby it could have life on its own but if it didn’t also possess a method of reproduction built in with the life of itself then it would have all been for naught; like a skipping record, a super complex flash in a pan, never to grace the puddles or ponds with better versions of itself; stuck in a complex treadmill of time and space with no brain or conscience to ever have marveled over its own complexity.

  • Mitosis: The Stretching Out of Life

The process by which a cell replicates is called mitosis or cytokinesis. The phases of mitosis are responsible for creating 2 cells (called daughter cells) from one.  Five phases have been named in this process but knowledge of what actually causes these cells to reproduce is very limited. Science cannot yet explain what triggers this process or understand the mechanism which releases the information needed for the many faceted, complex and multidimensional, continued growth of the daughter cells.   Mitosis is the means by which all living things are constructed.  To the evolutionist, an unsolvable puzzle; to the bible believer, the very hand of Almighty God at work forming and stretching out His creation like a novelist or sculptor.  The very same God of the macrocosm “that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain.… and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:” (Isaiah 40:22) is the very same God of the microcosm, who creates each and every protein in every cell in every living thing knitting together the minute, intricately and skillfully using the physical laws He created.

One of the most complex and peculiar processes of life is reproduction. Most people are unaware of the fact that so little is known about it and the mechanism which drives, steers, limits and fosters the process is largely unknown. The exchange of information that takes place during mitosis is staggering.  A mind-numbing comparison given by Chuck Missler[61] describes it like this: “Imagine you have two strands of very fine monofilament fishing line full of information 125 miles long each (that’s the distance from Staten Island to Philadelphia).  Now, take those two strands and stuff them both into a basketball. You must take those strands from the basketball, read and copy the information on both while unwinding them on two separate spools and then put them back in the basketball – all without tangling or breaking them, and do this at three times the speed of an airplane propeller!

This is what happens billions of times every twenty minutes inside each one of us. Modern technology has allowed for the mapping of the human genome yet it cannot explain one of the most fundamental yet critical functions of living cells; the one process that lengthens, sustains, stretches, repairs and sculpts the life it forms. To understand the intricacies of life on a microcosmic level is to agree with the Psalmist “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.”  Psalm 139:14; There is much more to the mystery of this “stretching out” of life and the more research that is done, the more furtive it becomes and the more it serves to prove the mysterious, intelligent design of life.

  • Meiosis

A bit more information will be needed to help us grasp the complexities of exactly what it is that we are attempting to understand regarding the reproduction and growth of life.  Meiosis is a specialized form of cellular division that occurs in eukaryotic cells (cells with a nucleus) of organisms that reproduce sexually.[62]  It occurs when two gametes (sex cells) come together to produce a zygote (fertilized egg).  Each produces four haploid cells which are unique to the parents and contain half of the DNA of each parent cell.  After the cells meet (fertilization) the process begins the phases in which DNA from both are exchanged producing a pair of complete sets of chromosomes, half from each parent.  All of the information for the daughter organism exists in the zygote.  Much of the process and terminology is specialized and best left in the microbiology classroom.  It is mentioned here only to familiarize the reader with the process which is much like mitosis except that it produces one unique organism from two with both parents contributing to the DNA of the daughter cells.  The impossibility of evolution by beneficial mutation, producing both male and female in the animal kingdom is highlighted here. When considering how incredibly specialized each reproductive system is and how the chances that the same “evolved” animal would also evolve the compatible systems of reproduction apart from each other (or with each other) is one unimaginable matter.  Finding each other to produce successful offspring once their evolution is complete demonstrates the flailing theory’s much lesser chance of happening in this world or any other no matter how much time was permitted.  In fact, the passage of long periods of time is actually fatal to such an idea.

When we learn the basics of mitosis in high school biology, most of us leave it there without giving any thought to the enormity of the subject; it is the very reason we are here and more: It is the method used by which ALL life exists here and the reason for the unique appearance that every living thing possesses even within the same species e.g. every person looks different.  It is the machine by which all life is produced AND sustained and it occurs in every known type of living cell.  On paper, we might see a cell and some artist’s rendition of the phases of mitosis but we don’t see the much bigger picture.  Mitosis is where the Architect, the Artist; the Builder; the Supplier and the Chemist FORMS the organism.

Allow me to try to demonstrate: Squamous Epithelial cells are a type of Epidermis cell and are found lining the mouth and include slight differences and variations yet the basic cellular characteristics are the same. If skin cells simply replicated as we observe them under the microscope, they would divide linearly, each division being identical to the last and in a straight line.  However, there is a mechanism that guides this process and in essence instructs the cell to divide managing the process in three dimensions and 5 axises, left, right, up, down and every other direction in between.  At the same time these epithelial cells change into other cells at critical boundary lines, for example during the formation of a hair or a fingernail (the delivery and piling up of specialized keratin cells in hair and fingernails) or the changes which occur during the formation of muscles and tendons which are attached to the bones, which, in turn, grew with them cell by cell.

What we see when observing mitosis under the microscope is what appears to be a random division of cells (a miracle in itself) but if we could step back while still observing the division and somehow speed up the process we would see something taking shape as millions of cells divide forming a pupae or puppy or a pangolin. We have all seen at some point, high-speed video of a botanical seedling budding and growing into a plant or a flower seemingly right before our eyes.  It would be impossible however, to view anything in this manner to see an insect or animal forming on a cellular level because the whole panorama of the process from the cellular level up, would be impossible for us to capture unless we had an insanely huge microscope/telescope and were observing a gnat on a maple leaf in Toronto from the moon. Nevertheless, the process is most accurately FORMING a living thing.

  • Comprehending the complexity

Look at your own body for a moment and think about what was necessary to form your hands and fingers. You are the product of mitosis.  Look closely…what made those billions upon billions of different cells so OBEDIENT to the formation of your body?  So exacting and precise was the formation of the chemical code that as a whole, makes YOU.  Realize for a moment that your BRAIN was formed in the same manner as were the other organs in your system that have together been performing cellular, life giving, information sharing, sustainability to your body since and even before you were born.

Modern science admits that much of this is still a mystery but to have knowledge of something as grand as life; to comprehend that we have been made by this and we owe our very perceptibility to this process; to be able to see with it, what is happening microscopically and chemically; to understand the vast complexity of life and then to say that this all started when nothing exploded could only be described as absurd.  The impossible contortions that one’s logic must perform to believe that this miracle of life has no One designing, directing and orchestrating it is itself beyond comprehension. The fact that most people in this age believe in Darwinian evolution, demonstrates the power of deception that God has allowed the obfuscator to wield (for now).

How does each cell “understand” during the development of organisms – a baby for example, when to cease dividing squamous epithelial cells and switch to begin dividing epidermal cells.  Or how is it that the cells under the fingernails “communicate” the precise time to stop making dermis cells and begin making the nail bed?  And being that a fingertip is composed of 5 different types of cells (excluding the bone, other tissues, cartilage and blood) including Keratin which are DEAD cells, what directs the cell division of such a complicated task of stopping, starting, turning, (expanding in 3 dimensions), creating cells intended to die, and changing cells at critical boundaries to finally form a fingertip?

And this only describes the growth of an appendage (quite inadequately I might add). If such amazing intricacy is necessary for the growth of a fingertip, how much more for the growth of entire SYSTEMS like the reproductive system or circulatory system. And these, we can only imagine happening one at a time.  It is mind boggling to ponder the incredible and unlimited KNOWLEDGE and power behind the information we see and of which we are composed, to wit, while we contemplate the division of one cell, the entire 7 billion people in this world are being sustained by quadrillions upon quadrillions of mitotic divisions RIGHT NOW; a child is being conceived RIGHT NOW; and tens of thousands of others are stretching out in their mother’s wombs, right now.  Mitosis is taking place all around us and in us, never mind the billions of trillions of quadrillions of animals, plants, trees and everything in the sea growing, changing, repairing, being born…! To imagine the intelligence that causes the unfolding of all of life, keeping track of each cell division, is to imagine the awesome Sovereignty of God. I truly pity the atheist, having no Person to thank for such amazing, incomprehensible wonders of such POWER and Sovereignty over the whole of the living world.  As the song so inadequately quips “Our God is an awesome God”.

It’s not understood how the cells utilize the genetic information to grow and divide to form the many boundary lines of various organisms for example during the formation of the antlers of a reindeer or the tail of a rat. These are specialized cells with unique characteristics and different chemical needs. There are billions of cells that make up a rat’s tail including pigments that make each one unique but something amazing can be observed at the boundaries between different cell and tissue types. The skin around the baby’s cheek, inside the mouth and the skin above the lip; these are all specialized kinds of epithelial cells yet their division and growth is very important to the function and shape of the mouth and the timing of their division is what gives contour to the lips and mouth – subtle differences in facial features that determine beauty and highlight what we consider aesthetically pleasing to the eye are all done here by mitosis – at the microscopic level.  Something is communicating beyond or above the information found inside each cells’ DNA in order for that cell to call upon the developing body to send the correct chemical sequence to begin to CHANGE that cell either by STOPPING the mitosis or changing at a boundary line such as the fingernail.  It’s as though each cell were “wired” together with an unseen communications cord relaying the information for carrying the proper chemicals at the proper time. And after understanding all of this, the Darwinist still believes that very rare mutations or “accidents”, most of which harm or kill the organism are responsible for all of the beauty and grandeur of life?  Somebody missed their train.

Many definitions and chemical characteristics of proteins have been understood to play a part in eukaryotic cell division (a cell with defined nucleus and multiple chromosomes)[63] The basic premise is that the parent cell divides producing two “daughter” cells, each IDENTICAL to the other.  But if they are truly identical, they would never form a complex living being whether a salamander, a sponge or a squid.  The changing of chemical information necessary for arranging the cells of a living, three dimensional animal with definite and differing tissue boundaries while maintaining form and function and doing so from the inside out is staggering enough to the imagination.

Most people go about their day never giving a thought to what goes on in and around them on a microscopic level.  They believe it to be of non-importance and they focus their attention on other matters which to them are more important.  Most people are not aware of the limitations of knowledge that exist within the field of microbiology, actually, all sciences.  Most believe that once the genome was mapped, the secrets of all activity and growth of living things was understood.

The fact is that what science now understands about the cell and how the life of organisms actually comes to be is now more of a mystery.  Modern microbiology has but scratched the surface of understanding such things. But they don’t teach that in the public schools and universities. The textbooks don’t speak of the mystery of that which is unknown to science (MOST of life) and they also don’t encourage the students to imagine what sort of complexity it was that formed them! They are taught only the things that are known thereby keeping it one-dimensional.  They don’t mention the unknown, sparking young, truth seeking minds; they know that to think critically about what they are being taught will only lead to their ultimate rejection of what they are told regarding our origins.

For the average person to understand how LITTLE is known in the sciences would cause many to begin to seek answers for themselves.  They show off their latest technology, injecting a single sperm into a single egg live, in real time while watching through a high-powered microscope.  Most are under the impression that since we can facilitate life, we can create life and are in the process of unlocking the keys of aging and death but this is only part of the perception that the scientific, medical industrial complex wants you to believe. They conduct their work in sparkling sanitary laboratories donning dazzling white lab coats and talk down to us from their smug pedestals, pretending to be the keepers of the secrets known only to them. “this didn’t happen over the weekend, Jim”.

Bilateral symmetry is another miracle accomplished by cell division and little understood by science. Most higher organisms in nature larger than unicellular organisms are bilaterally symmetrical save for a few exceptions. Bilateral symmetry means they can be divided in half, each half being nearly identical to the other (but in most cases, not exactly identical; think of a leaf of a tree).  What causes the symmetry found in nature?

Try to apply the logic used above to imagine how the cells move and change themselves as they divide. The cartilaginous cells (called chondrocytes) make up the soft tissue of joints, and flexible tissue such as the ears and the nose.  Why do the chondrocytes divide into left and right sides in the formation of the nostrils and what guides the mitosis process offering the information necessary in forming the shape of the nose?  The same question applies to the face, appendages, trunk and some internal organs.  It would appear that they become left and right-handed cells responsible for the formation of organisms.  All of this information exists in the genotype of the individual and is replicated in the process of mitosis.

And what about the internal organs? They are each made from many different types of cells which form many different shapes serving diverse purposes for the function of the organism. Within them are many chambers, veins and arteries to deliver blood, receive food, deliver oxygen, etc. yet each organ is unique and works symbiotically with the other organs, every one of them working together to form an organism, with functionality, beauty and purpose.

Hopefully, you are beginning to grasp the complexity of the development of an organism whether a baby, a butterfly or a bullfrog and the organs and systems that make up all living things. The cellular division by mitosis is what shapes everything and the extreme precision that exists is not only mind blowing to ponder but still eludes discovery in this quantum age.  Scientific technology has isolated genes, even created hybrids and clones of all species but the inner workings of life remain unknown.  Where science leaves off, I will pick up by quoting, “For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother’s womb.  I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.”  Psalm 139:13-14 (emphasis mine)

Our willingness to accept scientific claims that are against common sense is the key to an understanding of the real struggle between science and the supernatural. We take the side of science in spite of the patent absurdity of some of its constructs, in spite of its failure to fulfill many of its extravagant promises of health and life, in spite of the tolerance of the scientific community for unsubstantiated just-so stories, because we have a prior commitment, a commitment to materialism. It is not that the methods and institutions of science somehow compel us to accept a material explanation of the phenomenal world, but, on the contrary, that we are forced by our a priori adherence to material causes to create an apparatus of investigation and a set of concepts that produce material explanations, no matter how counter-intuitive, no matter how mystifying to the uninitiated. Moreover, that materialism is absolute, for we cannot allow a Divine Foot in the door. The eminent Kant scholar Lewis Beck used to say that anyone who could believe in God could believe in anything. To appeal to an omnipotent deity is to allow that at any moment the regularities of nature may be ruptured, that miracles may happen.[64]

The previous quote from Richard Lewontin could be used as the hallmark of the evolutionary construct.  For anyone who wasn’t paying attention, he says basically that within the scope of the modern Darwinist, no amount of anything unseen may present itself into this equation of cosmological thought and that everything must be explained by materialism (things that we can see).  However, such philosophical arguments are insufficient to explain origins, especially when it comes to the origin of life.  It’s amusing how he states that “the regularities of nature” don’t include any “miracles” in the normal and curious how he is blind to the fact that everything is miraculous when genuine thought is applied.  (Harken the gravity example given earlier). The fact of the matter is that if one would stop to consider the miracle of life, (as I’m attempting to reveal in this section) long enough to allow the impossibilities of chance alone being responsible for its accomplishments, they would then be compelled to see the miraculous in all things.


  • Genetic Mutation

The very word mutation conjures images of the unnatural. Uncommon, diseased, mutant, disfigured, dangerous and grotesque are some of the words that may come to mind yet this rare and dangerous BREACH in the natural progression of cell division and chromosomal gene selection is claimed to be the very engine that drives the evolution of life according to the Darwinists. Nature is able to select beneficial mutations over vast amounts of time to build the variety we see all around us including within us.  With the advancements of modern biological science and the mapping of the genome, and over the course of academia’s acquiring the knowledge that has advanced our society into the quantum computing age, evolution of species still maintains a stronghold in science and “higher” learning and this evolution still happens by slight modifications of species over time by the driving, building and advancing of mistakes.

The very definition of the word mutation has “mutated” into something else entirely in the last few decades.  When I was in college, the definition was much different than it is today.  Mutation, by definition in this age is:  a sudden departure from the parent type in one or more heritable characteristics, caused by a change in a gene or a chromosome. (Dictionary.com) If you search the web using Google, the word mutation comes up at the top of the page in very large letter with all of the words meanings listed below. The first meaning is as follows:

noun: mutation; plural noun: mutations

  1. the action or process of mutating. “the mutation of ethnic politics into nationalist politics” synonyms: alteration, change, variation, modification, transformation, metamorphosis, transmutation; humoroustransmogrification “cells that have undergone mutation”

All reference to its inherent danger and the fact that it is UNDESIRABLE when referring to genetics has been removed from the definition.  The number 2 definition is as follows:

  1. the changing of the structure of a gene, resulting in a variant form that may be transmitted to subsequent generations, caused by the alteration of single base units in DNA, or the deletion, insertion, or rearrangement of larger sections of genes or chromosomes.



Genetic Mutation can be defined as a permanent alteration in the DNA sequence that makes up a gene, such that the sequence differs from what is found in most people.[65] Is this definition giving an accurate picture of mutations as a whole?  “The Darwinians expect us to believe that random genetic mutations are the seedbed of all the progress, improvement and innovation in the living world. That’s like expecting random bullets to improve functional automobiles and trucks.  As Dr Jerry Bergman said recently in a talk, “Evolution works: but in the wrong direction!” Mutations are almost always deleterious, and the ‘nearly-neutral’ mutations that predominate without causing overt problems add up like typos in a book to degrade the genome, leading to mutational meltdown. Doesn’t intelligent design of the working machinery make a lot more sense?”[66].  Why are not such facts conveyed in this modern definition of genetic mutation?  The very meaning of the word in every English dictionary I could find has changed because this one word is the engine that drives the alleged increase in complexity of cells and the one word that the whole construct of biological evolution of species DEPENDS upon to prop up the Darwinian narrative.  The term “genetic mutation” and its real meaning are very difficult to find in this modern, secular, Darwinian land of make-believe.

In reality, genetic mutations of any sort can never be considered “beneficial” because most are fatal to an organism outright. If not fatal, most mutations make the individual LESS fit for survival than the parents and less fit to produce offspring.  Mutations in some species reduce the reproductive rate by over 50% and also decrease longevity yet mutation remains the explanation used by Neo-Darwinian Evolutionists by which we have arrived here, whole, walking upright.

A quick list of what the Darwinist believes are “beneficial” mutations follow, however, before reviewing this very brief list, think about this: If the diversity of life owed its astounding variety, function, beauty and creativity to random, mostly destructive and deadly mistakes, wouldn’t the list of mutations be virtually endless?  Why are the “beneficial” mutations so scarce, restrictive and inadequate?

Apolipoprotein AI-Milano; in which it is said that in addition to the Apolipoprotein AI which all humans have, there is a small group of people in Italy which have a mutated form of the protein Apolipoprotein AI-Milano that is said to reduce cholesterol and protect them from heart disease.[67] (although recent discoveries suggest that LDL cholesterol levels are not valuable predictors of cardiovascular disease[68]) Other so-called mutations are claimed to increase bone density and others increase chromatic vision (color) yet none of these could in any way be imagined turning a fish into a frog no matter how much time is allowed.

The argument gets ever more precarious for the Evolutionist.  When examining the changes necessary to explain the kind of improvement that must have taken place by means of genetic mutation we come across another major stumbling block.  The nucleus of each cell contains an entire set of GENETIC INFORMATION which defines what the organism will be with many minor recessive chromosomal differences shared by the parents such as eye and hair color, height, bone structure, skin pigment, etc. which the offspring will acquire according to which genes are dominant or recessive in each parent.  When changes (mutations) occur to the highly ordered structure of the chromosomes, the result is not an increase in complex information but a decrease in information. The shuffling of genes within the chromosomes sometimes fails resulting in a mutation of deficiency.  The same happens when more than the directed pair of chromosomes adds additional copies of the same gene to the daughter cell.

  Every cell contains the information it needs to create the organism from which it was born. Therefore, NO NEW INFORMATION IS EVER ADDED TO THE GENOME OF THE OFFSPRING BY MUTATION.  In other words, outside information (needed for an improved offspring) that wasn’t already present in the code could never manifest in the genome as the result of mutation. Yet, this is claimed to be how fish eventually lost their gills and grew lungs.  But if no new information is added to the genome, where did the NEW information for the lungs come from?  And what about legs and feet? How could the sudden budding of different, primitive systems or appendages make the offspring more fit for survival?  And relative to the evolving “opposable thumb”; a characteristic which allows me to type at this keyboard; are we are supposed to attribute this unique quality to the mutation of an ape?  The fact that no new information is ever added to the genome is yet another strike against the theory.

The most heralded example of “beneficial” mutation touted by evolutionists is the HbS or Sickle Cell mutation. There is another mutated gene called HbC. This is a form of anemia that affects the blood platelets causing them to become sickle shaped.  Italian researchers from the University of Rome conducted studies on the people of Africa in Burkina Faso in 2001 [69]claiming that offspring with one copy of the HbC reduced the chance of Malaria 29% but the offspring with two copies of HbC decreased the chances of contracting Malaria by up to 93%. [70]

This perhaps looks like a feather in the cap for evolutionism, and that is how it is spun, but for anyone who can THINK or anyone who actually lives with the disease of Sickle Cell Anemia can inform you, the list of cons in this very lop-sided list is severe anemia, chronic major pain, problems with the spleen making the body prone to bacterial infection (such as Pneumococcus, Hemophilus influenza type B, Meningococcus, Staphylococcus, Salmonella, Chlamydia) and other infections causing septicemia, meningitis and osteomyelitis just to name a few.  Increased stroke and other problems associated with HbS mark it not as a beneficial mutation but a very dangerous and deadly disease.

Utilizing the HbS mutated gene trait in the defense of evolution by slight beneficial mutations and claiming its “improvement” to the human organism AND using this as an example of how the evolutionary model works is a very far stretch.  This is the best example of a beneficial mutation that can be given even though the whole plethora of biological life owes its unique and diverse wonder to such mutations?

Holding up the mutated sickle cell and claiming that it is beneficial to the mutated organism for making it resistant to a harmful parasite would produce a similar benefit as amputating the feet because of a foot fungus infection.

It is claimed that nature is able to “select” those “favorable” mutations and over the course of many millions of years, these mutations have produced the world of life you see around you. The very first idea that comes into one’s mind when contemplating such irrational conjecture is that it’s just not logical. The sheer number and diversity required for animals to evolve in such a manner would doubtless be observable in present day animals by the billions with new mutations being discovered constantly.  The Darwinist will sarcastically defend the notion saying that “this didn’t happen over the weekend,” as I vividly recall a biology professor of mine once saying to me in front of the whole class suggesting that my explanation didn’t provide enough time and that unfathomable amounts of TIME were the “magic pill” in being able to work with those beneficial mutations that occurred over those time spans. But, WHERE ARE THEY? There would needs be TRILLIONS. They must be hiding with the transitional skeletons.

I wanted to explain to this professor that the three strikes against the idea are …1.) mutations never increase the information in the genotype 2.) are almost always LETHAL and 3.) are EXTREMELY negative to the reproductive rate making time the ENEMY of evolution not its machine, but I didn’t.  Next time, maybe.  Anyone who gives this matter any thought using the evidence discussed thus far, and by all means, check up on my research if you have any doubts, should be able to see clearly that if genetic mutation is the driving force in the upward evolution of life then there would be countless examples available of this process throughout nature, even within our very bodies yet we don’t see any.  But keep reading, it gets even better.



  • Irreducible Complexity (the death knell)

The Darwinist’s view asserts that over the course of time, red blood cells evolved in complex organisms as a method of carrying oxygen to the organs and tissues but how were the red blood cells to MOVE through the system, (without the heart) and how were they to deliver and utilize the oxygen, (without the lungs).  We know that the heart is responsible for pumping blood around the system but which evolved first?  Did the heart evolve in and away from the blood? And did the red blood cells evolve before the complex circulatory system of veins, arteries and capillaries?  What about the lungs? How did they develop without a purpose and why did they develop in pairs?  Was there originally only one lung and a “beneficial mutation” cause the growth of another?   Did the heart evolve in anticipation of the blood?

Darwin himself had this to say; “If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down.” (The Origin of Species) Darwin said this in an age before any high-powered microscopes could focus in on the miracle and activity of a single living cell. Scientific methods and apparatus have improved beyond the point of Darwin’s time when it was believed that the cell was a “pouch of gelatinous goo”.  (yet they remain in many ways just as primitive demonstrable by the necessity of this book and it’s sub sequential banishment to obscurity)

Darwinian Evolutionism teaches that everything evolved from simple to more complex by a gradual series of genetic advantages by accidental genetic mutation passed on to successive generations by natural selection but when we apply this to the natural world, we come up against a brick wall; a problem exposing a most inherent mandate for design called irreducible complexity – a term coined by Michael Behe, biochemical researcher and professor at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. Behe explains;

“By irreducibly complex I mean a single system composed of several well-matched, interacting parts that contribute to the basic function, wherein the removal of any one of the parts causes the system to effectively cease functioning. An irreducibly complex system cannot be produced directly (that is, by continuously improving the initial function, which continues to work by the same mechanism) by slight, successive modifications of a precursor system, because any precursor to an irreducibly complex system that is missing a part is by definition nonfunctional. An irreducibly complex biological system, if there is such a thing, would be a powerful challenge to Darwinian evolution.” (p. 39 Darwin’s Black Box; The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution) [71]

Behe refined this definition at a lecture given at the Discovery Institute’s God & Culture Conference, August 10, 1996 Seattle, WA. In which he said, “any precursor to an irreducibly complex system that is missing a part is by definition nonfunctional.”

Put another way, any organism reduced down to its component parts such that random building of each component over time by slight modifications with only the mechanism of genetic mutation driving it would be impossible; each component would have had to have KNOWN that the other was coming and had been designed in preparation for it and in conjunction with it. Most components of any purposeful device, living or inanimate, are part of a larger system in which the system carries out a particular function critical to the usefulness of the whole.

Behe presents as a simplified example of irreducible complexity, the traditional mousetrap.  It is a heterogenous, multi-component device designed to catch (and, unfortunately, kill) mice. (there are very effective humane traps on the market now) It has 6 components which operate together for a specific purpose. If any one of them were removed the device would not effectively trap 5/6ths of a mouse but would completely cease to function as a whole – its complexity cannot be reduced. There are many examples of such “devices” within each of us that prove a much greater example of the same principle.

The biological example Behe demonstrates is the flagellum and the motor mechanism that propels certain unicellular organisms called flagellates such as the euglena which uses a whip like flagellum to move about in search of food and to escape predators.  The apparatus is an “inboard/outboard motor” of sorts and is made up of many purposeful and functional parts including a stator, a rotor, a driveshaft, a u-joint, and a propeller. If any of these parts are removed, the entire system will fail to function.  The efficiency of the motor is second to nothing found in nature and can turn at up to 75,000 RPM! Its operation is such that it can stop revolving from full speed completely in less than a quarter of a revolution and immediately start again in another direction.  It can also control the angle of the flagellum 180 degrees in relation to its environment. Scaled up, it would be the equivalent of a motor that could propel a submarine in any direction up to 150 MPH in a sea of chocolate milk!


Irreducible complexity arguments came fast and loose as those within the evolutionary construct saw a genuine and simple argument previously unpresented, suddenly flying in the face of the theory of microevolution.  The retaliation came in first under the auspicious study[72] by Büttner D., and U. Bonas, using as example the science of the type III secretory system (TTSS) which states that systems like the stator motor basal body (the port in which the flagellum is anchored inside the cell membrane) are utilized by certain bacteria to inject toxic proteins into the cell membrane of healthy cells.  They claim this is proof that the flagellum system components operate outside the whole and is therefore, not a part of an irreducibly complex system.  The basis of the premise is that mutations “use whatever is there” in many cases and increase a system by adding to already present appendages. However, the study doesn’t attempt to explain any other appendages – only a port which is not an appendage at all but the absence of something – a section of the cell wall and membrane.

The non-scientist, or anyone who desires to know the discoveries being made in the world of microbiology as it relates to evolution, without being an insider, must rely on verbose, cumbersome and confused explanations in peer review journals.  We can look up any number of these manuscripts on university websites and fumble through the technical jargon and complex chemical equations the authors spew by calling on their scientific training using verbose terminology clearly beyond the scope of the uninitiated and then blame the evolution denier for not being able to understand. That is the modus operandi of these “peer review” scientists that can’t seem to see the forest for the trees. “You just don’t understand so stop trying to”, is their defense when caught in a corner and that’s partly true.  However, if you do study to learn what is being rebutted here, the knowledge barrier can be partially broken long enough to see the same old argument underneath advanced scientific blathering’s begin to surface and more – we see the Darwinist grappling with the most inane and inconclusive arguments, in a vain and futile effort, attempting to explain the existence of the Mona Lisa without painter, paint or brushes while speaking a language that nobody but they themselves understand.

Why limit the study of irreducibly complex organs to the study of ONE system [the flagellum]?  The whole of the problem exists in abundance in every living thing as organs, systems and processes for the exchange of chemical information and activity, quite easily fall into the category of irreducible complexity; just take your pick of any system within a living organism.

Phyletic Gradualism vs. Punctuated Equilibrium

Punctuated Equilibrium is defined by Merriam Webster as – “evolution that is characterized by long periods of stability in the characteristics of an organism and short periods of rapid change during which new forms appear especially from small subpopulations of the ancestral form in restricted parts of its geographic range;”  Charles Lyell, a forerunner in the theory of evolution and also an influence on Darwin was the first to suggest slow, gradual changes in species and Darwin agreed; the evolutionary tree of life always continued in the same slow, gradual and consistent rate, also called gradualism or stasis.   Gradualism was the only method considered until 1972 when Niles Eldredge and Stephen J. Gould published their paper that the idea was first publicly challenged.[73]

Punctuated Equilibrium is the name for the idea that all animals evolved in between “punctuated” periods of sudden, rapid change over short periods of time.  In other words, the time that certain species evolved was no longer millions of years but “macromutations” occurred in sudden spurts of evolution suddenly increasing the complexity of an organism and thus increasing its information.  Many in the Creation camp like to refer to the definition given by Richard Goldschmidt in his book “The Material Basis for Evolution” in which he named this new school of thought a “hopeful monster”, meaning that the changes described by classical evolution; that genetic mutations happened gradually over millions of years changed into something that happened overnight.  That is what the theory actually attests; that one species gave birth to a genetically mutated SUPER species (which had to include several beneficial and unrelated mutations) Perhaps a lizard gave birth to a bird.  A hopeful monster.

This idea can only be considered anti-scientific.  Here we have a theory (evolution) scarcely holding onto reality because of a serious lack of evidence (transitional fossils) so this absence of evidence is explained by what, …nothing?  I always understood that science was a method of learning facts by repeatable and demonstrable experimentation and observation of the data concluding with agreed upon results.  Punctuated Equilibrium, like the theory it attempts to hold up, is an idea without merit and which fails scientific testing because of any examples in the fossil record and a lack of any testable, measurable data.

CHAPTER 5:  A Hopeful Monster

The “Hopeful Monster” theory was coined by Richard Goldschmidt after much of the problems discussed here became too damaging to the evolution by slight, gradual mutations over long periods of time and means that evolution could have occurred by sudden, drastic appearances of major genetic change in an organism.  This was not only part of a last resort stretch of reality for the Darwinist but made room for the idea that a snake birthed a lizard, fully functional with legs for scampering away from predators and male sex organs.  How this could happen is not explained by Goldschmidt or anyone else it was simply offered up as an explanation.  Macro-mutation is what they called it.[74]  Not only is it impossible because such large mutations would be lethal, it would also mean that two of the same, a male and female monster would have to have appeared with IDENTICAL “mutations” and found each other to mate and produce offspring.  The hopeful monster theory merely demonstrates how extremely resistant Darwinism is to Intelligent Design and how far they are willing to stretch reality to accommodate it.  It also recapitulates the whole evolutionary paradigm but removes the “millions of years” necessary to present their impossible claim; that somewhere along the line, an animal gave birth to a man.

By this time, the reader may get the sense that I am “beating a dead horse” going on and on about the evidence against this religion of Darwinian evolution and they are partly right.  The logic in this case is as follows; what is at stake here is of such great importance that too much information given against the possibility of evolution is oxymoronic.  Too much information may be the claim if I were “preaching to the choir” as it were, but evidence in this case (and an overabundance of it) is most definitely necessary for the simple fact that the whole world mostly agrees with this irrational, illogical, impossible theory and most have never heard the arguments against it.

  • The Fruit Fly (in the face of logic)

A method of asexual reproduction evolving within a unicellular, eukaryotic organism by mutation is one failed matter; it prevents evolution because asexual reproduction produces a clone of the parent.  The “evolution” of an animal into a distinct and separate GENDER is completely another however, both are said to happen by purely natural processes of which, as demonstrated, neither is possible.  Let’s use the example Tephritidae (fruit flies) for example – how did they evolve different sexual organs apart from one another?  There are over 5000 species of Tephritidae and all of them reproduce sexually.  Darwinism would say that these flies evolved from lesser evolved insects, i.e. from wingless insects.  Let’s allow first of all that fruit flies exist and next, that one fruit fly evolved into a male (by genetic mutation) in one part of the world and for another fruit fly evolved into a female (by genetic mutation) in another part of the world. How would they FIND EACH OTHER to produce successful offspring?  Over simplified?  Okay. Let’s try what the evolutionists propose which is that many fruit flies evolved in many parts of the world from “less evolved” forms of life, (isn’t that even less likely?) into male and female at the same time.  They would still have to find their mates after each mutated generation, even if they lived only a half mile apart. As discussed earlier, meiosis is a very complex and specified function; how are the two fruit flies going to evolve compatible reproductive systems apart from one another? But the failure remains, existing directly a priori of the discussion – how do “many” fruit flies evolve without reproductive systems?

The Darwinist will defend his theory suggesting that they evolved hormones or chemically coded stimulants (of information) for the senses of the fruit flies so that they might find each other (by interpretation of that information).  In that case, irreducible complexity is applied to the development of hormones.  Did the endocrine system (a complex system of manufacturing chemically coded information for communication between fruit flies) evolve in them before the sex organs evolved and in anticipation of the need for them or they just happened to evolve alongside the evolution of the sex organs by chance?  Either case seems grossly improbable.

  • The Reproduction of Systems

In either scenario, the endocrine system itself is a very complex system[75] which manufactures pheromones (chemical codes) which the evolutionist claims came about by genetic mutation in slight modifications over time making the DNA of that fruit fly more fit for survival by attracting mates utilizing hormonal production but just a minute:  a slight endocrine system produces NO hormones.  How is this going to make the fruit fly, which evolved sex organs in situ alongside an endocrine system, more fit for survival (or finding a mate) than the fruit fly which didn’t evolve either sex organs OR an endocrine system?  STOP!  This is a prime example of interdependence which limits the individual parts from existing without each other.

Let’s now consider the bigger problem: Where did all of these fruit flies come from in the first place if they had only under-developed, slight sex organs?  There would be NO fruit flies yet.  Do you see how tangled the logic becomes?  If the outcome wasn’t so dreadfully serious – this belief in everything from nothing which removes the credit for the grand creation from the Rightful and Purposeful Master Creator –  it would be side-splittingly hilarious!

Furthermore, we have yet to learn how and when that first dividing zygote we left back there still in the “prophase”, ever moved on to the more advanced “metaphase” and continued dividing creating a duplicate of itself and evolving (by mutation) into that fruit fly, never mind developing the beginning of extremely specified sexual organs for future use for some yet-to-be-determined mate along the way!  Mitosis is a SYSTEM by which a cell reproduces. How would such a complex, 5 phase system evolve by slight modification over time by genetic mutation?  The very first cell MUST have been able to reproduce itself using ALL phases of mitosis (not partial, non-functioning phases) because a partial process of mitosis produces NOTHING and neither we nor fruit flies would be here!

Worse yet for evolution; the cell cannot exist without DNA and DNA cannot exist without RNA and RNA cannot exist without the five molecular machines (Helicase; Primase; Topoisomerase; Polymerase; Ribosomes, enzymes responsible for the formation and copying of DNA and RNA) and the machines cannot exist without the cells and the cells cannot exist without the DNA.  This is a classic cycle of irreducible complexity and interdependence on the nano level and the death knell to Darwinism.  The fruit fly didn’t evolve any of the aforementioned systems, they independently and most necessarily were present all at once, just as everything else that has been Created by God and just as the fossil record shows.

Put another way, the theory itself nullifies the possibility of the theory in the first place because evolution depends on mutation which happens during reproduction.  If slight modifications are passed down to future generations how did the REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM evolve?  Please listen carefully: If there were no generations to pass down beneficial mutations because the mutations producing the reproductive system hadn’t yet produced a workable system of reproduction (which is where mutations – the very engine of evolution happen), then it’s the end of the road for evolution even before it begins!

This is the biggest obstacle yet.  If mutation of species occurs in reproduction, how does a system of reproduction come about if the cells aren’t able to reproduce? The reproductive system must have been complete; fully functional and able to turn out daughter cells but how does such a complex system evolve without evolving?  If Miller/Urey’s failure wasn’t enough then this is the final blow to the theory.  A system of reproduction with any of its parts missing produces no offspring and the whole theory collapses.  This is the bedrock example of irreducible complexity and the bomb that blew to bits this “whack-a-mole” theory of total insanity called evolution by mutation and survival of the fittest.

The problem continues into more difficult territory, if we allow the impossible – that cells can somehow reproduce without fully complete systems.  That impossibility is the evolution of sex organs themselves.  It is necessary that two completely different, yet intricately compatible systems (two parts of a whole) would have necessarily evolved separately from each other, with the future PLANS of meeting each other for the PURPOSE of procreating WITH each other to produce offspring. (who made the plans and what is the purpose?)

So, then, why don’t professional scientists address these questions which beg logical answers?  A small handful do but the majority won’t touch the subject for FEAR.  Therefore, most scientists resign themselves to the belief that the theory works and they just don’t have all the answers yet themselves.  Every field of study in the realm of the sciences in the universities assumes that another field of science has the answers that they do not, yet no single department goes in search of them.  “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” is the mentality of those caught up in the Darwinian hamster wheel. “It happened so let’s forget about it”, is their answer; the weak anthropic principal, (WAP).  It would be as if someone took the time to look and saw that Atlas wasn’t holding up the earth anymore – he was never there at all, never mind that he shrugged. Yet the earth is held up still.  You’re not to worry about who is holding it up, it’s here, it’s being held up and we’re on it.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Next subject please.

Or, the more persistent of the thinkers may fall back on “panspermia”[76] or the idea that alien life from somewhere else “seeded” this planet but that idea only puts off the problem at hand…how did THAT life evolve.  Panspermia only pushes the unsolved equation onto someone else’s desk and on down the line it goes…who created the seeds?  Who created the “sowers”?  Isn’t it easier to believe the creation account in the bible rather than believe that aliens created us?  I regret that it mustn’t be; if it was easier to believe the former, we wouldn’t have so many proclaiming the latter. Note:  I have noticed an increase in those of reputation in the scientific realm of falling back on the panspermia idea because of the blatant problems with Darwinism like the ones highlighted here.  This is the direction that the unbelieving world is going and will settle after Darwinism is finally put to rest, however, there may be no time left when this happens.

When confronted with the logical evidence we must conclude that some Darwinists are simply deluded. Others fear for their jobs and careers.  This fear applies also to those deceptive fakers who know the impossibilities of what is being discussed here but want to skirt around this truth. Their case is worse because they KNOW the truth. They settled these questions long ago by looking at the problem logically just as we are doing here and they made their decision, choosing this world and its riches, its acclaim, its materialism or simply freedom from a “higher power” to which they must one day inevitably answer. Yet as is the case with many in this age, they ultimately sided with the Godless explanation and live a life of perpetual lying to defend a lie and hope to the end that they are somehow forgiven for it.


  • The Knowledge Barrier to Worldview Folly

The ideas being examined here involving evolution are a parallel to truth as it relates to belief in the One Who is, in the most real sense, responsible for these miracles we are addressing.  It’s amazing the similarities of trying to explain the impossibilities of Darwinism to someone who believes the evolutionary narrative, likewise to explain the Truth of the Gospel to the person who believes the bible to be a book of fairy tales.  I suppose the two go hand in hand.  Most modern children don’t learn a thing about the bible simply because it isn’t a part of the lives of the parents.  I look at the world as it is today and venture to say that most modern households don’t even contain a bible.   Evolution is taught from a very young age and our children are prevented from believing their most important heritage.  Is it any wonder that young people today act the way they do?

The sad state of most people in this society is that they are willing to believe someone else’s worldview without question.  They won’t even bother to confirm the fact for themselves and will rest in the knowledge, fact or fiction, they have been brought up to believe. The bible says, “He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him.”  Proverbs 18:13 The more one lives in this manner, trusting what others say without investigating, the more conditioned they become.  Those in power are very well aware of this and they have been using this knowledge against the population since the dark ages.  We have entered a new “dark age” – a technological dark age in which most people are fearful to think for themselves and this has been accomplished in every manner by design.

Many amuse themselves and each other by pretending that there is no such thing as truth yet they see it all around them and inside them. Moral absolutes don’t exist because it’s not feasible in the evolutionary paradigm. Morals and ethics don’t make any evolutionary sense.  For example, a young man or woman that keeps themselves “pure” goes against the logic of survival of the fittest, even in a civilized society.  The survival of the fittest mentality would be for all young people to procreate with as many partners as possible for the best chances of getting their DNA into the genepool.  The Neo-Darwinist may agree and point out the cultures’ present movement away from moral constraints citing that marriage is being forsaken in society for sexual freedom in accordance with   evolution.

But then, how does the Darwinist explain the sodomite?  Nothing could be more detrimental for reproduction than the act of sodomy yet he will group its popular acceptance in this culture with its tendency away from marriage and commitment yet the two are diametrically opposed.  One increases “survival of the fittest” and the other completely cuts it off. One is completely natural, being part of the natural drive of life and the other is the antithesis of life itself, dumping the very seed of mankind into the toilet which is even further evidenced by the shortened life span of those practitioners and the new diseases that are generated from it.  Why would Darwinists push for and support the homosexual in a society of heterosexuals?  Because it’s all about the agenda. If it fits the agenda, it is used; if it doesn’t fit, it is thrown out… literally, as we shall learn.

For most in this world now, it’s much easier to believe in NO truth than absolute truth and there is no shortage of vanity available in defense of the imagination necessary to promote such astoundingly obtuse principles.  People don’t want the TRUTH.  They would rather live in the tiny, protected space in which they’ve been living and not allow anything to interfere with their deep-rooted yet illogical worldview.

  • Cognitive Dissonance/Critical Mass Awareness

This denial of truth presents itself in a person’s conscience as a disconcerting ideal one holds deeply and often emotionally.  It is a particular belief contrary to another which, despite in many cases, the other is the more logical and truthful of the two.  The more logical is many times rejected due to the uncomfortable nature associated with the radical changing of one’s deeply held mind set (being conditioned in many persons by mind control methods which most are unaware are used on them) in fact, very often, entire worldviews must be suddenly reversed to recompense for the genuine truth.[77] This is called Cognitive Dissonance and it is a fear that separates most people from most truth.

You can present the facts to them repeatedly even getting them to understand, but they won’t break the invisible and illogical barrier which has been preventing them from embracing the truth.  It sometimes happens in conversation that they will simply change the subject while a very discerning change becomes detectable in their physical expression the moment they understand.  At the moment of sudden understanding, for the very few that arrive there, most do the opposite of what logic would dictate and they turn their minds away, however, a small percentage will wake up to the truth at that particular time of enlightenment.  They will themselves become proponents of truth.  That is the goal of this manuscript; that people would wake up to truth but we are inevitably in the age of falling away from truth as foretold in bible prophecy. (see 2 Thessalonians 2:3) The resistance to truth is often impenetrable and many, regrettably, will take it to their graves.

There is a point at which the minority (those who have broken the invisible wall of denial) will increase to a point called critical mass awareness at which time the numbers of those who know the truth become great enough to tip the scales and the lies and deception that have been continuously hidden by the power elite will be exposed whole cloth creating a new, informed society which has discovered the deception under which they have been held.  The population at this time is largely unaware of the control and tyranny ranking over them but as more and more deception is perpetrated on the people, as the military industrial complex extends its programs leading to ultimate and complete world domination, the closer the people come to being made suddenly aware of their being deceived. Critical mass awareness at this point will no doubt cause absolute chaos and those holding all of the power over us know this well.  They are secretly preparing to deal with multiple millions of deaths and incarcerations as we draw ever closer to this event. This is too terrifying for most people to think about and so they simply don’t.

However, this is where the bible believer finds great comfort.  At some point, only God knows exactly when, we believers who have understood the Gospel by study; we who love our Savior and Creator Jesus Christ and have been born again in The Spirit by the Faith of Christ, (Galatians 2:20) will be whisked from this earth and at the same precise moment be CHANGED into our immortal bodies instantaneously and from that point on, we will be with our Savior for eternity.  What will happen at that point is spelled out in the Scriptures as prophecy, however, much of that which has been written, has yet to take place. Myself and many others who rightly divide the King James Bible in this age of deception believe that this catching away of believers, known in the bible as “the catching away of the saints” and in the world as “the rapture” is very close at hand and that we live in the time that the bible describes as the end times. I will be addressing this topic later in much greater detail.

In the following section, I intend to call to your attention a relatively recent and most memorable event which clearly demonstrates the philosophy of cognitive dissonance allowing a first-hand look at the intricacies behind the psychology of this error in reason.  Before I go on, I must remind you that if you refuse to look at this evidence and decide to skip over this section because you have made up your mind to believe the “official narrative” of what happened on that fateful day, it is very likely that you suffer yourself from cognitive dissonance.  The cure is to look at ALL that is being presented here.

I first learned about cognitive dissonance myself after struggling with the truth regarding the attack on The World Trade Center in September 2001. I was at that time an avid George W. Bush supporter.  I can recall applauding him during one of his State of the Union speeches just a few months after the 9/11 murderous rampage in a standing ovation in my own living room, just myself and my dog, alone and close to tears brought about by the pomp and ceremony carefully designed to pull the heartstrings of all patriotic supporters of George W. Bush.  I do not now recall much of what he was speaking about at that time but I do recall that I was in agreement, partially having this mindset brought on by rabid, almost autonomous participation in all of the ’right wing’ propaganda radio shows, typically Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and Neil Bortz and, at the time, Fox News’ Hannity and Combes.  I displayed a big American flag on a tree in my front yard after 9/11 and waited on every bit of right wing programming that came across the media, allowing it to shape my worldview the way that the governing world elite had planned. My opinion was designed by the committee of 300 and the Bilderberg’s whose efforts to continue lying, deceiving and obfuscating their way to the one world government has been their agenda for centuries.[78]

But while reveling in the Bush Jr. era, after the 9/11 terrorist attack I slowly began to understand the truth of the tragedy as I saw the official narrative making less sense the more I learned about it. The years following 9/11 were not particularly good years for me, but without going into much detail, I was caught up in a job that turned bad (as they all eventually do), a marriage that did likewise and although I did my best to appear to be, I was not happy. I’m not quite sure what year it was that I came to understand that things were not at all the way I perceived them to be, (however, no fault of my own, I was with everyone else, believing every lie that came across the mainstream media; most still do) and after years of diligent study and examination of both sides of the evidence I had come to the same conclusion that many others had already.  In the company of those who made the same realization including signed affidavit of three thousand professional architects and engineers, which is that the buildings MUST have been purposely taken down in a controlled demolition.[79]

I would just like to highlight some of the facts from the event that might (should) make one curious enough to question the 9/11 Commission Report which states among other impossibilities that the buildings fell into themselves by “pancaking” into the ground, floor by floor which theory is completely absurd.[80]  How is a very tall building going to collapse at freefall speed, accelerating to the ground after encountering the resistance of each floor?  It doesn’t require that one possess an engineering degree to figure out that the 9/11 Commission Report’s ridiculous claim that the collapse was due to “pancaking” of the floors falling onto each other is nonsense. To any of the board members of the commission who sold that idea to the public as THE reason for the collapse of both buildings (Building 7 wasn’t even mentioned in the report!) I say, go ahead and conduct a simple experiment.  It won’t take long and you won’t need any tools. Just go and find a wall, any firm wall will do, and begin to run toward it at full speed.  Close your eyes so you don’t know the precise time of impact and crash into it with your body at full speed.  When you regain consciousness, think about the “pancake” theory. You might have learned the hard way that anything in motion, upon striking a stationary object encounters resistance! What’s more, towers 1 and 2 were the first two skyscrapers in history ever to collapse due to fire.  Although many fires in many tall buildings have been recorded in recent history, none of them collapsed, even after burning for several days! However, since the tragic event, appearing on the internet for the skeptic, there are suddenly records of such collapses happening but these are yet unverified. For many years after the attack on the World Trade Center it was a historic fact that these were the first and only buildings in high rise building history ever to have collapsed by fire.

Here are just a few more questions: Why was there molten steel clearly observed falling from both structures before their collapse? Steel used in buildings melts at approximately 2500 degrees F. but fire from jet fuel burns at a maximum temperature of 1280 degrees F., woefully inadequate to be the cause of the molten steel observed. Why did many people report explosions before and after the planes impacts? Why was an engine from a 747 found on the sidewalk of Murray Street after the impact when no 747’s were used in the attack? (a youtube video shows the evidence even though an unmarked panel van quickly picked it up {after serving its purpose; it was seen by many people} which evidence would be lost if not for the internet and youtube) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhqZQqQdjyk

Why wasn’t an investigation done at the crime scene before it was cleaned up? Why did the structure underneath the pile of rubble have a pool of molten metal which burned until December 13th – over three months?! Most importantly, how does a country with a multi-trillion-dollar, modern, technologically superior defense system allow Arabs with box cutters to perpetrate the biggest, most successful attack on civilians in American history, hijacking not one, not two, not three but FOUR commercial airliners? These and many other unanswered questions were part of what caused my interest in this event to move from one of patriotism and anger at 19 Muslim men, to one of doubt, accusation and utter astonishment that our government was not only capable but GUILTY of murdering 3000 of its citizens and then committing perjury relentlessly to cover it up.

The collapse of Building 7 was what clinched it for me. There is a science to learning truth and those principalities that are currently in control of the information which reaches (or should I say is believed by) the people have told the same lie over and over to this day; to the modern, materialistic, liberal citizen of the USA, it is agreed without contract that if a story appears on the internet then it is unreliable and simply untrue.  They proclaim that the internet is not a reliable source for truth because anyone can say anything on the internet which statement is in fact true.  But it is astounding to see how many have bought these lies and allowed their minds to be controlled in this manner and have completely eschewed the internet but more astounding still is that they REFUSE to hear what has been discovered which goes against the official narrative of the 9/11 Commission Report.

And let us not forget the 125 people that lost their lives in the attack on the Pentagon the very same day.  The report is that a plane crashed into it as well and although there were many video cameras which had recorded the event, they were quickly confiscated by the FBI to be used as “evidence”.  Evidence for what, I ask? If they mean that this is evidence to their own guilt by the fact that they confiscated them, then I understand but since the public never saw these videos, who is being shown the “evidence”?  Not only the video taken by the Pentagons own security cameras were restricted, they were confiscated from gas stations and banks around the area and on them is the PROOF for the


questions we ask but we are to this day restricted from viewing those videos, even using the “freedom of information act, nobody has been able to access those videos. You see, “freedom of information” means that they are free to show us the information that they choose, not the information that will incriminate them. However, we have the evidence left at the scene which was a round hole through the exterior building.  How does a commercial jet airliner make a “round” hole after crashing into a building at 450 miles per hour?[81] They who control the truth, control the videos that were taken away, all 85 of them. They know all that would be necessary to stop people questioning the controversy is to PLAY the videos, in fact, it would stand to reason that if a plane hit the pentagon the footage would prove it without a doubt yet they keep the truth from being known to this very day. No “freedom of information act” request for any of these 85 videos were ever granted.  If I didn’t already know that they were trying to hide something, this fact would without doubt prove it.

Many people in this age have been conditioned to believe that truth cannot or does not, moreover can never come from an internet source but only from a “reliable” news source like CNN or MSNBC or any of the other elite owned media.  Anyone who applies logic to this claim must at first realize that the mainstream medias’ promoting such a statement is not only inaccurate but reveals the fact that it MUST BE A LIE.  How can I be sure of that?  Youtube contains hundreds of millions of videos       covering just as many topics.  A small portion of those videos are purposely intended to obscure the truth about controversial topics however for every false video there are many others that are done by honest, hard-working, truth honoring people who have nothing to gain by spreading false information.

In addition to DIS information, there are many vapid and inane videos done by young, bored millennials but those can be easily avoided. However, as a source of information, the internet, in this case Youtube, is an endless wealth of information. Some people make tutorials on how to manage money and others are instructional videos on how to change a timing belt in your car.  There are videos covering every imaginable topic from caring for your pet pangolin to building your own rocket to cooking the tastiest Hassenpfeffer but to make a statement that NOTHING on the internet is of any truth or value is simply a false notion and more – one that should arouse the thinking person’s suspicion as to what reason anyone would have for making such demonstrably false claims except for that of keeping people uninformed.

They have conditioned most of the TV generation this way and have ISOLATED people from truth making them afraid to mention something they saw on a Youtube video or a conservative weblog for fear of being ridiculed!  Sounds to me like they absolutely don’t WANT anyone looking at the internet and, in that case, there must be something which they are trying to HIDE.  The internet was a blessing in many ways and to this day stands as an open forum for truth even as the icy grip of censorship closes its frigid fingers around this marvellous technological post board.  Most recently, however, the ease with which one can search for topics of interest, especially polarizing issues, is being resisted and many types of restraints to truth are being introduced – restraints bordering on the censorship of free speech.  More on that will be presented later.


  • The Truth Held Captive and the Main Stream Media


“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false”.  William Casey, CIA Director 1981


Some are so opposed to considering ANYTHING that isn’t part of the MSM (main stream media) that they have shut the door on the facts before even hearing them. Take the statement by William Casey above.  If you don’t believe that he made this statement, you might look it up. Where would you look it up?  A dictionary? Time magazine? World book encyclopedia?  I hardly think that such information would be bolstered about by the mainstream media or any of its subsidiaries.  One would look to the INTERNET and find reliable sources to confirm this fact or they might go to the library and spend the day searching and still not find the truth. The internet happens to be an excellent place to learn truth because so many sources can be found quickly.  Yet so many don’t use it to learn truth. Harken to Proverbs 18 which wisely says, “He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him”.   I was astounded to learn that many otherwise intelligent people are so uninformed about the internet against which they so staunchly voice their opinions, that they believed the “Drudge Report” was an editorial page written by Matt Drudge.  They have been so successfully conditioned by the MSM to turn their noses up at the mere mention of the name Matt Drudge because of his political leanings and large internet presence, that they not only have never looked at the Drudge Report themselves, they don’t even know what it is. The Drudge Report is a collection of news stories from other news sources all over the world including the NY Times the Jerusalem Post, the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post and many other left leaning news outlets linking just as many conservative sites so that the reader gets a wide variety of sources with which to base their opinions.

This is a classic example of how the mainstream media can control the thoughts and minds of those who have fallen under their mainstream mind control.  There are proven mind control techniques employed by the MSM and the business of television itself and this can be verified. I remember in the 70’s when subliminal advertising was exposed, first at movie theaters, then TV.  They discovered that this was deceptive advertising because it was so effective and the sneaky practice was banned however, just because it was made illegal, does that mean that it was stopped? I dare say no.  The entire television news conglomerate feeds the same narrative to the same majority who then believe the complete story given and never investigate further. Moreover, they are many times discouraged from looking at other sources. That alone is mind control.  There is a whole world of questions that the MSM faithful neglect to entertain as having even a possibility of containing any “real” truth therefore we have a society that has been totally conditioned to a level of loyalty to the state.  Some may scoff saying that such thought is exaggerated but it is actually understated. History shows this to be the case with many shining examples of how the state ultimately controls the people.  Most don’t know the length to which they have been conditioned.


“The only thing we ever learn from history is that we never learn anything from history”.  – Unknown


This mind control is itself a grand example of cognitive dissonance and a very dangerous and incendiary social condition.  Note:  I do in no manner endorse the Drudge Report or any other website or news  outlet; Matt Drudge is a shill and the Drudge Report is a branch of the tree of the MSM news media machine which pretends to be conservative to gain conservative readership then to distract them away from certain critical facts yet guide them wherever they wish by false security of a loyal readership. The entire left/right political landscape exists ultimately to divide and conquer.  Much more could be said on this topic but, for now, suffice it to say that the true leadership in this country and the rest of the world is after only one goal – a global system; a new world order and they can and will go to ANY and EVERY extreme (as we have just seen) to achieve it.

Presently, whenever I read Drudge Report, I read it from the bottom up because the only news stories that aren’t intended to be a distraction are found at the bottom of the page.  I use them as you should and that is to cross check the facts when sorting out the truth of a matter, in this case current events.  Such diligence was previously impossible until the advancement and proliferation of the world wide web but sadly, in this generation, one must be adept at tiptoeing through the proper channels and sifting through the bombardment of deception to find truth.  It is unfortunate that there are so many who believe that the truth comes to them every day through their Hi-Def, big screen TV’s but what is even worse is that they won’t even GLANCE at the truth even when directly confronted with it.


Chapter 6:           The World’s View

A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels:  Proverbs 1:5


If you are one who insists that the internet, typically Youtube and Google are full of lies and contain no truth, then I will pat you on the back for being half right.  It is full of lies but there is also more truth to be learned right now by the average non-Rhodes Scholar (it is good to be a non-Rhodes Scholar, but for the moment let the trivial statement serve its purpose; look this up on your own) via the internet than any other previous source and at no other time in the history of mankind has it been so easy to look up facts.  This is the age of information which comes to us at the speed of light.  Of course, much of it is going to be false, but expecting that the internet contain no lies is not only an unreasonable expectation, many use this as an excuse for not allowing it at all and that is just a philosophical error in thought, brought about mostly by the mainstream media sources who frown upon internet usage and prefer that everyone get their news from them.  It seems that in the mid-nineties the world suddenly began to have access to just about anything they could think of from the comfort of their own home – the literal, virtual world’s library at their fingertips.  I was one of those who appreciated the internet and had an early internet connection via telephone modem (c 1996) which was limited to a certain amount of time per month.  It continually amazes me how so much information is literally at each of our fingertips, unlimited in this age yet there are people who still refuse to use it as a learning tool!

I read a story about Abe Lincoln long ago that told of his love of books as a poor youth growing up in rural Kentucky.  The most memorable recollection from the story was that he lived in a time and place when books were SCARCE and each book was a treasure of information to be cherished because of its rarity and educational value.  I learned how he walked for miles in the snow and rain to borrow ONE book (or to return one) and it shed much light on the contrast of how the people of this age view information (and the ubiquitous nature of all information now available to us) compared to those wishing to educate themselves in Lincoln’s time. Lincoln craved information which, in this age, has been hijacked and held hostage and only the official narrative reaches those who have been conditioned by the MSM to trust only the MSM.  Our minds [should] naturally crave information and in that regard, crave TRUTH.  It is the manner in which we were designed.  My amazement, that the antithesis of the love of information exists in this present age, only escalates with the more truth I learn. Note:  I make no endorsement of Abraham Lincoln or his politics but use this piece of information merely to establish the state of apathy toward truthful information in our culture at present.

When we listen to news, we don’t listen to hear fiction, we listen to hear truth. Sadly, we live in an age when nobody tests the truth.  We are fed information by the media and the schools all day, every day.  We live in the information age yet the ease with which we can access information has failed to produce an educated population of truth seekers who use this to their advantage! This disturbing fact alone should cause alarm and spur everyone to action!  Most believe what they hear or what they are told. A large demographic of “baby boomers” STILL rely on the TV news and nothing else.  It seems as though the advent of the internet has produced a division in our society.  There are those who love truth and those who hate it; and those who search for information and those who prefer to get their information from a single source – the corrupt and degenerate mainstream and cable news media propaganda machine of the elite.  I often wonder to what degree people must be conditioned (mind controlled) in this age to reject some information as false and then not to investigate for themselves. The answers are seconds/clicks away, yet most people reject them.  This is the biggest enigma and social challenge of our time; a condition that has been necessary to establish (a program of dis-information, as William Casey says in above quote) in order to have a large society of trusting, willing, apathetic and cowed population of distracted, dumbed down and sedated people.

“Let us never tolerate any outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of 9/11;  Malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists themselves – away from the guilty.”  George W. Bush; statement made very soon after the 9/11 attack.



  • Building Seven; 9/11 Truth

Building 7 of the World Trade Center was a 47 story, 600 foot building covering nearly a whole city block.  It was never touched by an airplane but caught fire allegedly from being “pelted with debris” from towers one and two as we were told by the media.  There are many people who have never heard of building 7 and worse – they never heard about its demolition to this very day.  A good reason for this is that building 7 wasn’t mentioned a single time in the whole 500+ page 9/11 Commission Report![82]  Late in the afternoon of that fateful day, as everyone was reeling from the terror of what had happened just hours earlier, and while the mainstream talking heads of at least three networks including Jane Stanley of BBC News informed the world,[83] with the backdrop of the city superimposed behind them, on live TV, clearly showing building 7 STILL STANDING, announced that building 7 had also collapsed. (special thanks to youtuber “Suntereo” for keeping this video up) They told of this implosion 30 minutes before it imploded falling into its footprint in a perfect, controlled demolition just like the towers and surprisingly, even to the public acknowledgment of Larry Silverstein who told the story of building 7 himself later in an interview.  He was, at the time of the attack the lessee of the One World Trade Center Complex, and his interview (a few months after) can be found on many internet videos in which he said of building 7, “I remember getting a call from the fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were going to be able to contain the fire, [in building 7] and I said, ‘We’ve had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it. And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse,’”


“Pull it” is language of the profession of demolition and generally means that the building has been completely wired with explosives, all connections have been checked and rechecked, everyone is out of the way, all protocol followed and the surrounding area is all clear;  The hard work and careful preparation is now done and the weeks of careful and tedious work comes down to this moment and it’s all clear so, it’s a short countdown, a very loud warning blast and someone at the controls yells, “pull it”, literally meaning to set off the explosive demolition which will, if all goes as planned, initiate the explosions in timed, sequential blasts of many carefully placed explosive charges timed to sever the main supporting structure and collapse the building inward at freefall speed into its footprint leaving little or no damage to structures nearby, which is exactly what had happened to building seven.

What Larry Silverstein didn’t anticipate when he said this was, by his using those words, “Pull it”, he was making a public confession that building 7 had already undergone the massive, careful preparation for demolition – the ONLY way it could have fallen as it did.  And for a 47 story building the size of WTC-7 it would have taken at least several weeks if not months of unhindered and free access to building infrastructure and secure areas such as elevator shafts, emergency exits, roof etc., this according to many professional demolition experts.[84]  He apparently attempted to impress his audience by sounding like a professional possessing keen insight into the demolition business by using its language but in so doing mistakenly exposed this huge lie.  This is how narcissistic people behave and think. They’re so concerned that others perceive them as being ultra-intelligent and powerful (the way in which they perceive themselves to be) that they often let the truth slip out by way of their prideful impulses.

The implosion, whose ultimate success from weeks of hard work is usually (under much different circumstances) celebrated festively by the demolition team with “high fives”, cheering and clapping and Champagne corks popping as they watch the successful and safe removal of the unwanted structure only seconds after those words, “PULL IT” are uttered, but on this day, was not celebrated as such but in all probability, only from behind very secret, off-location, closed and guarded doors where the perpetrators watched and exchanged nods and evil grins as they watched thousands of people perish horribly. (not in building seven; it was empty at the time it fell, but the twin towers which fell precisely the same way after the planes hit and someone said “pull it”)

Another quite disturbing and condemning occurrence was that, although admittedly a terrorist act, which is a crime, (in this case resulted in the quick murder of nearly 3000 people; thousands more as time goes on) no usual crime scene cordoning and restricting of the area and no protocol of crime detection was employed at the scene of any of the three collapsed buildings.  Instead, the quick removal of the steel was immediately begun and the crime scene evidence was swiftly carried off as steel scrap sold to…China!  Why wasn’t the worst act of terrorism and murder ever perpetrated on American soil investigated?  Because it would immediately point a guilty finger at everyone responsible. And I’m not talking about 19 Muslim men.  However, some of the scrap was inadvertently photographed and made its way onto the internet.  Several huge I beams were shown to have been surgically cut at a steep angle; the exact evidence that cutting charges of Thermite were used and that this was indeed a controlled demolition.  We all saw the buildings implode in perfect controlled demolition but this is physical (not visual “hearsay”) proof which in addition, was not mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report.

These proofs are rare occasions in which the mainstream news channels inadvertently gave us the truth after the fact.  Larry’s interview was played on the MSM but was abruptly stopped when someone discovered how this short interview disclosed the truth!  And had it not been for the internet getting hold of the clip and sharing it with the world this too would have gone into obscurity.  Here, we have an unintentional, public admission of guilt relating to the illegal and clandestine preparation of a building for demolition PROVING that the whole day had been part of a top secret plan to injure, maim and kill thousands of innocent Americans who are perceived as mere collateral damage – cannon fodder if you will, to the elite and their agenda!  That is amazingly disturbing on its own but what is infinitely more horrifying is that NOBODY SEEMS TO CARE!  It’s been ignored and denied and even though it is available for viewing right here and now, most within the “moral majority” of billions of people on earth say nothing about it but instead choose to believe the impossible!    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p34XrI2Fm6I)  Special thanks to Youtuber TUMNIAISETU for posting this video.

“The Bush administration did everything in their power to stop and hinder a proper investigation of 9/11.  They not only kept the funding for the investigation at an absolute minimum, (more tax dollars were spent on the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal than the 9/11 Commission Report!) they also delayed the investigation by 411 days.  Enough time for any proper evidence to be destroyed and enough time to have theories ready for all anomalies surrounding the events on 9/11.  The 9/11 commission was under heavy regulation by the Bush administration to prevent the raising of sensitive issues.  The cover up was obvious already from day one.” (911 WHAT REALLY HAPPENED?? See with your own eyes; youtube channel Yvonne Baily – parentheses mine)

George Walker Bush replied to a child’s question at an open interview three months after the demolition regarding what went through his mind when he first heard about the attack on 9/11, “I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go in,” Bush replied, “And I saw an airplane hit the tower and… obviously there was a TV on… and I used to fly myself and I said to myself, now there’s one terrible pilot!”  How in the world did he see that?  There was no coverage of the first plane’s impact at the time he was in that classroom!  The first plane’s impact wasn’t shown on TV until the day after the attack. Moreover, he wasn’t even told about the attack until AFTER the second plane hit the building, AFTER he already went inside the classroom! Don’t worry, George, although you can’t keep track of your own lies, we will keep track for you.  This little faux pas was recorded forever on the internet and proves that he lied when he answered the child’s question.

He was simply being the wicked narcissist that he is, first by making sure everyone knew that he “used to fly planes” and then trying to turn the event into a joke, (which nobody thought was funny except him) both statements made to impress his listeners. Keep in mind, this was JUST THREE MONTHS AFTER THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE PERISHED HORRIBLY, some jumping SCORES of stories to their death rather than burn up. What does Bush say?  He clearly LIES about the chain of events saying, “There’s one terrible pilot.”  He probably had that joke prepared for months.  Something to note about his poorly timed joke is that after he sees that nobody is laughing, he quickly and noticeably changes his demeanor, suddenly realizing that the joke was on him. Look for his sudden change from light and comical to dead serious when he realized nobody was laughing at his vain attempt to add humor to this atrocity.

Bush is exposed flaunting his glib attitude toward the world and families of the number of murdered, innocent American civilians he swore an oath to protect and lying about how the day started, the timing of the events, and only later realizing his error. The footage was, of course, pulled from the news channels but not until it was made a permanent record on the internet thanks to Youtube.  No wonder the elite don’t want people to look at or believe what is on the internet.  They know you’ll find this and much more truth if you do!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUXglJU2w6U  Thanks to Kynandog for this footage.  Note: If you are not reading this online, please take the time to type the links into the youtube search bar to see these videos.  It will be well worth your time, that is, if you are thus interested in learning truth instead of holding to scripted lies generated by the power elite to protect villainous thugs who hide behind high political positions and wealthy, powerful corporations but who are in reality treasonous murderers.

Back to the lessee of the World Trade Center Complex, Larry Silverstein. (please allow me to change usage of literary mechanics. I’m going to address Larry Silverstein at this time. This, being a very emotional topic for me, it is my way of expressing my indignation and utter disdain while divulging the ugly facts) Why was building 7 wired for demolition, Larry?  Please tell the world. Since you have informed the world that it was wired, then it must have been wired in secret.  But you knew, right Larry?  You must know other secrets as well.  Buildings 1 and 2 fell earlier in the day killing 3 thousand innocent people and building 7 fell exactly the same way.  Were the Twin Towers wired too, Larry? I suppose you can tell us now.  But we know you’ll take that secret to your grave so, never mind; we already know… Of course they were. 

Who wired them and why did you allow it, Larry? Could it be that the complex was insured for over 2.25 billion dollars and MORE, all of which you collected DOUBLE INDEMNITY (4.5 billion dollars) from the insurance company later counting buildings one and two as TWO separate terrorist attacks?  And what’s up with the strange phone call you made to your insurance carrier ON THE DAY OF THE COLLAPSE and after the collapse of buildings one and two asking if you could suddenly “conduct a demolition of building 7 like you’re taking out the trash, because, you told them, the foundation had sustained damage”? (not because of fires) Are you trying to say that the foundation was inspected during the chaotic events of this day?  Who inspected it, Larry?  Did you really think you could get away with so massive a lie?  Did you expect anyone to believe you were intending to call in a demolition team after asking your insurance company for permission over the phone, like you’re ordering a pizza, requesting if you could authorize a demolition team to come out and completely wire a 47 story building that was ON FIRE, with all adjacent surrounding areas blocked by debris and in complete chaos, all in only a couple of hours to prepare to “pull it” for that perfect collapse that we all witnessed? “Hello”, ACME Demolition Company?  Ah, yes. This is Larry Silverstein, owner of the World Trade Center.  Could you hurry up and send over a demolition team to wire our building to demolish it this afternoon?  It’s an emergency.”  Your impromptu insurance company call is the most ridiculous attempt I have ever heard for someone trying to “cover their tracks”, Larry. Was this something to which you had given previous thought; was it part of your “plan” to cover up the truth?

The truth that Silverstein actually did request permission to implode building 7 was admitted by Jeffrey Scott Shapiro (implicating himself as a liar in his comment on 9/11 criticizing Jessie Ventura’s book about the false flag event) “Shortly before the building collapsed, several NYPD officers and Con-Edison workers told me that Larry Silverstein, the property developer of One World Financial Center was on the phone with his insurance carrier to see if they would authorize the controlled demolition of the building – since its foundation was already unstable and expected to fall.”[85]

It was also reported that, “video security cameras captured on video, trucks arriving at WTC from August 23 to about September 3 (2001) at about 3 o’clock in the morning and leaving right before the people started arriving early for their jobs”, says Susan Lindauer, former agent of the Central Intelligence Agency.  Office workers were complaining of getting sick from the grey, brown dust that was getting everywhere throughout the buildings in the week leading up to 9/11.  They were no doubt told of some sort of construction going on in the buildings while this massive murder was set up. Try to imagine what the people dealing with the dust were thinking as they cleaned it from their work spaces everyday and I’m certain that it wouldn’t be the truth: that they were cleaning up after the hard work which those creating the dust and noise were making in preparation to conduct an implosion of the buildings with hundreds of people still in them.

Moreover, an unprecedented “power down” of the top 50% of floors of the world trade center one, two and building 7 was conducted on the Saturday and Sunday before the attack and workers in these sectors were given three weeks’ notice prior to the power down according to Scott Forbes who worked for Fiduciary Trust, a company located on the 97th floor of the South Tower. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tr7u6Qdg394  Special thanks to “91177info” for posting video) Such a complete loss of power meant a complete loss of systems.  This is why such care is taken to prevent such a loss of power with multiple backup systems and redundancy built into these systems.  There would be virtually no possible reason to override all security systems to conduct such a complete power down in the building, neither would such radical measures be needed in the normal operations of such a building.  Speaking of security; have I mentioned that Marvin P. Bush, the younger brother of George W. Bush was head of security for Securacom, the company which handled all security for the entire World Trade Center?

From 1996 to 2000, Securacom installed what was referred to as a new security system.  Wirt D. Walker III, cousin of the Bush brothers was CEO for Securacom from 1999 to 2002.  Scott Forbes also mentions that such a power down meant that there was absolutely no security for the entire two days.  No video, no audio, no record of any activity whatsoever. Forbes also notes that, being aroused to suspicion over the power down, he contacted several authorities including the 9/11 Commission but he was ignored. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eK2rVhOukqM Thanks to 911TruthVideos) All of this information that I’m sharing is available online (as of the time of this writing) and FREE to anyone who has an internet connection (if you don’t have one, go to the local library).  The facts are real, true and verifiable by several sources.  My astonishment that such truth is kept from spreading increases year after year as does the new information coming out about this mass murder.

And back to Larry; why did you insure the whole center for over 3 billion dollars only three months before insuring also for DOUBLE INDEMNITY in the case of terrorist attack??!! I wonder if the insurance company would have paid you had they known the truth that YOU are among the “terrorists”. Could it be that you agreed by leasing the property to allow them to destroy it for the fact that it was where the classified records of the SEC, IRS, FBI, CIA and Military Industrial Complex, even the mayor’s “office of emergency management” OEM facility were located making the records of that day virtually impossible to manifest for public scrutiny?  Did it have anything to do with the 2.2 TRILLION government dollars that Donald Rumsfeld confessed to the world were MISSING – utterly unaccounted for, just 2 days prior to 9/11?  And what about the fact which everyone including the insurance company knew about – that the buildings, if retained, were going to necessarily undergo extremely expensive asbestos removal reaching into the many MILLIONS of dollars and furthermore were restricted from explosive type demolition because of the risk of asbestos toxicity to the public and needed to be torn down floor by floor anyway? (which would also carry an exceedingly steep price tag, a very much increased cost as opposed to a controlled demolition)

At some point, you either agreed with or said yourself, “let’s MAKE money instead of spend it and take them down by faking a terrorist attack,” at which point you became complicit in the murder of thousands (and counting) of innocent Americans.  I suppose your attitude suggested that, “You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.”  The immediate collateral damage was heinous enough but I’m sure your reaction to the thousands of additional lives lost in agonizing pain and suffering because of breathing the dust created in your odious scheme, being such a windfall for the cancer cash-cow industry that this event was money on top of money on top of profit on top of gain for those conducting this infamous, murderous arrangement.

This was an amazing boon for all involved and profitable on many different levels.  The undesired buildings were removed – virtually free of charge except for the cost of wiring the explosives. I’m sure that the clean-up was covered under the insurance policy whom after all the cards are turned, seems absurd that the insurance company also wouldn’t have been involved on some level profiting from this crime but unfortunately, is unverifiable.  Blaming the Arabs for the “attack” was also convenient for the Military Industrial Complex in that all of the profit from both sides of any war or war operation are funded by them and consequentially make huge profits from wars, not to mention the booty of natural resources from these countries.

All wars have been funded, throughout history, by the principalities and powers at the controls of the geopolitical management and all profits go to them, in fact, war is the largest and most lucrative business in history.  Seeing now how all profit and gain from all wars (mostly from the sale of weapons), false flag attacks, illegal taxes on income (The Sixteenth Amendment and income tax of 1913) and the forced collapse of another kind on Wall Street in 1929 as well as the removal of the Gold Standard and implementation of the fiat currency, paper dollar has landed in the pockets of just a few, stupidly wealthy bankers should complete the puzzle for anyone who is still naively wondering who is in ultimate control of this world.

You will most certainly answer for your murders and thefts and for your part in this wickedness, Larry.  You will be held accountable as will every person elected or appointed into office and who took an oath to GOD and the Constitution of the United States to uphold it; to protect all Americans (including those who died in this false flag attack) from all enemies foreign and domestic. Every person who had prior knowledge and willingly didn’t do anything to stop it will also be held accountable.  And, may I repeat such words as George W. Bush so casually uttered at his first and second inauguration for POTUS, to protect the people and to uphold the constitution of the United States of America from all enemies, foreign and domestic; “SO HELP ME GOD.”  It seems that Bushes’ hand should have sizzled when he placed it on that bible.

For a building the size of WTC-7 to be prepared for demolition; its proximity to other structures in the area and with the risks involved in, and extra care taken with such, would have required many weeks, even months, in addition to the extra cost of removing the asbestos lining from all three buildings, according to several professional demolition experts[86] who were interviewed after this fateful and murderous day in which 3000+ innocent people lost their lives and the world as we knew it changed forever. Many more continue dying years later from breathing the dust created and that number is climbing every year.  They will continue suffering and dying from the asbestos dust and breathing the toxic, asbestos-contaminated air which should have been removed properly before ANY sort of demolition.  That was a win/win situation for all involved (except the victims) for sure.  Escape the cost of asbestos removal AND collect insurance – double indemnity to boot. And that’s not to mention being able now to misplace blame and foment a foreign war to plunder a (socially) destitute nation of its resources.  The benefits were overwhelming!  It must have looked really good from a financial standpoint.  Instead of paying out millions upon millions to dispose of properly, Larry Silverstein and all of those involved in this clandestine murder-for-money debacle turned it into the biggest insurance settlement in US history aside from any natural disasters.

Many people must have been involved in the task of keeping such an attack secret.  A library of books have since been published in an effort to expose those players responsible but the state of this world at the present time keeps the information and truth found to be YET held secret by fear, reserved for those crackpot conspiracy theory wackos and their ilk, you know them, the ones whom everyone loves to hate publicly;  those who believe “elaborate conspiracy theories” which George Bush told the world “we must not tolerate” by believing, no matter how illogical is the “official” story being told and no matter how logical and sensible is the “conspiracy”– in this case – the truth. Independent research and chemical analysis groups such as RJ Lee Group Inc. examined the dust from ground zero and all around the site and determined that up to 6% of the dust contained tiny steel spheres and unreacted military grade, highly technological nanothermite particles! The only way that those tiny spheres can form is from the explosion of nanothermite in controlled demolitions.  How do we, Mr. Bush, not entertain controlled demolition amidst such evidence?

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=8&v=zyuDN3m94Vw)

In other words, any belief by anyone, of anything other than the official story of how things happen (whether 9/11, The Boston Marathon Bombing, Sandy Hook, The Oklahoma City bombing, The Clinton Foundations theft of Haitian Relief money, The USS Maine, Pearl Harbor or the Kennedy assassination and as I type, the Las Vegas massacre) immediately subjects that person to intense ridicule and contempt, derogatory labeling to be handed down by “normal society,” and who is never again to be taken seriously, neither worthy of saying another word to anyone; never to be believed again.  This fear of castigation and ridicule, combined with cognitive dissonance works extremely well in this society to keep the truth hostage to “the official narrative”.  This is nothing short of MIND CONTROL.  Note:  The mention of the parenthetical, false flag events earlier in this paragraph do not automatically make the assumption that any or all of these events were in any way questioning the “official story” except regarding that of 9/11.  The others are mentioned as examples of events that have been surrounded by controversy.  I find that giving disclaimers is easier than entering into debate with dissenters however, I would be happy to discuss any of these should the opportunity arise.  Just take a number and have a seat, please. I shall be with you shortly.

For anyone who is interested, there are, thanks to the internet, several legitimate websites for dismantling the lies of 9/11, and sifting them for the truth and many of the people who have done so have shared their information with the public.  This is free right now but the internet is coming under attack by those guarding these secrets and free speech is coming under attack on the internet so it is uncertain how long these truth exposing websites will be permitted to exist.  Here are just a few. (Thanks to “State of The Nation” website for the following lists)[87] Some of these, you may find, are possibly no longer available and have already been taken down. I list these for your convenience but cannot endorse all of them except the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth however, any book or website relating to questioning the official narrative is recommended for ANYONE who believes that these buildings were taken down by Arabic hijackers with box cutters in jet airplanes.

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

The Journal of 9/11 Research and 9/11 Issues

Scholars for 9/11 Truth: Exposing Falsehoods and Revealing Truths

Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice

The 11 Most Compelling 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

Top 10 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

There are also video productions of the truth of what happened that day, some with a hidden agenda done by professional government shills like Alex Jones of Infowars.com who gives away 90% of the truth while maintaining control by wielding the remaining 10% (which is where many of the critical facts reside) These shills give away much truth because it is known that such truth will always surface – a certain percentage of truth naturally leaks out but the shills jobs are that of an “inside agent” who properly gains the trust of those relatively small number of “truthers” but makes sure that they don’t get to the damning truth of the matter whereby acting as buffers for the truth but as with any endeavor for sorting through the truth, one must be ever ready to sort through the lies, which in this age are most compelling and ostentatious.  It is the job of every truth seeker to sort through the carefully managed obfuscation and not to believe any one source, (including this manuscript) but to come to the truth by their own efforts by examining everything possible about the subject. Some video productions titles are as follows and can be easily looked up online;

Loose Change 2nd Edition

Zero: An Investigation into the Events of 9/11

September Clues

The Truth and Lies of 911″>The Truth and Lies of 911

War & Globalization: The Truth Behind 9/11

In Plane Sight – Sept 11 – 911 Conspiracy

With all of the information such as this available today, doesn’t it seem irrational to the disbeliever that all of it would exist just to be confusing and fake, misleading the public and with that stated purpose?  This is what the mainstream media news would have you to believe. As stated earlier, their assertion that the internet contains mostly lies is a deceptive statement in and of itself.  The MSM would have you believe that they are the ONLY place where one may find trustworthy facts. Such is the philosophical tactic of every CULT!  Now with that knowledge, who are you going to believe?  Millions of credible people all saying the same thing with nothing to gain from sharing this truth, or the mainstream media, which is controlled at the very top by only a select few elite individuals who have everything to lose?

“The CIA is behind most if not all terrorist attacks in America, as for the FBI, there is no question whether or not it has been infiltrated by the Illuminati.”  Ted Gunderson, former chief of the Los Angeles FBI

  • Compartmentalization

Compartmentalized secrecy is the method by which “classified” information is kept from those who aren’t permitted access to such knowledge.  It is how information in the information age is kept safe.  It is not a new method or idea.  It has long been held in place by secret societies and has demonstrated the efficiency with which it can be utilized, proving itself over thousands of years. However, not only secret societies but governments, corporations, the military and others use this method to keep control over those whom they rank.  It has long been said that knowledge is power –  time and again it demonstrates this accurately.  Compartmentalization is the machine with which secrets are contained.

One of the best examples of compartmentalization was seen during the design of the first atomic bomb AKA the Manhattan Project.  Personnel at Oak Ridge constructed and operated centrifuges to isolate Uranium-235 from naturally occurring uranium, but most did not know what, exactly, they were doing. Those that did know, did not know why they were doing it. Parts of the weapon were separately designed by teams who did not know how the parts interacted.[88]

There are many secret societies in Europe and the United States and they operate as a conglomerate entity all in service to the elite members of the governments and banks of the world.  They exist as (not in any order of power or influence) The Trilateral Commission, The Bilderbergers, The Council on Foreign Relations, The Illuminati, The Freemasons, The Club of Rome, The Committee of 300, The Bohemian Grove, The Priory of Scion, Skull and Bones, The Society of Jesus (Jesuits) and many others.  Most claim that they work together for the progress of technology, the economy, defense and industry, shaping the world for the betterment of mankind but they are all occultic (occult means “hidden” but in this case involves much more) and extremely secretive in nature, all sharing the same ultimate goal – one world government.  A quick internet search of any one of these secret societies is sure to lead the uninitiated to knowledge that they had never before imagined. When looking into these secret societies, it is apparent in this present age that two very powerful names top the list:  David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger.  Other names in this age are prevalent on the scene showing up repeatedly in the rosters of such societies such as the Rothschilds, George Soros, Bill Clinton, Paul Warburg and William Buckley.

The governments of the United States and all of the Western world answer to leaders who are masters of the occult and of black magic.  These powers and principalities have taken complete control of the leaders in this age and are now much too powerful for the people to have a chance at defeating and the world is now calmly and ignorantly following them like sheep to the slaughter. There are many forms of occultism and they have existed within the secret underworld of the societies of mankind ever since the time of Nimrod.  Former President John F. Kennedy spoke of them once saying,

“The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment…For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence—on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations… Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed….”[89]

I don’t claim to know much more than the average well-informed “citizen” truth seeker is aware about the secret societies, but this life is a learning process and to me, nothing is more important than knowing the TRUTH to the absolute best of our individual ability.  We happen to live in a time when deception covers the truth more than at any time in history (including the dark ages!) but as to the dark, deep truth; the occultic, black magic truth; the aligning with evil required to understand these truths is something that I don’t care to know.  When studying such things, it is quite easy to find yourself wandering into enemy territory, not only online but at the library.  It is easy to pick out any number of books on the occult to learn what these principalities are doing but my vexation with such things is greater than my curiosity and is a useful barrier, keeping me from harm. The whole world is immersed in the panoply of black magic and I was stunned to learn where it is being practiced.  I’ll spare the reader some of my discoveries while researching for this book, but you’ll have to seek real truth for yourself to see that the entire world is in allegiance to Satan. It’s different in this age, however, because the world has been told and believes the lie that Satan doesn’t exist and that makes the relevant matters much more dangerous.

I am a child of The Living God, Creator and Savior Jesus Christ and the truths of Lucifer are contrary to God.  My understanding of them is only as deep as my understanding that the dark truth is being used by our leaders in the military and in society all around the world and is being guarded by the secret societies. My knowledge of the details of those things is not at all necessary either for myself or to make people aware of the deception that is being used against them at this time and in this place.  If I cared to do so, I could write an entire book on the condition of this world because of the influence of the principalities of evil powers in this age but I won’t, although many have done this very thing. The deception that exists in this world is very deep and can keep a fellow very busy clearing it away to get to the truth and this is a well-known fact within the secret societies.  For anyone who has taken the “red pill”, and gone down deep into this rabbit hole, it can seem very daunting indeed.  I am educating myself at the speed with which I can grasp the topics that I encounter in my endless study but one topic of which I will make a fleeting mention, just to have it on the record, is that of the bizarre reptilian conspiracy.

I know very little about this because the study that I have done pertaining to this is purely speculative and fuzzy, but there are those who believe that the elite who control the world are part of a malevolent, reptilian species who “shape shift”, presenting themselves to you and me as human beings but they are hideous, reptilian monsters in reality.  It has been said that Queen Elizabeth has been found with “her guard down” and caught on video many times “shapeshifting” and I have looked briefly at the videos but I don’t believe such a thing to be reality at least not from the evidence I have seen.  If and when I encounter more evidence of this, I will sort out the truth of the matter then. The curiosity about this conspiracy for me, lies in the fact that Satan took the form of a serpent in Garden of Eden, why, then, couldn’t the truth masquerading around us and among us and controlling us be reptilian? Perhaps there is some truth to it, I can’t say at this point.  I may look more deeply into this at a later date, if the present system lasts much longer.

For now, it appears to be most likely one of those irrational manifestations concocted by the PTB (powers that be) to cast doubt on the world of “conspiracy” as a whole.  Author and speaker David Icke explains in detail the “reptilian” conspiracy for anyone who wants to know more about this topic. However, as to the most ridiculous idea or “conspiracy” ever to be dreamed of in this age, the best example is “the flat earth” conspiracy.  I hesitate to even use the word “conspiracy” to describe such a thing because conspiracy is a word that connotes a topic which, in many cases is parallel to the truth in this age and the word is used as a cover for truth.  The fact that such a thing as “flat earth” exists at all is proof of the control that the secret media, government shills and disinformation agents can wield over the people.

There are people – many seemingly sane and intelligent people – who actually believe that the earth is flat and everyone else has been duped into believing it is round.  What’s more is that some of these “flat earthers” say that they believe this because they believe the bible and the bible says the earth is flat.  This, of course, is nonsense; the bible has always indicated that the earth is a sphere. More on that later.  I know these are intentional lies created to bolster fear in the curious who may be seeking the truth of a real conspiracy such as truth of 9/11.  The videos about flat earth can be found in the same internet spaces (intentionally) as the legitimate truth videos.  For example, if you search on Youtube for a “9/11” video, it will take you to a page with videos pertaining to that topic.  When you select one, it takes you to that page and begins to play the video. However, on the screen to the right of the video which is playing are thumbnail selections – suggestions (or “click bait”) if you will, of many videos which supposedly relate to the topic at hand and in those thumbnails, you’re sure to see videos about the “flat earth” mixed in with legitimate and in many cases, Christian videos.

Complex algorithms were created which select videos of similar topics inserting them (as thumbnails) in the viewers peripheral vision intentionally. For example, wherever a video about the “moon landing hoax” appears, the algorithm places whatever related videos in the thumbnails to the right, intentionally grouping “like” conspiracies together but not really, only according to what those programming youtube intend to be related.   This is designed to give the viewer a feeling for the kind of internet “territory” that they are in so that any mainstream news watcher who carefully ventures online to “look for themselves” on youtube will notice the wacky, flat earth videos mixed in with the truthful (9/11 inside job) videos.  The casual truth seeker will then reject all of it for fear that, questioning what they’re told by the mainstream, indicts them as an irrational person who believes the earth is flat!  They go away, never to return believing that the topic must be as fake as a flat earth.  The dis-information shills employed for these purposes are certainly clever. But if you know your enemy, you can uncover his devices.  This is another reason to TEST the truth of everything you are told.  This is something that nobody ever does anymore because most have been conditioned to believe that the final truth of every matter comes into their house wholesale by means of the mainstream and cable network news channels.

The flat-earth conspirators are also attempting to blend with the bible believing, born again Christian community by attempting to associate themselves with the well-studied, biblically literate presenting themselves as true bible believers who have rightly divided the word of truth and have learned that the bible says the earth is flat.  Nothing could be farther from the truth because the bible has always contained the truth that the earth is a sphere or globe.  The flat-earth liars are trying to make all bible believers look uneducated and to also discourage others from learning about God’s plan for the redemption of mankind by casting doubt on God’s written truth.  Any person who is well-versed in the Scriptures has long understood that the bible teaches the earth is a sphere, but just as the dissenter’s associate bible believers with the uneducated and profane, they seek to group the truly insane belief of a flat earth with born again bible believers who have learned the real truth; that the bible is capable of making wise the simple (Psalm 19:7) and contains the knowledge that leads to salvation through faith in Christ. 2 Timothy 3:15

Along with the reptilian idea, there are many other crazy conspiracies out there, many like the flat earth intentionally created to dissuade the conditioned public from all conspiracy.  There are conspiracies suggesting that the moon landing never took place; that man has never been into outer space and that all of the work that NASA did in the 60’s 70’s, and right up to the present is just as fake as a Hollywood production.  These conjectures are told with the same fervor as the genuine yet differ in one very substantial way:  They can be PROVEN wrong.  I don’t claim to know for sure whether or not man actually landed on the moon; it has no effect on me and I’m not interested enough to study the topic to its end, (although I wouldn’t doubt such a stage show was done and it infuriates me but there is much more important truth to defend at the present time) however there are many videos and books suggesting that it was a huge hoax.  The idea that man has never been in orbit around the earth because the earth is flat can be easily disproved simply by the existence of satellites.  The earth being a sphere substantiates this fact making these two conspiracies fake and demonstrably disprovable.  The earth is a sphere and not only is this biblical knowledge but mathematics proves it by triangulation.  Pick three points on the earth, the farther away the better, add up their angles and if they add up to more than 180 degrees, you have a sphere.  Also, gravity exists by the spherical nature of heavenly bodies.  My point is that the flat earth nonsense needn’t be poured over to debunk but it’s good to know WHY some of these ideas are postulated.

These overtly impossible conspiracies don’t exist without purpose.  They are used by those foisting deception to gather and label people with certain derogatory names and to throw as much incredibility on so-called conspiracy as possible.  They are adding to the side of conspiracy by exaggerating truth beyond any credible measure.  It is a method of controlling the truth during the internet era. However, this covert tactic is what every genuine movement of truth has encountered in this world since the time of Nimrod.  We see it in action in this age in many forms of false flag programs and services which exist as secret installations of the enemies of truth masquerading as a truth seeker themselves.  Think of Alex Jones of the Info Wars internet radio program, designed to gain the trust of those searching truth but control how much and where that truth gets directed.

Jones came to fame after the 9/11 murderous attack on American civilians by making an internet movie called “Loose Change”.  He hailed himself as the go-to person for truth and in many ways, he was.  However, he has been from the beginning, the face of the “resistance” movement that was no doubt predicted by the actual perpetrators of the false flag events over the decades.  They knew that there would be those who understood the truth and in order to control how much truth got out to the people, a “trustworthy” representative of them was needed. In this age, that person is Alex Jones who was installed to be a future reality when the PTB decided to wage war on the innocent people of America.  Soon, Alex Jones was seen wherever conspiracy was, whether at the annual gathering of the Bilderberg group – a think tank of billionaire power brokers from all over the globe who control the future events and world economy, selecting presidents and supreme court justices and secretly making plans for the fate of the world – or the Bohemian Grove where many of these same power elite A-listers (men only) go supposedly to worship Lucifer in an ancient secluded redwood forest somewhere in Northern California where they perform mock (?) human sacrifice to Satan.

Info Wars internet news is the parent company of many online “patriot” and “truther” movement websites and personalities such as Gary Franchi of the Next News Network, Mark Dice, Paul Joseph Watson and “watchdog” Greg Hunter just to name a few.  InfoWars.com, Alex Jones internet news conglomerate corporation also employs “investigative” journalists who question government officials at live press conferences portraying a solid commitment to find real truth. These “truther” representatives are actually “steering” and thereby limiting the worldview of those who know that things are not the way they are said to be, each appealing to different personalities within the patriot/truth movement.  They are attracting those Americans who came away from CNN, MSNBC and finally, even the patriotic and trusted Fox News whose motto after 9/11 was “fair and balanced truth” in reporting.

These are the immediate personalities someone will encounter the moment they do an internet search of some sketchy, hidden truth, about which they are interested such as 9/11.  Once they are roped in by Alex Jones, who appears at the top of the Google search page, they can be shown the conspiratorial truth they sought being directed toward the truth that has already been uncovered (thereby gaining the trust of the truth seeker) but also KEPT from the truth that the controlling elite protect vehemently, e.g. the fact that all three 9/11 crime scenes were not investigated but were immediately cleared away, especially the steel which was sold to China before anyone on the outside could see it. Why wasn’t the biggest crime against innocent Americans in history INVESTIGATED before it was cleared away?  Because those who perpetrated it are powerful enough to get away with it! Don’t think for one second that they don’t have their own representative media people. This is the job of the modern internet shill.

Even as I write, the play unfolds further as Alex Jones has been apparently ejected from social media in a ploy by the powers that be (PTB) to either prop him up as one who has vast secrets to unveil to an internet full of doubters (Jones had over 2 million subscribers to his Facebook account) or to use this as some other means of propaganda, all timed, coded and choreographed to bring in their new world order.  To the rest of the world, it may appear to be an infringement on freedom of speech which is what it appears to be at face value but we will have to wait and see how it plays out before much more can be said of this fiasco.  I believe that, although there may be some other contingent parameters behind this move by those wielding the reins of history, that it is playing out as part of the massive political drama seen in the MSM as of late and is perhaps trying to distract us from some other great truth happening directly over our heads which they don’t want us to see.  I believe they are at this very moment, containing something by keeping it from public knowledge. Not the ordinary secret, but one of world changing and perhaps catastrophic results to society as we know it.  I certainly hope with my whole heart that it is something that is ringing in the return of Jesus Christ to remove those who love Him in the long awaited Rapture.  I’m ready and waiting.

  • Biblical Inspiration Proven

I believe this would be a good place to insert another lesser-known fact about the bible and the prophecy contained within its pages.  Many bible teachers make the false claim that the bible cannot be proven to be the written word of God and I myself believed and made this claim for many years.  When the truth of how God has placed His signature on His word came to me, I was amazed that I had never realized it before.  The bible is full of prophecy – the telling of future events not yet done, some hundreds of years before their coming to pass.  Nearly two thirds of the bible is prophecy. For the sake of time, I will use only the prophecies made about Jesus Christ although there are many other prophecies written, many which have YET to happen.  There are over 300 prophecies made about Jesus Christ in the Old Testament of the bible. You know the saying about the “proof”.  Stay with me here while I unpack this.

The prophecies made about Him were not general but very specific for example, the Prophet Zachariah states that Jesus Christ would be betrayed for 30 pieces of silver; that His betrayer would cast the silver into the house of the Lord.  This was prophesied 600 years before Christ was born.  The Prophet Isaiah makes a list of prophecies about Jesus in Isaiah 53: “Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted. (v. 4) “But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.” (v. 5) For those who use the argument that Jesus Christ was a student of Scripture and that these prophecies were self-fulfilled, and that Jesus simply arranged these prophecies, they’re very correct:

He went to a most agonizing death to fulfill them. That alone is remarkable in that He caused Isaiah and the other prophets to tell definitively of these things LONG BEFORE they happened (the Scriptures were written by men but INSPIRED by God) and then He came to fulfill them Himself so…  YES.  The prophecies most definitely were self-fulfilled but there is one more prophecy which He came to fulfill…His RESURRECTION! He spoke hundreds of years earlier through His prophets about His resurrection and then He Himself went to the cross to fulfill the prophecy.   Every single prophecy came to pass exactly as prophesied in this One Person, Jesus Christ, and that is enough proof for anyone and everyone to believe in Him, revealing the fact that upon learning this truth, if one persists in unbelief, THEY DON’T WANT TO KNOW HIM.  Here is the “pudding”.

The odds were calculated[90] that for just 8 of the 300+ prophecies written about Jesus Christ in the Old Testament to come to pass in this one person, exactly as prophesied without prior knowledge (most were written hundreds of years before he was born!) would be 1 to the 28th power or 1 with 28 zeros after it. Written out this number is 1 in 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.  That’s for only 8 of them; There are over 300.  If the other 292 were calculated, the number would be in the neighborhood of 10 to the 1050th power.  Any number greater than 10 to the 54th power is considered absurd. (there are only 10 to the 86th atoms in the universe) Once you understand this and check the facts to see they are true, you can’t help but to believe that God wrote the bible through His prophets.  People who don’t believe in God will not consider these facts – not because they do not or cannot believe but because they WON’T believe.  They don’t want to believe.  If I could change the mind of one person by this book, the whole thing would have been worth the effort.  Call me selfish but I dedicated this book to my parents, both of whom reject Jesus Christ.  I pray that by it, they will come to the truth of God and be saved by the propitiation of Jesus Christ and the shedding of His Precious Blood at the cross of Calvary.

One more statement for the record is that many have studied and set out to prove that God has hidden a code within His written word in the Hebrew (Masoretic) text.  I have examined this claim but not in great detail.  It simply occurs to me that the written word of God and its fulfilled prophecy should be enough proof as demonstrated above and I prefer to spend my time looking at the codes in the bible that are not hidden, you know, the ones that are being destroyed by the new world order such as the code of marriage; whose necessity of one man and one woman to substantiate is CLEAR in scripture. Codes are claimed to be found by computer in “equidistant letter sequencing” or ELS[91] in which letters are found at equal distances within the text that spell out names, phrases, even past or future events.  They will pick a number, say 25 and then program a computer to find every 25th letter within the Hebrew text claiming that this is the method with which names like “Obama” and Bush are found. It is claimed that until the advent of computer technology it would have been impossible to have found such codes, some taking much more time looking for the codes hidden and ignoring the main message on the surface! I won’t say any more about “hidden” bible codes.




  • Freemasonry

“To live in the world without becoming aware of the meaning of the world is like wandering about in a great library without touching the books.”

― Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

What irony it is that Manly P. Hall not only got this philosophy wrong, he got it completely BACKWARDS[92]. The compartmentalized control of a certain secret society – the Freemasons can be used as an example to illustrate the effectiveness of the method because its hierarchy is already listed out for us in “degrees”.  For example, a first degree Freemason knows only that he has sworn allegiance to a secret society and that the secrets must never be revealed. The largest segments of Freemasonry are the first three “degrees” or those degrees necessary to become a freemason.[93]  If we make these the bottom of the pyramid for illustration, we can begin building upward, the fourth degree, slightly smaller group is directly above the third and so on up to 32 degrees which is titled “Master of the Royal Secret”.  A 33rd degree Mason is considered an illuminary within the order.

The 33rd degree Mason has achieved the highest rank within the secret fold and knows all of the secrets of the craft.  It is the “all seeing eye” of Lucifer; the cornerstone and stamped on the back of every dollar bill ever to come off the green presses at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing of the United States.  It is the ultimate control that this world system is working toward: a new world order, spoken of by presidents and powerful men throughout the history of the United States and with a global leader the world has been awaiting since the time of Nimrod.  The “luminaries” call him god but he is Lucifer.

Anyone who is familiar with Freemasonry, not necessarily a member but one who has educated themselves on the order to gain an understanding of how it works, can tell you that the secrets increase with mystique as one travels up the degrees.  It becomes awash in mystic, pagan, black magic and secret ceremonies with rites of passage and ranks.[94]  The first three levels are the Entered Apprentice stage, the Fellow Craft, and the third degree advances the participant to the degree of Master Mason (not to be confused with a 33rd degree Mason). There are approximately 5 million entered Freemasons around the world, two million of them in the United States.  The US recognizes two divisions of Freemasonry, the Northern Jurisdiction and the Southern Jurisdiction.

Personally, I can’t seem to figure out how they are still permitted to exclude women in this present age of (in) equality; all lodge members throughout the world are men (except for some local orders in France which go by the name “Le Droit Humain” and include both men and women).  Perhaps this gives a glimpse into the great power that they possess.  There is only one other requirement to enter the “Blue Lodge” as it is called and that is that the person believe in a deity.  Although this requirement is said to have been abolished by the French lodge, it is still the first question asked a person wishing to join here in the US.  The irony is that the core of the Freemasonic belief is that Lucifer is their god!  They worship Satan but this fact isn’t found out until well up into the ranks of the craft if learning only by journey.  This information could and should be learned by everyone BEFORE they decide to join by studying the literature before making the secret commitment. This is a major problem in the world today; lack of knowledge and understanding. It is ironic, as mentioned earlier because these are the days in which information is so abundant.  To me, it seems absurd that anyone would sign a secret document or make a secret oath to ANYTHING but most Freemasons believe that they are joining some innocuous fraternal organization because they have not equipped themselves with any bit of understanding beforehand.

Freemasonry was officially started in the late sixteenth century by Scottish workers in the art of elaborate stone concrete and mortar structures of the middle ages. Although some say the roots of Freemasonry can be traced back to Solomon’s Temple by the “Hiram key”, this is extremely difficult to verify and if such is the case, the details have been lost to history.[95]  Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland is arguably the oldest building of the Freemasons built circa 1280 AD and demonstrates the beautiful architecture of these master stoneworkers. Rosslyn Chapel was said to be where the Knights Templar worshiped and where some of them hid from King Philippe IV of France in 1307 when he sanctioned the order of the Templars to be abolished.

Albert Pike was a 33rd degree Freemason and very powerful figure within its ranks.  He was instrumental in the organization of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in the United States. Pike was born in Boston, Massachusetts, December 29, 1809.[96]  His brother Zebulon was also a historic figure; an explorer whose name is given to the famous mountain in Colorado, Pikes Peak.[97] Albert pike passed the admission exam for Harvard University at age 15 but was not able to attend due to lack of funds.  He was also a Confederate general in the civil war and authored the controversial book, “Morals and Dogma.” He was in his later years encouraged by fellow lodge man Albert Gallatin Mackey in 1855 to write a revision of the ancient Scottish rite and manual for the Southern Jurisdiction which spells out much of what happens within the order. The revision should not be confused with Morals and Dogma; the two are different manuscripts.  Morals and Dogma is available to read online for anyone interested in beginning to understand how everything you thought you knew and understood is, in one way or another, deceptive lies and controlled programming with a long term agenda outlined by the secret societies which have sworn allegiance to the ruler of this world, Lucifer AKA Beelzebub.

Pike declares, “The Blue Degrees are but the outer court or portico of the Temple. Part of the symbols are displayed there to the Initiate, but he is intentionally misled by false interpretations.  It is not intended that he shall understand them; but it is intended that he shall imagine that he understands them.  Their true explication is reserved for the Adepts, the Princes of Masonry.  The whole body of the Royal and Sacerdotal Art was hidden so carefully, centuries since, in the High Degrees, as that it is even yet impossible to solve many of the enigmas which they contain.  It is well enough for the mass of those called Masons, to imagine that all is contained in the Blue Degrees; and whoso attempts to undeceive them will labor in vain, and without any true reward violate his obligations as an Adept.  Masonry is the veritable Sphinx, buried to the head in the sands heaped round it by the ages.”[98]

Here, Pike confirms that the secrets of Freemasonry are so carefully guarded, those craftsmen desiring to understand are intentionally misled within the blue degrees that it is futility to try to gain a conception of them. The deepest secrets are for the “Adept” or those who have inevitably gone on to achieve the highest degree or the 33rd degree. They are the “Princes of Masonry”.

Although it cannot be proven by anyone outside of the lodge, it is my estimation that Freemasonry is going to play a big part in the time of Jacob’s trouble, after the revealing of antichrist. I believe that it has been setting up the new world order for centuries and the power underlying it is the power behind the secret societies.  Many of our founding fathers were Freemasons including Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Paul Revere, John Hancock and even the Marquis de Lafayette. The list of masonic presidents is George Washington, James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, James Polk, James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, James Garfield, William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, Warren G. Harding, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, Gerald R. Ford.[99]

The Statue of Liberty was given to the United States by France and dedicated on October 28, 1886 on Bedloe Island New York.[100]  The idea for the statue came from Edouard de Laboulaye and French sculptor Frederic Bartholdi (the sculptor of the design) but the internal support structure was created by Gustave Eiffel – ALL of them Freemasons. [101] The statue is supposedly representative of the liberty and freedom of America but its hidden meaning is masonic and esoteric and the actual idea of a lady with a torch was not original to the Statue of Liberty but circa 4 BC the Romans worshiped a goddess called Libertas.  She looked remarkably similar to Lady Liberty depicted with the seven spikes around her head and/or a “freedom cap”.  Both symbols descended from earlier pagan worship of Ishtar, goddess of the Sumerians. The tablet being held by Lady Liberty contains only the numbers for the date July 4, 1776 which to the average American represents the date of our independence from British rule but is historically inaccurate. (The USA didn’t actually gain their independence until the close of the Revolutionary War on September 3, 1783) What DID actually happen on that date was the official signing and institution of the Illuminati in Freemasonry. For those coming into the harbor through Ellis Island, the first thing they see is a pagan goddess at the footsteps of the United States.

Our nation’s capital was designed by a Freemason named Pierre L’Enfant in 1790 and within Washington DC, there are pagan symbols and signs throughout.  It is even said that the Freemasonic “square and compass” are built into the city square street plan and can be seen from above. It is also said that the obelisk monolith named the Washington Monument is a pagan, phallic symbol common to Illuminati and Freemasonic symbolism and represents the fertility goddess Ishtar. Monolithic symbolism is steeped within Freemasonic tradition and is common in pagan worship throughout history.  Atop the Capitol dome is the goddess “Armed Freedom”.  The entire city of Washington DC (District of Columbia) is awash in goddess figures and even named after the fertility goddess “Columbia” which has been named the goddess of the United States of America[102] and can be seen holding up her torch in the beginning credits to every Hollywood movie by Columbia Pictures Inc.

The architecture is also modeled after paganism and the buildings representative of ancient Classical Temple Architecture and Pagan Statuary, which is not hidden but in plain sight.  From the Capitol building to the Supreme Court building to the Jefferson Memorial, these buildings are remarkably similar to their ancient counterparts of the Parthenon, the Pantheon and the temple of Athena.  Why would such care be taken in memorializing within our nation’s capital such pagan cultures in the architecture of what our founding fathers (mostly Freemasons) called a “Christian” nation and whose existence is owed largely to the pursuit of religious freedom?  Much more can and has been said of Washington DC and how this great nation’s very Capital is drenched in the symbols of paganism. What should be noted for our purposes in this manuscript is the fact that most citizens of this country couldn’t care less about it.

Masonry is the ultra-purification and personification of evil.  It is the ultimate reversal of nature and order.  It represents evil and is drenched in the magic and mysticism of the ancient eastern religions and the Kabbalah (ancient Judaic mysticism).  The deception is so clear and reversed in reality that untangling it necessarily relies ironically on some understanding of the Gospel which Jesus Christ came once to deliver unto the saints and of which the world (and all of its secret societies, cults and black magic over the centuries) seeks to constrain.   It is a grand structure like the namesake architecture from which it comes; complex and beautiful on the outside but inside its darkest chambers is full of dead men’s bones. It takes our precious Gospel and our Lord Jesus Christ and complicates by symbolism and code and by hiding behind the esoteric, every facet of Deity, Beauty and Sovereignty our Almighty Creator God ascribed to Himself and attempts to make reality into the opposite of what it truly is, giving the credit for creation over to the father of lies thus nullifying the Propitiation of our Lord, God and Savior, Jesus Christ. To the uninitiated it is a trap, like a counterfeit bill, masquerading as a religion of light.  Right is wrong, wrong is right; good is bad, bad is good; As above, so below; and by the same apostate method, it attempts to turn a creation of God – Lucifer, into the Creator.  In many ways, it is like the theory of evolution.  It tries to make something out of nothing within the reality which God has so obviously created and endorsed by its majestic beauty and order – even in its fallen state.

  • The Roman Catholic Church

Many books have been written on the subject of The Roman Catholic Church alone and there is a very long, complicated and controversial history behind the modern, Vatican II Catholic Church and the Papal church of Rome but for the sake of discussion, I will give a brief overview of this history and allow the reader, in search of the truth in all matters, to ferret out the remaining facts for themselves.

This author was brought up as a young child in the RCC even attending the Catholic Catechism (Saturday classes in Catholicism) during the grade school years.  I can say with authority that the Catechism classes that I attended did not teach RCC doctrine, but perhaps taught them in the high school years, as I only attended until the sixth grade.  I recall while about 8 years old, looking through the colored pictures of the “stations of the cross” in my little, leather backed “missalette” – a Catholic prayer book.  There were no bibles in the pews of the church we attended because the RCC doesn’t use them.  The priest selects one scripture and builds a sermon around it.  But as I was leafing through the missalette, I vividly recall a warm desire in my heart to know God, understanding that He was not present in the missalette, nor in the church we attended every Sunday.  I would need to live another 8 years before I was introduced to Him.

The King James bible is the only book of God’s written word for the English speaking people of today.  It is the book He promised to keep, preserve and defend and it has not changed.  The believers in this book (its existence as God’s written word, and belief of everything in it as fact) are very separated from this world, especially in this – the day of great apostacy and falling away from Truth as defined in 2 Thessalonians 2:3.

The KJB believer who has been born again in The Spirit has more than enough information to reject the modern RCC simply by using several very obvious facts which contradict both the King James bible and logic (not to mention the Spirit dwelling within him). Although the RCC claims to use the bible as its foundation of faith, there are still many things that separate the born again Christian from the RCC. One of the RCC’s most notable schisms is the Vatican council’s rejection of John 3:3 which states that “ye must be born again”.  These were the very words of Jesus Christ and alone are enough to keep anyone who desires to please God from entering a Roman Catholic Church in this age. The tradition of the RCC states that attendance, participation in manmade “sacraments” and membership in its church is what qualifies people for eternity with God but only after being “purged” in the antibiblical “purgatory”.  In addition, the RCC also claims that the mother of Jesus Christ, Mary, was sinless, a “forever” virgin and was taken up to Heaven by God Himself in spite of the fact that the bible contains two books written by the brothers of Jesus, (James and Jude) and clearly mentions Jesus’ brothers numerous times in other books of the New Testament.  Many more false teachings of the church separate the true Christian from the RCC, most of them are very dangerous heresies such as the Eucharist.

The Council of Trent states that if any man deny the REAL existence of Christ in the wafer given at the RCC communion table they are to be expelled from the church, that is, they must believe that the priest, being endowed with supernatural power from On High, is able to call the Body of Christ down from Heaven and into the wafer to the extent that the very, physical DNA of Jesus Christ is now become the wafer and that the person consuming it is, in reality, eating the body of Jesus Christ!  “If anyone denieth, that, in the sacrament of the most holy Eucharist, are contained truly, really, and substantially, the body and blood together with the soul and divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ, and consequently the whole Christ; but saith that He is only therein as in a sign, or in figure, or virtue; let him be anathema”.[103] This is not only unbiblical, but also, if one truly believed that this was the actual “Flesh” of Jesus Christ, it is cannibalism and is [still] against the law.

The RCC was instituted by Constantine who reportedly looked to the sky where he saw the sign of the cross superimposed over the sun. Under it was the inscription In Hoc Signo Vinae or “conquer by this sign.”[104] Constantine claimed to have seen this cross in a dream prior to seeing it in the sky with this inscription: IN HOC SIGNO VINCES or IN THIS SIGN CONQUER.  Prior to this battle, true Christianity was spreading throughout the Roman empire despite the Caesars of Rome killing as many followers as they could.  Constantine had the eagle on his shield changed to the now famous Chi Rho and Roman Catholicism was instituted.

The existence of the RCC to anyone who has studied the deep secrets of the principalities and powers of this world and the secret societies, combined with the study of God’s written word, it becomes obvious that to those resisting it, something BIG was needed in place of true Christianity.  Since the Resurrection of Jesus Christ to the fourth century AD, the truth of Christianity was taking over the world and was unstoppable mostly because it is the TRUTH and because more than 500 people were eyewitness to His death burial and resurrection. This generally was enough for critical mass awareness at that time and those who wanted to see it stopped realized that it must somehow be stopped from within its ranks. Constantine was the founder of the new, false faith.

And, in the greatest example in history of “if you can’t beat them, join them,” Christianity became THE religion of the civilized world but with an important twist; The addendum to the cliché being hidden to this day was… “join them, but then pervert and control them from within”.  THIS is how the RCC was born and this is largely the RCC we see practiced today by over 1 billion Catholics the world over.  The names of the pagan Roman gods and goddesses were removed and, in their place, went the names associated with the Truth and genuine worship of the 1st century Christians, some of whom saw Jesus Christ ascend into Heaven with their own eyes. It puzzles me that it took over 300 years for this “replacement” to occur, perhaps more study of true history is needed to reach an answer for this enigma.  Nevertheless, today we have a pagan religion called Catholicism (which most believe is a true Christian religion) governing the world which can be found in the bible as “The woman who rides the beast” in Revelation 17.

The RCC is fraught with paganism, idol worship, deceptive practice and many other heresies including that of changing the written word of God, removing the second of the 10 commandments (found in Exodus 20) “thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.  Exodus 20:4 The RCC still considers that they hold the “10 commandments” of God because they have divided the tenth commandment into two separate commandments.  This fact should alone dissuade someone who desires to please God to at least start to investigate the RCC which they have traditionally attended.  They would find many other things amiss about their “church” as well such as bowing down in front of statues to pray. They are told to adore the host which is a piece of bread. They light candles and pray to the dead, an unbiblical practice. They also taught to adore relics like a dead monk’s head or a dead saint’s finger. They gaze upon other “sacred” (actually blasphemous and heretical) objects and idols and images like pictures of a “madonna” with a baby that they call “Jesus” (this is not the real Jesus of the Bible, but another of man’s devices). Many have “a Jesus” hanging on the cross in their homes so that they can visualize the object of their worship. Perhaps they think the crucifix is a good luck charm. This is evil.[105]

The crucifix is paganism to the core. If you study the AV bible and truly desire to please God, you won’t have ANY objects or pictures hanging in your house or car.  I used to have pictures and paintings and crosses (not crucifixes, with Jesus still on them!) but as I matured in my walk with the Lord, I learned that the second commandment forbids ALL of this, even a tiny gold cross on a necklace however, I leave the cross controversy up to the Christian.  I myself won’t wear a cross, although I had done so in the past for many years.  I can recall asking my Catholic grandmother for a “medal” when I was about 8 years old.  The medal was something of a good luck charm that the RCC produced and many Catholics hung them around their necks.  True to her promise, the next time I saw grandma, she had a brand new “medal” to hang around my neck.  It was a message on an oval, cut out in the rough shape of a cross with the words “Jesus, Mary, Joseph; pray for us” and it was emblazoned with raised relief images of those three catholic personalities.  I can remember how I enjoyed showing anyone who would ask what was on the chain hanging around my neck and how pious and proud I felt showing it to people.  I kept it on me at all times even while sleeping and wore it for what seemed like forever but in reality, was probably several years from 8 years old to adolescence.  I thought that I knew God for wearing this.  It would be several years before I would realize that the Jesus of the RCC and the Jesus Christ of the bible are two radically different persons.

Back to the subject. (so much to say, so little time to say it!) Something of which most people are unaware, especially Roman Catholics, is the fact that Constantine didn’t “convert” to Christianity by becoming a true believer, he simply changed Christianity to the Roman sun god worship of that day thus giving Christian names to pagan and mythological Roman deities.  The detestable “monstrance” is clearly a symbol of Egyptian sun god worship and this is what the priests in Catholic Churches hold up over their heads, containing the wafer to be “adored” by the worshipers.  Christ died ONCE for all people but He is put to death and EATEN over 250,000 times daily in the RCC and Eastern Orthodox churches around the world! Vatican City is awash in pagan symbology including the aforementioned monstrance, the fish miter (hat worn by priests), the “bent crucifix” John Paul 2 carried as he sat on his “throne” adorned with an upside down cross on its chairback – a symbol used in black magic and witchcraft, highly admired by Satanists.                                                                                                                (see for yourself;  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ypZ28cZris )

Constantine did appear to be a Christian in that age (as many popes and leaders throughout history have had the appearance of and have claimed to be true Christians) and that is the persona he portrayed with the Edict of Milan[106] whereby putting an end to Christian persecution and killing in that age.  The edict was brought about in 313 by Constantine and Licinius whom Constantine later defeated in 323 AD by organizing the Western and Balkan sides for control of the whole of the Roman Empire.

Constantine was also credited with convening the First Council of Nicaea in 325 AD which resulted in the Nicaean Creed, the first Christian ecumenical document stating the Nature of Jesus Christ and of God the Father.  This creed is still used to this day in most Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches. Constantine didn’t vote on this council, he instead let the two opposing camps settle it out by ballot.  It was the first official document on the Authority and Deity of Jesus Christ used by the newly formed Catholic Church.[107]  The RCC would control the Christian religion all through the Dark Ages and restrict the reading and interpretation of the bible to the popes.  The bibles chained to the alters of the RCC was written in Latin and the spread of true Christianity was halted for the next 12 centuries while the RCC became the most powerful and wealthy kingdom in the ancient world.

For the last several decades, at least back to the 1960’s, the popes of Rome under Vatican II have been “relaxing standards” to match the moral decadence of society within the RCC in an effort to create a global, ecumenical church.  Pope John Paul II filled the alter at St. Peters Basilica with all sorts of pagan god worshippers including representatives from Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and other pagan religions, even snake charmers!  Moreover, it was horrifically seen and photographed (and forever, indelibly recorded on the internet) John Paul II KISSING a Koran!  More recently, new garbage came from Pope Francis when he said, “The Koran and the spiritual teachings contained therein, are just as valid as the Holy Bible.[108]  Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Jehovah, Allah; These are all names employed to describe an entity that is distinctly the same across the world” … BLASPHEMY!  And this, coming from the mouth of the “infallible” spiritual leader, “the proclaimed vicar of Christ” of more than 1 billion lost Catholics. Recently, however, much effort has been done to cover up the words that came from Francis’ mouth but to no avail. Why?  Because the Moslems quoted it in all of their media as well.[109] So much more could be dragged up about the insane and antithetical comments made by the popes over the centuries but personally, I don’t want to think about or look at any more of it.

  • The Jesuits

In 1847, Ignatius Loyola a former Roman Catholic priest, formed the group called the Jesuits or “The Order of Jesus”.  It began as an order of Catholic priests, cardinals and bishops as a center of law, organization, power and secrecy of the Roman Catholic Church and to this day stands as the most powerful group of men in the world.  They control the world through vast networks of secret societies, in fact, all secret societies including the Freemasons must take orders from them.  There is no higher power in this world than the power that the Jesuits wield from behind the scenes.  And for the first time in the long history of the Roman Catholic Pontificate, there exists a Jesuit Pope.[110]  Francis, born Jorge Mario Bergoglio, was born in Argentina and is a sworn Jesuit by the “Extreme Oath” of the Jesuits given to only the highest of the Jesuit order members. I will copy a section of that oath and I will leave the remainder of learning on the subject of the Jesuits up to the individual.[111]

“I furthermore promise and declare that I will, when opportunity present, make and wage relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Liberals, as I am directed to do, to extirpate and exterminate them from the face of the whole earth; and that I will spare neither age, sex or condition; and that I will hang, waste, boil, flay, strangle and bury alive these infamous heretics, rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women and crush their infants’ heads against the walls, in order to annihilate forever their execrable race. That when the same cannot be done openly, I will secretly use the poisoned cup, the strangulating cord, the steel of the poniard or the leaden bullet, regardless of the honor, rank, dignity, or authority of the person or persons, whatever may be their condition in life, either public or private, as I at any time may be directed so to do by any agent of the Pope or Superior of the Brotherhood of the Holy Faith, of the Society of Jesus.”

Nice, huh? Ever since Pope Francis has taken office, they have been trying to say that the Jesuit Oath is a forgery.  It can be easily proven not to be.



Chapter 7:  The Giants

George Orwell, the author of the science fiction novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, the dystopian classic about the future world government once said, “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”  His novel Nineteen Eighty-Four has garnered him posthumous “rockstar status” in this age and is often referenced with eerie clarity as we see our own country falling further and further into the hands of ‘big brother”; those who will create a “new world order” that our rulers have been preparing for themselves for centuries.  Knowledge of the efforts of the PTB (powers that be) for a one world government is unavoidable if a clear understanding of the truth is to be established.  One thing is certain – a positive understanding of how mankind arrived at this point in time reveals the fact that it is much easier in every respect to “go with the flow”, that is, to accept every thought, teaching, premise, historical event, or explanation of the unknown as fact without investigating the matter for oneself and in this age, especially if it comes from mainstream news or the corrupt government.

Now that an understanding of the theory of evolution has been established and the purpose that it serves in undermining God and preparing for the coming delusion has been settled, the groundwork has been laid to present more details of the agenda of the elite which has been predicated on the population for more than two hundred years.  The agenda is solidly dependent on a majority of people devoted to preserving the macroevolutionary theory and the tireless efforts of holding up the lie are beginning to have an effect as more people awaken to the deception.

The obvious rarity of transitional skeletons needed to prove the biological evolution of mankind stands opposite of what history and real fossil remains have been revealing all along in the existence of other types of fossilized skeletons found all over the world — the skeletons of the giants.  The evidence that doesn’t exist (transitional skeletons) must somehow be made plenteous and the evidence which the earth yields up so readily, that of the fossilized skeletons of humanlike giants, must be made nonsense even though ALL ancient manuscripts of diverse cultures throughout the world and history contain a myriad of references of Giants within their pages including the bible which is replete with them.  The modern media science magazines i.e. National Geographic, etc. has done an outstanding job of containing this truth and keeping it from going mainstream in this age, held captive by fear of ridicule, but the facts remain and are much too abundant to ignore.  Considering that the bible is merely a collection of fairy tales (the post modern view) and ignoring the presence of giants within is one matter but ignoring the evidence being unearthed all over the world and in whose proof exists in every culture that has ever recorded itself in that annals of history is completely another.

  • The Early Printed News

Newspaper articles from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s spoke freely about giant skeletons being found all over the world as the need for fossil fuels exploded and every time a new discovery was made, it was publicized, not hidden as it is now. However, time after time, the old articles claim that a representative from The Smithsonian showed up and procured the finds and, in every case, when they are later asked to view their unique finds, expecting perhaps that they were taken to be displayed in the museum, they are told by the Smithsonian that they don’t exist.  If the modern evolutionary narrative is to be held intact in the public schools, the discovery of these skeletons of giants being found all over the world must be somehow silenced.

The media plays the most important role in the continual coverup of truth.  In the early days, before television and radio, there was only written media in the form of newspapers, magazines, journals, books and billboards. Soon, moving pictures began but remained primitive and existed solely for entertainment purposes.  The first successful permanent theatre showing only films was “The Nickelodeon” in Pittsburgh in 1905.[112] As the media evolved, so the control over the media was instantly recognized as a necessary objective if the deception and cover up of our true history was to be controlled universally.

In the early 20th century, as the buzz began to increase over the articles about giant skeletons, it was recognized by the “enlightened” that, if the freedom of the press were to continue unabated, their Darwinian worldview which was burgeoning at that time, would be stifled and so would their future plans of a one world government. (the lie of Darwinism has always been for the ultimate purpose of a new world order) Eventually, the newspaper articles about giant skeletons began to cease as word (and the filthy lucre with which to bribe) increased to the editors of newspapers all over the country.  As the media grew with the advent of radio and later television, the controls and buffers used, merged with the new media forms and were scarcely noticed.  Today, with the advent of the internet, it is impossible for them to keep control over what people see and hear so other tactics are used, the most successful by far is ridicule.  The media today in all of its forms (the macromedia) is guarded by those who control the world and they use every bit of it very craftily, successfully and much to their advantage.

Inside the Grand Canyon are caves that have now been seized by the government and closed off to the public over the years. “The Grand Canyon was once home to a civilization that most likely consisted of individuals of cyclopean proportions. If such a civilization ever lived, surely it would have left behind some structure as a testament of its existence.”[113] The article mentions the discovery of an enormous underground citadel by an explorer named G.E. Kinkaid, who stumbled upon it while rafting on the Colorado River. It is worth mentioning that Kinkaid was an established archaeologist and had financial backing from the Smithsonian Institute.[114]

“Modern day archaeology and anthropology have nearly sealed the door on our imaginations, broadly interpreting the North American past as devoid of anything unusual in the way of great cultures characterized by a people of unusual demeanor. The great interloper of ancient burial grounds, the nineteenth century Smithsonian Institution, created a one-way portal, through which uncounted bones have been spirited. This door and the contents of its vault are virtually sealed off to any but government officials. Among these bones may lay answers not even sought by these officials concerning the deep past.”          Vine, Victor Deloria; (late law professor and native American from Arizona State University)

Any visit to a well-equipped public library’s computerized microfilm section will reveal this and so much more about the subject and reality of Giants all over the world.  Many intrepid and brave individuals from the archaeological sciences have done the research and have written books on the subject for anyone who is interested but they are met with ridicule by the modern scientific community and filtered from the mainstream by peer review rejection.  Never will a nonfiction book that highlights the existence of giant skeletons make the New York Times bestseller list. (fortunately, that’s not this author’s agenda) However, this forbidden archaeology is a fact that cannot be hidden and it is available for ANYONE who cares enough to know the truth to go in search of it.  But that’s the problem – nobody seems to care.

In this age, with the world’s library LITERALLY at our fingertips (click of a mouse) it would seem that information on any subject would be very easy to obtain however, I have learned recently of another disturbing fact that has me as angry as I am frustrated – the censorship being found in big internet search engines.  I had to use a new, let’s call it, un-biased search engine for much of the research I am doing for this project because the big one – Google – will not easily reveal the secrets I’m attempting to uncover.  Anyone who attempts such research will immediately come up against this palpable force that guards and defends the great lie and subsequent deception called Darwinian evolutionism and anyone willing to voice their findings should also prepare themselves for their inadequate yet well supported, false flag, scornful resistance.

I realize that there are many, many such books written on the subject of Darwinian evolution and the reality of the theory’s inadequacy in proving itself genuine over the years. Time is the great revealer and shows itself to be the case in this theory which is now crumbling under the weight of technology and the missing evidence.  Many scientific theories have come and gone away quietly but it seems that Darwin has some kind of invisible stronghold on the world that just won’t let go.   It seems that it would be of much less importance if it wasn’t for the scope of magnitude that the theory holds; that of binding the world from understanding our true origins.  And the more evidence that is found disproving the theory, the more disturbing it becomes to those like me who see the extent to which our scientists and academia will lie and deceive the people to force their beliefs on an entire culture, ensuring that the majority of people adhere to their worldview thus holding the world captive in a prison without bars; a prison for the mind and soul.

Just as the giants of the Grand Canyon and their existence have been covered up,[115] so has the existence of giant skeletons all over the world.  You may, at this point wonder why the subject of the existence of giants has been so feverishly resisted since the time in which the newspapers freely wrote about them to now – a time in which the simple mention of them is met with instant laughter or sarcasm or both.  The answer in this case can be compared to all of the patently false “evidence” for evolution shown thus far:  To the lack of transitional fossils, the Miller-Urey experiment’s shortcomings, irreducible complexity, entropy, the tampering and outright fakery of evidence and every other proof brought up against evolution, however, the cover up of the giants is a new kind of deception – it is not a lack of evidence for the theory; it is an abundance of evidence against the theory which, if permitted into the argument would, along with the aforementioned lack of evidence, prove unequivocally that mankind did most certainly NOT “rise up” from the apes.

  • Forbidden Archaeology

There is much information available today about the inefficacies of the theory of evolution, enough in fact that if someone were determined to know the truth, they could easily find out for themselves utilizing the number of books written and the amount of other forms of media in this age including internet websites dedicated to truth and which include video presentations of similar material exposing the lies that the current modern culture believes is truth.

In 1880, found in mineshafts in California underneath thick, undisturbed layers of lava said to range from 9 to 55 million years old, modern tools were found.  The existence of these “modern” tools created a major controversy within the evolution camp when exposed because what also must remain intact regarding the current Darwinian paradigm is the millions of millions of years nonsense.  If that apple cart were overturned, the whole theory would collapse because Darwinism requires those millions of years to generate the micro-mutations necessary for turning a stone into a chimp.  W. H. Holmes of the Smithsonian Institution, one of the most vocal critics of the California finds wrote,

“Perhaps if Professor Whitney [finder of the ancient tools] had fully appreciated the story of human evolution as it is understood today, he would have hesitated to announce the conclusions, notwithstanding the imposing array of testimony with which he was confronted.”

In other words, if the facts do not agree with the favored theory, then such facts, even an imposing array of them, must be discarded.  This is a good example of the operation of the knowledge filter.

(From Forbidden Archaeology; Michael A. Cremo; And special thanks to Kent Hovind for the many videos he has contributed to the exposing of the truth)

“In the 1950’s, Thomas E. Lee of the National Museum of Canada found advanced stone tools in glacial deposits at Sheguiandah, on Manitoulin Island in Lake Huron.  According to modern scientific dating methods, the deposits were 65,000 to 125,000 years old.  The director of the museum was fired for refusing to fire the discoverer.  Tons of artifacts disappeared into storage bins at the NMC.  The discovery had to be killed, ‘it would have forced the rewriting of almost every book in the business.’”[116]

Finally, the TRUTH is being revealed and the deception is being uncovered.  This is the way that Truth operates.  Truth allows for the lie to lure those who hate truth into a false conclusion and to allow those who LOVE truth to expose it to the world but in every case, Truth ALWAYS comes to the surface to expose the lies whether they are massive lies or tiny lies; whether told from the highest podium on earth or told in the public school’s classrooms; every lie will eventually be found out.  In the case of the lie about the origin of life, try as they might to cover it up, the truth is still finding its way to the surface.  This is another condition of lies; the big ones that carry the most weight, are always found out last because they are the lies that hide the most protected and ambitious agendas. Once the big lies are uncovered, all of the lies and deception held in captivity are uncovered also.

With the passing of the years, mankind has found himself in this most awkward position:  The scientific world, within all of its disciplines, has been carefully building gaps into and around the evolutionary paradigm for future generations, just waiting for the evidence it lacks to suddenly produce itself while our Greatest Heritage and Reason for being has been taken away;  held captive by a thought; and without a shred of reality in which it could be verified; we see the entirety of existence in the world of academia, handing over all the credit for the beauty and Genius of Creation, to the most unlikely and insulting origin imaginable – not to another god, but to NOTHING at all but chance.

  • Internet Censorship

There is solid evidence that has been shared over the years revealing that The Smithsonian Institution – the premier museum for the artifacts proudly shown to be in favor of biological evolution – intentionally discarded many giant skeletons and other artifacts that did not fit into their evolutionary religion, taking them by barge to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and dumping them in 5 miles depth of water. If someone were interested in covering up this truth, this would be the logical thing to do simply because of the abundance of these skeletons.  There were simply too many to hide in any other way. This cover up began to surface when an ex-employee of the Smithsonian blew the whistle.[117]  When news began swirling about this most heinous effort to disrupt the true history of mankind by withholding evidence of the truth and, as the PTB realized the ramifications that such would have if this truth were ever to go mainstream they knew something must be done.

As more witnesses began coming forth and the egregious and deceptive deed was garnering attention by the main stream majority, Google Inc. employed shills to create an entirely satirical, internet “news” tabloid called “World News Daily Report” putting the real story in it and manipulating it to appear at the top of the page when anyone would search for this story.  They would then print the story about the dumping, from their viewpoint of course in their new, fake “top searched” website.

A little known fact giving the impression to those searching the internet for the truth of this believe that the story must be the truth because it came up at the very top of the page when searched however, is patently false.  The PTB have effectively halted the “most viewed story gets highest spot” expectancy on search engine results, so in some cases, websites no longer reveal their popularity according to their order of appearance (which previously indicated how many “hits” the website receives).  The most hits algorithmically appeared first and the least hits were at the bottom of the page. This is no longer dependable for those searching for facts which the controlling elite wants to keep hidden.

So now that the reader has found the story and believes that it is truth, it would then be surrounded by fictional, satirical and impossible, non-related, ridiculous tabloid stories (as well as a few genuine, provable articles thrown in giving the impression that it is real and trustworthy) but a publication which most would find to be utter nonsense with the reputation of the likes of “The National Enquirer”. The keepers of the “truth” created a satire page and printed the TRUE story of Smithsonian’s dumping valuable artifacts in the ocean to disqualify the story by association and prevent its further proliferation making sure that it would be the first thing anyone interested would come upon. The result is that the majority would go away trusting that the accusation was fake, never looking into it again.

I discovered this recently while researching for this project. Several years ago, I found that an internet search of the truth about the dumping of the skeletons of giants yielded several articles and videos done by private parties and ex-employees of Smithsonian and that is how I learned the truth of the dumping.  However, when researching for the same truth this time, I found that they have been busy covering up this truth because it was gaining popularity.

In other words, a new tabloid was created and mockingly printed by “New World Order Media” (no joke, that is the name of the parent company of this publication) a website purposely designed to protect the lie, confuse and cast doubt upon, and to cover up the truth of this and other matters.  The real story used to be found all over Youtube and the internet and is as follows:  An ex-employee of The Smithsonian, who had apparently been on a trip to the Marianas Trench in the Atlantic to dump a barge-load of evidence, was the whistleblower and made the report posting it on Youtube.  If you search the story by plugging the previous sentence into a search engine, the very first result on a page of results is a story from WNDr which title says, SMITHSONIAN ADMITS TO DESTRUCTION OF THOUSANDS OF GIANT HUMAN SKELETONS IN EARLY 1900’S but then goes on to say that “A US Supreme Court ruling has forced the Smithsonian institution to release classified papers dating from the early 1900’s”.  This also is a lie; the strawman.[118]

When I used Google to search the story, the very first item to pop up was a story on World News Daily Report which website is coincidently named very similarly to the legitimate, alternative news website, World Net Daily. WND is the acronym for the respected and legitimate World News Daily; a genuine publication founded in 1997 by Joseph Farah with the stated intent of “exposing wrongdoing, corruption and abuse of power”.  It is recognized by all search engines by its acronym which takes you directly to its homepage.  But the obfuscators at large are very sly.  And, I might add that the more one digs and uncovers the truth, the more it can be seen that the principalities controlling these things are ONE, working together with those people who HATE the truth to a degree that can only be understood as being spiritual.  There is a source – a palpable source of resistance and it is where all resistance originates.

They cunningly kill two birds with one stone; first in confusing WND, which many believe to be an ethical website devoted to providing truth in reporting, (one of a very few of its kind in this age but one which I do not trust as being 100% truthful) with a ridiculous and foolish tabloid by cleverly naming it almost identically (they merely add “report” to the end of “WND”).  Then, by using their vast power and influence, they manipulate the search results burying the real story by surrounding it with the fake and thus achieving their goal of taking away the credibility of the story and controlling the thoughts and minds of the people, all without their ever knowing it.  Not only is this blatant mind control, it is SABATAGE of the truth.

The tabloid WNDr is an almost identical acronym of WND, by design.  WNDr is admittedly satirical and 99% of the stories are false according to their own disclaimer.   The most important consideration is that ninety five percent of curious readers who searched for the original story of the Smithsonian’s cover up, will abandon the search without looking further although much more truthful information exists further down the page of search results. The mildly curious seeker mistakenly believes that all of the fake web stories appear further down the page. They subsequently will believe the first two stories and conclude that the original story is all sensationalism, like all the other stories on WNDr and it will be settled in their minds as being as disingenuous as the story of the “man with three buttocks”, or “death row inmate eats an entire bible as last meal” on the prior page.

You’ll need to pay close attention because this gets a bit confusing. (as if the previous wasn’t) Another suspicious fact about this coverup is that the very next link on the original page (at the time of this writing) – the results that the search engine first displayed – the one directly following the WNDr story is by none other than Snopes.com; a website dedicated to debunking “rumors” in all matters.  They claim to do the investigation that others don’t to unveil the absolute truth of a matter and they give the conclusion at the beginning of their report in green or red letters – TRUE or FALSE. They herald themselves as the “end all” of truth in the media, and a watchdog for truth in news reporting. The story in this link was about the story in the previous link by WNDr about the claim of dumping evidence of giant skeletons found all over the North American continent. Since the satirical tabloid portrayed the story as being true, anyone with an extra bit of curiosity who clicked the next link after the WNDr story, would then have all the “truth” about the matter that they would ever need from the Snopes story.  Snopes reported the claim of the Smithsonian dumping artifacts in big red letters – FALSE. Oh, what a tangled web they weave!  It takes genuine dedication to unravel their panoply of lies!

Moreover, we have, by examination and research of the truth, uncovered a strawman.  When searching out the truth of whether the Smithsonian did indeed dump or destroy artifacts of giant human skeletons (whose existence would completely set the evolutionary theory on its head), nobody ever claimed that The Supreme Court demanded that the Smithsonian release reports of such, only that this coverup had been done.  The intentional lie in WNDr is that the Supreme Court made an order which claim is easily falsifiable.  We don’t care whether the supreme court was involved in this case – it is not at all the objective of the story. When Snopes “debunked” the truth of the destruction of artifacts, they used this part of the article that had no relevance because it was an unnecessary addition to the story; they knocked over the strawman that WNDr had set up. Then Snopes quoted the disclaimer of WNDr as being a satirical website, of course.  How many people are going to search any further than this?  These two opposing stories, both done by ONE opposition are relatively recent having been written c.2015.

The censors of Google and Youtube know this well.  They spend inordinate amounts of time, energy and money to control the thinking and worldview of most of those who would go in search of the truth via the internet thus substantiating their beliefs about “internet stories” being mostly false, which opinions were given to them by the MSM news channels.  The debauchery is deep and far-reaching – they don’t miss a trick.  They isolate honest, truthful, independent news stories as false while feeding REAL lies and propaganda to the population over the “tried and true” mainstream media which has been holding back real news and filtering truth since their incarnation. They also realize that it is the MAJORITY that they want to influence and they care little for those like myself and others who take much more than a glance at the truth but dig as deeply as possible for it.  After all, one cannot expose a lie without first having the truth and one cannot find the truth in this age without stripping off the massive overburden to get to the pay “dirt” underneath.

Another extremely effective mechanism, the most powerful I would estimate, which the powers behind the biggest internet search engine and communication corporations (such as Google/Youtube) will do to ensure that their deception doesn’t suddenly become widespread is that of RIDICULE.  Any well-known professional who persists against them will ultimately find themselves embroiled in a polemic which will eventually become their demise and ruin and they will LOSE; sometimes with their very lives.  The fear of ridicule is a very genuine fear in this society in which everyone wants to “fit in”.  Nobody wants to feel “left out” or made to be a fool by ridicule but that is what happens to anyone who presents REAL truth into this imaginary, all inclusive, evolutionary narrative.  That has caused the few real truth seekers to remain under their deception for fear of losing their career or reputation or both.  When examining this phenomenon of ridicule, it becomes apparent that Jesus spoke of this same topic quite often. “Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.”  Matthew 5:11; Jesus Christ is TRUTH; “I am the Way the Truth and the Life” (John 14:6) Those who ridicule the truth that I am exposing here most likely ridicule all truth, especially Jesus Christ.

Many, otherwise honest scientists, who have discovered (or were already aware) the impossible nature of evolutionism won’t dare say a word about it for fear of losing their career or livelihood.  It is only the very brave who will stand up for truth in this world full of lies and deception. Go watch some Youtube videos about the subject of Giants and notice carefully that there are videos which exist only to lure away the curious by threatening ridicule.  A quick read down the comment section of genuine videos about giant skeletons will also reveal that the truth is ridiculed.  I have personally been called every derogatory name in the book (even some that aren’t in the book) but it doesn’t bother me.  I don’t feel embarrassed or threatened, just outnumbered but in this case and every other regarding truth, I don’t want to be on the side of the majority. 

The resistance to truth is everywhere and can be found on videos that are deceptive on more than one level.  They claim to be from honest, truth seekers but are not.  They include information that may contain real, truth but also include intentional falsehoods designed to manipulate the mind of the viewer.  The shills behind these videos are the masters of what has come to be known as “controlled opposition”.  They are intentionally placed within the scope of where those who desire the truth, frequent to get their truth such as Youtube/Google, Vimeo and most any online news outlet. The shills can be found on just about any comment thread on any story with which there could be any questionable material threatening their deeply entrenched agenda.  Note:  I was amazed at the lack of books at my public library which stood up against the evolutionary dogma as the shills cover all the bases.  We are embroiled in censorship like no other time in the history of our “free” country but with publications such as this narrative, and as the people interested in reading it increase, we can see hope for a future of truth being revealed.

Their job is to make the hidden truth STAY hidden by exaggerating facts and by obfuscation of details.  For example, a shill may be tasked with the job of making the giant human skeleton conspiracy look foolish and will ostensibly pose as someone who has “uncovered the truth” of the matter. They pretend they have believed the biblical fact that giants walked the earth but they really don’t and they exaggerate the truth beyond credibility. They present a photo-shopped picture of a giant human skeleton standing next to the Empire State Building for scale and whose skeleton rises up to the 30th floor – over 250 feet!  Nobody ever found skeletons of giants THAT big.  This is how they turn truth into unbelievable nonsense and this is how the people are kept in the dark about the truth of our history and origins.  Deception comes in many different forms; over-exaggeration, under-reporting, lies, cover ups, false witness, mixing the opposite with truth etc. etc. and the father of lies (controlling the world at the present time) utilizes them all.

There are shills with their own internet and/or TV/radio shows which deceive the unwary and keep them within the mainstream, lockstep, delusional, unlearned majority.  Alex Jones, whose 4-hour daily internet/radio talk show InfoWars.com boasts over a million subscribers on Youtube alone.  Wikipedia defines:  A shill, also called a plant or a stooge, is a person who publicly helps or gives credibility to a person or organization without disclosing that they have a beneficial close relationship with the person or organization.” A shill is a paid spokesman for a secret account, a “double agent” if you will.  Further stated, “Shills can carry out their operations in the areas of media, journalism, marketing, confidence games, or other business areas.”  In this age, the shill is an unpleasant (and largely unknown) fact as the world is beginning to see the nature of mainstream FAKE news which has employed talking shills from the very beginning.  They are the heavily made up and painted personalities on HD TV who have signed non-disclosure agreements. We see them every time we turn on cable or network news reading from the teleprompter.  They have sold their morality for a cheap paycheck to become the mouthpieces of the elite.  They have not only betrayed God they have betrayed their fellow man and themselves.  They will live with their decision forever. (Because they will choose to do so – they don’t have to; their price has been paid but they will reject the Gift)

There is certainly no shortage of evidence of giants all over the world and available for anyone to find if they are willing to do some digging. (not exactly in a literal sense but, yeah. Why not 🙂 The truth is in this age something that is not only hidden but is on its way to becoming ILLEGAL.  I will leave the reader with the task of restoring the truth regarding this fact for there is not enough time or space for me to go off in that direction.

Whenever uncovering a hidden fact, I always refer to THE source of truth, the King James bible to study it completely to see how it confirms the truth of a matter. Likewise, it is now necessary to specify which bible since some of the world elite – that palpable source mentioned earlier, have created a market for the generation of big money and for the CHANGING and distribution on the world market of what they call the written word of God. More on that later.

  • What God’s Written Word Says

“There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.” Genesis 6:4

 “And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.” Numbers 13:33

 “Which also were accounted giants, as the Anakims; but the Moabites call them Emims.” Deuteronomy 2:11

“(That also was accounted a land of giants: giants dwelt therein in old time; and the Ammonites call them Zamzummims)”; Deuteronomy 2:20

Most ancient cultures of the world have records of giants living with them and around them in antediluvian times and later. Egyptian art and carvings reveal much about the reality of giants as do the Babylonians, Sumerians, Greeks and Romans, as well as the ancient Eastern cultures.  The South American Indian tribes also tell the story of giants as do some North American Indian tribes.  All of ancient history is saturated with the stories of giants. This topic was instrumental in the early years of my re-education with the truth and it was a very real wakeup call to understanding the length and width and height and depth to which I had been deceived.

Studying as much as possible to demonstrate the impossibility of Darwinian evolution has led me in the path of understanding truths previously unknown to me regarding the value of the whole truth that is being covered up and this understanding is what has revealed, in the most part, the secret agenda of the elite controlling power. Mankind is engaged in a virtual power struggle with unseen principalities of evil and every effort of tainting the truth in this age no matter how large or small, serves the purpose of covering up the truth found in the written word of God.  Every agenda we examine here is related in one way or another to the disreputation of the bible and the truths contained within its pages.

This is the reason that the majority of people in the world at the present time, especially the newest generation and the “millennials”, have so forgotten about the bible and Gods written word that the mere mention of it is met with laughter and ridicule. There is no shortage of support for such people in this age. There has been a changing of the Garde and a new breed of militant atheist is on the rise, proudly professing their belief that Darwin was right and the bible was wrong, making arrows out of words, using them as weaponry against the God and Creator that gave them breath.  The battle they believe they can win is against God and His written word.  The agenda from the very beginning was to discredit the bible and reconstruct the “truth” around mankind himself which will eventually lead to his becoming god of the universe.  Not much has changed since those ineffaceable, historic words were spoken to the first woman, “ye shall be as gods”.




  • Misperceptions About the Nature of God

Modern denominational churches in this age have subtly believed the attack on the AV bible that no giants existed and this is evidenced by the fact that nary a modern pastor teaches about them.  The attack was launched by Darwinists to make their beliefs about the origins of mankind realistic and giants just don’t fit their model.  One or the other had to be discredited and guess which one fell. The truth, of course.  But to dis-believe in the literal fact of the giants living in biblical Old Testament times, intensely skews our vision of the nature of God.

When reading the stories found in the bible about God sending armies of the kings into cities to utterly destroy them, to take no spoil and to kill every man woman and child, including infants, it seems that such an order from God would be contrary to His Being; that He would call for the destruction of innocent children? What the uninitiated bible reader (mostly every person in this age) isn’t aware of is that God ordered the cities of the GIANTS to be killed and they were not HUMAN, that is they were not made in the image of God but were hybrids.  They were not fully human because half of their DNA came from the Nephilim (the fallen angels of Genesis 6) and they NEEDED to be destroyed according to God’s plan, just as He flooded the whole earth according to His plan. (Satan’s plan was to prevent the coming of The Messiah) The modern agenda is so pervasive that even bible believers have struggled with the logic of The God of the Old Testament and His ostensibly murderous orders to His armies of antiquity.

 “And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.” (Genesis 6:1-4).

This part of biblical history is largely untold in pulpits in this age but the proliferation of the hybrids from Genesis 6 was, in large part the reason that God destroyed the world by a flood.  The bible also indicates that there were giants AFTER the flood but no mention of how they survived the flood is given.  Genesis 6 is a very mysterious and difficult part of Scripture but is nevertheless rock solid truth. I still believed in God before I understood about Genesis 6 and God ordering the massacre of cities because when you are born again, you believe God FIRST because you are led by His Spirit in all matters.  “Let God be true and every man a liar”, as the Apostle Paul writes (Romans 3:4) Although the bible is largely silent on many of the details of the Nephilim, the Gnostic Gospels, especially the book of Enoch (which are not inspired Scripture) fill in more details but for the faithful bible student it is only necessary that we know what we are told in Genesis about the origin of the giants and in other books (e.g. Deuteronomy, 1 Samuel, Kings, Leviticus etc.) about the consequences of their existence.

Genesis 6 exists for the bible student to understand that God never instructed His Kings or Prophets to take over a city and kill the inhabitants if they were HUMAN inhabitants.  In all of my years of going to church after becoming a believer in Jesus Christ, I was never taught this.  The modern, church schooled Christian is defenseless against the claims of atheists that God was a bloodthirsty, horrible being to order the killing of all those cities of people because of the modern churches unwillingness to address the difficult sections of Scripture.  The fact of giants in the bible and in the world has been marginalized in this age to protect the current evolutionary paradigm and to prevent people from believing that the bible is the written word of God, truthful in every sense.

Is it any wonder that there is an increase in atheism and Godlessness today?  Nary a Protestant denomination teaches that the Old Testament Hebrews were directed by God to utterly destroy the cities of the Nephilim.  Most brick and mortar churches won’t touch bible prophecy in this age.  The apostasy of the churches in this age is monumental.  This also is bible prophecy found in 2 Thessalonians 2:3. The apostle Paul predicts (by The Holy Spirit of God) that a time of “falling away” or “apostacy” was coming in the end times followed by the catching away of the saints (better known as the “Rapture”) and the revealing of the antichrist.  More on that topic later.

There is a new breed of atheist that wants to spread their hatred of God to the whole population in these end times.  There are many names of published authors today that promote the atheist agenda, however, two very prominent names first come to mind, Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens. And although one might take their pick of hundreds, the two mentioned above are sufficient to demonstrate the callous and hateful regard for God that has been fostered in this Godless age.  And considering that Hitchens is no longer a part of this reality, I’m sure that he now knows the truth.  That is not to say that God couldn’t save a man like Hitchens, who spent his life and energy blaspheming God. It was Hitchens’s desire to be free of his Creator, is God going to prevent it?  The truth is that God saves only those who DESIRE to know Him and believe in Him as He is presented in His verifiable written word. He will allow those who hate Him to be free of Him but I shudder to think such thoughts. Understanding of how we are saved allows for the possibility that God did save Hitchens but we are told in the bible that we will know them by their fruit.  What was Hitchens fruit?  Making his livelihood by authoring books turning young (and old) minds AWAY from God which we are told by Jesus Christ Himself “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”  Matthew 18:6. An entire book series could be written about modern “Christians” and how they have fallen away from the sound teaching of the King James Bible, beginning with the modern “televangelist” and the proliferation of the “revised version” of the late 19th century to the “New International Version” of the bible in the 1970’s.

The modern Christian is woefully uneducated in the truth of the bible because he has been immersed in pop culture and he doesn’t rightly divide the written word of God but looks instead for people to teach him and that will tickle his itching ears with lies about the nature of God, dumbing down the masses and removing Hell from their doctrine.  The bible has been so watered down from the new versions in this age that it truly would take volumes to describe.  The NIV has been revised THREE times since 1984 and the world publishers have seen potential for a very profitable business fueled by unknowing “Christians” beginning in the early 1980’s.  There has been a whole new industry created from the watered down, American/Western Christian community.  “Bible book stores” as they’re called have on their shelves, every new perversion of the bible, hot off the presses named after this person or that person’s commentaries:  Bibles for babies, teens, adults, even bibles for the “liberated” who actually believe God is a female.  Blasphemy!

  • New Age Churches

There are many things that the churches get wrong about the bible especially in this age of the lukewarm Christian.  We now have “mega” churches calling themselves “Christian” putting on laser light rock concerts with “rockstar” pastors, some looking like they just came from a Hindu temple, covered with tattoos and riddled with piercings, wearing torn blue jeans and preaching a watered-down gospel which doesn’t include Hell and in which a Savior isn’t even necessary because everyone goes to heaven!  Some shake their heads like rattles, laughing and screaming and falling down, barking like dogs – anything is permitted. To see what these “churches” are doing on video is nothing less than shocking as a “spirit” they mistakenly call “The Holy Spirit” comes in and people fall over and convulse, spitting and drooling, crawling on the floor laughing hysterically.  It doesn’t take a born again Christian who is indwelt by the Holy Spirit of God to see what is going on here as modern anthropologists recognize the same actions going on in these churches as that which goes on in pagan, African villages and Hindu temples all over the world.  It is not the Holy Spirit of God who visits these places, the bible says that our worship is to be done ORDERLY and peacefully, everyone speaking in order.  If you have ever been inside one of these churches during their “worship” when everyone begins to speak mumbo jumbo nonsense, slurring and making inhuman sounds, claiming it is the “language of the Holy Spirit”, it can easily be seen that this is just chaos and we all know who rules over the chaotic.  God is not chaotic.  That is all that needs to be said about what may be influencing these modern “churches.”  God is HOLY.  That means separated.  The average teen in one of these megachurches, in many cases, looks just like the young millennials one would find hanging around tattoo parlors, sometimes much worse.

These churches like Todd Bentley’s church (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjMYqDHbYtg) are the extreme but there is a more subtle teaching that is causing many to miss the whole purpose of God’s Sacrifice and Free Gift to mankind – the doctrine that ignores Hell and states that Hell is not biblical.  That may sound hopeful to many who don’t know God but negates the biggest and greatest act of love in the history of mankind – the Cross of Calvary.  To negate Hell is to try to CHANGE the whole plan of God and it reduces the Gospel to nothing.  If there is no Hell from which to be saved, why then, did Jesus Christ, who is God in the Flesh of a man, suffer and die the most agonizing death imaginable? This “no Hell” trend is satanic and an insult to Jesus Christ, God the Father and the Holy Spirit but many churches in this age are now teaching this heresy.  Everyone goes to Heaven to be with God who ignores their sin and forgives everybody.  These modern churches, by neglecting the biblical doctrine of Hell, take the Power of the Sacrifice of Christ out of the Cross rendering the most remarkable and magnificent plan, by which God shows how much He loves us, meaningless.  Most modern churches have become apostate in this age and care more about bringing in new members than bringing people to the knowledge of, and salvation by, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and moreover make it impossible for them to be saved.


Chapter 8:  The Age of the Earth – Radiometric Dating

Geologic ages of rocks are calculated using several methods of testing for radioactive materials called “radiometric” or radioactive dating.  Carbon 14 is a radiometric system of dating samples containing carbon in samples of plants or animals.  Since C-14 can date to an accuracy of only 50,000 years, the carbon 14 dating system is not useful for dating rocks or any samples not containing C-14.[119] More on that shortly.  This presents a problem when examining and trying to determine the age of archeological finds such as fossilized bones and, as we will soon learn, is based on faulty, assumptive, pseudo-science maintaining the consistent, deceptive nature of the evidence used to prop up the whole archetype and revealing the reality of creation and Intelligent Design for anyone who wants to know the truth by way of understanding the errors continually presented in defense of Darwinian evolution.

Although countless debates continue to rage over the accurate dates of fossils and the earth, for the purposes of this manuscript we will limit much of the in-depth, scientific and mathematical detail by proving the impossibility of the claims by examining the claims themselves.  And much like evidence used to counter the claims of the alleged evolution of all things, we shall simply apply a bit of logic to the matter and demonstrate how easily it folds in on itself.  The age of rocks is determined by the science of utilizing uranium 238 and potassium argon radiometric dating (among several others). Without getting into the technical science of radiometric dating, it can be easily demonstrated how the science contains too many variables to predict with any degree of accuracy, such numbers as those which are claimed for the age of the earth.

The Uranium 238 dating method is based on measurement of fission tracks.[120]  Uranium decays in a process called fission, leaving tracks in the rock which are then stained and measured.  There are several problems with this method.  The tracks are sometimes mistaken for simple anomalies in the rock sample bringing in personal and singular judgement as a factor. Other factors can contribute to the tracks numbers and appearance such as intense heat so a knowledge of the rocks past exposure to heat must also be known. Other variables will also affect the outcome of radiometric dating.  Additionally, uranium will leach out into water if the sample is contained under water for any amount of time for example in a stream or river thus negating this method from any reasonable or reliable accuracy for the prediction of the age of anything.  Radiometric dating makes assumptions which could result in a high degree of error, sometimes in the millions or billions of years.

Potassium-argon (K-Ar) is a dating method based on the decay of potassium 40 to argon 40 and was used by geologists to come to the most recent estimate of the age of the earth which is said to be 4.5 billion years.[121]  However, many geologists have abandoned this method due to the fact that non-carboniferous rocks can easily absorb argon from the earth and it is unknown how much argon the earth was emitting during and after the flood.[122]  In both examples, when an age is not apparent by radiometric dating, it is then compared to a “known” rock sample’s age found in the vicinity.  The dating of rock samples is also done using the geologic column as an index.  So, we have the rocks being dated by the fossils and the fossils being dated by the rocks. The reason most paleontologists resort to circular reasoning is because of the inconsistencies of radiometric tests. For a most clear example, samples of rock from the brand new lava dome created by Mt. St. Helens.  The results indicated ages of less than one half to almost three million years old, all from eleven year old rock.[123]



  • The Speed of Light

The speed of light has always thought to have been constant at 186,000 miles per second in the vacuum of space.  All of the discoveries in the world of physics in the last century and a half depends on the speed of light being a constant.  We will soon learn that the bedrock of modern science, as well as much of what was thought to be scientific fact will soon be broken to bits.  When we look up in the sky at night, we see stars that modern science tells us are billions of light years away.  A light year is the amount of space that light would travel in one year or 6 trillion miles.[124]  We are told that some of the stars farthest away from earth are up to 15 billion light years away.  That is a very large amount of time and space and gives us an idea of the vastness of the universe.  Science does teach us, and we can tell by using standard measurements, the size of our own galaxy and knowing that there are billions of galaxies is sure enough to send our imaginative minds into overdrive.  This fact is what held me in the grip of believing in a billions of years age of the earth and universe – the universe had to be at least as old as the light coming to us from distant galaxies.  This age placed billions of years onto the age of the universe in stark contrast to the biblical declaration of roughly 10 thousand or so years.

For those apathetic who neither believe in the bible nor have taken an interest in their own mortality, i.e. those who are blinded and deluded by the current worldview of science, academia and media, it doesn’t matter much.  But for those who are most interested in TRUTH, the matter is all important.  Several questions arise when trying to see this world in the biblical, thousands of years age… would God create the universe with the appearance of age?  After all, He created Adam with apparent age as a grown adult and Eve was made, fully mature from a rib taken from Adam by God. It’s His creation; He will do as He wills.

Adam woke from his “sleep” that God “caused on him” to remove a rib from him, after which Adam would wake to see a fully mature, predictively stunning and beautiful (but in what way?) Eve which God had made from Adam’s rib. However, since God created Adam and Eve without sin and perfect, and we know that “age” is a measurement of dying people (as a result of the curse of sin whose end is death) being cast from the idyllic perfection of the Garden of Eden it is impossible to know how mankind would “prosper” in the Garden of Eden without the curse of sin because the bible is completely silent on the issue. God seems to have “anticipated” (textually speaking) the fall of mankind and used their expulsion from the Garden as a method with which to populate the earth.  This is substantiated by the fact that mankind, after the flood, began to see decreased longevity and so it seems, in the Garden of Eden, mankind was immortal but sin is the result of age and subsequent death.  The serpent said to Eve, “ye shall not surely die” (Genesis 3:4) and they didn’t; right away, that is. They did immediately die spiritually.  However, it is sin that brings on the curse of old age, less than perfect health and physical death, but I digress.

Did God place within His creation the appearance of age?  This is a question of which we cannot know the answer in this age but I believe that the answer is not only simple but perfect. The question becomes would God have created the universe “in situ” with the appearance of great age? It’s possible, of course – He can do anything, but knowing now that the speed of light is not necessarily a constant, we can see that the universe isn’t necessarily billions of years old and this opens up a whole case of worms for the Darwinist.

Some scientists in this age are challenging the sacrosanct tradition of assumption; regarding that the speed of light has always been 300 million meters per second or roughly 186 thousand miles per second.  More evidence is being found each year suggesting that the speed of light may have been MUCH faster or SLOWER in the ancient past. And if the speed of light is not a constant, any radiometric dating process is defunct and can no longer be used as a means of dating anything.  A relatively recent matter of great importance within the field of physics is that the speed of light has been slowed down in laboratory tests according to the Harvard Gazette, to thirty eight miles per hour.

“An entirely new state of matter, first observed four years ago, has made this possible. When atoms become packed super-closely together at super-low temperatures and super-high vacuum, they lose their identity as individual particles and act like a single super-atom with characteristics similar to a laser.”[125] Such an exotic medium can be engineered to slow a light beam 20 million-fold from 186,282 miles a second to a pokey 38 miles an hour. ‘In this odd state of matter, light takes on a more human dimension; you can almost touch it,’ says Lene Hau, a Harvard University physicist.”

[126]It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth… that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:” Isaiah 40:22 and “Which alone spreadeth out the heavens, and treadeth upon the waves of the sea.”  Job 9:8 and “Who coverest thyself with light as with a garment: who stretchest out the heavens like a curtain:” Psalm 104:2. Throughout the bible, it is shown that God “stretches” out the fabric of space/time like a curtain which textual meaning places Him at the helm of the creation of all things and also places Him OUTSIDE of His creation.

Modern science has no room for God (irony of ironies) and has removed His power from the creation equation which is only slightly comparable to taking DaVinci out of the Mona Lisa which thing we have been over previously, ad nauseum.  Isn’t it possible that what God is saying in His written word is that He put the space in time and vice versa and is right now active in creating (and sustaining) His universe?  In all of the bible verses above, the verb “stretch” is used in the present/active tense meaning He is still involved in the stretching of our universe.  The bible says that He created the earth before He created the stars which is the opposite of what science tells and the creation account differs in many ways and is antithetical to the theory of evolution.  We will cover more on this later.


  • The Geologic Column

The “Geologic Column” is the fictitious name given to a generic measurement of the ages of fossils according to their placement on the geologic column.  In 1830, Charles Lyell, a man whom Darwin admired, published a book called “Principles of Geology” in which he described the geologic column for the first time.  He divided the earths layers into time periods, naming each layer and assigned an “index” fossil to each layer.  This column is a hypothetical plug of the earth’s crust taken from various areas around the world and alleged to measure the average of geologic time of the whole age of the earth based on layers dating back to the very beginning which is now said to be 4.5 billion years.  These averages are based on nothing but the imagination of the scientist who created the column and exists only on paper.  The geologic column was completed before any system of radiometric dating had been discovered so Lyell’s column was based on absolutely nothing but his imagination and can be seen nowhere but in the textbooks yet isn’t it fascinating to learn that this imaginary column is what is used to this day to date archaeological finds?[127]


  • Carbon-14 Dating and RATE

The C-14 dating process[128] “is a method for determining the age of an object containing organic material by using the properties of radiocarbon, a radioactive isotope of carbon.” The amount of C-14 within the sample is determined by measuring the amount of C-12 in the sample and then plugged into the equation which yields a ratio, or the amount of C-14 present at the time of testing compared to the half-life (5730 years, the amount of time it takes for half of the sample to decay) which supposedly gives the age of the sample.  C-12 is a stable isotope of carbon and doesn’t decay and the ratio of C-12 isotopes to C-14 isotopes will show the ratio of decay and thus the age of the sample.

The most important consideration made to determine the accuracy of the testing is that assumptions are made before the sample is tested.  The scientist must assume the rate of C-14 in the atmosphere has always been the same as it is today and that the ratio of C-12 to C-14 (1 to 1 trillion) has remained the same.  However, it is known that the magnetic field of the earth is changing (lessening) by a measurable amount and the level of the earth’s magnetic field affects the ratio of the carbon isotopes.  For example, if the earth’s magnetic field were stronger, fewer cosmic rays would reach the atmosphere.  Since C-14 is created by cosmic rays in our atmosphere, a higher magnetic field would have decreased the amount of C-14 in the atmosphere and thus in the sample and the sample would show a much greater age. “Outside the range of recorded history, calibration of the 14C “clock is not possible.”[129]

In 1997, a group of scientists began to undertake a project to determine the age of the earth without using the constraints of evolutionary theory.  The group was named RATE (Radioisotopes and the Age of The Earth)[130] and after eight years of study brought forth very astounding results.  These scientists, 7 in all are Andrew Snelling, Ph.D., geology; Steven Austin, Ph.D., geology; Donald DeYoung, Ph.D., physics. John Baumgardner, Ph.D., geophysics, Larry Vardiman, Ph.D., geophysics; Russell Humphreys, Ph.D., physics; Eugene Chaffin, Ph.D., physics. John Morris, Ph.D., President of the Institute for Creation Research; Kenneth Cumming, Ph.D., Dean, Institute for Creation Research Graduate School; William Hoesch, M.S., laboratory technician; Steven Boyd, Ph.D., professor of Biblical Hebrew. [131] Many studies were conducted including the presence of high levels of helium retention in zircon crystals from Proterozoic crustal basement rock of mid-continent North America.[132]  Simplified, there is too much Helium in the zircon crystals (found nearly 3 miles deep) to indicate a billions of years old earth.  Other experiments included samples being taken from coal fields around the world and from samples of rock strata from the bottom up of the so-called “geologic column” or, the layers which are supposed to show the geologic ages of the earth measured in BILLIONS of years, all samples contained measurable amounts of C-14 indicating a more accurate measure of the earth’s age at thousands, not billions of years!

That proves the measuring device used by all paleontological and anthropological sciences today to measure the ages of fossils and the earth are FALSE, which we had already shown by the study of the speed of light.  All had measurable amounts of C-14 throughout, meaning that the “bottom” of the column, said to be billions of years old could not possibly have been older than 50,000 years!  Most importantly, any new fossil find is dated by placing it somewhere along this imaginary “column”.  So, then, we really don’t know the age of anything, do we?  Could it be that their geologic column is nothing more than a mixture of sediment laid down in a global flood only 6 thousand years ago?

RATE also found that DIAMONDS, found in these rock layers contain carbon 14.[133] ANY amount of C-14 found in any rock or fossil means that it can NOT be older than 50,000 years proving that all of the dating done to date (?) is WRONG and their “geologic column”, instead of having the billions of years age as claimed CANNOT be older than 50,000 years putting an end to the billions of years age previously believed by evolutionists and destroying their theory that millions and millions of years of evolution of life created higher and higher forms by genetic mutation and adaptation.  The conclusion of the RATE group was that evidence was much more in favor of the biblical account of creation than modern scientific evolution theory.

Of course, 8 years of scientific study by eight courageous, peer reviewed, PhD scientists scrupulously conducted and recorded in every effort to find the TRUTH regarding this and other scientific claims that fly in the face of logic AND science were not easily accepted into the academy of modern scientific review — those who wrote the book on modern liberal, scientific enlightenment.  RATE can be seen at this very moment being criticized fiercely by the challengers of the truth.  Each of the 8 scientists involved in disputing the currently guarded state religion of evolution and a billions-of-years-old-earth have been criticized without merit by their peers AND everyone else who tries to defend Darwinism and a billions -of -years- old earth.

More evidence demonstrating the impossibility of the geologic column is the discovery of petrified, coalified trees standing upright through the alleged “billions of years” of column.  There are hundreds of such trees found in Kettles coal mine in Cookville Tennessee.  The top and bottom of some trees extend through different coal seams and according to the radiometric testing of these coal layers represent thousands of years between them (which is impossible according to current evolutionary dogma).

The volcano at Mt. Saint Helens blew thousands of trees over which ended up in Spirit Lake in 1980.  The trees revealed in real time – over mere decades – to have become water-logged sinking vertically into the lake bottom, become covered by debris, muck and sediment and to petrify, all in a matter of decades, not millions of years. This demonstrates the natural process of how these trees ended up in coal seams running through what is said to contain millions or even billions of years of sediment and also demonstrates how rapidly such processes actually take place.[134]

  • Polonium Halos – God’s Time Stamp of Creation.

The most common idea about the formation of the earth is said by science and academia to have occurred over millions of years by the accretion and accumulation of dust from the formation of the sun and stars. This comes from years of reading secular science books and journals while trying to keep up with the progression and debate of the topic of Darwinism vs. Intelligent Design. The dust from cosmic collisions coalesced into a giant ball of hot, molten minerals which formed volcanos and underground pools of magma which spurted to the surface adding to the mass of the primordial earth by meteorites, cosmic debris and dust created in the stars and from cosmic collisions. The earth was a hot, molten mass of elements of heavy molecules and compounds which were cooked in the stars.  As the earth cooled, gasses formed which were attracted by the gravity of the earth and held in a primitive atmosphere of methane, hydrogen and ammonia.  There are many ways to dispute such a theory as this, some already covered here e.g. where did the angular momentum of the rotations of planets come from with some spinning backwards, but in this section, the main consensus of science that will be proven erroneous is that the earth was molten and hot.  This was simply not the manner in which the earth was formed.  It was never a “molten mass” of anything and this can be proven scientifically.

Dr. Robert Gentry is a physicist and chemist with an M.S. in Physics from University of Florida and Georgia Institute of Technology, Dr. Gentry’s Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics at the Georgia Institute of Technology, although completed, was refused due to academic censorship disallowing his chosen thesis and years of study, preventing him from publishing his dissertation on the age of the Earth using the valid scientific discoveries of polonium halos present in bedrock granite, which would have disproved the big bang, current age of the earth AND evolutionary theory.[135]

His official PhD was rejected because his findings were so irrefutable, complete and conclusive to proving Darwinism and the big bang WRONG that allowing his peer review dissertation would be an admission or a validation of his discovery. This clearly demonstrates how closely guarded their theory of evolution and the big bang is, which if this truth were allowed, would cause an uproar (of ignore-ance) within the religion of Darwinism.  Universities and institutions of higher learning constantly forbid true science to interfere with their delicate and deceptive theory especially in this day when the evidence for a billions of years’ age of the earth is collapsing and the truth of intelligent design and the biblical account is taking its rightful place in the world of science and academia once again.  Dr. Gentry was not permitted to show the truth he found and therefore he was not permitted in their “club”.

Nevertheless Dr. Gentry is still considered by many to be the foremost authority on radiohalos.[136] The discovery made by Dr. Gentry is an astounding and revealing concept; a demonstrable and observable experiment involving the decay of certain radioactive isotopes found in bedrock granite.  Much of the world is made of granite.  It contains quartz, feldspar and mica and is classified as igneous because of the Latin word ignis meaning fire.  The demonstration Gentry presents shows the impossibility that granite ever existed in a molten state.

Polonium is a radioactive element with a very short life span (minutes) and is a by-product of the radioactive decay of uranium 238 yet evidence of polonium “halos” within the basement granites of rocks is found all over the world WITHOUT any uranium 238 at all in them!  According to evolutionists, granite was supposedly formed deep in the earth from molten rocks which were cooled over long periods of time but the discovery of polonium in them proves conclusively that these basement granites were never molten with long periods of cooling because the polonium within them would NOT be present if a molten state actually occurred in these rocks at any time.  The polonium in these granites proves that they were formed instantly at the creation event!  The halos being found in the rocks could be compared to instantly freezing a glass with Alka Seltzer while it was still bubbling and seeing the frozen bubbles.[137] Much more can be learned about these bits of proof for creation and Gentry’s book is also available for reading online.

The discovery of the polonium halos showed that processes other than the decay of uranium 238 were at work producing polonium halos i.e. God creating them. This is the general proof of the idea:  Polonium is supposed to be the last element in the uranium decay chain before the stable element lead is produced, in other words, any uranium 238 present in any given sample follows the same, reliable pattern of decay with all of the element polonium in the sample having existed only as the result of the decay of uranium 238 however, Dr. Gentry has shown that polonium halos, or until now, the calling card of the existence of uranium 238, have been found in samples without the presence of the parent uranium or virtually any of the elements it shows along the way to becoming lead (polonium is the very last step before the parent uranium becomes lead) This means that all of the granite in the earth was formed very quickly and invitro. [138] This also disproves all radiometric dating methods because it proves that all radioactive decay rates are not constant thereby negating the radioactive dating method.

Primordial polonium is an oxymoron since its existence depends upon another element, uranium.  But primordial polonium is exactly what is found in basement rock granites all over the world without the presence of parent uranium.  This confirms the biblical account in Genesis 1:2-3 “And the earth was without form, and void: and darkness was upon the face of the deep.  And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.”  THAT is how the earth was formed.

Granite is the most common rock on earth, in fact, one might say that the earth is made of Granite. Wouldn’t it stand to reason that God would put His Signature in the earth in such a way? – such a tiny proof yet so abundant in the earth’s most common substance? Gentry’s work however, is rejected in all circles of modern science and academia for the simple reason that it contradicts the whole Darwinian, billions-of-years age of the earth and collapses much of the scientific beliefs and standards of this day.  In other words, this is big…VERY BIG!  And it presents scientists with only two choices:  Follow the research and accept that Darwinism is wrong or IGNORE the patent results of the discovery!  Needless to say, within the world of science and academia, the latter was chosen and must now be made to be somehow FALSIFIED and Gentry’s work completely discredited.

I must make a side note that Dr. Gentry, unrelated to his work, belongs to a religion called the Seventh-Day Adventists to whose teachings I do not subscribe nor recommend because they don’t support the biblical doctrine and the historic, Apostolic Christian faith.  Also noteworthy is Wikipedia’s quick association of Dr. Gentry with the Adventist Church, introducing his young earth views and his SDA membership in the very first sentence.  Nothing is explained about his scientific discovery in the small page about Gentry and their associating him with the Seventh Day Adventist Church is not only intellectually dishonest, but is a subjective and unattractive ad hominem attack, posting Gentry and his work in negative light even before his discovery is mentioned.  Wikipedia went to the length of calling upon a quote by Gregg Wilkerson, a geologist, who said this about Dr. Gentry’s theory: “I don’t think educators will find it’s worth their time to tread through this creationist’s whining.”[139]  Isn’t it interesting how the world of religious Darwinism is socially permitted to “gang up” on anyone who contests their worldview?

Wikipedia lists the page on Robert V. Gentry as “part of a series on the Seventh-day Adventist Church.”[140] His discovery is barely mentioned here because if it was explained, it would be readily understood as “the final nail” in Evolution’s proverbial coffin (which it is) and would be counterproductive to trying to falsify Gentry’s claims (which they cannot).  Wikipedia is a left-leaning internet publication devoted to protecting the Darwinian and progressive socialist agenda for the keepers of the keys of truth and the new world order, and in which anyone with a connection to the internet could (supposedly) write in adding their opinions and rhetoric, that is, unless someone tries to interject TRUTH, in which case the board of Wiki director’s slams and locks the door.

Wikipedia just couldn’t resist the urge to associate Dr. Gentry with a highly contested and questionable church –  criticized even within historic Christendom and by creationists.  Instead of honoring him for his efforts and for presenting scientific facts, “the free encyclopedia” tries to take away his credibility by highlighting him in a series on the Adventist church.  This is actually an admission in disguise by Wikipedia that Gentry is correct in his scientific findings!  If there was any way to refute his work on polonium halos, it would most certainly be demonstrated here instead of billboarding his religious beliefs which he keeps completely separate from his work.  There is such a preponderance of liberalism within Wikipedia that it has necessitated a similar yet opposite “encyclopedia” called Creation Wiki where people could draw (and share) information based on a modern creationist, biblical worldview.

I would like to stop for a moment to showcase this force that makes its way into every item of new learning attempting to reveal and present the truth; its presence seems to hang everywhere these days like a cryptic hand of dread and if I am permitted, (without the fear of sounding paranoid or delusional) I would like to say that every time I access the internet it seems as though the “hand of big brother” was hanging over, gazing, ever presently watching, even though I use an anonymous search engine.  Learning of the technology hidden from the masses to the point that it is, I may perhaps be underestimating its ubiquitous and watchful gaze over much more than even we who acknowledge such things could ever imagine. This is much more than a feeling of being “watched” it’s more like a feeling of being INVADED.  Who gave such permission to these nameless powers that they could undermine truth so effectively and be THE forceful presence over such things as the internet and the mainstream media?

I believe the answer to that question sounds like this: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities; against powers; against the rulers of the darkness of this world; against spiritual wickedness in high places.”  Ephesians 6:12; Once again, I digress, but, who’s going to stop me?

In December 1981, the state of Arkansas, heard a citizens attempt to allow creationism to be taught. Act 590 was the case which mandated the equal treatment of creation science in classrooms where evolution was taught.  The name of the trial was McLean v. Arkansas Board of Education in which the ACLU defended the evolutionary paradigm dis-allowing the mention of any reference to Intelligent Design being taught as an alternative to the Darwinian view.  The state called Dr. Gentry to testify and he presented his findings on primordial polonium.

On the witness stand however, nothing was brought to counter or disprove Dr. Gentry’s findings, instead the comment was made by the ACLU geology witness that such absolute evidence is “simply a tiny mystery that we can’t explain”.[141]  The state ruled in favor of the ACLU lawyers citing insurmountable evidence previously discovered in favor of evolution and it was forbidden to teach Creation Science in the classroom in Arkansas.  Let’s not forget that the “insurmountable” evidence which they cite is inclusive of many of the failures that have been learned about Darwinism in this document thus far. Insurmountable evidence indeed.

What we have here is a complete inability from the evolution camp to give in to the evidence no matter how convincing and truthful because the theory was constructed around an agenda and too much rests on evolution at this point so it must be guarded and protected at ALL COST. Even to the point of bending justice in zealous protection and with religious fervor!

As demonstrated thus far, we can clearly see misrepresentations of truth coming from the Darwinist camp, i.e. Piltdown man, Lucy, Miller/Urey, Haeckel etc.  Now, when presented with irrefutable proof of a miracle (the instant creation of granite and the calling card of The Creator), not only is the proof not challenged scientifically, it is IGNORED and prevented.  If the science presented by Dr. Gentry could have been challenged, it WOULD have been disputed, refuted and forgotten by now but just as gravity has never reversed itself, proof against the truth has never presented itself but only impostors and interlopers offered in truth’s place when there is any favorable doubt.  Darwinism is now proven to be, in the world of science and in the mind of the individual, a matter of great FAITH and hope.  It is the religion of the post-modern world but faith in it can easily be seen as hope AGAINST the Very Creator that made the minds which try so hard to fight against His Eternal, Omnipresent and Glorious Reality.


  • How Old is Coal

What child when he was out playing hasn’t at one time or another stumbled upon or dug up a piece of coal?  Coal is very common in the earth’s crust and has been used as an energy source since long before the dawn of the industrial age.  It is found deep in the earth and relatively near the surface.  It is mined for its stored, potential energy and is the third most widely used source of energy to natural gas (methane) and oil respectively.

We are told from grade school to university that coal was formed over millions and millions of years from dead and decaying plant matter in swamps of peat from the large ancient forests which grew over much of the planet.  It is said to have been buried by mud flows, landslides, slump, localized floods and coastal flooding.

There are several problems, however, that present a challenge to the current theory of coal formation. “According to modern science, coal forms from peat bogs (decaying plant matter).  Over a great many years, the peat becomes increasingly thicker.  After being covered by a sedimentary layer, the immense pressure and heat combined with water, changes the organic material chemically into coal.  It is thought to take about 6 feet of organic material to make one foot of coal.” [142]However, this theory has trouble explaining a few interesting facts.  Coal seams, such as those found in the Powder River Basin of Gillette, Wyoming, ranging upwards of 150 to 200 feet in thickness, point to a rapid depositional and coalification process.

“Powder River coal seams run remarkably thick and unsullied by other material.  Usually, unwanted sediment such as clay washes over a deposit before coal seams can get very thick. But Power [SIC] River coal is packed in immense strips, some more than 200 feet thick. These seams stretch vast distances up and down the basin. ‘They’re hundreds of miles long. They’re fifty miles wide.’ says James McClurg, a geologist at the University of Wyoming.  They’re not little pods of an acre or two. They’re immense things.” [143]

McClurg, who has studied the basin for more than a decade, says “No other place in the world has as many seams 50 feet or more thick.  But, the Powder River basin is not only an economic resource.  To geologists, it’s also an intriguing scientific enigma.   Geologists have been studying the basin for more than a century, largely to answer a baffling question: How did the seams get so massive? Or, more precisely, why weren’t the seams diluted by influxes of clay and other impurities before they thickened as the current theory would suggest?”  McClurg remarks on the odds of so many large coal seams occurring in one geographic area, “It would be like blindfolding yourself, spinning around, and hitting the center of a dartboard one-hundred times in a row.” [144]

There are large coal seams found in countries around the globe but none as large as the Powder River Basin.  This presents a real problem for the geologist who contends that coal forms over millions of years of pressure and heat being applied to peat bogs but it fits perfectly into the picture of a vast, global flood in which entire forests were gathered into massive swirling pools of water and deposited in low lying areas before being covered with sand and silt which later formed sedimentary rock. (which, by the way, also does not require the millions of years claimed by geologists to form sandstones and shales.)

If you ask some ordinary people, you may find that the process is highly unlikely to take so long due to the fact that some have found modern artifacts like metal bowls, hammers, even a brass bell and jewelry have been found inside large lumps of coal.  But these items were found in a time before the iron hand of the scientific and academic institutions at large began their widespread hijacking of the truth.  As was the cover up of the giants, so was the cover up of the age of the earth. Newspapers at the turn of the 19th century included many stories about artifacts found in coal proving that modern science is wrong but these also have been buried in history yet, thanks to technology, still can be found on the internet and on microfilm with legal notary public witness for those who are intent on knowing the truth.  Their entire “billions of years” age of the earth crumbles in light of this evidence and their theory of “millions of years of evolution” falls right along with it.

The Morrisonville, Illinois Times, on June 11, 1891, said Mrs. S. W. Culp found a circular shaped eight-carat gold chain, about 10 inches long, embedded in a lump of coal after she broke it apart to put in her scuttle. The chain was described as “antique” and of “quaint workmanship.” The story said only part of the chain was revealed when she first broke open the coal, and that the rest of the chain remained buried within the coal. The coal came from one of the southern Illinois mines.[145]

Another account comes from Sulfur Springs Arkansas Nov. 27, 1948; “While I was working in the Municipal Electric Plant in Thomas, Okla. in 1912, I came upon a solid chuck of coal which was too large to use. I broke it with a sledge hammer. This iron pot fell from the center, leaving the impression, or mould of the pot in a piece of the coal. Jim Stull (an employee of the company) witnessed the breaking of the coal, and saw the pot fall out. I traced the source of the coal and found that it came from Wilburton, Oklahoma Mines.”

It appears that the two persons who had made this startling discovery knew the importance of such a find and they had the whole thing NOTARIZED.

Frank J. Kennord

Sworn to before me, in Sulphru [SIC] Springs, Arkansas, this 27th day of November 1948

Julia L. Eldred         N.P. My commission expires May 21, 1951 – Benton Co. [146]

Interesting to note about the Creation Evidence Museum is the fact that although they display REAL evidence for the fact that coal does not require millions of years to form, Wikipedia, “the free encyclopedia” doesn’t mention one item of the anomalous items in coal examples found there, not even in an attempt to debunk the idea.  All of this information about coal in unknown to the modern academic because it is never taught yet it is never debunked either.  Attempts to discredit such finds abound yet are only presented as skepticism without proof. This should stand as conclusive proof that although some coal seams are older than others, perhaps by a matter of decades, coal in general COULDN’T POSSIBLY take millions of years to form.




CHAPTER 9:  The Flood

“The earth is the LORD’S, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.  For he hath founded it upon the seas, and established it upon the floods.  Psalm 24:1-2

“Give thanks to Him that stretched out the earth above the waters…”  Psalm 136:6

My current view on the topic of the flood of Noah comes from the bible, of course, but there are many other creation scientists – brilliant men such as Andrew Snelling, Jerry R. Bergman, Dwain L. Ford, John F. Ashton, Chuck Missler, Walt Brown, Robert V. Gentry among many others, thousands of them, all holding one or more PhDs and have come through peer review academia, many of whom have helped me to gain a new perspective into the most fascinating, all-encompassing subject of the global flood and its aftermath.  And however amazing each person’s own conclusions are regarding this most memorable catastrophe, I don’t concur with all of what any single scientist claims but have rather gotten bits and pieces putting together the truth from my own study and of course, testing all truth from the bible itself.

It was not quite so hard for me to conceive something as different and contrary to what I had been taught my entire life as it likely will be for the reader I’m sure.  But as persuasive a change that occurred in my worldview early on in learning these things, (and long after my becoming a born again Christian) I found it most refreshing and believable and it became one of the biggest “ah ha!” moments of my life!  I recall that learning the truth so opened my eyes to see, not only the world in a brand new and most logical way but the written word of God finally found its rightful place in my life as the SOLID, IMMOVABLE TRUTH that it is and has always been!  My Christian life and faith moved from the most probable yet misunderstood, to the absolutely certain and no longer doubtful and from that point on, every new thought or learning had to pass the hard, biblical litmus test.  I began all new study of any science topic closely anchored to the King James Bible.  What does the bible say about it?


  • Uniformitarianism vs. Catastrophism

The very first item in the Darwinists playbook that our children are indoctrinated within our public-school systems is the idea of uniformitarianism.  Our children are taught the opposite of our current reality as soon as they are able to read and write and the teaching is that there never was a worldwide, global flood which covered the entire earth.  They are heavily indoctrinated very early with the basic, critical ideology necessary to form the foundation of the deceptive lie of Darwinian evolution which belief will forever influence their worldview.  Catastrophism is the opposite of uniformitarianism and our Creator, knowing the fallibilities of man, put such great evidence of the things that are taught in His written word, in reach of anyone who is willing to look.  Every night, a reminder of a past catastrophic event shows up in our sky – the moon.  Anyone with eyes and a brain to think can see that something catastrophic happened to the moon.  It is literally covered with craters, visible from earth and evidence of being struck continually by objects that completely marred its surface. I won’t go into any detail regarding what happened to the moon except to say that it shows that uniformitarianism is an impossible idea! The earth, likewise is full of evidences of catastrophism. The bible teaches that God caused a worldwide flood on the earth in which “all flesh died that moved upon the earth” and “all in whose nostrils was the breath of life, of all that was in the dry land, died.” Genesis 7:21-22 This event was most definitely catastrophic.

The world in this age has rejected this along with the entire biblical narrative and has dismissed it as “fairy tales”.  God’s written word, the King James Bible which only 150 years prior, was the CENTER of education for every institution of higher learning and the basis for every scientific discovery is now rejected and “their foolish hearts have been darkened,” teaching “vain imaginations” in the place of truth and turning our children into hopeless, confused materialists whose lives are no more or less important than the Red Eft Newt or the Box Jellyfish. Uniformitarianism is the terminology for the belief that the earth hasn’t changed rapidly but over billions of years, changed by slight and very gradual succession.  This is the opposite of the biblical account that has given rise to the terminology of “catastrophism” meaning that something happened in the past to change the world drastically, completely and in a very small amount of time.

God could have chosen any number of ways to destroy the evil that was present in the world at the time of the flood but, according to truth and His nature and wanting the best for the future generations of His servants which would marvel at His creation in thankfulness, He decided to destroy the world in a way that would serve as a demonstration of His mighty power and as evidence of His awesome might.  The evidence would be left all over the world and would be available to anyone who was interested in examining the truth of what really happened during that time.  The canyons, mountains, valleys, even the sea floor would yield up the evidence and stand up to the lies and deception that was being forced upon everyone beginning in the industrial age and now carried over into the highly technological, quantum computing age, having left the “archaic tales of old” behind by scientific discovery and alleged enlightenment.

The modern theories will not hold up against the evidence that the flood left behind. The few who have discovered this evidence, in an age when all of the grandeur of God’s Artistic Handiwork is attributed to chance, pay the price by being publicly humiliated, rejected, even dismissed from their positions.  The best and brightest minds in all of the science labs and universities the world over have been hijacked to help spread the propaganda of the new world order.  Only a scant few likewise intelligent yet brave souls, study the world from a biblical viewpoint in their own labs hidden from the ridicule of the rest of the world. Thankfully, many sensible scientists, not concerned with “the pride of life” and status within the scientific world have made public their ideas on how history really occurred, solving problems with simple, visible solutions using the biblical view. Those in the world of academia have struggled to understand the natural world outside of the bible for nearly two decades, proposing bizarre and illogical ideas forbidding the view of catastrophism yet the physical world is scarred with many proofs.

For ye see your calling, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called:” (1 Corinthians 1:26)

This passage tells us that God has not generally used the world’s great intelligentsia to promote His Gospel but the ordinary (with a few notable exceptions) throughout history.  If understanding of the Gospel was a matter of intelligence, it would not be available to all.  It would be limited by a very definite and measurable boundary, one of intelligence.  In fact, the Gospel has no such physical or emotional requirements but is equally comprehensible by all without regard for anything except that of being created by God and a sinning member of mankind. (Jesus came to save sinners)

Thankfully and by His Grace and Mercy, God has called several of His super intelligent to give testimony to Him throughout the history of mankind. Many talented scientists in this age have assisted greatly in breaking free from the chains of those in peer review academia.  They present to us a completely different explanation for the wonders of the world we see which, in a covert world that has only allowed the teaching or preaching of one method – uniformitarianism, makes it that much more difficult to gain a perspective and to break from their programming.  But if examined with a mind that is capable of critical thinking and awake enough to HEAR an alternative explanation, (which is, in a deceptive society, the true and correct explanation) a most amazing puzzle that had many more missing pieces than not, begins to come together in a way that breaks the barriers of the thought prison into which we have all been incarcerated in this age and enables us to see this world as it really happened and not as someone or something wants us to believe had happened.

  • The Indoctrination is Deep

I recall as a young child while waiting in the dentist’s office with my mother and looking through a picture bible, asking my mother about Noah, his ark and the animals.  The words she used to explain I can’t recall, but I closed that picture bible confused and believing that things didn’t take place as the book was telling me.  Why did the bible teach this if it wasn’t true? I thought.  But, again, most of us were taught as very young children to believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy and those weren’t true either. (why do young parents feel compelled to tell their children lies?) Most of us, while growing up in the public school system, knew of a child or two which didn’t “believe” in these things because, for whatever reason, they weren’t told the same lies that we had been told. In every example of such, I can recall those children as being “different” and in a negative way. Perhaps being told these childish, “white” lies served more of a purpose than that of entertaining young children. Could it be that when the child ages and becomes more mature, those fairy tales, now disbelieved, will encompass some very important truth which the child was taught along with the lies?  Could it be that Jesus Christ, being God and rising from death after being tortured and hung on a cross was a fairy tale also?  Santa Claus wasn’t real, perhaps Jesus was just another “white lie” that we were told.  Do you see how cleverly these social signposts are and how illusive and penetrating they become later on in life? I was later taught a similar type of doctrine that flew in the face of the biblical narrative in grade school, that the tiny Colorado River carved out the whole amazing landscape of the Grand Canyon and it took Millions and millions of years.

 I remember as a child, 10 maybe, watching a Bugs Bunny cartoon which featured the main character set in the time of the dinosaurs and Bugs walked up to a tiny stream and stepped over it.  A sign stuck in the ground along the stream could be seen: “The Grand Canyon”.  This Warner Brothers cartoon provided proof that the indoctrination was deep and pervasive.  Never is a child permitted to imagine the truth about what happened; not even in the child’s safe living space is he far from the propaganda and agenda which molds his beliefs into another’s worldview; never is he presented the TRUTH – that there was a global flood which completely covered the earth, but if the child is ever permitted to imagine this, it is quickly fenced within the realm of fairy tales and not permitted its rightful place in the way a child views this world.  I remember my mother’s words now, “Of course it didn’t rain for forty days and forty nights, that’s just symbolic of a lot of rain!”

I was also told much later in my indoctrination that it would be impossible to fit two of every kind of animal on an ark. The bible doesn’t mention the fact but does expect the reader, instead of saying it’s impossible, to rather THINK about it – Noah would have taken very YOUNG animals, of course.  I’ve seen pictures of how people imagine Noah’s ark to be and they always leave the impression that there were very large elephants and giraffes that had special chambers to stick their adult necks through to get air from outside.  But never have I seen a realistic picture of what the ark was really like; filled with baby animals, perhaps some adults, but the classic pair of fully grown elephants trudging up the ramp to the ark adds to the incredulity of such a thing.

I had never learned until my adult life that the bible says much more about how the waters flooded the earth than I had ever known or cared to know and after carefully reading and studying the bible and by the theories and ideas presented by those who bravely wrote books and constructed theories from their own scientific and biblical study, I learned of one such theory, which says basically that the land itself used to sit atop the oceans which were miles beneath.  The bible confirms this but one must read and understand what he reads to reach such conclusions. I needed also to learn that just because so many believe something to be true, doesn’t necessarily make it so and this fact can be verified throughout the history of the world. Countless times throughout history whole civilizations and groups of people, small and large have been deceived to trust someone else’s worldview, many times with disastrous results.  We are in such a time period at the present time but as it always does, the truth comes out.  Soon all of those who have resisted the truth will realize that they have been in error and the realization will come to them all at once.  Sadly, for many, it will be too late, but I digress.

There is a unique yet quite compelling theory called the Hydroplate theory which explains in great detail what happened during the flood of Noah.  There were no massive oceans in the antediluvian world but the majority of the waters were in deep underground chambers under enormous pressure. These were great “fountains” of water under the earth on which the ground stood which the bible called “the great deep”, Genesis 7:11. I don’t subscribe to everything the Hydroplate Theory suggests but in general, and especially as it relates to the great masses of water bursting forth from underground chambers when God said that “all the fountains of the great deep were broken up”, it makes much more sense to me than anything that I had ever considered before.  I must warn the reader that what you are about to learn is something that is contested by modern scientific and academic institutions and scoffed at by those who are unable to see beyond their narrow and uniformitarian, conditioned minds.  I do not subscribe to all of the following but I have adopted much of what it says; enough to change my long held ideas of how the great deluge occurred.


  • Hydroplate Theory

Walt Brown, a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has taught college courses in physics, mathematics, and computer science. Brown is a retired Air Force full colonel, West Point graduate, and former Army Ranger and paratrooper. Dr. Brown has introduced an amazing theory about the biblical flood called “the hydroplate theory”.  Brown proposes that the water which is now the “seven seas” was beneath the bedrock layer of the earth under enormous pressure.  The water was contained in underground chambers (as Genesis confirms) under ten miles of crust which consisted of granite and quartz with a layer of topsoil.  The load on the water underneath was under such pressure that it cannot be imagined.  A crack formed in the granite and began to grow quickly (4 miles per second) as the waters burst forth with the energy equivalence of 30 trillion hydrogen bombs.[147]

Brown continues by saying that the cracks quickly encircled the earth and the water, with rocks and mud that burst forth from them shooting up 20 miles into the atmosphere and it rained down on the earth. The “hydroplates”, lubricated and held up by the suspension of the water flowing underneath them, moved with the water away from the ridges made at the cracks when the water burst forth, at speeds up to 45 MPH[148] and moved away from each other until the water underneath was no longer sufficient to hold up the end of the hydroplate at which time the plates ground to a halt under great pressure, folding up like a carpet pushed from one end and thus forming the mountain ranges. (all mountain ranges are parallel to the oceans)[149]

This is a very brief overview of Brown’s theory however, I highly recommend learning more about this by visiting his website http://www.creationscience.com/  Here, you can see animated video fully explaining in detail using illustrations demonstrating how the theory works.  He has also posted his book online where even more detail (and the math from which he arrives at the numbers he uses) is given.  I don’t agree completely with everything that the theory states but I do admit that much of it is probably the way that God did use to flood the earth for one simple reason; because it would have left the most evidence.

This theory presents the idea that the waters under the earth now flooded the earth.  When those massive, caverns of water exploded on to the surface, they would have caused the earth above to sink down the equivalent of the space that the water previously occupied (up to 5 miles in some very large areas) creating immense lowland levels into which the water would eventually flow.  These are the current oceans, gulfs and bays.  One potential problem with this is that there would be evidence all over the bottom of the oceans of the world showing that the sea floor was once on the surface. This is precisely what we find by oil rigs drilling the ocean floor. These rigs continually bring up bones and fragments of animals (and probably people) however, not much is said about these discoveries because the explanation would be too revealing of the flood catastrophe.

The bible says that there was also a sphere of water “above the firmament”, (The Canopy Theory) and in which the earth was encircled by ice and is understood from this verse: “And God said, let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.” Genesis 1:6 (emphasis mine) And when “all the fountains of the great deep were broken up and the windows of heaven were opened” (Genesis 7:11) it rained on the earth 40 days and 40 nights.

In the book of Josephus, he states that God put a “crystalline firmament” around the earth. (Josephus, book one, chapter 1)

When people in this age grapple with the idea that the water from the flood covered the world completely as the bible says, they imagine that it must have covered the mountains also so they immediately and easily dismiss the global flood account of Genesis as a myth or legend because it would be a physical impossibility for the water to be that plenteous on the earth.  Mount Everest is over 27 thousand feet above sea level and it certainly would be impossible for so much water to be on top of the earth at one time and they’re partly right, but there is much more to the story.  The King James Bible states; “and all the high hills that were under the whole heaven were covered” Genesis 7:19 (emphasis added) But mostly all of the new versions of the bible (NIV, NKJV, NTSB etc.) replace the word “hill” in this verse for the word “mountain” so the NIV says that “all the high mountains” were covered. (another reason to stick to the tried and true King James Version; more on that later)

Careful study of the bible shows that there were no “mountains” as we see today, before the flood.  The mountains and mountain ranges that exist today were mostly caused BY the flood.  This is explained in greater detail by the aforementioned hydroplate theory AND the bible in the book of Psalms;

We are taught from a young age the misconceptions of our teachers who were themselves taught uniformitarianism.  Once we are permitted to deliberate about these things (without ridicule) with the imagination that God gave us – the magnitude of what actually happened during the flood and of the scope of cataclysm that occurred on the earth – we move from fantasy to reality with a new and astounding appreciation of the power of Almighty God.  The questions that science can’t answer regarding discoveries made recently are all being answered by careful examination of the evidence and science is once again, catching up with the bible.


  • Petrified Shellfish

The high mountains and mountain ranges formed when these hydroplates ground to a halt after the lubricating water beneath them was forced out by their enormous weight.  Every mountain range on earth was formed by the plates movement and an abrupt halting in the plates, some as large as continents, created wrinkles and folds in the landscape pushing up the hills and mountains.  This is proven in part by the existence of petrified clams, giant oysters, mussels and other shellfish on top of Mt. Everest and all over the world and in other mountain ranges.[150] Huge beds of petrified, closed shell fish on mountains is proof of how the sea bed was pushed up by the moving plates after having been quickly frozen.  Their shells remained closed with perfectly petrified shellfish inside. The perpetrators of uniformitarianism know that most people will never see what some adventurous mountain climbers have seen; long beds of oysters and clams on top of mountains stretching for thousands of yards.

This refutes the widely acclaimed plate tectonics theory which says that under the crust of the earth, the continental plates dive under (subduction) the adjacent plates rising them up at a very slow rate, about the same rate that fingernails grow.  But the problem of subduction theory is that the rate of subduction would equal the rate of RISE of the mountain but the EROSION rate is much greater than the subduction rate. Allowing for other factors that may cause parts of mountains to increase in height such as earthquakes, tectonic thrusting and movement between fault zones would not be sufficient to compensate for erosion. Using the current rates of both rise and erosion, the Andes mountains would have worn flat by this point in time if they were as old as they are said to be which is now estimated at 25 million years according to the following from ScienceDaily.com;

The geologic faults responsible for the rise of the eastern Andes mountains in Colombia became active 25 million years ago—18 million years before the previously accepted start date for the Andes’ rise, according to researchers at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama, the University of Potsdam in Germany and Ecopetrol in Colombia.”

In addition, the simple discovery that the clams and oysters were CLOSED is proof enough that the current theory fails to explain how this happens.  The clams and oysters would have long died and opened in the case of plate tectonics theory and there would have been very few that survived intact due to erosion over time.  Only the rapid rise of the mountains accounts for a.) the amount of shellfish and b.) the fact that the shellfish were still in the closed position which preserved them.  In addition, I believe that the shellfish were most likely frozen very quickly as were other animals (which we will soon discuss) before being lifted by the grounding of the hydroplates.

“Thou coveredst it with the deep as with a garment: the waters stood above the mountains. At thy rebuke they fled; at the voice of thy thunder they hasted away. They go up by the mountains; they go down by the valleys unto the place which thou hast founded for them. Thou hast set a bound that they may not pass over; that they turn not again to cover the earth. He sendeth the springs into the valleys, which run among the hills.”  Psalm 104:6-10

Hollywood occasionally gives away truth and those who have the ability to think critically can find these evidences against the modern theories being taught today regarding uniformitarianism.  One such evidence was found in the movie “Deepwater Horizon”.  A modern oil rig was drilling 42 miles off the coast of Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico when a dinosaur tooth was found in the mud below the sea floor which the drill brought to the surface.  The depth of the sea floor in which they were drilling was said to be 5000 feet, nearly a mile.  Most watching the movie wouldn’t have put the pieces together to understand the impossibility of such a find (according to the plate tectonic theory).  How did a dinosaur tooth end up hundreds of feet below the sea floor which is a mile deep?  The tooth must have been in the jaw of a dinosaur above water, on the land and must have been quickly buried under sediment in order to be fossilized. That’s because fossils are relatively rare in that the conditions necessary for them to form occur only when an animal is quickly buried, sealing and preserving the bones in an anaerobic environment such as in a flood or landslide. Plate tectonics is not a viable explanation for such a discovery.

There are many mysteries being dug up around the world as the power structures’ insane and insatiable appetite for earth’s resources forces them to dig in more and remote places on the earth.  Many animals have been found frozen in the arctic circle, however, a great mystery was uncovered a little over one hundred years ago, in the Siberian tundra where frozen Mammoths were found, many of them standing up.  They were exceptionally well preserved with skin, even hair being found on them and had food in their mouths and stomachs preserved in a partially digested state.  In one field, over 100 Mammoths were found frozen in this manner.  What could freeze an animal the size of an elephant, so quickly that food in their mouths, esophagus’ and stomach contained plant material in such a preserved state that the botanical species were identifiable? (additionally, the plant species found in partially digested state were not indigenous to the arctic) It is estimated that such freezing could only happen if the animal was quickly and solidly surrounded with -275-degree F temperatures.  No such temperatures exist on this earth naturally and this fact alone refutes uniformitarianism.  Something must have happened on this earth of such extreme magnitude that it is unimaginable – a CATASTROPHE which left astounding evidence!

  • The Frozen Mammoths

Modern science textbooks teach us that the now extinct “Wholly” Mammoths were arctic animals; herbivores with heavy coats of fur to protect them from the subzero temperatures of the arctic.  They scavenged for food by using their tusks to forage for plants and grasses under the arctic permafrost.  However, they don’t teach us that massive fields of frozen mammoths have been and continue to be found above the arctic circle all around the world.  They also don’t teach us that mammoths were not equipped for arctic life in the very least.  They had thin layers of course hair, not the fine, thick fur capable of insulation found on other arctic animals and many had patches of NO hair. Their coats were in no wise intended to protect them from the sub-zero temperatures of the arctic. These were herding animals and they were very large.  Males reached the weight of 5 sometimes 6 tons.  They were all found, however, in a geographical area that is considered (at this time) the most barren place on earth. By some estimates, there are more than 10 million frozen mammoths in Siberia however, not all were found to have been frozen instantly – those frozen instantly were found in many cases, in separate herds in diverse spots above the arctic circle and are still being found to this day.

Strangely, scientists investigating three woolly mammoths and two woolly rhinos, including the Beresovka mammoth, found they all died by suffocation. For a live animal to die of suffocation, it had to be buried rapidly or drowned.[151]

Common sense will alert the thinking person that something is wrong here.  How does one of the largest herding animals, sometimes in groups of thousands, maintain their massive size and weight by poking through the hard permafrost with their giant tusks for a tuft of grass here or a root or branch there? Any visit to the Siberian Tundra, even in the summer months, proves that it is in no way a feeding ground capable of sustaining such herds of animals. The mammoth is closely related to elephants by DNA.  Modern elephants in the wild are known to consume up to 330 pounds of food daily. [152] Many of these frozen mammoths were found extremely well preserved, some even having been partially eaten by wolves and other Arctic wildlife.

The cells of the flesh and muscles of some of these animals were intact.  Freezing causes cells to rupture unless “supercooled” very quickly (within 4 hours) to a temperature of at least minus 150 to 175 degrees F otherwise, the cells rupture. This is why frozen food companies, use the method “quick frozen” which keeps the cells from expanding and breaking the cell wall.  It is estimated that in order to freeze a 5-ton elephant, perfectly preserving the contents of the stomach, the animal must have been frozen at temperatures of at least -300 F which would have frozen him solid in less than 4 hours.[153]  Proof of this “instant” freeze can be shown by the fact that the grasses between the teeth of the animals had the impression of the molars still showing in them.

The discoveries of the mammoths found all over the artic is an entire study in itself, and a subject of which much has been written.   Modern science and academia does not contest the existence of the finely preserved animals which leads me to wonder why, with our level of technology, a mammoth hadn’t been cloned yet. (or hasn’t been revealed yet) An elephant would seem to be a perfect surrogate.  Perhaps they have already cloned the mammoths but are keeping it secret because it would spark widespread curiosity and people would begin to uncover the truth by searching for the facts concerning them. One can easily find the story of the frozen mammoths by doing an internet search.  One such website is http://www.hope-of-israel.org/frozenmammoths.html which I found fascinating and contains much more information on the subject than that which is presented here.

Also, found in Tibet in 1846, were 50 wild oxen frozen in place in the swimming position with their heads above water as if the Mouroui-Oussou River had suddenly and without warning frozen solid around them instantaneously.[154]  Water will freeze instantly under the proper (extreme) conditions but what could have caused the conditions which resulted in such remarkable evidence as this?   Dr. Walt Brown’s hydroplate theory partially explains this but Dr. Brown leaves out a critical part of the biblical text when explaining his theory.  According to the bible, there was a sphere of water around the earth before the flood. Dr. Brown doesn’t subscribe to “the canopy theory”, as it has been named, even though it is biblical.

Some consider lately that the water above the firmament is much higher up because of the text of Genesis which says that the sun, moon and stars occupy the same word for firmament and this is, of course a possibility.  Especially in light of the scripture found in Psalms, “Who layeth the beams of his chambers in the waters: who maketh the clouds his chariot: who walketh upon the wings of the wind:” Psalm 104:3 and, “Praise Him, you heavens of heavens, And you waters above the heavens!” Psalm 148:4

Oxen frozen in swimming position (Hope of Israel Ministries)



  • The Canopy Theory

And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters and let it divide the waters from the waters. And God made the firmament and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.  Genesis 1:6-7

Some creationists assert that the “waters which were above the firmament” were made of water vapor and others believe a canopy of ice existed around the earth; a solid, crystal clear, unblemished dome encircling the entire globe. (this author subscribes to the ice canopy theory) The pressure of the atmosphere as well as magnetic fields at the poles held it up, (whereby increasing air pressure – a condition shown to be linked to increased size and longevity) suspended delicately above the ionosphere.  The canopy theory, first introduced by John Whitcomb and Henry Morris in the excellent book “The Genesis Flood” and many other young earth creationists is losing popularity in this age, one of the problems for its dissention is that an ice sphere would have been constantly pelted with meteors and cosmic debris thus cracking the sphere from the outside. They cannot seem to make a computer model work in supporting such a radical idea.[155]

There are many variables to consider which may have allowed for a canopy of ice and many creation scientists in this age do the bible a dis-service by neglecting to deliberate those possibilities, clinging to the uniformitarian worldview.  Several considerations can be made regarding the sphere of ice surviving, one of them being simply that the ice canopy existed during a time of no cosmic debris striking the earth.  Just because our current reality shows that our planet is being constantly bombarded by cosmic debris is not proof that this has always been the case.

Some creation scientists claim that the canopy existed in the form of vapor [156]which at the time of the flood was condensed into rain, but the latent exothermic effect of condensation would have produced such a great amount of heat in that case that it would have cooked the entire globe.  What we find, considering the melting of water ice is the opposite effect of heating, evidenced in the findings of the frozen mammoths and other animals.  This observation sustains a supercooling effect by the same physical laws in reverse or endothermic effect of ice changing to water.  This would preclude any theory of the canopy being made of vapor or gas and would also explain in part the frozen animals.

Some say that a comet impact caused the instant freezing of the animals but the geographic area in which frozen animals are found is much too large to have been caused by a single comet impact event. Moreover, a comet surviving through the atmosphere without burning up would have necessarily been so large that the impact would be highly destructive as well leaving little evidence of any intact animal remains in and around the impact zone.  The evidence instead supports that of a very large amount of ice falling from the super-chilled emptiness of the very outer atmosphere to the ground, allowed for a “hole” in the atmosphere, (the hole allowing the coldness of outer space is my own theory) exposing areas of the surface of the earth to the near absolute zero temperatures of space, covering lakes, rivers and streams, freezing fish solid as they swam. With all of the questions that can arise regarding the condition of the planet at the time of the mammoths’ freezing, one thing is for certain:  6 ton animals cannot be frozen instantaneously over millions of years.

The presence of oxygen on the earth is something that the Darwinist finds disturbing.  First because it would be lethal to the formation of early microbial life – the way in which evolution supposedly began but more in that it appears that oxygen levels in our atmosphere have been decreasing.  It has been calculated that the oxygen levels of the pre-flood world would have been perhaps 50 percent of what they are currently by examining the tissues of the mammoths and air bubbles trapped in amber which may explain why plants and animals grew much bigger in the past.[157]

Dragonflies the size of crows have been fossilized and insects in general grew much larger than what we see today.  Also a problem for Darwinists is the fact that plant life grew much bigger as a result of the increased C02 levels thus the increased oxygen levels.  This was also a major factor which allowed mankind to live exceedingly long lives.  Noah lived to be 950 years old but the oldest man in the bible is Methuselah who was 969 years old when he died.  The life expectancy of mankind recorded in the bible began to drop dramatically after the flood and some creationists attribute this to the decreased oxygen levels and one other factor that would have been present with a canopy of ice covering our earth – atmospheric pressure could have been much greater by the air column supporting the weight of the canopy; atmospheric pressure would have also dropped dramatically. This combination of oxygen and air pressure dropping seems to be the indicator of mankind’s’ now substantially decreased longevity as well as the decreased size of the flora and fauna, the indeterminate growth of the reptiles of that day, the dinosaurs, being the evidence of the difference in the atmospheric and oxygenic characteristics of the earth at that time.


  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – Evidence of Oxygen Rich Earth?


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy or HBOT, the isolation of a person in a chamber with increased air pressure combined with pure oxygen was first thought of as a treatment for disease in the 1600’s but later pioneered by Dr. Orville Cunningham who was so convinced of the efficiency of this treatment for all sorts of maladies including cancer, was given a large sum of money by H.H. Timken, a Canton Ohio businessman and inventor of the famous namesake roller bearing, in 1928 to build what he called “the Steel Ball Hospital”.[158]  This was a 6-story metal building which would serve as a hospital in which the whole building could be “pumped up” to pressures above that of normal atmospheric pressure at sea level (14 psi) increasing the oxygen levels creating a similar, pre-flood atmosphere.  The idea was scoffed at by the medical industrial complex (AKA the AMA) for treatment of any disease and before any length of experimental time at all – only two years, was closed down by the extant controllers of the medical profession at that time.  It is my speculation that very positive results were being shown and a breakthrough in the curing of disease was being discovered, however, there is no profit in curing sick people, only treating them with drugs designed to keep them in the system is profitable.

The powers that be in the burgeoning pharmaceutical industry at that time were already at work fostering a population of sick people to profit from by patented medicines. They quickly saw the future demise of their new industry and money began pouring in the proper channels to covertly halt this new discovery which would end up benefiting the entire population.  To think of the long term benefits of this idea being fostered, (resulting in the expected increase in such buildings as the Steel Ball Hospital) and had the powerful people in this world actually been in favor of what is good in the fight against disease, (instead of thinking only of the enormous profit gained by those controlling the medical industry in “caring” for a sick population), it becomes apparent that the world would be a much different and better place to live.  But as we are learning, those controlling the world aren’t considerate of such things, only profit which “trumps” all.

Somewhere along the line, between society today and the proliferation of people and culture after the flood, most began to believe the concept that those who govern them actually care about their well-being.  This is generally because of a phenomenon occurring within each one of us that prompts us, either out of fear or logic, to believe such things to be true.  In the former, the fear of governments, the consequence of NOT possessing the necessity of LOVE toward the people is too terrifying to consider and the latter, logic, dictates the responsibility of the governments DUTY toward those they rule perceived as being intrinsic to their nature as an organism of control and thus a requirement of governing officials at the onset.  Thus we have a society of loyal and trusting participants in a carefully staged global play with everyone playing a part by blindly believing every bit of information they are told by the “approved” source.

Today, the FDA continues to limit the use of HBOT except for the treatment of decompression sickness in scuba divers and a select few others, although several promising, yet widely unknown results were recorded and the cures of such treatment began to catch on.[159]  HBOT seems to have been held back by resistance within the medical community and the FDA seems to suppress the findings instead of bringing them to light and disproving them if they find that they are not accurate.  This is always a useful indicator that a breakthrough is being held back and the dome of protection preventing the study of such things is guarding a huge cash cow within the paradigm. After all, there is no money in healthy people who thrive continually simply by breathing.

Hyperbaric Oxygen for the treating of disease wouldn’t generate any money for the pharmaceutical companies but would have a disastrous negative effect on them, putting many of them out of business.  If it could be proven that HBOT could cure cancer or other diseases, what affect would this have on the pharmaceutical companies which generate billions upon billions of dollars for their cancer treatment drugs and programs, not to mention all of the other related businesses that ride the coat tails of this enormous industry?  Such a discovery would affect the world economy negatively at first (and would affect many billionaire criminals personal pocketbooks) and would take some time to recover and this is due to the fact that the industry has been planned and built up over the years as is evidenced by the future plans of the pharmaceutical industrial complexes current projections of future growth.  Anyone can see that the budgets of big pharma and related treatments for cancer, project its growth as does any other big corporation, trading stocks in pharmaceutical companies and budgeting for double digit increase as the benchmark and its treatment are huge business and employ means and methods of growth just as (if not more than) any other profitable business.  No wonder such benign experimentation as hyperbaric oxygen treatment was halted at that time and is now resisted by mainstream medicine.  The pharmaceutical industrial complex since the time of the Steel Ball Hospital has grown into such a lucrative monster that it is one of the major powers which has bought the politicians of this age and is so big now that it is unstoppable.

I’m convinced that the most useful natural product for the intervention of common disease – colloidal silver, was being ridiculed out of popularity just about the same time the steel ball hospital was scrapped for World War II metal.  Very little can be found online listing the benefits of HBOT within mainstream periodicals, just as very little positive information can be found on colloidal silver.  The medical and pharmaceutical industrial complexes are so vast and lucrative, only exceeded by the military and energy industries and their control over compartmentalized information runs at the top of the pyramid. The former mentioned industries are the most lucrative in the world and thus are carefully managed by the elite bankers.  This I have found over the years to be an immovable constant: money “trumps” all. (no wonder we now have a president whose very surname has become a slang synonym for money…coincidence?)  If you want to uncover evil, look where there is big money – it breeds evil.

Would you like to hear some shocking statistics? We have lost the war on cancer. At the beginning of the 20th century, one person in twenty would get cancer. In the 1940s it was one out of every sixteen people. In the 1970s it was one person out of ten. Today one person out of three gets cancer sometime in the course of their lifetime. Is it beyond the realm of belief that such an industry would like to see every person ill by means of “treatable” cancer? The simple fact is that the cancer industry employs too many people and produces too much profit to allow a cure to be found. And as shown above, all of the current research on cancer drugs is based on the premise that the cancer market will grow, not decrease.[160]The love of money is the root of all evil”.  1 Timothy 6:10 KJV (emphasis mine)

Here is a fine example of a reason for censorship; Suppose you are a veterinarian and you have made a groundbreaking discovery that a simple remedy exists for eliminating fleas and ticks from dogs and cats.  You discovered that by placing a teaspoon of baking soda in with your pets’ food once a week eliminated the need for toxic and expensive flea and tick treatment by completely repelling and or killing the pests. (don’t try this, it is only a fictional example) As a vet, you understand the money that is generated by pet owners who use the prescription products, paying big money for them and creating a billion-dollar business for the pharmaceutical labs that make these products.  Many peoples’ livelihoods depend on this business and many other, perhaps greedy people have become very wealthy from it. Question: Is there any motivation to keep this discovery a secret?  Certainly there is and the motivation grows exactly according to the amount of money and how much potential for profit exists.


It’s always been this way regarding money and is now at the worst it’s ever been.  Don’t take my word for anything that I am revealing in this book. There is at least several books written on each subject I mention. I encourage everyone to try to prove what I am saying as being wrong regarding this or any other subject to just do a little research yourself, but beware:  you may find more than you’re looking for…a whole lot more.  Back to the topic.

When the fountains of the great deep were broken up, a crack in the crust of the earth formed and the water burst forth carrying rocks, mud and debris straight upward at velocities beyond supersonic speed.  The water was under such pressure that it cracked the ice of the sphere around the earth and began to break up and fall, much of it now being turned to liquid as it fell through the atmosphere and encountered the superheated water and steam coming from the “fountains of the great deep”.  This crack in the bedrock granite began in one or two spots and then continued around the globe at approximately 4 feet per second.[161] Great chunks of ice, at temperatures near absolute zero (454 degrees F) fell along with ice crystals.  Parts of the earth may have experienced being covered very quickly by hundreds of feet of ice and frozen instantly.  This is a compilation of my own theories with those from several young-earth creationists and from the many hours of study I have done of the bible, secular science journals, college textbooks, and of the many young earth creationists who have written about this topic…  After years of study, I have formed them into what I believe to be the most complete explanation of what happened during and after the flood of Noah.  No single theory of what happened is complete and reliable. The only one that is considered by modern and secular academia to be complete and reliable is the uniformitarian view, precluding the worldwide flood, which you can now see by careful study and the revealing of the truth is the least probable.

If you study this on your own, you will find that most young earth creationists have abandoned the canopy theory yet one of the most curious pieces of evidence leftover from this catastrophe – the quick frozen mammoths – remains a mystery.  The wild oxen that were discovered in the swimming position were frozen in place as the water in the river instantly froze around them. They never knew what hit them. When discovered, two of them were frozen with their mouths open, chatting with one another when they were suddenly frozen solid. The ice falling to earth and consequential opening of the atmosphere to space, explains only of HOW the animals were frozen, but several mysteries still remain for example, what are herds of large, well-fed animals doing living in the arctic circle?  Again, the hydroplate theory isn’t adequate for causing the “drop” of the earth into its present position, tilted at 23.5 degrees and this would be necessary to explain why the large mammoths were found in arctic climates.

  • More evidence of a catastrophic flood

When the ice canopy fell to earth after the fountains of the deep were broken up it would have begun with a crack and a collapse that would have followed around the sphere splintering off, causing some very massive sheets to have fallen, perhaps the size of the state of Delaware. (Keep in mind, this was a CATASROPHIC event) Many large pieces of ice fell in a very short time, some gathering in a relatively small geographic area.  The globe would become unbalanced in its rotation, causing it to wobble and suddenly (perhaps over a period of weeks) tilt over, perhaps 35 degrees, which would have moved the equatorial animals (and the equator) north to the arctic circle.  And, as if to validate by proof, this theory would also explain why there are great areas of tropical forest found preserved underneath the permafrost of the arctic circle, with thousands of trees[162]. Most flora identified were not indigenous to the arctic but to temperate, sub-tropical and tropical zones.  Also found in the arctic under permafrost were redwood trees, all indicating a catastrophic, global change of climate.  This fact is not often spoken of in modern geologic circles, in fact, a great deal of what they are discovering while exploring more remote areas for the earth’s natural resources is evidence supporting a catastrophe of… uh hum, BIBLICAL proportions.  Walt Brown’s Hydroplate Theory explains that this unbalance of the earth happened from uneven distribution of the land masses, not a sudden deposit of ice but with the same result of moving the earth’s pre-flood position to its present position.[163]

The coal deposits that are found all over the world are the result of the plant life that was washed off and collected in swirling eddies with trees, roots, leaves, grasses and other enormous piles of vegetation the size of Maryland as massive rushing waters moved from the land into the newly formed ocean basins, allowing vast amounts of plant material to be quickly covered up with sediment, forming enormous coal seams in 50 to 100 years, not millions and millions of years.  In like manner, the people and animals who died in the flood formed the oil deposits found all over the world. The oil is always found separate from the coal for one good reason:  Plants cannot flee from the flood waters.  The animals (at least the air breathing ones, including mankind) would have run to higher ground as the flood waters encircled them, in fact, there are many fossil tracks found all over the world with the evidence that man and animals, including dinosaurs, were fleeing together to higher ground.  Recent evidence suggests that dinosaurs lived with mankind as the bible does indicate. I’ll discuss that in the next chapter.  Our world today is fueled by the carbon formed from decaying plants, animals and people left over from the flood.  I’ll bet you never thought of that.

  • Submarine Canyons

I had been decidedly indoctrinated with the Plate Tectonics theory from college courses taken at university in Geology 101 or “rocks for jocks”.  I also took a more advanced Geology class because the sciences were always an interest of mine and I always did well in them. Thus, I am relatively well versed in their version of geologic uniformitarianism or the theory that the earth is billions of years old and changes to it happened slowly over vast epochs of time.  It is scientific fact that the earths’ crust is broken up into plates but these were the boundaries between the land masses that were ripped open by the “fountains of the deep” being broken up as previously discussed in the hydroplate theory. However, during my study in one of those classes, I became interested in learning more about the existence of features called submarine canyons. These are common along the continental slope and continental shelf of land masses.  It wasn’t until a few years later that I began to learn by studying the bible in greater depth, from the latest geological discoveries and from being able to see these features clearly by better satellite technology, how neatly the global flood explained the existence of these undersea canyons we now see carved into the continental shelf all over the world.

NOAA defines the canyons thusly: “Submarine canyons are steep-sided valleys cut into the sea floor of the continental slope, sometimes extending well onto the continental shelf. These canyons vary in size, shape, and morphological complexity; some were scoured by the flow of rivers during past low sea level periods, but most formed via other erosional processes, such as mud-slides, debris flows, and turbidity currents.”[164]  I’m not sure if I was sleeping the day of the lecture when it was explained how this was actually done or if it simply was never given but I found myself nevertheless, searching for answers to this question on my own. None of the answers I found in all of my geology textbooks were the least bit sufficient to explain these canyons but that should be no surprise.

Submarine canyons, now having been mapped all over the continental shelf and slopes of all major continents, land masses, even islands, most where no rivers could possibly have formed them.  These canyons are now accurately visible in Google Earth thanks to modern technology. It is clear to see that these canyons exhibit the same exacting features viewable on canyons seen on dry land and prove that these canyons were formed on land, not underwater.  Turbidity currents are nothing more than underwater avalanches and/or earthquakes which, because of being underwater, are much less destructive than those on the surface of land because the water decreases the gravity and when surface canyons form, gravity plays a very big factor. (this is not to say that damage from tsunamis is any minor effect of these underwater earthquakes as demonstrated in recent years in Japan and Indonesia) These canyons demonstrate flawlessly the runoff of the global flood waters and were carved into the shelf and preserved on the slope BEFORE the oceans were filled to their current levels – a much more sensible scenario to envision and the only one that explains their existence.

Uniformitarianism, the Darwinian example of evolution makes the existence of such canyons impossible.  Many of these canyons dwarf the Grand Canyon in size, length and depth.  The Great Bahama Canyon, thought to be the highest[165] is more than 2.5 miles high and more than 23 miles wide at its widest point.  Some extend away from the continents for thousands of miles. That’s a heap of turbidity current partner. The Great Bahama Canyon by itself is proof of a global catastrophe. Very little is taught about the formation of these canyons except that they were created by “other erosional processes” but in order to form such immense structures it would take something much greater than mud and debris flowing, it would necessitate a total CATATSTROPHE.  These “other erosional processes” may be a quick way out of explaining what actually happened as you can see the confusion created by imagining that the Mississippi River, for example, flowed hundreds of miles out to sea in the Gulf of Mexico and somehow went to work (underwater) creating the great canyon which is visible, carved into the continental slope when looked at from any satellite map of the earth.

The antediluvian earth had no large oceans as we have today although there were inland seas, rivers and streams and many large spring-fed lakes and ponds. The earth appears to have been watered by underground springs and not from rain as there is no mention of rain in the bible prior to the flood. In Genesis 7, “all the fountains of the great deep were broken up”, v. 11 which is to say that the water that was under the ground came up to the surface.  It also says that “the windows of heaven were opened” and that indicates that the water above the firmament came down upon the earth in the form of rain (and ice).

The oceans, formerly the fountains of the great deep, collapsed at the edges of the continental shelf of all land masses.  As the water ran off of the continents channels were formed (submarine canyons) in the continental slope and the water began to swiftly gather in the channels as it ran off carrying trillions of tons of debris and carving out the canyons in a very short period of time, perhaps weeks, which fits the timeline of the biblical flood receding as shown in Genesis 8.  Keep in mind, the deluge was a CATASTROPHE of a magnitude that this world has never seen and which relatively few have ever contemplated. Upon being freed from the indoctrination of modern pseudo-science, it becomes easy to see that this world shows many signs of catastrophism and our world now appears to have gone through something of such an unimaginable scale it is understandable why it can no longer be covered up!  If modern science continues to look at the structures which were formed by the flood and yet teach uniformitarianism then the earth will continue to yield up the proof over time for the die-hard deniers of our earths Creator.

  • The Grand Canyon

People come from all over the world to gape at the wonder of Niagara Falls, marveling at its beauty but try to imagine what the Grand Canyon must have looked like as it was being formed!  The biblical, scientific thinking on how the Grand Canyon formed is consistent but varies in slightly different ways. The biblical explanation more closely demonstrates what happened with much more credibility than the current school of thought which has been coming from the universities and scientific communities for nearly 200 years.  Their theory of uniformitarianism and Darwinian evolution, fails in so many regards that entire books have been written on the subject of the flood alone.

 “Who laid the foundations of the earth, that it should not be removed forever.  Thou coveredst it with the deep as with a garment; the waters stood above the mountains.  At thy rebuke they fled; at the voice of thy thunder they hasted away.  They go up by the mountains; they go down by the valleys unto the place which thou hast founded for them.”  Psalms 104:5-8

The Grand Canyon was cut through an area of sediment called the Colorado Plateau in Northern Arizona. [166] Once the flood waters began to recede into the oceans, huge areas of sediment piled up very quickly the same way a glass of water with a few tablespoons of dirt would deposit after being stirred rapidly. Some formed into plateaus by nature of the contents of the sediment and surrounding landscape.  Many large lakes, much larger than the great lakes for example would have dotted the continents after most of the waters receded.  There was just such an enormous lake which existed in the Grand Canyon area which was nearly as big as the state of Nevada.

Imagine a body of water 4 times bigger than Lake Superior being held back by a narrow strip of land for a few years while the recently deposited sediment of the Colorado Plateau drained and hardened into sandstone, wet shales and dried mud – a perfectly grand canvas for a very Grand Canyon.   As the giant lake was fed by the waters which would have taken many months to completely run off of the continent and which at first carried rocks and boulders the size of large hotel buildings and skyscrapers, other turbulent rivers and streams which themselves were fed by these enormous lakes runoff, eventually compromised the relatively small strip of land holding back this giant body of water. As the waters continued filling the giant lake, the area of “dam” holding back those waters was overflowed, weakening the structure at its base until, being fatally weakened, gave way quickly and completely releasing tens of quadrillions of gallons of rushing water, mud and rocks.

The unfathomable waters would have immediately cascaded down into the plateau forming gullies and gaps, chiseling away at the semi-soft rock of the recently deposited sediment of the plateau quickly and carving a huge canyon as the water at an unimaginable scale, rose above the plateau, rushed toward the newly forming seas.  There are many other smaller yet very impressive canyons in the area of Arizona, Utah and Western Colorado proving the same type of rapid erosion responsible for all of them and showing an area of the world which, contrary to popular belief, etched in stone the historic and physical proof of the Majesty and Greatness of our God and Creator and also demonstrating the trustworthiness of His eternal written word.  To those who know Him, a most remarkable evidence of His judgement and punishment for evil.

Much controversy and many differing opinions have resulted from both secular and creationist studies of the geographical land features of the area and how they were affected during the drainage of the flood waters.  Many books have been written on the subject and are available online and in bookstores but much of the learning of this event which inevitably carved the Grand Canyon is still up for debate in the secular universities however, within the creationist camp, the puzzle is much less elusive being understood from the vantage point of a worldwide flood.

In all fairness and to give benefit to the doubt[ers], God was gracious enough to give the people of this age a miniature version of the occurrences and a quick glimpse of the deluge aftermath in a relatively small display of His power and grandeur.  On May 18th, 1980 after Mt. St. Helens erupted, a similar but much smaller deposit formed from a mud flow as the Colorado Plateau was laid at the base of the mountain and hardened.  About two years later, a smaller eruption created a mudslide on the Toutle River carrying away the sediment and carving a canyon 1/40th the size of the Grand Canyon yet remarkably similar in appearance.[167]

The uniformitarian view of how the canyon formed offers no explanation of how the tiny river running through carved and carried away so much mud and rock.  The question is for the very most part, ignored and, per modus operandi of the Darwinian scientific insanity, millions of years of time are used to explain the building up and the erosion of mountains however, to stand and observe the namesake grandeur of the spectacle called the Grand Canyon must be truly breathtaking! (I have sadly never seen it up close, only in pictures)

Copernicus revolutionized astronomy when he discovered the Earth revolved around the sun. But neither he nor Galileo, who suffered persecution from the Church for upholding Copernicus’ discovery, disproved the existence of a nearby universal Center. Nevertheless, the reaction to these events spawned the perception that science, not GENESIS, was the new truth. And, “as presumed arbiters of ultimate truth, modern cosmologists became masters of their own destiny. They wrote their own ticket for the origin and development of a cosmos that excluded biblical GENESIS and a universal Center, and in so doing erected an almost impenetrable antiscientific, psychological barrier against the astronomical proofs that humans do occupy a very special place in the cosmos.”[168]


Chapter 10:  The Dinosaurs; The Dragons

The word Dinosaur has so long been a part of our culture in this age that it seems the word is timeless and brings to mind the gigantic and fierce creatures that lived so very long ago – millions and millions of years ago, yet the word didn’t come into existence until the mid-nineteenth century.  Dinosaur means “terrible lizard” and the name was coined by British paleontologist Sir Richard Owen in 1841. Certainly mankind was aware of these enormous reptiles prior to the invention of the word, so what name was used prior to 1841 for these “terrible lizards”?  They were the famous dragons of ancient lore.

Dragons can be found in all cultures throughout recorded history and show up in artwork, sculpture, literature and most importantly of all, in the fossil record.  What adult doesn’t remember as a child first seeing these menacing creatures’ enormous skeletons?  They can be seen, frozen in time, silently stalking the ornate marble floors of the natural history museums in cities throughout the world.  They continue to spark interest among people especially the young.  Books and movies abound as computer technology brings new and more realistic silver screen renditions of these creatures to life. One of their most menacing features is their size.  The word itself conjures ideas of monstrous creatures as big as buildings but in reality, the exceptionally big ones were the most rare.  When mankind began to multiply on the earth in the early days of Genesis, the animals did so also.  The bible states that the land was one mass and as we discussed earlier, the big oceans that we see today were far underneath the earth.  The animals would have moved and spread out in all directions over all the land, even in areas that mankind didn’t inhabit.  This would have given the dinosaurs ample space to move about and reproduce.

I wonder if we have ever unearthed the original T-Rex – that enormous monster that many of the replicas were made from.  Those originals, with the extra oxygen, abundant food and increased air pressure would have lived a very long time and they probably grew FAST. (It is uncertain whether God created dinosaurs as fully grown adults as He did Adam and Eve) Modern science names 3 of the biggest T-Rex fossils found as Sue, Stan and Jane, all huge animals.  It is my contention, however, that the biggest skeletons were the oldest yet the scientists at large claim full size occurs at age 19 and that one of the creatures, Sue was estimated to have lived to 28 years old and was the oldest recorded T-Rex ever found. [169] In light of the recent soft tissue being found in dinosaur bones (more on that later) how they determine the longevity of these reptiles by their bones is anyone’s guess.  Mankind lived to nearly 1000 years old in those first 1000 years after creation, does it seem logical that God would create dinosaurs to live merely 30 years?  Not likely, and with the evidence we see in nature in this age, reptiles are the longest living creatures on earth, some like Adwaita the tortoise of India’s Alipore Zoo living 250+ years![170]

  • Indeterminate Growth

As discussed earlier, reptiles possess a quality known as indeterminate growth meaning that they will continue to grow throughout their lives if the conditions for their survival are favorable.  As mankind before the flood lived to be nearly 1000 years old, think of a reptile with indeterminate growth, over 1500 years age and the terrifying T-Rex is more easily imagined in reality.  And the gigantic Apatosaurus, having an abundance of vegetation and nearly one thousand years of increased oxygen and air pressure, you can easily see how these animals grew to massive proportions – it took many hundreds of years!  In fact, there is nothing that would have prohibited the dinosaurs, having so much space to themselves and no predatory enemies, to have grown continually, from their creation by God, right up to the time of the flood of Noah.

The flood can be calculated by the genealogy of Genesis to have happened 1656 years after God created the world.  When we go to the museums and gaze up at the skeletons of those monsters, are we looking at a creature that lived for over 1600 years?!  I dare say YES and it even makes more sense in light of these facts, judging by the sizes of these beasts, it would have taken at least that long to grow for some of them. Knowing their great size and NOW their great life span makes the musings of such monsters even more formidable.  However, just as science and academia grossly overestimates the age of the earth, they underestimate the age of these giant reptiles.  Within our own timeframe and scope lives the Black Caiman Crocodile which may be used as comparison to the dinosaurs.  The Black Caiman can live up to 75 years and as expected, the older the animal, the larger. Unconfirmed incidents of the Black Caiman reaching lengths of over 21 feet and weighing over 2500 pounds have been reported however, the reality of such monstrous sized crocodiles is that they would quickly be hunted down for trophies or money, thus limiting the size of extant “monster” crocodiles in this age.  I think it would be safe to conclude that alligators, crocodiles and snakes living in areas such as the extremely remote swamps of the Congo river harbor animals of likely enormous sizes and perhaps of unknown or supposedly extinct species.

If we apply this knowledge of dino-longevity to the movie industry and presume that the producers attempted to be factual in their presentation of how dinosaurs actually were in reality, we can see them losing money hand over fist.  Who is going to go to the movie theater and pay to see a jungle filled with tiny lizards and reptiles of all sorts, many of them actually quite cute?  The science consultants for the writers of Jurassic Park didn’t consider that it took hundreds of years to grow to such sizes as those skeletons unearthed and seen in museums.

The fact is that the dinosaur fossils found of extreme proportions were those which had lived before the flood and died during the flood. The smaller ones, of which there are many more examples, lived after the flood when Noah set the animals free.  For the technical thinker, God most certainly could have created monstrous T-Rex type sauropods instantly, fully grown from birth if He had wished, just as He created Adam fully mature, (but isn’t “maturity” simply a thing of age, which is a factor of time?) but for the fictional scientists of Jurassic Park, I’m sure those painstakingly incubated and carefully hatched baby dinosaurs would have needed some time to grow to the size of the ones seen in the movie, in fact, now knowing that it was also their environment which caused these animals to grow so large, had the scientists actually been able to produce a living specimen, it is extremely doubtful that any would have EVER grown as large as they did in the pre-flood world.

The scientists of this age, believing the fictional age of the earth and the geologic column which they learned at university don’t comprehend nor consider that the dinosaurs, along with most every other fossilized remains of plants and animals, died in the flood of Noah.  Exceptionally specific and unique geologic circumstances are required for the fossilization of plants and animals – the exact conditions that would have existed immediately after the flood. This would also satisfactorily explain the massive dinosaur fossil yards found all over the world.  In fact, the ONLY explanation for them is that they are the remains of many of those caught in the excessively violent rushing waters of the flood and in massive, hundred-miles-wide swirling pools of animals, rocks, trees and people that would have been totally ravaged with their body parts all mixed up together in the flood when the waters began to recede and then being quickly covered with mud, sand and rock. The worldwide flood catastrophe also perfectly explains why complete fossils of man and animals are rarely found but are almost always found in pieces.  The flood tore them all apart, scattering them like debris in a tornado. There are many dinosaur graveyards scattered across the United States and around the world. The Dinosaur National Monument in Utah shows the proof of such a catastrophic end to these great reptiles and also shows how they were mixed together in large pools of mud and sediment.

It is difficult to imagine a worldwide flood and the incredible catastrophic events involved in the account of Genesis 7 and 8 and even those who believe the biblical account of a global flood have not done the necessary brainwork to consider the scope and magnitude of such a catastrophe.  It’s simply because we have never seen such a thing that we fail to imagine how such an enormous event had happened.  We are left with the evidence scattered throughout the earth and which surface scars tell a tale of truth; the evidence which science attempts to explain away by uniformitarianism and which I am attempting to reveal here.


  • Dragons in History

Our history is replete with tales of dragons in every culture.  Beowulf, is the infamous, Nordic folklore poem featuring the heroic ruler prince of the Spear-Danes, the beloved Beowulf.  He was a fearless warrior who killed three dragons: Grendle, whom he slew by pulling his arm off after which he subsequently bled to death running back to his lair; Grendel’s mother who, grieving the loss of her son came to Heorot in Mead Hall where the people were gathered and destroyed everything while looking for her son’s slayer, killing and carrying off one of the men, and a third, fire breathing dragon by whom Beowulf was himself slain by being bitten in the neck and ostensibly poisoned by the venomous bite of the monster (and also from blood loss). It is the quintessential and original tale of the hero slaying the dragon. The literature dates to about 700 – 1000 AD and although it is folklore, it is a truism that much folklore and many old tales have their roots in reality.

Pliny the Elder wrote of dragons in 70 AD in his book, “Natural History” in which he said, “Africa produces elephants but it is India that produces the largest [elephants] as well as the dragon.”  In 1271 AD, Marco Polo wrote in his journals “Here are seen huge serpents, ten paces in length and ten spans in girth of the body.  At the fore part, near the head, they have two short legs, having three claws like those of a tiger, with eyes larger than a forepenny loaf and very glaring.  The jaws are large and sharp, and their whole appearance is so formidable, that neither man, nor any kind of animal can approach them without terror.”  He seems to be describing a T-Rex here.  Polo also states that the Chinese emperor had a chariot pulled by dragons which was used on special occasions.[171]  In 326 BC, Alexander the Great reported that his soldiers, while conquering parts of what is now India, were fearful of the dragons that lived in caves there. [172]

Ancient cultures understood the curiosity of time.  Many of them, no doubt, found artifacts of ancient cultures in their own time etched on stone walls, in stone and metal sculpture and in artwork designed to last thousands of years.  They didn’t have paper books with which to record their history and in many instances that hinderance became a benefit.  Much of ancient human history was lost in the library of Alexandria when it was set on fire by Julius Caesar in 48 BC. (flavors of building seven – let’s destroy our history?  Julius Caesar would have fit right in with the secret societies of this day) Many other lesser known book burnings throughout history have served to cloud our vision of the past. Fortunately, many ancient cultures recorded their history in stone but not so fortunate is the fact that the historical significance is hidden instead of used to gain a better perspective on our ancient ancestors and their way of life. Guarded by the same powers that built and proliferated the theory of evolution, many stone sculptures and artwork are declared to be inconsequential to science and have been removed from any relativity for discovering the truth about history.  If they don’t fit the Darwinian narrative, they are thrown out.  The problem for those holding the evolutionary narrative is that there are so many…

On the southern coast of Peru, there existed a people called the Nazca Indians who flourished there for hundreds of years from the first century AD to about 750 AD.  They were a highly cultured, complex and enigmatic people who produced artwork, sculpture, textiles and the mysterious Nazca Lines. (more on those later) These lines are very curious in that they could only have been seen (and made) from an altitude not yet achievable to mankind at that time in history, or so we are told.  They can still be clearly seen today and are yet unexplained as to their creation and purpose.  The Nazca Indians also produced artwork etched on stones depicting daily life at that time with images of agriculture, modern technology (that should not have existed at that time) medical procedures and dinosaurs.

Confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance work hand in hand to produce an entire population of deluded, dumbed down and confused people who believe they have the truth simply because everyone else believes the same way.


  • Ica Stones

More than 16,000 rounded Andesite river stones (called Ica Stones; pronounced EE-kah) have been found in Ica Peru.  The stones are each engraved with images depicting the daily lives and events of the Nazca Indians and range in size from that of a soft ball to stones weighing several tons.  Some reports estimate their numbers to be closer to 50,000 stones as they are continually being found in the area. Their discovery piqued the interest of modern archaeology in the early 1960’s creating a controversial uproar throughout the modern academic world.

Ron Taylor, archeologist, artist, author and founder of Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum in Crosbyton Texas has seen and handled many of these stones and verifies the numbers of them to be in the tens of thousands.  He casts them and offers the castings for sale on his website for anyone who is interested in handling and examining excellent cast replicas of these enigmatic stones for themselves.  Ron is an expert on “forbidden” archaeology – artifacts that have been rejected by the modern, Darwinian, evolutionary scientists including the skeletons of giants or any other discovery that contradicts the uniformitarian, millions-of-years evolution of all things.

These igneous stones are made of volcanic Andecite and all share an interesting trait of having a semi- hard, black outer surface with a quartz and feldspar surface underneath providing a perfect canvas into which ancient humans could carve durable images that would last indefinitely. These carvings are very detailed and intricate and record the history of an ancient tribe of people living in South America nearly 2000 years ago.  The Andecite which comprises the outer surface of these stones is 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness (diamond is 10 on the Mohs scale) and carving andesite with available stones of the time and location would be difficult. The stones were engraved very precisely and not at all slapdash in their depiction of what each stone portrays.

Many of these stones have been found over the last 80 years but you won’t see any of them at any archaeological, anthropological or natural history museums in this age. These are not mentioned in archaeological circles or in academia of the Darwinian religion of the western world, except to try to debunk them, in fact, most people have never heard of their existence. The common consensus among Darwinists and in the colleges and universities is that the stones – all 16,000 of them – are fakes and have no historic value because they conflict with our origins as it relates to modern Darwinian evolutionism.  However, their existence and authenticity utterly destroys, once and for all, the millions- of-years history ascribed to mankind by Darwinism because many of these stones depict man interacting with dinosaurs. 

After their discovery and examination, subsequent realization of their urgent archaeological importance immediately presented itself, (that of debunking the Darwinian history foisted upon the world) and not long after their discovery, a local famer named Basilio Uschuya who sold the stones to tourists, came forward admitting that “they” (all the stones) were forgeries.  A little known fact is that he was forced to say this to prevent his being convicted of tampering with, removal and sale of historic artifacts, a crime carrying big prison time in a Peruvian jail –  definitely not the luxury facilities we are accustomed to here in the US but Peruvian jails are places where prisoners are abused, starved, tortured and many of them die long before finishing their sentences.  He “confessed” to forging them for money because many tourists were interested in buying them.

However, let us think about this.  If Uschuya didn’t “confess” to the forgery of these stones which he had found in abundance, he was going to be charged with theft, sale and misuse of Peruvian artifacts, (which laws exist to keep persons from destroying Peruvian archaeological history) and the stones would have been authenticated by his incarceration.  Yet if he did confess (to forging them) he would be allowed to go free having committed no crime because no laws exist prohibiting the sale of fake artifacts. It was imperative that these stones be made historically inconsequential so they (science and academia with help from the Peruvian government) devised a clever plan to “prove” to the world that they were fake. They could now publicly present the man who “confessed” that the Ica stones were forgeries thereby getting it on the record and thus leaving the millions and millions of years, Darwinian, evolutionary, juggernaut of insanity, intact.

 “And when Erich von Daniken visited the farmer in 1973, Uschuya confirmed to him that he had faked the stones; but later on, in an interview with the German journalist Andreas Fischer, Uschuya claimed the opposite. They were genuine, he insisted, and he admitted to a hoax to avoid imprisonment.”[173]

It was now up to the individual to confront the Darwinian world of science if they contested this. Very clever how the authorities kept this piece of plenteous history silent.  Mark me down as one who contests.  And to any person who would believe that 16,000+ stones would (or could) be painstakingly, intricately, artistically, imaginatively and skillfully carved by one man for the sole purpose of portraying the fact that, dinosaurs lived with mankind –  I have a bridge I would like to sell you.  Such a thing would be a physically impossible task that would have taken too many years to consider the least bit plausible. The fact that only about 10% of these stones depict dinosaurs with men isn’t bandied about Darwinian circles. Most show the daily life of the Nazca people, which held their own mysteries.  Here is a question; Why would this man engrave so many other stones that didn’t represent the history that is questioned by their existence, that is, that dinosaurs lived with mankind? It would seem that the engravings with dinosaurs interacting with men would comprise the majority of stones but we find the opposite reality, with most stones depicting other, less controversial (yet most mysterious) history.

However, shortly after their discovery there were a few actual forgeries of the Ica Stones presented publicly and these few forged stones are the proof shown to the scientific, academic and the mainstream media to show the world that they had ALL been forged in the same manner and are not legitimate, ancient carvings. Uschuya admits to having used a dentist’s drill to engrave the fakes. Desiring to compare the stones, I searched for pictures of the forged stones on the internet looking for information of how they were engraved but was unable to find any information about them except that they were forged with a drill.

Anyone who looks at the stones closely and sees the intricacy and painstaking design of them quickly learns that their origin must be completely different than the claim that they were created by one modern Peruvian man who had been given real pictures to assist in his engravings.  NO, there is something very unique about these stones and the more one looks at the images, the less likely the possibility of them being forgeries becomes, never mind that there are tens of thousands of them! My conclusions are that the skeptics are simply “defending their religion” and have not actually looked at the evidence. I find this to be a very common practice among those holding the religion of Darwinism and anyone else who denies truth of any kind – they simply don’t look at the evidence.  In the world of psychology, there is a term for those who will only look at one side of an argument, it’s called “confirmation bias”. These people are so subject to their view of reality, convincing themselves that they HAVE the truth that they refuse to look at any alternative no matter how compelling. It is amazing how creationists are accused of this in all matters yet most creationists know more by studying their opposition’s claims than their opposers know about their own claims!  I have encountered this several times by persons who claim that they are “experts” in their field, finding often that they are very ignorant of their own side’s understanding of such things, being very incapable of defending their position, especially as it relates to the proven inconsistencies and outright frauds exposed within their own “science”.

Confirmation bias is not just a logical fallacy within debate, it’s disingenuous in thinking.  How can someone debate something if they haven’t looked at both sides of the evidence for themselves?  Such a person relies on what others have said about a topic. They don’t have a knowledge based in truth and of their own which they have diligently searched for because of a love of truth and of what is right, they simply have someone else’s opinion. This is the condition of MOST people in the world today regarding many truths who by indoctrination in the state education system, have had someone else’s worldview willingly given to them and fearful of social castigation and ridicule if they don’t adhere to it.  Confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance work hand in hand to produce an entire population of deluded, dumbed down and confused people who believe they have the truth simply because everyone else believes the same way. The intrinsic qualities of the truth require examination of both sides of an argument.  When one view is favored over another without examination of both sides, it is called philosophy and that is the dominant condition we find in our modern scientific communities and in the whole of academia, touting one philosophy over another yet disallowing the challenging view to be equally considered, even laughing when others present it, scorning and deriding them (and rallying others to do the same) when they remain steadfast in it, often tragically resulting in ones losing their position, reputation and livelihood.

When I set out to prove the fallacies of Darwinism, it was completely necessary to present BOTH sides of the debate by learning what each side has to say; this is the only method for arriving at truth. Those defending Darwinism are aware of this and it has been proclaimed in higher education circles, in defense of evolution over creation that there is no absolute truth!  No absolute truth?  Are you absolutely sure?  What point would there be in learning ANYTHING if the truth didn’t exist?  Finding one who is guilty of confirmation bias in this age is not difficult (just start shaking a stick) and their reasoning usually gives them away. In this case, their reasoning is that these stones couldn’t possibly be real and hitherto they won’t even look at them becauseeveryone knows” that dinosaurs became extinct long before man “evolved” therefore, the impossibly large number of them and the mysterious information depicted on them is inconsequential; they MUST BE forgeries. It goes against every lie about our origins ever told. Does anyone else get the feeling that the topic of Darwinian evolution is being defended by complete hypocrites?

Many Ica stones can now be found in large, private collections.  Many others have been packed away in secret places or destroyed by dissenters because of the knowledge that would be learned from them.  However, it is recorded fact that in 1535, the Spanish Conquistadors while traveling through Peru recorded finding many stones with strange creatures etched on them, accurately describing the stones in their archives.  In 1562, Spanish explorers in search of gold and treasure sent some of the stones back to Spain and in 1571 Spanish chronicler Juan de Santa Cruz Pachicuti wrote about the stones century thus providing two proofs that they were present at that time and could not possibly have been created by those accused of forging them recently.  In 1906, Don Pedro Cabrera found some of these stones in tombs.[174]

Even recently, reports are made about farmers plowing up Ica stones.  What’s more is the fact that so many of them exist and more are being unearthed and found in newly discovered tombs as the years progress.  Even if it were possible, who would fake so many pieces of evidence and for what purpose? Not even those who want to HIDE the truth could or would go to such extremes.  But then, why should they?  They have a population of controlled, trusting, religious followers, believing anything (and everything) they are told from the infallible church of daily (fake) information – CNN et al.

Here is a perfect example of how our origins are neglected in favor of protecting a lying agenda designed to keep mankind in the dark about his true history in this age.  So much information exists etched on these stones; thousands of pieces of information revealing the way of life and culture of a civilization that existed when the population of mankind was rebuilding just a few hundred years after the time of the flood – thousands of artistic renderings that even a novice can see must have been done by at least scores of different artists, not just one forger.  For anyone who is interested in seeing these stones, here is an excellent video; (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-_hZE0e4q4) (Special thanks to Vlad9vt for this video)

This amazing and mysterious video is an hour and 21 minutes long but you’ll find yourself pausing and going back to take a better look at some of these images making a whole afternoon out of it!  The more I look, the more ridiculous and impossible the idea seems that one modern day forger created all of these and you will agree if you take the time to examine this evidence! This is real, hidden history and it infuriates me that it’s kept back from general knowledge! Who gave these evil dissenters the right to rule over us by keeping our origins a secret?  It bothers me as much knowing that the whole world is caught up in a huge lie but what’s worse is that nobody even wants to hear the truth!  I estimate that perhaps one in 50 people has any idea in this age of the deception, including the Darwinian fakery, suppressed knowledge and insane imagination necessary to hold to the doctrine of modern evolutionists.

We now live in the time of history in which more people believe the lies and deception about our origins and our history, including everything leading up to the present day, than ever before. The truth is so firmly captivated by the lies that it is impossible for most people to begin to realize the truth without a complete change in worldview.

Warning; graphic scenes are included in this video of hundreds of depictions of Ica stones showing scenes of dinosaurs fighting/playing with men, dinosaurs fighting/playing with each other, even dinosaurs in the act of copulating.  Others include eviscerated human hearts bleeding into bowls, mermaids and mermen, a strange form of caduceus, maps showing divided lands and rivers, men looking through hand held telescopes viewing comets, UFOs, aircraft, sun gods being worshiped, beheadings, all sorts of unique dinosaurs with men, people playing musical instruments, even graphic pictures of smiling sodomites in their abominable act. (I wonder if anyone has asked the “forger” about his “sexual orientation”)  It would seem to me that the whole world would be interested in seeing such things after hearing about the images they are depicting, it just seems that there would be so many more people interested and or familiar with them.

Once again, the internet is an excellent media source for recording and settling issues and many videos have been made regarding these stones. The PTB and modern Darwinian academia hope that nobody looks too closely but for those that do, there is always the ever so effective ridicule to assuage and discourage the curious minded. There are great mysteries on these stones that have never been addressed because the study of them is squelched from the mainstream by the claim that they are all fakes but if anyone bothered to look closely at them, they might find that mankind in antiquity was equipped with technology that is completely foreign to the modern medical and scientific western world.  Mysteries that can be easily pointed out because of the fact that many stones depict the same images.  A “balloon” like apparatus at the end of a tube, being used in open heart surgery in which the tubular structure goes into the mouth and heart of the patient and another part goes into the mouth of a surgeon is depicted on many of the stones!  What the heck is that, please pardon the informality?  Ask the alleged “forger” what he was thinking when he carved such things into these stones.  Something else that is hidden knowledge about these stones is the stunning attention to detail and graphic anatomy of the heart etched into many of them.  I wonder, did the forger have such intimate acquaintance of the physiology of the human heart? No modern surgeon will dispute the fact that these images are physiologically accurate representations.  The skeptic will say the forger could have copied it from any modern surgical manual but is he then going to replicate it on THOUSANDS of stones just to throw a wrench into the Darwinian machine?  Yes, there is enough physical and logical proof that these stones were engraved by an ancient civilization with the purpose of recording history and being discovered later and the current religion of the contemporary universities of this deceptive society restricts the study and talk of such things because they simply don’t fit their narrow worldview and agenda.

  • The Acambaro Figurines

If the Ica stones aren’t enough proof that ancient civilizations recorded human history in a way that is incongruent with the Darwinian, Uniformitarian worldview, in Acambaro Mexico, in 1944 the first of over 33,000 small, figurine type sculptures of all sorts of dinosaurs and people had been found by Waldemar Julsrud at the foot of the El Toro mountain plateau.  Julsrud hired locals and paid them one peso per figurine that was found and he began his collection.  The Acambaro figurine collection became so large that his house couldn’t contain them.  Some of the dinosaurs depicted in the small sculptures appear to be pets of the people living with them at that time, being held in the arms and cuddled. Others are engaged in battle with armored, spear wielding men.  One figurine depicts a man being bitten on his side while he spears a creature through its side.

Charles Hapgood, Harvard graduate and Professor of History and Anthropology at the University of New Hampshire, learned of the figurines and decided to investigate.  He employed Erle Stanley Gardner, the author of the stories on which the famed television series “Perry Mason”[175] was based, to help him authenticate these figurines, due to the fact that Julsrud was being accused of creating them himself.  Gardner wrote a book about this called The Host with the Big Hat in which he details the investigation. Once again, those with an agenda, claim that these are fakes, however, using their own methods of thermoluminescent dating, each of four samples were dated consistently at 2500 BC.  But as we learned in earlier chapters, radiometric and chemical dating is not reliable.  These figurines can be easily dated at c 2500 BC by the other artifacts found with them belonging to the Chupicuaro people (who lived there and sculpted the figurines) and their culture which history reveals to have been present with them in the area at that time. The figurines themselves present us with a history of the Chupicuaro people of ancient Mexico. [176]

Wikipedia has a one page story about the Acambaro figurines which explains them away as hoaxes stating that “Archaeologist Charles C. Di Peso was working for the Amerind Foundation, an anthropological organization dedicated to preserving Native American culture. Di Peso examined the figures and determined that they were not authentic, and had instead been produced by local, modern-day farmers.” He concluded that the figurines were indeed fakes: their surfaces displayed no signs of age; no dirt was packed into their crevices; and though some figurines were broken, no pieces were missing and no broken surfaces were worn.”   There is abundant evidence on the web for anyone interested in learning about these figurines depicting the daily life of an ancient culture however, similarly, as with the Ica stones, they are considered anachronisms (objects misplaced in time) or worse yet, outright fraud and fakery.

However, the most compelling mystery surrounding this investigation is that digging has been restricted there! The area where these figurines were being found has been closed off to archaeological investigation!  Here we have valuable history buried in the ground.  Why wouldn’t the Mexican government allow them to continue the dig, whether the figurines are faked or not?  Once again, a bit of simple logic and critical thinking reveals the truth:  The Mexican government KNOWS they are not fake and they are PROTECTING the area from revealing any more truth. The hand of the protector of the agenda threatened the Mexican government at the highest level to make this subject be gone. Whether or not the Mexican government wants to share this with the world is not a factor.  There are powers that RULE THE WORLD and they have stopped both Peru and Mexico from sharing these finds by making them moot.  But why do it in such a way as prohibiting the digging?  If they knew the figurines were fake, they wouldn’t prohibit digging.  They would consider that these finds are not historically significant, just another “futile attempt” by creationists to prove the theory of Darwinian evolution to be wrong so go ahead and let them dig.  Their action of prohibiting the further examination and discovery of more figurines PROVES the authorities know that the figurines are very real and moreover proves that the current thought and understanding of our history, i.e. the millions of years of evolution, is WRONG.

The stunning variety and number of these unique figurines showing the day to day life of the Chupicuaro people most definitely display signs of age and many are packed with dirt in the cracks and crevasses, and are also missing parts having been broken off, contrary to the Wiki article.  The dating used on the representative few, presented for investigation was that they were from c 2500 BC but this evidence was disregarded due to the impenetrable dogma of evolutionary pseudoscience.  Once again, if the reader will look at the evidence for themselves, they are sure to question the conclusions of modern academia.  Here is a video showcasing many of these sculptures. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkXCzFx6dAw  (thanks to vlad9vt for video)

Do Di Peso’s descriptions (above) accurately portray what is shown in this video?  Let the observer decide; Could all of this possibly have been faked? Moreover, WHY would it be faked? For the purpose of debunking the evolutionary theory?  Nobody had an agenda when finding either the Acambaro figurines or the Ica stones, they simply showed up in the day to day history of the world. It wasn’t until AFTER the artifacts were accumulated that their significance was revealed, unlike Piltdown man or Lucy which were created with a purpose and then PROMOTED staunchly as evidence FOR evolution. When compared to these fakes produced by those with an agenda, the finding of true artifacts are always learned about only AFTER those with an agenda come out against them thus proving that they are authentic.

Other sculptures have been found in Central and Southern Asia of many ancient civilizations whose artifacts and artwork demonstrate the fact that dinosaurs were simply a part of daily life, just as the elephant is to the people of India and Africa.  The Thrasians, an Indo-European tribe with their own language who lived between 3200 BC to 500 BC also showed by the artwork of their culture, to have intimate knowledge of dinosaurs, even adorning the image of the Tsintaosaurus on their war helmets. It is my contention that MOST ancient archaeology digs have revealed that the cultures living in them were very familiar with dinosaurs, however we don’t hear mention of it unless it is simply too large to be contained like the abundance of the Ica Stones and the Acambaro figurines.  Many books have been written over the years by many different authors on the dragons of ancient lore and their existence within those cultures cannot be denied.  Paintings, sculptures, figurines, architecture, and other artifacts from ancient civilizations around the globe continue to yield up the truth:  Dinosaurs did not live 65 -250 million years ago, they were taken on the ark by Noah 4500 years ago as babies and they flourished with mankind before and after the flood. [177]

  • Dragons in the Bible

The written word of God speaks of dinosaurs.  God says to Job; “Behold now behemoth, which I made with thee; he eateth grass as an ox. Lo now, his strength is in his loins, and his force is in the navel of his belly. He moveth his tail like a cedar: the sinews of his stones are wrapped together. His bones are as strong pieces of brass; his bones are like bars of iron. He is the chief of the ways of God: he that made him can make his sword to approach unto him. Surely the mountains bring him forth food, where all the beasts of the field play. He lieth under the shady trees, in the covert of the reed, and fens. The shady trees cover him with their shadow; the willows of the brook compass him about. Behold, he drinketh up a river, and hasteth not: he trusteth that he can draw up Jordan into his mouth.”  Job 40:15-23

Foolish defenders of Darwinism make the ridiculous claim that this describes an elephant or hippopotamus but could either of those creatures be described as having a tail like a cedar?  The Book of Isaiah also describes dinosaurs, but speaks also of what is called “the fiery flying serpent” and is mentioned twice by Isaiah; “The burden of the beasts of the south: into the land of trouble and anguish, from whence come the young and old lion, the viper and fiery flying serpent…”  Also in Isaiah we find, “In that day the LORD with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish leviathan the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked serpent; and he shall slay the dragon that is in the sea.”  Leviathan is also mentioned in the Book of Psalms twice and Job once.  He is always described as being dreadful and strong, a beast that should be feared; not to be taken lightly and a beast with which one ought not to contend.

  • Fresh Dinosaur Tissue?

Since the late 1990’s, reports have surfaced creating a major stir in the world of evolutionary theory, reverberating through the halls of the universities science departments and causing many critically thinking people to rethink their views about the geological history they had been taught.  This discovery is actually the “smoking gun” that has been suppressed for decades but has now, in these end days, finally made its way into the mainstream producing astounding and unbelievable results.  In 1997 paleontologist Mary Schweitzer came out with her finding that a fossilized bone from a T-Rex (which had to be broken to be transported) was shown to contain soft tissue, blood vessels, proteins, various blood cells, and even DNA!

She tested the sample over and over to confirm the lack of laboratory error but the evidence was conclusive.  “It just doesn’t seem possible.” She says, “But yes you can actually take the vessels [i.e. soft dinosaur blood vessels] and they do have internal components and so you can take a probe and kind of squeeze those things out into solution and the vessels are fine. It’s just…I can’t explain it to be honest.” Schweitzer said, completely in unbelief – quite literally speechless, of her own discovery. [178] It has never been thought of before, that living, soft tissue could be found in fossils that were millions upon millions of years old. Even Mary thought her discovery was the first of its kind however, Roman Pawlicki of Jagiellonian University in Poland has apparently published fifteen or so scientific papers beginning in the 1960’s on his finds of the same soft tissue found in dinosaur bones.  Could this finally blow the lid off of the pseudoscience of Darwinian evolution?

Some creationists have questioned her work from the other direction, pressing her to refute Darwinian evolution. But in her religious life, Schweitzer is no more of an ideologue than she is in her scientific career. In both realms, she operates with a simple but powerful consistency: The best way to understand the glory of the world is to open your eyes and take an honest look at what is out there.[179]

Former evolutionist and Christian author Tom Shipley very well noted, “Mary Schweitzer herself appears to have believed that she was the first scientist to discover soft dinosaur tissue. She was not. Apparently, the self-appointed Guardians of Evolutionary Dogma have not been very interested in spreading the word about Pawlicki’s findings. I ask, how is it possible that an educated scientist such as Mary Schweitzer could have been in ignorance of fifteen (15!) scientific papers spanning from 1966 to 1995 in her own specialty? Apparently, the Great Darwinian Propaganda Machine not only quarantines information from getting outside of academia but also within.”[180]

At first glance, it appears that this would be THE evidence that would disprove the Lyellian, Darwinian, uniformitarian, millions and millions of years evolution of animal’s theory once and for all.  The fact is that what was once admitted universally by mostly all biological scientists in any branch –  that soft tissue of living organisms could not possibly last more than 100,000 years (that itself is a great stretch and untestable) without decaying into base chemicals – was now under question. (who knows where they arrived at that figure) It was for this reason that no fossils of any dinosaur bone were ever tested previously for soft tissue when found – they simply assumed that such a thing would be impossible.  What science is now showing however, is that many “fossilized” dinosaur bones are turning up “unfossilized”.  I might suggest the possibility that if soft tissue and whole cells of dinosaurs do exist in these fossils, it would seem by their own theory, that some of them may already be evolving into something else completely but, once again, off the record.

The outcry was “CONTAMINATION” at first because the idea seemed so preposterous. But after finding that the discovery was indeed real and the findings genuine, the Darwinists, instead of marveling at the reality that their millions of years uniformitarianism idea was wrong, they said, “Wow.  Those cells survived intact for 65 million years!”  How much more proof do they need?  And how much more proof do WE need?  I imagine that if one of these dinosaurs suddenly came to life and bit their arm off, they would still believe that dinosaurs went extinct over 65 million years ago.  This is no longer dogma, nor is it indoctrination…it’s blind faith insanity.  It’s absolute belief in an impossible LIE. These zealous pseudoscientists are looking at the naked emperor and seeing him dressed in full, gem studded regalia.

  • Are Dinosaurs Still Alive?

Now that it has been positively proven that dinosaurs, in fact, the whole earth is not millions and millions of years old and there is soft tissue in many of the dinosaur “fossil” discoveries made, does this shed more light on the mysteries of the sightings of such animals in modern history?  Many people have come out on the record over the last few centuries, to tell their story of what they saw – many genuine and truthful people, most of whom have nothing to gain by such declarations, telling of the things they saw and in great detail.  Doubtless we are all familiar with the most popular sightings which have become part of our modern culture.  The Loch Ness Monster “Nessie” in Scotland and “Champ” in Lake Champlain in Northern Vermont in the Northeast United States are two common “plesiosaur” type sightings of dinosaurs spotted regularly.  These are both water dwelling creatures with fins for swimming but there are many lesser known reports of sightings all over the world and, for those with no fear of the internet, can be studied by anyone with an internet connection.

There have been such a vast number of reports, especially in this age of technology, many more presently because people can capture cell phone video at the moment of a sighting, that the truth of the matter is impossible to ignore. The sightings of unknown creatures has evolved into a science of its own called Cryptozoology.

Mokele-Mbembe lives in the pools and swamps adjacent to the rivers of the Likouala swamp region of The People’s Republic of the Congo on the continent of Africa.  He is said by locals to be very territorial and the people are terrified of him.  Mokele-mbembe means “One that stops the flow of rivers.[181]  The descriptions of the creature are consistent although reports of size vary indicating that perhaps more than one of these creatures exists, possibly an entire family or more.  He is said to be 15 – 35 feet in length from nose to tail with the neck portion reportedly 5 to 10 feet in length.   There have been reports from Cameroon that the creature is over 75 feet in length.  Overall, from the reports, it appears that there could be more than one species, certainly more than one animal, alive and well on the continent of Africa in this present age far from the paved pathways of modern man, protected by millions of acres of dense, jungle swampland.[182]  This too, is prohibited information and protected by the gate keepers of the Darwinian state religion of evolution.  If there are dinosaurs alive in the present age, then the millions of years theory would fail completely – a theory crucial, (yet entirely insufficient) for spinning the tale of their imaginary “everything from nothing” proposal.

After a recent expedition there, two American researchers conclude that these stories refer to a real animal, not a myth. Fantastic as it seems, Roy Mackal [University of Chicago] and James Powell believe that this creature, called ‘Mokele Mbembe’ by the natives, may actually be a dinosaur, perhaps one resembling brontosaurus, which is thought to have died out 70 million years ago.”[183]

Carl Hagenbeck, a renowned German big game hunter, claimed that he had heard about the beast as well. He was also the director of the Hamburg Zoo in 1902 and said to be one of the greatest animal collectors of all time.[184]  He sent expeditions to Cameroon which was under German control at the time in the pre-World-War-One era.  They covered the territory of the Congo, near the Ubangi and Sangha rivers and lake Ikelemba. The lake was curiously absent of hippos and they were told by the local natives that this was because of their fear of Mbulu-Mbembe, which by description, is the same type creature as Mokele-Mbembe.  In 1912 Hagenbech wrote, “On the walls of certain caverns in Central Africa there are to be found actual drawings of this strange creature.  From what I have heard of the animal it seems to me that it can only be some kind of dinosaur, seemingly akin to the brontosaurus.  As the stories come from so many different sources, and all tend to substantiate each other, I am almost convinced that some such reptile must still be in existence”. [185]

If dinosaurs are still living in certain remote places on land and in many places in deep lakes and waterways this proves that they were created along with mankind just like the bible says but there remains a mystery; what happened to them all?  Most died in the great flood of Noah, of course but those taken aboard the ark, upon repopulation of the earth, were formidable creatures which, not unlike large, carnivorous animals of today like the Black Caiman crocodile, were hunted to (near) extinction.  World history is replete with evidence of dinosaurs and tales of men killing them.  They were known as dragons.  As mentioned earlier, there is so much material available for anyone to find which would help them to come to their own conclusions.  I offer only my own conclusions; it’s up to the reader to form their own view of dinosaurs and of every other topic mentioned in this book.  I say this for the fact that there are many critics out there who tear apart everything that I present here but my response to them is “where is your research”?

Chapter 11:  The Need for UFOs

After the embracing of Darwin’s theory pursuant to a universe “with no one at the wheel”, those with an agenda could now favorably advance the idea that the universe is a random result of chance. Moreover, by the belief in abiogenesis or spontaneous generation, it was now made understandable (by lies and deception) that chance favors other life forms like us and this idea was quickly adopted by those desiring to be free from the “archaic chains” of individual responsibility to a Creator.  Life was a happenstance occurrence just waiting for the right conditions to present themselves and most people believed that it had done just that “out there” in the far reaches of space in other galaxies, perhaps many varieties on earth-like planets and extra-terrestrial life must abound because of the vastness of this universe.  The Darwinian view accomplished two goals, 1) that life was cheap and common and 2) that we are nothing but evolved animals.  So, each person now claimed their life as their own, doing whatever they liked, never having to give an account to anyone or anything for their behavior, good or bad.  We all came from nothing and back to nothing we will all go and everything in between is meaningless.

The present and growing moral decline in Western culture is a direct result of the embracing of Darwinism but it is only the beginning of what will turn out to be the biggest delusion in the history of mankind, bringing all of the lies, deception, hidden technology, all of religion and philosophy and every motive and agenda for the captivity of the minds and hearts of the people to bear in one person:  The antichrist.

  • The antichrist

Anyone who desires wisdom simply needs to ask of God who gives liberally to anyone who seeks Him.  I am such a person who continually asks for wisdom from God, yet no better than the average, except that most people have not asked God for such wisdom. I have learned this truth through many years study of the bible, following geopolitical events as they unfold, applying them to biblical prophecy relating to current history, digging up hidden history and by study of the secrets others have uncovered. Upon putting the pieces together and by seeking hard after TRUTH I have learned that we are in a very distinct time in the history of mankind.

It is my contention that we are on the verge of entering a time described in the bible as the most horrific of all time periods since the time of the flood – a seven year period in which God will pour out His wrath on this earth for their rejection of Christ and BILLIONS will die.  It is known as the Time of Jacob’s Trouble (The Tribulation) and this time will be ushered in when we Christians are first ushered OUT – out of this world, that is.  It is the time of the “Catching Away of the Saints”, AKA, the Rapture of the Church to which I am referring and it will happen at any minute of any day of any year now as we see all of the signs that are mentioned throughout the bible happening at the same time.  We should be prepared for the Rapture to happen at ANY time.

  • The Rapture

After we are removed from this earth to be united with Jesus Christ forever and ever, the world will be in utter chaos.  However, little attention will be given to the idea that this was a “Christian” event because so many so-called “Christians” will still be here starting with the leader of the largest “Christian” church on earth – the pope and all of the RCC church leaders.  Other apostate, new age churches and mega churches will also be full the Sunday following the catching away and for this reason, it will be easy to explain what had happened and this will be proclaimed by the antichrist himself as he steps from behind the scenes and identifies himself as “he” who was to come.

He will seem to have sensible answers for all of the questions regarding the confusion of the recent event and the people of the world will adore him.  It is this authors belief that the antichrist will tell the world first and foremost, that UFOs are real and that they have been working behind the scenes with the military industrial complex of the world for many years and many great changes are on the horizon.  He will speak with “authority” to the deceived as he is the opposite of Christ yet imitates our God in many ways however the masses of people in the world after all of the believers in Christ have gone will not know that this man is the antichrist; he may perhaps claim to come from another galaxy!

He will explain where the people who have disappeared have gone and most everyone will believe him.  He will tell the world that we were ABDUCTED by intergalactic intelligences because we were holding the world back from further evolution, “SPIRITUAL evolution”.  He will mention that we had to be taken so that we could be trained in spiritual evolution and may even tell the world that once that training is complete, we would be returned to our loved ones, now ready to move on with them to the next glorious stage of human evolution.  Paul the apostle speaks of delusion that will come upon the world,

“…because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.  And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion that they should believe a lie:”  2 Thessalonians 2:10-11

Whether or not the notion of UFOs abducting Christians is that strong delusion which Paul spoke of cannot be known at this time, only that it will be a lie and it will be strongly entrenched in the world at that time.  God knows that delusion is the modus operendi of satan and it has been going on in this world since a newly formed, very beautiful woman took some very bad advice from a lying snake.  Please keep in mind that my descriptions about these occurrences may not be the way that this takes place;  it is only my hypothesis based on years of study and may be completely wrong in some regards.  I don’t ask that you adhere to anything which I claim in this book, I only ask that you DON’T believe any of it but look for yourself and begin a study of your own regarding this subject while there is still time left.

And if life happens so autonomously all over the universe and over the ages, there probably have been intelligences from the far reaches of the cosmos “seeding” other planets in their own parts of the universe; perhaps that is how WE got here.  “Panspermia” is the term which defines the cultivation of life on planets other than the cultivator’s own and the predilection of many thoughtful scientists who have given up faith in Miller/Urey have taken up faith in such things although most won’t admit it unless completely cornered in a debate.

Are you beginning to see how the preparation of the world to receive “ET” was conditioned into the minds of the people by Darwinism and the scope of the belief is not only more attractive than the biblical account to many people in this age but it actually seems to make more sense?  It makes more sense only to those who have allowed themselves to be conditioned without stopping to notice or to ask questions while the conditioning was taking place which in this case sadly, is the majority of the world.  But there is still time to turn to the truth and understand it; if not, I’m wasting my life by trying to get the truth to as many lost people as I possibly can. Think about how absolutely cunning, sly and persistent the adversary is in bringing a whole world of people to this point of deception.  Is it any wonder that Jesus repeated to His disciples so often in His short ministry on the earth? “Be not deceived”!

The worldview of UFOs had to be created in the mindset of the people and in order for that to take place the most common explanation which served mankind for 6 thousand years – that of the creation account in Genesis, had to be done away with. The whole program of ET life had to be central to the theme of evolution and mankind would have to be removed from the entire biblical narrative because a universe that exists without mankind being at the center is critical to the promotion of the UFO and ETs in our culture which will be used at a later time to explain the Supernatural Activities of God but then ascribe them to imaginary, intelligent beings.

  • The Conditioning; A Brief History of UFOs

In 1938 during a CBS radio show anthology series, The Mercury Theatre on the Air, with Orson Welles “The War of the Worlds”, a radio drama, was set as a newscast of an alien invasion of the earth by creatures apparently from Mars which came to the earth as what appeared at first to be meteorites.  The program began as a report by scientists that large explosions had been detected on the surface of Mars which were viewed by the space telescope at Princeton University and reported by the “news” anchor, garnering the public interest that something strange was beginning to happen. The next report was that of a meteor falling to earth in a New Jersey town.  The “meteor”, after the dust cleared, turned out to be a metallic cylinder from which strange mechanical creatures emerged and began a killing spree using ray weapons.

The story was exceptionally well done and announced at first by horrified newscasters and as the situation worsened, the microphone was then handed off to the emergency news network (all still part of the story line).  Military and political leaders were called upon to voice their opinions.  A militia of fighting men were slaughtered by the alien weapons which burned them to a crisp.  Bullets were useless against them and bounced off of their strange metallic bodies. The world was defenseless as more cylinders began falling all over the world, ostensibly connected to the explosions seen on the surface of Mars.  The show was hosted with no commercial interruptions and many people had tuned into the program AFTER the beginning announcement identifying it as entertainment, mistakenly thinking it was indeed a REAL alien attack.  People were said to have panicked, some so frightened and confused they took their own lives (although this claim was not verifiable).

It was a memorable night of fear and chaos that intentionally realized a very disturbing possibility, a previously unimaginable THREAT to the way of life of every man woman and child on planet earth. Although the “error” was quickly identified, it wasn’t quickly enough and the psychological damage was done.  Just as the Piltdown man solidified, over four decades, the false claim that men came from apes, the “War of the Worlds” broadcast and CBS laid the groundwork for the entire extra-terrestrial phenomenon, prepared for the population of the world which would see the UFO drama over the next several decades increase to a global, fever pitch.

The unfortunate and badly timed “misunderstanding”, I believe, was well understood ahead of time by those foisting it up:  The common misconception is that the producers of the radio show had no idea that people would have thought it was a real attack but think about this for a moment.  They created it with the goal of being as realistic as possible, calling upon only slightly changed geographical entities and structures, e.g. Langley field became “Langham field” etc.  The producers hired the best actors and produced the most realistic effects and then it was aired with limited INTERRUPTIONS. (which, in that day, meant no commercials)

I think it can be best summed up by quoting the book “The Martians Have Landed” in which it was interestingly, and somewhat prophetically stated, “Welles’ actions sparked a healthy debate on the power of the media and it’s potential to control the masses.  For most people, the scare lasted less than an hour but that was enough to offer a glimpse of the power of radio.  Today, changes in media technology are occurring so fast that we have little time to assess their potential impact.  With more syndicated programs, we may be more vulnerable than ever to future Welles-type scares that have the potential to race through our global village at the speed of light.  One day soon we may experience a War of the Worlds – type scare on a global scale.”[186] (emphasis mine)

I find it very difficult to conclude that nobody on the radio production team gave any thought to the fact that it might be taken as real life, I believe that many realized what was going on and what the intention was but that fact never became public knowledge by intent.  But then, perhaps some thinking individuals did announce it to the producers but as history will demonstrate, the show DID go on.  This program solidified the UFO phenomenon and struck the psyche of the American culture at its core giving rise to every sort of imagination of a global takeover by aliens (or false flag attack).  Phase one of Operation UFO Takeover was complete.  What came next was to generate much more than temporary fear and trepidation.

  • Roswell New Mexico

Less than a decade after the “War of the Worlds” broadcast, in mid-July 1947, news of an “alien spacecraft” crash landing after dark in the New Mexico desert near Roswell would shake the world, sparking controversy, government cover-up and conspiracy which would lead to mysterious disappearances and fantastic claims from sane individuals living in and around a secluded section of desert in the American Southwest dubbed “Area 51.”

The day after the alleged crash landing, America woke to a strange new world as the local and national news media descended on Roswell trying to piece together what had happened during this bizarre event the night before in which capitalizing businesses and Hollywood producers already recognized as the opening of a profitable new era.  The sensationalism and hype of the alleged “crash” at Roswell dawned to a day into which UFO’s and flying saucers garnered the attention of every man woman and child on Earth.  The UFO craze was here and it was here to stay.  Businesses began to cash in and a whole new industry was formed.  The phenomenon moved from a fringe, cultic membership to a national sensation which covered a wide demographic of the American culture and began to show up in books, movies and in just a few short years, television shows; It sparked the invention of new toys and games, costumes, masks etc., even whole industries and quickly moved from being a subculture to full blown, mainstream, UFO MANIA.

The fact that the US government and military were so secretive and elusive only fueled the fire of mystique.  The UFO phenomenon was as much a social and cultural phenomenon as it was a metaphysical, supernatural one and it began to change the culture of the world from within.  This new idea was embraced by every red-blooded American and whether feared or encouraged, the outcome (at this point) seemed to be favorable and beneficial to all.  It was the PTB’s (powers that be) very favorable scenario and the foundation needed to continue being built upon for the upcoming decades, feeding the new American TV viewer and movie goer with a constant diet of other-worldly musings so fantastic that even the most ardent skeptic could be found standing in line at the movie theater to buy a ticket.  Every new, unworldly form of weird sensationalism Hollywood produced seemed to be centered around UFOs.  Suddenly, those who would benefit from such, could now associate all events, natural or supernatural, conscious or unconscious to the metaphysical and could form the opinions of the collective consciousness of the soon to be space age much more completely with the world now intuitively conditioned to the UFOs.


  • Interdimensional Not Intergalactic

It is now possible in this age to accurately conclude that the countless “UFO sightings” and “abductions” are part of the demonic realm, understood by examining the evidence of such things i.e. their sudden appearance and disappearance; their breaking of physical laws of speed, acceleration and gravity etc. It is not difficult to see that these physical appearances and manifestations are purposely being shown to a world that is prime for deception either directly by the principalities of this world or somehow from the demonic realm or quite possibly by both.  It is agreed by many qualifiable scientists that these UFO sightings are very real sightings but not of visitors from other galaxies but from other dimensions.

These are interdimensional phenomena not intergalactic.  Recall if you will, the definition of translational symmetry meaning that the physical laws observed in this familiar place are the same found in the most outer reaches of the universe.  The “space ships” performing these physically impossible maneuvers through space (and time) give away their identity.  They are not benevolent but hostile, taking people against their will aboard their craft and sticking them, probing them, taking samples of body tissue, fluid, sperm and ovum, they are most definitely not friendly.  Add it up:  unfriendly, from another dimension, who do YOU think they are?

Any internet search for extra-terrestrials will eventually lead to star travelers with names such as The Pleiadeans, Zeta-Reticuli, The Galactic Federation, The Arcturian Council etc. and these new, “star travelers” are being channeled, taking over the minds and souls of willing individuals who speak through them (sounding familiar yet) and supposedly giving information to the ears who willingly refuse the metaphysics of the written word of God and choose instead that of evil, lying entities posing as alien life from other galaxies.

Their message is the same; it originated with the new age movement of the 1960’s (in this age their message is being retold; throughout the history of mankind it simply changes names) with the “age of Aquarius” resounding with the message of peace and love for everyone giving credence to all of the religions EXCEPT Christianity and the bible.  This is being well documented for those who are interested but registers only slightly below the conscience of the present majority – the secular, materialistic culture’s psyche.  They mostly know nothing of the UFO’s connection with the spiritual realm but to those planning the HARD DISCLOSURE the minds and conscience of the people are right where they need them to be.

  • Abductions halted

Anyone with the vaguest interest in the UFO phenomenon has heard at least part of the story of Barney and Betty Hill, the first couple who claimed to have been “abducted” by aliens.  In September 1961, while returning from a vacation to Niagara Falls, they noticed a strange light in the sky which was moving erratically and seemingly getting closer as Barney drove the car back to New Hampshire where the couple resided.  They both claimed to have a sensation of semi-consciousness as the light drew closer and it came into view through their front windshield.  Barney claims that the craft was 40 ft in circumference and 8 to 11 humanlike figures could be seen inside the craft.  They both recall strange beeping noises near the trunk of their car.  When the Hill’s got home, they noticed just a few weird things had happened.  Both of their watches had stopped and never ran again.

It wasn’t until they described their unusual event under hypnosis that they recall actually being aboard the “ship” at which point they give details of their encounter.  Books and movies about the event followed and the Hill’s experience began the “age of abduction” and people began to come forth claiming to have had similar experiences.  The abduction phenomenon is so widespread now that statistics show that more than 3 million people (at the time of this writing) claim to have been abducted by aliens in one form or another.  Some claim to have the ability to “call up” aliens, even their UFO spacecraft, simply by conjuring them in their minds.  As I learn more about the whole subject of UFOs I find more evidence demonstrating that they share many characteristics of the demonic realm. It turns out that this is precisely the case and their identity is being discovered conclusively.

A little-known fact coming from some of the reports of UFOlogists who aren’t concerned with anything but the TRUTH about them has currently exposed their true identity.  Although the word is getting out more now than ever, the secular UFO researchers all over the world have been hiding the fact that unwanted abduction experiences on several occasions have been abruptly and completely halted by the naming of the Name of Jesus Christ. And, although this discovery could be shared with those having unwanted abduction experiences for use as a most accurate and 100% effective defense against unwanted experiences, those making this discovery would not share the information with the world, keeping it mostly hidden to this day making the excuse that their credibility as professional researchers would be harmed by bringing “religion” into the UFO arena.

The hard and fast truth is that the only supernatural Being more excluded from mainstream, enlightened ideology than the God of the bible is Satan himself. You are more likely to receive scornful derision and laughter mentioning the name of the devil in most circles within academia than you are mentioning Jesus Christ.  The fact that the UFO inhabitants are DEMONIC and that all satanic activity ceases when the King of Kings Name is mentioned is more than these academicians are able to withstand.  They believe (and were given up to this belief for rejecting God; Romans 1:21) that these encounters with “aliens” from other galaxies are encounters with “more evolved” beings than ourselves and any other explanation is likely to bring about vociferous, deriding comments mixed with scornful laughter.

This is why scientists studying extra-terrestrial phenomena at university believe that their reputation would be harmed by calling on the Name of Jesus Christ.  Such occurrences simply don’t fit the paradigm no matter what the results. Over one hundred fifty years of evolutionary thinking has effectively eliminated the need for a Creator and now it seems they have come full circle as the deception increases.  The need was to ELIMINATE God, now they (some) are found calling on Him once again. These secular researchers, by their own admission, are ASHAMED of The God that created them and gave life to them!  The final answer (and their destiny, if they continue) comes from Jesus Himself: “For whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words, of him shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he shall come in his own glory, and in his Father’s, and of the holy angels.”  Luke 9:26

The fact is that the secular world in this materialistic, Godless society is VERY ashamed of the Name of Christ that they are banning His Name from being uttered in public events all over the country which “sanitizing” project is defended by the American Civil Liberties Union or ACLU (Abhorable Communist Lawyers Union) and God has now been removed from all secular and governmental law.  What started as “freedom of religion” has become freedom FROM religion, that is freedom ONLY from biblical Christianity… Any other religion is welcomed, even Satanism.  One is free in this country to use any name of any small “g” god they desire, even creating their own, but the Name which is above every name – Jesus Christ the very CREATOR of all things seen and unseen is forbidden in many places and whose censorship is increasing with the Godlessness of this age.

Joe Jordan is the President and co-founder of CE4 Research Group, an Alien Abduction investigation and research team based out of Cocoa, Florida.  Jordan has become a believer in Jesus Christ, he proclaims, as a direct result of his work with the paranormal and UFO abduction phenomenon.  Joe recounts, “When I called other researchers and asked if they had come across [similar cases: where abductions halted when the name of Jesus Christ was mentioned], they all wanted to go off-the-record. They said, ‘Yes! They had come across such cases.’ Many of them. When I asked why (they wanted to keep it quiet), it was for two reasons: because they didn’t know what to make of it, and because they didn’t want to ‘bring religion into it’”; they were afraid that their scientific credibility would be harmed in some way by bringing the Name of Jesus into the topic of UFO’s. His conclusion: “There’s no government cover-up of UFOs; there’s a cover-up about Jesus and aliens.” [187]

The real need to keep Jesus Christ and the truth of His written word separate from the context of the UFO phenomenon is obvious to those with the ability to think critically.  If news were ever to go mainstream regarding the truth that the Name of Jesus can be utilized to stop UFO abductions, one result would be that the UFO abductions and the UFO phenomenon itself would no longer exist and these researchers would be without a job! Another would be the positive identification of these beings that they are evil entities masquerading as extra-terrestrial intelligences but in reality, are DEVILS in staunch opposition to mankind and God’s purpose.  The final result mentions the much greater threat (to the Darwinian worldview) of giving collateral believability and more PROOF to the biblical truth that Jesus Christ is ALL POWERFUL over this world and is Creator and RULER of all things seen and unseen. Colossians 1:16

  • Nazca Lines

Sorting out the truth is a very difficult endeavor in this age of deceit in which we are currently residing, and although the bible tells us all that we need to know, it doesn’t tell us everything that we should know. The bible gives us truth but it is up to us to learn that truth and apply it to the world in which we live. This is a complicated task in that there is a very powerful group of people who are controlled by principalities and powers and rulers of the darkness of this world who have deceived the people of this age in order to fulfill their agenda which is one world government. There are things that we see in this world that don’t seem to make any sense from a biblical standpoint and I’m not referring only to the impossibility and pseudo-science of the evolutionary theory which this manuscript attempts to uncover but other, REAL mysteries that can’t be explained either from the bible of even from the pseudo-scientific because they tend to conflict with both worldviews.

In Nazca, Peru, there are many mysteries, some, such as the Ica stones mentioned earlier but there exist others that even the macromedia won’t allow in this age because it refutes their Darwinian view and one of those mysteries is the Nazca Lines.  The National Geographic and Time/Life media companies do acknowledge these lines but makes efforts to keep some truth about them from public knowledge.  These lines stretching across the plains on the coastal plateau of Peru near Nazca, 200 miles south of Lima are 70 images of plants and animals carved into the earth which can only be appreciated from the vantage point of an airplane or other flying vehicle.  There are also perfectly straight lines, intersecting and crisscrossing for miles, some look amazingly similar to our present day airports.  It is estimated that these lines date back to about 200 BC.  There are geoglyphic images of spiders, monkeys, people, birds, dogs, even what appear to be astronauts.  The many lines also make up shapes and geometric symbols, some of which may contain esoteric or occultic significance.

Since their discovery in the 1920s, (different sources cite different dates of their discovery) the lines have been variously interpreted, but their significance remains largely shrouded in mystery.[188] Their existence through history is due partly to the fact that this area of the earth is very temperate and dry.  Most of the lines are formed on the ground by a shallow trench with a depth between 10 and 15 cm (4 and 6 in). Such trenches were made by removing the reddish-brown iron oxide-coated pebbles that cover the surface of the Nazca Desert. When this gravel is removed, the light-colored clay earth is exposed in the bottom of the trench produces lines and contrasts sharply in color and tone with the surrounding land surface.[189]  The most puzzling by far are the lines etched on the tops of mountains.  There are many areas of lines resembling a sort of airport with runways and intersecting lines but at least one of them exists on top of a mountain that appears to have been excavated flat!  It appears from the sky that this mountain had its peak perfectly “sliced” off flat to make a [landing strip for something.]?  This is how it appears to us who understand airports and how such take off and landings occur in fixed wing aircraft but the lines may be for some other purpose completely.  The mystery lies in the fact that someone or something had the ability to excavate the top of a mountain making it completely flat as though someone with a gigantic baker’s spatula scraped the top off of the mountain flat as though leveling a cup of flour for baking!

My supposition is that the giants of antiquity, somehow, created these amazing lines in the earth.  Many young earth creationists believe that the pyramids in Egypt and all over the world for that matter, were done by giants also.  There are stone monoliths found that had to have been moved into their present position that weigh 2 million pounds.  No modern machine can lift and move so heavy and object.  There are many mysteries regarding the buildings and monuments found in antiquity and they defy any modern, rational explanation.

There is an unfinished megalithic structure in Aswan, Egypt properly named “The unfinished Obelisk” which Measures 120-feet and would have weighed over 1,168 tons when complete. Several cracks were discovered by those quarrying it and it was never finished. [190] The Ancient Ruins of Tiwanacu is a remarkable Pre-Columbian archaeological site in western Bolivia, South America.  It sits in the middle of the Lake Titicaca basin and is presumed to be the largest metropolis of both Americas and pre-dates all other South American civilizations.

There are many mysteries being kept secret by this earth; secrets of things that had happened early in its history.  Events, peoples, places, archaeology; many enigmatic items of interest present themselves to truth seekers in this age.  My intention is to expose as much as possible, the deception and lies being perpetrated concerning these things and to prove that the people alive in this very age in which we live are, according to biblical prophecy and geopolitical and natural events corresponding with those prophecies, the people of the last generation of mankind in this age – the Age of Grace.

CHAPTER 12: The Age of Grace

The Age of Grace on the biblical time scale is that time in which anybody who desires can learn the Truth of Jesus Christ AND, upon learning this Truth, can be saved from an eternity separated from God in a place of eternal torment created for Satan and his angels.  This salvation is entirely free for the asking.  If you learn about Him by reading His written word, the King James Bible, and you understand that He gave His life in the flesh to pay the penalty for ALL sins, and you agree with Him and His written word, you will be saved and you will confess your sins in repentance and sorrow for them but this understanding always precedes the salvation of the person.  In other words, you cannot be saved unless you believe in your heart, that He gave His LIFE in the Flesh willfully and that He is GOD and that He is the only way that one can be saved from the penalty of sin which is eternal death in the Lake of Fire. THIS is the Gospel taught by the bible.  It is justification by FAITH, which is another way of saying BELIEF.

Most don’t understand this Gospel. Many more don’t WANT to understand this Gospel.  Some understand yet reject His Grace for different reasons. They don’t want to give over control of their lives; they want to do whatever they choose or they don’t want people to scorn them (they are ASHAMED of Him) and reject them for their belief in Him which thing will most definitely happen.  But for whatever reason, MOST people in this age REJECT Him and they have no hope except to be judged by Him and to spend eternity in The Lake of Fire away from God and in eternal torment and punishment from which there is no escape and no hope of escape EVER. Most who deny Him now will desire to be rescued in eternity.  But rescue won’t come in eternity.  Rescue is for RIGHT NOW. Nevertheless, most people that I have told this Gospel to have rejected it.


  • The Rich Man and Lazarus

If people knew what it was that they were giving up, they might change their minds, right?  God addresses this in the story of the rich man and Lazarus in the Gospel of Luke…

There was a certain rich man, which was clothed in purple and fine linen, and fared sumptuously every day: And there was a certain beggar named Lazarus, which was laid at his gate, full of sores, and desiring to be fed with the crumbs which fell from the rich man’s table: moreover the dogs came and licked his sores. And it came to pass, that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels into Abraham’s bosom: the rich man also died, and was buried; And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments, and seeth Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom. And he cried and said, Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame. But Abraham said, Son, remember that thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things: but now he is comforted, and thou art tormented. And beside all this, between us and you there is a great gulf fixed: so that they which would pass from hence to you cannot; neither can they pass to us, that would come from thence. Then he said, I pray thee therefore, father, that thou wouldest send him to my father’s house: For I have five brethren; that he may testify unto them, lest they also come into this place of torment. Abraham saith unto him, they have Moses and the prophets; let them hear them. And he said, Nay, father Abraham: but if one went unto them from the dead, they will repent. And he said unto him, if they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead. Luke 16:19-31

This portion of Scripture has had books written on it and it lays out everything we need to know about this place called Hell.  It shows the divide (gulf) and its largeness (afar off) demonstrating its inescapability. It shows of how hot it is, “being in torments” and “flames” and it shows that there will be individual consciousness after death.  Lazarus seems to be free because the rich man asked Abraham if he could go and “dip the tip of his finger in water to cool his tongue”, thus suggesting that Lazarus was free to move around.  Imagine what tiny bit of relief a drop of dirty, lukewarm water clinging from the filthy, homeless man’s fingertip would be to someone burning up and you get an idea of what the rich man must have been feeling in Hell; that his hope was for something so infinitesimally small compared to his pain only to find out that even this tiny bit of relief he asked for was impossible. Also remarkable about this biblical text is that it shows that people in Hell will not only burn on the outside of their bodies but the burning is COMPLETE, burning the inside also.  If the rich man’s tongue was burning enough for him to ask relief for it, even as the rest of his body burned, it must be reasonable that his throat and lungs were burning also.  The bible doesn’t elaborate with frivolous words but we can gain enough from the order of the wording without the adjectives that this is a place to avoid like no other place we have ever known.

Moreover, seeing his dilemma and not wanting his brothers to have to follow, being apparently aware of their unbelief and now, the consequences of it, he then asked Abraham if Lazarus could go and warn his five brothers about the fact that Hell is REAL and painful and inescapable and JUST PUNISHMENT in the hope that they could ask God to save them and wouldn’t have to follow him there to hopeless suffering without relief forever.  Again, impossible.  However, the brothers already HAD the information that the rich man now knew was truth and may have kept them from the place but they rejected it.  The rich man apparently knew why he was there, he never asked Abraham the question of why and he also knew that his brothers would end up there if they continued their lives the way they were living them.

This hints that the rich man also apparently knew that hell could be avoided, otherwise he wouldn’t have asked if Lazarus might go warn them.  Abraham said that they had Moses (the law) and the Prophets (telling God’s plans for the future Salvation) “let them hear them”, he said.  “No, but if someone went from the dead, they will repent” said the rich man. Abraham said that if they hear not Moses and the prophets that his brothers wouldn’t believe even if someone came back from the dead. This was a type and shadow of the Resurrected Christ and the Jewish rejection of Him after His arising from the dead which proved to be most accurate. Such states that a living person has even a better opportunity to stay out of Hell by reading the law and the prophets (the Scriptures) but in our age, we have so much more; the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ!  And we also have a more sure word of prophecy than they did because we have the Gospels and the New Testament writers, especially the apostle Paul who is the apostle to the Gentiles whom, appointed by Jesus Christ, wrote to us so that we might better understand God’s plan, especially His Grace and our utterly FREE salvation.  So much more could be said about this Scripture but there is no time, go read it on your own and then read the book of Romans – the apostle Paul’s magnum opus for us in this dispensation to learn about Jesus Christ; God’s Plan of salvation to learn how to be saved.

  • God Can Do What He Wants

Doubters who are manufactured in the Darwinian realm will unquestionably proclaim, “but the universe is so BIG! Why would God make all of this just for us?”  The problem that these skeptics are trying to communicate is perhaps that such a big universe for such a small creation would be an enormous waste, but wait… be careful here… A waste of what?  It is natural to ask such questions as the result of failing to realize how SMALL mankind and our universe is compared to our Grand and Glorious Creator.  Without understanding WHO made our universe, how BIG He is and comprehending His Sovereignty, it is easy to see the validity of such questions. In other words, gazing into the cosmos and knowing the immense vastness of it leads many in this age to believe that there MUST be more.  This idea in combination with abiogenesis is THE groundwork for the basis of the belief in extraterrestrial intelligence existing in our universe, in fact, most believe that more than a few intelligent beings from our universe inhabit the cosmos. More on that later.

But if it all belongs to God, how can we say anything was “wasted”?  If God wanted to (and perhaps He does) He could make an entire universe for each person He ever made!  Think about this.  He could perhaps, make them in this fashion if He chose:  For the first person, Adam, He might create one universe; for the second – Eve, two universes identical to the first; for the third – Cain, three and so on up to 10 billion or a quadrillion identical universes.  And then, if He chose, He could gather them together (?) and blow them all up in the biggest explosion of universes in the universe and then start all over and make the next universe, creating everything in it turning it and its creatures into symmetrical opposites.  God, is LOVE, says the bible and His Hand of creation.  All love emanates from Him. He gives meaning to the word benevolence.  His love and care of His creation can be seen in everything He has made.  This is the proof that we should LOVE God.  A being that has all these qualities: omniscience (He knows all), omnipresence (he is everywhere) and omnipotence (he is all powerful) is a dreadful God indeed but He has shown us His Love by His creation.  A God without love, but with all power would be horrifying yet we know He IS LOVE which should be comforting, but knowing God, is also knowing that He is JUST and will judge the world; He MUST judge the world.  This is from what the modern atheist attempts to free himself: giving an account of his life to His Creator.  Thankfully, for those who have taken the time to understand God’s Will by reading His written word, we realize that He completely removes the sins of everyone who gets to know Him by seeking His Truth with the whole heart.

Take a look around you and see that the loving handiwork of our Creator is everywhere; From the adorable face and curiously delightful breath of a playful puppy with his needle sharp teeth, to the enigma and grandeur of the great whales whom God formed most perfectly [from and] to frolic in the depths of the sea, communicating with one another in an abysmal chorus of elegant, reverberating calls;  From the miraculous healing over of a paper cut to the vast “Hubble Deep field” image showcasing the incomprehensible reaches and glory of the cosmos with billions upon billions of galaxies, and a vast spectrum of myriad colors that go on seemingly forever;  From the bright morning sun reflecting the dew of a lilac grassland valley in the Heather Highlands English countryside, to the shrill cracking and calving of a massive, moonlit glacier thundering into the mirror calm waters of an icy Finnish fjord as the Northern Lights flicker and dance silently overhead.

The Love and Glory of God is visible to all whom He has given the miracle of seeing eyes which He most carefully designed and perfectly wired to the window of our consciousness, giving us just tiny glimpses of His Grandeur.  ONLY glimpses because, remember, this world we see around us is a fallen world spoiled by sin but to those who have humbled themselves and answered His most generous call to seek Him, we know He has promised a much better world in which the beauty and glorious details our Loving Heavenly Father has reserved for us can’t possibly be imagined with these very limited earthbound imaginations.  When I try to imagine the sights He has in store for us, I get waves of joy pulsing through my inner being welling up in my soul making me wonder how anyone could reject such a real and glorious hope – that of seeing the Power and Majesty of our Loving Father and Jesus Christ UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL without the limit of our confining dimensions and fallen condition.  He is the Originator of the biological code which defines us, which He put together, cell by cell and gave to us LIFE and consciousness AND the most gracious offer and greatest Gift ever given to those who will humble themselves – eternal life with Him.

  • Our lives are FOR God

We find ourselves inside of a body which is on loan to us at the moment yet we see more and more people acting as though they had some sovereign right over it simply because they find themselves in a body. Each of our lives – body, soul and spirit – is a GIFT of consciousness, feelings, emotions, senses and physical LIFE and this gift of life is from God our Father, and The Lord Jesus Christ Whom together with The Holy Ghost created both the world and each of us for His Glorious Purpose.  The mere fact that we are in a body with consciousness should cause us to question Who put us in it and to answer the call that God sends out to each of His creatures but sadly, for most in this age, the reality of truth is clouded by our surroundings, largely, OTHERS who our peers are and who have a collective mindset which they believe to be their own but which they have been given and have accepted by this modern technological world.  They require us to adopt their worldview as our own or to face fierce ridicule and to be cast out from the “group”.

They are each in a body also but many of them seem to think that they are the rightful owners of the bodies God put them into and they don’t give the credit and THANKS to God for creating them but have become vain and prideful and shake their fists at the sky touting that they are free from their Creator claiming collectively that He doesn’t even exist then ridiculing those of us who believe in Him!  They teach us in our social engineering groups (public schools) from a young age that His manual for learning and conduct is not from Him but is instead a collection of fairy tales written by uneducated, desert dwelling camel herders.  They have successfully put away the Owner claiming they can “modify” their bodies as they please placing marks, making cuttings, surgeries, implants, anything they want to do as if they’re customizing a car.  Yet, despite their rantings and imaginative and foolish claims that they came from nothing but chance over time, (Darwinism) God exists, even for them, because He is The Uncaused-Cause and has Life in and of Himself.  He is the Preeminent One Who needs nothing and owes nothing to anyone or anything and instead of being thankful to Him, they have anger at Him (woe to them as I write) for no reason and they want to cast God’s cords from them (Psalm 2, worth repeating) and demand that everyone else do the same or risk utter rejection from the “group”.  My answer to them is, you can keep your group, I choose GOD whom I hold above all else!

God is very loving and wants to show His kindness by sharing His Glory with as many people as will show Him love in return. That’s where you and I come into the picture. But there is something wrong with this world. We are so far from the perfection of God that we could never approach Him no matter how much good we choose to do because we are sinners, first having been born by sinners, we have taken on that nature genetically AND spiritually – every one of us all the way back to Adam and Eve. We are spoiled and unfit for God for any purpose.

It’s imperative for us to understand first, how imperfect we really are and more, how very perfect God is.  But the good news is that God showed the greatest act of kindness and love ever demonstrated by transcending into the world He made for us, even the fallen world, taking on the flesh of one of us, willingly shedding His Precious Blood by taking the punishment that belonged to us and dying for us and in our place. (And almost all things are by the law purged with blood; and without shedding of blood is no remission; Hebrews 9:22) He was the ONLY Man who has never sinned.  He was completely without sin in His Flesh thereby defeating sin, something only He could do but which He imparts to us; a propitiation, administering for us forgiveness of ALL sins by subjecting ourselves to Him, placing ourselves under His Trust.

He was and IS PERFECT.  He came back from the grave and rose back up into Heaven from where He came and took His rightful place at the Right Hand of The Father.  The bible makes it perfectly clear that God consists of three persons, The Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost.  These three make the One God and it is something that is mysterious to us because we can’t see beyond our three dimensional world, that being length, width and height.  However, there is another dimension described to us by the apostle Paul;

“That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height, And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fulness of God.” Ephesians 3:17; (emphasis mine)

The bible also makes it clear that there are more things in heaven and earth invisible to the eyes of a man than those things that are seen by them.  The wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum is HUGE and we see only a very small part of it with our eyes.  We can perceive beyond the visible light spectrum of color with our other senses but they are invisible to the eye, e.g. electromagnetism, the full spectrum of radio waves etc. The widest range of the electromagnetic spectrum being INVISIBLE to the naked eye is allegorical to the wide range of dimensions and unseen worlds our God has created.  Many brilliant physicists calculate that there are an additional eight dimensions beyond our own of length width height (and now, time) but we can only perceive 4 of them with our senses.  And to those that do so, it is foolishness to conclude that there is no God because He may be inhabiting any number of other dimensions, and this we also know from carefully studying and rightly dividing the bible.

The good news is that anyone who believes The Gospel (1 Corinthians 15:3-4; Romans 10:9-10) in their heart will be saved.  This is how we demonstrate our love for Him, simply by believing.  Everything about our relationship with Him has its starting point in FAITH. We can’t please Him by doing good works because our sin is greater than all of our works combined and that is why BELIEF or FAITH in Him is what saves us.  But in order to believe, one must LEARN about Him and that is why He preserved for us His written word, the 1611 King James Authorized Version of the Holy Bible for the English speaking people of today.  This is the dividing line.  Most resist knowledge about Him and therefore trust the world’s idea of Him. Comparatively, very few seek to know Him by reading and studying His written word.  After we believe, He gives us works which many of us resist but it is not these works that save us; we are saved unto good works, not by them. This is where most “religions” of the world go astray.  Every manmade religion on this earth is designed by man in an effort to somehow achieve a relationship with God.  True biblical Christianity is the OPPOSITE in that GOD reaches out to MAN to save Him and offers him the only Way to Him which He Himself has prepared for us.

There are many “clairvoyant” people in the world today it would seem.  They are those who disbelieve the bible and critique it without ever having READ it!  Those dis-believers already “know” that there is no God, I suppose by some other sense than the ones God gave us (clairvoyance for the lack of any other suitable descriptor) and have settled the matter in their hearts and minds.  But if they actually read the bible they might have learned what the Psalmist said, “He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him.” (Psalm 18:13) And in the bible’s usual fashion, the matter here is greatly understated in that HERE lies the very salvation of the soul of a person.

A most memorable question for the atheist was asked once by the late Dr. Adrian Rogers which goes thusly: “So, you’re sure there is no God?  That must mean that you know everything and we know that only God knows everything but, for argument sake, let’s suppose you know……half of everything that there is to know. Don’t you agree that God could exist in the other half, the half that you know nothing about?”  When I heard that, I never forgot it because it is so simple and states that there are no real atheists, only IGNORE ant people.  They don’t disbelieve in God, they IGNORE Him.

Aside from the salvation of one’s soul there are the lessons of life contained in the bible that this world is missing out on by allowing equal status to other, pagan religions as a result of throwing out the bible.  More credibility and honor is given to a false religion that orders all (people of the book) Jews and Christians to be killed by beheading!  That’s correct.  Islam states throughout its book, the Koran that “you are to smite them above the neck” and to “smite off their heads”.  If anyone who thinks that Islam is a religion of peace were ever to actually READ the Koran, they may come away with a completely different opinion about the oxymoronic, “peaceful Muslim”.  ALL Islam is RADICAL Islam and most people are ignorant of this matter just as they’re ignorant about the bible because…THEY HAVE NEVER READ EITHER ONE!   Note:  I don’t suggest that anyone read the Koran unless firmly rooted in the faith of Christ by His written word of truth.


  • The New Versions

So, how do we who use the King James Bible exclusively know that it is superior to the modern, “bible du jour” new versions which have become so commonplace in this age?  Due to the long history of God’s written word it is necessary to conduct a study of church and secular history which should be undertaken by every bible believing Christian who desires the pure, unadulterated written word of God which He promised to preserve forever and though I won’t go into great detail about the debate here, suffice it to say that I have done the necessary study to understand enough of the history of the King James bible and to recommend that all Christians and anyone interested in the truth do the same.  This is a legitimate and lengthy study of history and the usual care must be taken here as with any other historical study especially one with so great a motivation to corrupt the truth.  There are intentionally erroneous webpages as well as books on this subject so reader beware. This is a subject that has been skewed and distorted just like the Darwinism debate however, if an exhaustive study is conducted, it becomes clear to the bible student of today that God’s written word has been preserved for us in this age as He promised.  It exists in the form of the Authorized King James Bible of 1611 for the English speaking people of this age, the very end days of the age of Grace.

Prior to the late 19th century, mostly ALL English speaking, born again Christians were “King James Only” Christians and it wasn’t until the infiltration of the counterfeit versions into the seminary schools in the 1950’s that produced a new phenomenon of labeling those who hold to the King James Version “KJV Onlyism” and even receiving negative claims of belonging to a cult – the KJV only cult.  For the bible believing, born again Christian, this is really all the evidence that is necessary…for any group to label true, born again Christians as cult members could only be the complicated work and tangled mess of the devil, obfuscating the Truth. I have been on both sides of this divide and used to use an NIV bible for years.  I was actually born again while reading “The Good News Bible” so this controversy hasn’t affected me the way it perhaps has affected others.  But the Sovereignty of God allows Him to save someone reading the New York Times!  The argument here is nothing less than the preservation of God’s written word.  I have noticed a very active resistance from those professing Christ to look into this issue thus proving how entrenched it has become of these last 70 years.

A brief history of the bible which is the written word of truth to all English speaking people the world over and all born again Christians begins in ancient Antioch from where the “Majority text” came to us. It is also referred to as the “Received Text” or Textus Receptus. The King James Authorized Version is based on the Received Text.  Over 5000 extant manuscripts (99% of all existing manuscripts with the highest level of agreement between them) were used for compiling the Received Text from which the King James Bible comes and the remaining 1% were used for compiling the Alexandrian Texts.[191] The Gnostics in Alexandria Egypt, (who weren’t believers in Jesus Christ but believed that all matter was evil) brought the world this corrupted text which was compiled at the time using the 1% “Minority Text” which have a high level of disagreement between them.[192] It was a well known fact at the time of the penning of the KJV bible that the Alexandrian texts, although some were older, were, however, less accurate with much less textual agreement.

The counter-reformation or Catholic reformation and the split from the Catholic Church in England prompted King James advisors to alert the King to the counter-reformation that was taking place in the late 16th century England, to compile a group of 47 experts and scholars to create from the Received text, the authorized version for the protestant reformation.  Begun in 1604 and finished in 1611, this bible version would endure as THE written word of God for the protestant people up to the present day.

Brooke Foss Westcott (1825-1903) and Fenton John Anthony Hort (1828-1892) although both Protestants, believed that the King James Bible needed revision and set out together to make a “better”, more reliable translation from the older extant manuscripts believing that the oldest manuscripts were the most reliable.  The Westcott and Hort “Revised version” of 1881 came under condemnation upon its release and shortly after, it was discovered that it was translated using the corrupt Alexandrian Text.  It was the counter-reformation’s effort to curtail the Protestant shift on going in the Church of England.  It was filled with errors and intentionally omitted text.  From the Alexandrian text came the Douay Rheims or Catholic bible which was compiled after the reformation and for the purpose of providing a standardized text for the Roman Catholic Church.[193]

The latest successful attempt to corrupt the Received Text was the New International Version garnering massive popularity in the mid 1970’s which created an explosion of bible translations in the following decades giving rise to an entirely new, billion dollar business with the new “alphabet” versions suddenly filling up “bible book stores” and the new bible versions making billions of dollars of profit for their publishers.  The biggest Christian labels are mostly owned by worldly publishers like Thomas Nelson, one of the most prominent “Christian” publishers of books and new bible versions.  The majority of Christians who attend any church today are using one of these alphabet versions. After studying the controversy, it becomes apparent that there are only two versions of the bible; the AV KJV bible and the Westcott and Hort bible.  All new versions including the Roman Catholic versions belong to Westcott and Hort proving that, when the dust clears, the King James Bible stands alone – the only bible for English speaking people that is Authorized by God Himself.

There are new bibles coming out each month it seems and all are printed and published by worldly publishing companies like Zondervan, owned by the wicked world publisher and media mogul Rupert Murdoch and they generate big money for them.  There is the NIV, (three editions) the NTSB; NKJV; NESV; ESV; NLT; BSB; The Message; and on it goes. There are commands from God’s written word not to CHANGE His written word and warnings that go with those commands.  However, according to the copyright laws themselves, a volume that is to call itself “Bible” must be changed by a certain percentage from the previous, e.g. the NIV must have changed to get a new copyright from the original NIV and so on.  Each new version must change the wording in order to be granted a new copyright. This is standard publishing procedure which was designed to protect authors from plagiarists.  However, the Authorized King James Version of 1611 is the only book in the world without a copyright.  It doesn’t need one and that fact isn’t even disputed in the greedy world of publishing.  These lucrative publishers found a way around that and have turned the written word of God into merchandise to be exchanged on the world market for filthy lucre.

Mostly all modern seminary schools now use these new bible versions and the students are not taught the history of the corrupt Alexandrian versions nor are they taught that God promised to PRESERVE His written word and that the KJV is inspired by God.  How could every new bible version which uses the corrupted, gnostic, Alexandrian text (which we KNOW is not inspired) claim to be the inspired written word of God, which He promised to preserve and keep? Answer: They cannot.  Any modern bible college that uses these new versions can’t admit to this otherwise, they would shun the new versions and use the KJV exclusively.  A friend of mine who attended Moody Bible Institute told me several years ago something that stayed with me through the years because I was struck with the incongruency and irony of its reality.  He said, “going to bible college will shake your faith”. Shouldn’t the direct opposite be the case? He didn’t go into any detail about why this was so I wondered for many years about this conundrum until I learned about the new bible version issue for myself.  This is part of the falling away of the churches happening in this country (and the world over) and it is bible prophecy.  “Let no man deceive you by any means; for that day (the day of Christ or Rapture) shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.” 2 Thessalonians 2:3 (parenthesis mine)

We many times fail to recognize the extreme craftiness of the adversary. If the message of Jesus Christ was to be hindered, where (other than the already corrupt RCC) should Satan go to breach the Protestant boundaries in order to attack the truth?  Where mostly all Christian pastors and teachers go to learn the bible; the bible colleges. These well-intentioned students of God’s written word, upon being taught how to manipulate scripture using “the Greek” are taught that all translations are God’s preserved, written word and they were taught this in bible school by teachers that they trusted and had paid big money to attend; now when someone like me tries to tell a graduate in a pulpit, that what they had learned about the new versions was wrong, they take offense and cling ever more tightly to the new versions.  This is the reason that all King James “only” Christians have been labeled as a cult.

There are several books written about the bible version subject but one that I will suggest that every Christian library contain – Gail Riplinger’s “New Age Bible Versions”.  This is an excellent resource to read and to use as a desk reference. Another very useful tool is “Archaic Words and the Authorized Version” by Laurence M. Vance.  It is an encyclopedia of English words that have changed through history and is listed in alphabetical order for easy searching.

There is much more to the story of the new translations which I will not get into here but the reader can find plenty of subject material on the new version controversy to try and uncover more truth for themselves.  But again, even so-called Christians aren’t particularly interested in learning this truth but many go as far as calling those like myself, who will not settle for anything less than the perfect truth, cult members or “KJV only” Christians acting like the world and criticizing us for our zealous protection, dedication and adherence to our Lord’s sufficient and only message to us.  They have cast us out from their group and have further narrowed down the wide expanse of “believers” in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

And although I will not recommend any other bible (especially in this age), it is noteworthy to mention that I actually came to an understanding of the Gospel (which led to my conversion and salvation) while reading “The Good News Bible”, published by Thomas Nelson, (1976) one of the new versions bibles from the American Bible Society.  But since the introduction of the New International Version showed such an overwhelming popularity, the worldly publishing companies quickly became involved in the publication of “new” bible versions, taking every word of God and putting it up for debate by changing it in both structure and context, and as we fast forward to the present, we see every available “perversion” from the worldly press springing forth and making their way onto the shelves of “bible book stores” sitting along with psychological “pop” Christianity (which is simply new age drivel with Christian labels) and turning the written word of our Holy and Righteous God into filthy lucre.

But I must share that, as well as learning enough about God to be saved using one of these new versions, I used an NIV for most of my adult life while attending watered down churches of the 90’s and early 2000’s.  It wasn’t until my study led me to the controversy about the new versions that I actually switched to the King James Bible in my study exclusively and that is when my Christianity came alive within me.  I knew I was saved all along but I also felt something missing all those years while using an NIV.  I was missing the TRUE written word of God.  Upon making the switch to King James Only, I began to memorize scripture.  It wasn’t something that I consciously recall undertaking, it just happened.  Suddenly, I knew many very poignant and important scriptures by heart and was suddenly able to call up scripture from my very soul!  It was a turning point in my walk with God and was also the time that the world of deception was being uncovered by my study. This all happened c. 2009 and I learned so much in the years following that I couldn’t contain it all!

However, the biggest consideration of all of this is that it is possible to be saved using a new bible version just as it is possible to be saved in any type of church, even no church at all because being saved is UNDERSTANDING our sinful condition before the Lord and understanding what must be done to remedy this problem. God looks at the HEART and if He sees that a man desires understanding that leads to salvation, God will assist him in EVERY way He can.  So, to the person who is seeking the Lord for salvation I say, get saved any way you can by learning the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  To the mature Christian, I say study the King James Bible and use it exclusively because it is the only TRUE written word that exists for the English speaking people of this dispensation. None of this should be twisted in any way to intimate that I recommend any bible version except the AV King James bible but as an example, I would say to the cast away on a desert island, if a bottle containing the NTSB washed up on shore, and you had no other bible, READ what you have! However, since most reading this are not castaways on a desert island…

Learning the history of the bible, it’s also an important to consider how many people have given their lives to protect and defend the truth of the written word of God over the centuries.  It’s very ironic that in this age and in this country especially, we have the bible at our fingertips, yet our population of professing Christians within the “brick & mortar” Christian churches, are largely biblically illiterate.  It used to be that every household had at least one bible (I doubt if such is the case anymore) the point being that the bible has been the center of fierce debate and reason for the death of MILLIONS of people throughout history as a result of the wars fought, people murdered and tortured by those who despise God and His written word but mostly by those who dare call themselves Christian – The Roman Catholic Church – which had tortured and murdered millions of people whose only crimes were holding to the teaching of the Holy Scriptures instead of the teaching and traditions (and heresy) of men.

Much information is available on this topic for anyone who wants to learn the truth but again, for the sake of time, I won’t go into the history of the RCC except to say that the bloody crusades and the Spanish Inquisition were both the result of the romish church who killed the REAL, God-fearing, born-again Christians who had answered God’s Calling and came out of the religious, money making and apostate schemes of the RCC and Eastern Orthodox churches whose desire was for riches.  Moreover, as world history would record and keep for future generations, easily manipulate the truth making it appear at first glance, (which is all that most will ever give the topic – a glance) that the “Christians” were responsible for this bloodshed when in fact it was the religious, pagan, heretical church of those eras which made merchandise of the souls of men.

Yet in this age, we have free access on the internet with our computers (and even on our cell phones),  and almost free – only one dollar at The Dollar Tree for a printed copy of the KJV and yet almost everybody in this age seems to care anything at all about it!   Knowledge of the bible is less common in this age than most others yet it is also the more accessible in this age than in any other.  God promised us His written word and promised to PRESERVE it. The least we could do as the highest of His creation is to read it and understand what it says.  There seems to be a palpable resistance to it and, once again, a very similar kind of resistance seems to manifest with Darwinists when they are confronted with the truth.

  • The Sovereignty of Self

I have tried many times to help people understand that there is a problem with the new versions and that the KJV is God’s only written word in this age, and to those that have disagreed, I have challenged them to read just part of it yet time after time, they don’t read it.  That is understandable when we consider how everyone in this age has built their lives around the things that only appear to matter ignoring the things that REALLY DO matter.  The collective consensus of the bible in this age, especially among the millennials and younger is that the bible is an outdated book of fairy tales written by uneducated “goat herders” and fishermen so long ago that it couldn’t possibly have any precedence in this, the “enlightened” age when mankind is so close to breaking through the secrets of the universe and joining up with other evolved, intelligent beings from other galaxies more “evolved” than us and who are on their way to becoming gods themselves.

Most go on believing this about the bible their whole lives without making an honest investigation for themselves.  They rely on the opinion of the majority and in so doing, reject Jesus Christ and His Atonement for their sins.  They will tragically have all of eternity to realize the mistake they made.  They approach the subject of eternity with flippant disregard.  There are much more important things (so they believe) yet they all know instinctively that this journey ends in DEATH and an unavoidable appointment with The One who formed them together in the womb. They march, lock step toward the bottomless pit, seeing only the person in front of them and placing their feet squarely into the other’s footprints, never looking up from the path of deception along which they are being led.

  • It Will All Be Destroyed

There are those around them however, who aren’t walking in step with them whom they may love and respect trying to pull them out of line with the rest, trying to warn them that where they are going leads away from God Who created them but they refuse to acknowledge.  They know in their hearts that He exists, every person God ever created knows this in their hearts – even that He created them, but their persistence in refusal to hear Him over the years has made them hard of hearing.  They keep trying to hold on to what they know, some believing that they will one day be gods themselves. They have committed their lives to building up power and treasure and surrounding themselves with luxury, foolishly telling themselves they are winners at life because they have so much money and power.  They don’t understand that they are not put here to gain riches and to work toward more riches because these things they accumulate aren’t really theirs from the first. These are things that belong to God and HE has placed them in stewardship over them but these are relatively unimportant to God. He is most interested in our believing the Truth.

Everything belongs to Him but in a much more real sense than anything that belongs to us.  We didn’t create what we “own”, we’re only stewards of the things God has put under our stewardship. We may have worked hard for the things that God allows for us but that is part of His nature.  Hard work often brings riches (in this world) however, God owns EVERYTHING and His written word tells us that He will DESTROY this world and make a new heaven and a new earth.

If it is HE who makes everything, who are YOU to say He would waste anything if He did indeed create all of this universe just for us here on this earth? Did you ask Him to create earth?  Did you instruct Him on how to do it?  No.  What is the meaning of “waste” after all?  Does it not all come down to energy when we think of waste in our terms?  We live in a world subject to the laws of thermodynamics (which God made) in a universe that is winding down like an old clock.  Perhaps God has a “universe recycling center” which He employs to recreate and rebuild universes according to His Will and perhaps He keeps them in all sorts of other universes that we couldn’t possibly know anything about. Are you beginning to understand His SOVEREIGNTY?

He is above ALL things, especially us and it’s a pity that more people can’t come to the realization of who they really are compared to such a Powerful and MIGHTY God who created all things with a word!  Perhaps some are afraid to think this way but I recommend it highly!  It doesn’t make us smaller in any way, it makes us realize WHO God is and that He LOVES us and cares for His Creation to have gone to such lengths for us as enumerated in previous chapters. Personally, I prefer the present, true reality that God created me and He is in control of the universe He made, over the pseudo-reality of the modern, humanist worldview that “…ye shall be as gods” … Howbeit, once believing the modern worldview, I must admit, knowing that God is in control is of great comfort understanding that our galaxy is travelling at 65,000 miles per hour through very hostile, cold and dangerous space with random asteroids, comets, radiation, solar flares and flying space debris nearly impacting us at every second; It’s very comforting to know that God is in control!

  • The Pride of Life

Modern man in this age really has a high opinion of his intellect, so much so that he rejects truth at every juncture.  He is especially pompous in the universities in this age.  As mentioned earlier, it is ironic how these institutions of higher learning have become churches devoted to the preaching of the unproven and unprovable Darwinian paradigm which, after reading this should demonstrate that great amount of blind faith that is needed to believe in Darwinism and evolution.  If this trend in education and deception were to continue much longer, it should lead us back into the darkest age of the dark ages mankind has ever endured, that is, if he survived his arrogance to endure for another 100 years.

But thanks to God the Father and Jesus Christ that this is not our future but ours is a future of glorious peace; love, unspeakable joy and the marvelous learning and experience of our Creator Who is Infinite and our learning of His wonder and Greatness and worship of Him will be infinite as well!  He has prepared for us to share in His Eternal Presence, the wonder and glory of Himself for which there are no adequate words with which to use to describe Him and His unseen treasures that He has prepared for those of us who love Him! And it will be in total, unencumbered peace, joy and LOVE of Him and each other in non-stop praise of Him forever and ever; for to know God is to know that He is worthy of ALL praise.  Who would want to give that up for the temporary and painful pleasure of gross materialism in this world that decays while our bodies wear down and decay from underneath us at visible speed.

And it gets increasingly worse.  Every year, the day after “Thanksgiving”, the retail stores offer big sales and open their doors in the middle of the night for people who camp outside the stores on the sidewalks, sometimes for a whole day only to rush in like a stampede of cattle, trampling people, screaming, breaking their own bones and/or those of others, all in an effort to be the first get to the few “good deals” on whatever…. big screen TV or other electronics or toy or some other material nonsense they believe they must have.  This freak show gets worse by the year indicating that people are basically moving farther from the spirituality of seeking their Creator to that of filling their lives with material things which distract them from the truth which is trying desperately to reach them.  If you aren’t born again already, you had better get a King James Bible and begin to read in the book of Romans written by the apostle Paul (through the Holy Ghost) to learn how the Gospel works while asking God to save you.  Your time is quickly running out.  If you wait for the catching away, when all those saved will suddenly disappear and you are left behind with your indecision, you may either be killed (billions will die at that time) or have your head cut off for your faith at that time if you come to faith by seeing we who are saved and who love the Lord, depart this reality so don’t you think that you better do it NOW?!



Chapter 13:  Colleges and Universities

Most modern universities and colleges in the world have transitioned themselves from academies of higher learning (which foundation is synonymous with truth) into “social justice” training grounds of strict, liberal indoctrination of the state sponsored lie of Darwinian evolution, turning out highly technologically trained, politically correct automatons of the post-modern, socialist agenda well equipped for soldiering in the new world order and while they will claim to be trained in tolerance, they are intrinsically and staunchly opposed to any suggestion of absolute truth and will scorn and castigate anyone who challenges their narrow, ideological view of individualism and most recently, the absurd gender identity and physical/social/spiritual evolution which is the product of their diploma, neatly packaged into a patent antithesis of truth and reality.

“A study of the first American educational institutions will reveal a commitment to the spreading of the Gospel via Christian academics. One-hundred-six of the first one-hundred-eight colleges formed in America were founded by Christians and built upon Christian principles. Before the Civil War (1861-1865), scarcely half a dozen colleges were established without a commitment to biblical and Christian principles, and most of the presidents of Christian colleges were clergymen.” [194]

Christian Heritage

We have come a very long distance in a very short time.  Our colleges and universities in this country were started by Christians using the bible as the starting point of every curriculum. In fact, all of the Ivy League colleges and universities, were founded by Christians for the purpose of teaching TRUTH and all academic classes recognized Jesus Christ as the Creator of all things (Colossians 1:16) and all learning advanced from the starting point of Biblical truth.  Every science study and class began years ago as a method of learning truth. The study of truth was the beginning of every science class in every study of the sciences that exists.

Upon visiting Harvard University in Cambridge Massachusetts, if entering the campus by the Johnston Gate, it would be incumbent on the visitor to stop and read the tablets adorning the gate which show the contrast between the founder’s worldview and anyone graduating Harvard in this age:

“After God had carried us safe to New-England, and wee had builded our houses, provided necessaries for our livelihood, rear’d convenient places for Gods worship, and setled the Civill Government: One of the next things we longed for, and looked after was to advance Learning and perpetuate it to Posterity; dreading to leave an illiterate Ministery to the Churches, when our present Ministers shall lie in the Dust. And as we were thinking and consulting how to effect this great work, it pleased God to stir up the heart of one Mr. Harvard (a godly gentleman and a lover of learning; then living amongst us) to give one-half of his estate (it being in all about £1,700) towards the erecting of a Colledge, and all his library. After him, another gave £300; others after them cast in more; and the public hand of the State added the rest. The Colledge was by common consent appointed to be at Cambridge (a place very pleasant and accommodate), and is called (according to the name of the first founder) Harvard Colledge.”[195]

And according to the website of the second oldest college in the US, William and Mary, it was founded upon the learning of God and Jesus Christ first: “On February 8, 1693, King William III and Queen Mary II of England signed the charter for a “perpetual College of Divinity, Philosophy, Languages, and other good Arts and Sciences” to be founded in the Virginia Colony. And William & Mary was born.” [196]

“Divinity” being that as found in the King James bible, so carefully translated only 82 years prior to the official opening of this institution of learning and placed first in its endeavor to train and educate the young people of this great new land bestowed to us by the Hand of God.

It doesn’t require much research to learn that mostly all colleges and universities founded in this country were founded as CHRITSIAN universities.  The modern scholar will counter, claiming that these colleges, although beginning as believing in the supernatural, were instrumental in freeing mankind from the burden of such thought via discovery and philosophy and they turned out to be THE liberator to the hearts and minds of men of intelligence, opening the doorway to discovery without being encumbered by any deity at all much less the God of the bible.  However, much of this “discovery” has been outlined in this manuscript and exposed for what it is.  With the whole of academia now dedicated to the theory of evolution, in light of the evidence shown thus far, the new “enlightenment’ can only be seen as a most preposterous hinderance to the field of study in all the sciences.

These “modern” colleges and universities now control and limit by peer review (a form of restriction of freedom of speech) any idea or discovery that is contrary to the evolutionary, Darwinian model.  The many wars and battles fought to secure our liberty came at great price but the alternative to freedom simply was not an option.   In times of hardship, our minds are wired to turn to our Creator.  War fought for freedom by those fighting against tyranny is always supported by God, and not just any god, but the God of the bible, God the Father with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit who clearly reveals Himself in Three Persons and who is most accurately named Creator of all things seen and unseen and who imagined us before saying, “let us make man in our image, after our likeness; and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the foul of the air and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.”  Genesis 1:26 (emphasis mine).   Most people in the world right now don’t know that God showed the Plurality of The Godhead on the first page, in the first chapter of His written word.  There is not only gross ignorance of the reality of God our Creator in this age, there is a growing hatred of Him in these last, apostate, wicked days in which we are now living and in the modern universities, a palpable disdain of Him which, thankfully, He will not tolerate much longer.

Mostly every college and university in this country was founded on Christianity yet we have just emerged from 8 years of “leadership” by a Muslim, whose identity is largely unknown to the people to this very day, who acted as a puppet for the controlling elite and who told this country repeatedly that it was NOT a Christian nation.  Many apparently believed him and the divide grew wider and more exclusive.  No evidence remains of our Christian heritage at eye level (that is, within the media which is now owned exclusively by the elite whose contempt of God is most obvious) but the common fact of our Christian heritage must be searched for in libraries and on the internet over history and as the years progress, the clandestine censorship that seeks to erase our history completely is becoming more poignant and illusory.


  • The Modern Curriculum

Take a look through any “Big Ten” college or university or any top liberal arts college in the united states course description and see what kind of garbage is being offered to our young people.  Each one is like a modern preview of what we see in our cities of societal trends and of pop culture.  Classes such as; LGBT 350: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People and Communication; is offered by the University of Maryland with this description:  Study of differences, stereotypes, and values distinguishing LGBT people and of effective means of communicating such differences to non-LGBT people. Emphasis on contemporary LGBT life and on the development of didactic skills. Preparation and presentation of forums on LGBT people; facilitation of workshops in various outreach locations (residence halls, Greek system, classes). 

Most every college in the united states has classes pertaining to this perversion – training our young how to practice and how to address sodomy.  God destroyed two very big and well known ancient cities because of sodomy and now our colleges are including “classes” on it in their syllabus and offering college “credit” for completing it.  Swarthmore College Religion Department offers “RELG 033: Queering the Bible” “This course surveys queer and trans* readings of biblical texts. It introduces students to the complexity of constructions of sex, gender, and identity in one of the most influential literary works produced in ancient times. By reading the Bible with the methods of queer and trans* theoretical approaches, this class destabilizes long held assumptions about what the bible–and religion–says about gender and sexuality”. 

“Destabilizes long held assumptions”?  The bible most certainly condemns sodomy throughout, both in the old testament and the new testament calling it an “abomination” and anyone who has read and studied the bible knows this to be a fact.  I can only imagine what translation of the bible this class uses to come to that conclusion.  The only thing that the bible is actively engaged in “destabilizing” is evil and sodomy certainly falls into that category.  They are trying to change what the written word of God says in order to make perversion acceptable.  For many of us, this will never be the case.  Perversion is wickedness and it always will be.  The modern academician believes that his view can change the truths of God and it wasn’t until recently that this idea became at all feasible in the mainstream.  This itself could be used to demonstrate the decline of our decadent, perverted, wicked society.

The preceding course descriptions were selected at random but are indicative of the types of courses being offered at mostly all Western colleges and universities.  This is the condition of our modern academic institutions.  How far will society be permitted to fall?  This is the question on my own and on many other bible believer’s minds.  Will I be able to finish this lengthy manuscript before God intervenes?  To be quite honest, I hope not.


The University of Michigan offers AMCULT 411: “Rednecks, Queers, and Country Music; What does country music or the “redneck” have to do with the queer? In America’s dominant middle-class culture country is linked to heterosexual white, rural, working-class, southern, and Midwestern people and is often invoked as a symbol of “redneck” bigotry. Queer identity, on the other hand, is associated with gay men and multicultural urban, bourgeois, coastal lifestyles. The intersection of these seemingly incompatible categories calls into question prevalent notions concerning each of them. Thus this seminar asks how music that to many people sounds homophobic and racist serves as a medium for multicultural social and erotic exchange among queer country fans.”

I wonder if this was included within the course selection for school year 1900:  Most people are unaware that homosexuality of any kind was against the law in every state before the 1960’s.  Now, sodomites are permitted to enter into the legal bond of matrimony in mostly any state.  Perhaps these modern colleges should offer a class in “sodomy over the course of American history” to really show how things are progressing but I’m afraid that just wouldn’t be “politically correct.” These socialist/communists are trying to obliterate our history, not teach and promote it.  May God have mercy on us.

  • The Hegelian Dialectic

But college courses fulfill a greater purpose than that which is visible on the surface.  They include many divisive and inflammatory subjects designed to form the view of the student from within and to indoctrinate them with the current social and moral topics of the day, equipping them with the incendiary knowledge and language designed to separate, infuriate and castigate anyone whose opinion is perceived to be contrary to their own.  There is now a social condition which has been labeled “white identity politics” by those on the extreme, socialist left – sadly the norm within most colleges and universities today – and is very much designed to prepare the student for radical changes in culture.  The powers unseen, or the elite rulers within the secret societies pushing the NWO (new world order) control the politics of the day using the higher education institutions as training grounds.  Their tactic used here is the philosophical Hegelian Dialectic.

The Hegelian Dialectic comes from the philosophy of German “enlightenment” philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel as a method of arriving at a contrived truth for the masses.  However, it is now being employed by governments and leaders to produce some desired outcome to fulfill the agenda of the new world order.  The equation is as follows: “Thesis – Antithesis – Synthesis” or “problem – reaction – solution.  This is the equation that is currently used by our government in cooperation with all media and public education on all levels.[197]  Recognition and understanding of this method will “free” the thinker from the constraints of being coerced into contemplating any other way than that which they determine is the rightful and truthful way.

For example, in the case of the previously discussed “terrorist” attack of 9/11 the problem was created horrifically (the more terrifying, the better the outcome) when it was said that Arab terrorists attacked the United States by flying hijacked jet airplanes into the World Trade Center and blame was placed immediately and squarely on the wrong perpetrators.  The reaction was multifold; to rewrite constitutional laws (The Patriot Act) apparently for the “protection” of the people from the “enemy” and to declare war, to loot and plunder yet another nation while appearing to be defending the country in the name of democracy.  Problem– terrorism; Reaction-restrict constitutional freedoms; Solution– declare war on sovereign countries and loot pillage and destroy;

This method of manipulating the thoughts and worldview of a society is philosophical mind control and a very effective method producing a population of controlled citizens, loyal to the puppetry of faux government. Moreover, for those who follow the “official” narrative of the problem, the “patriotism” produced fills a very emotional need which, in turn separates those who question the reality of the problem (and the reaction and solution) from the masses of the deceived by ridicule which can and does result in anger leading to violence in many cases, often a desired outcome of the controllers.



Chapter 14:         The Modern Worldview

Thus far, we have seen that there most definitely exists, a ruling class which is quite capable of lying, deception, obfuscation of facts, suppression of history, destruction of artifacts, even murder of innocent people to accomplish their agenda and anyone who desires to know where it is all leading can get a very good grasp on the truth of our reality, thanks largely in part to the internet in this age.  We have seen our society crumbling, ever permissive in its acceptance and “inclusivity” of all things bizarre, revolting and insane yet staunchly opposed and radically motivated to reject sanity, peace and wholesomeness. This ultimate rejection of one very distinctive truth which, not long ago was permitted, even a respected and honorable part of our modern society has been sanitized from our culture, replaced by Darwinism. And that is the name of Jesus Christ whose name, merely mentioned in public, receives raised eyebrows, clenched fists and teeth, and utter rejection.  His name in this age, incites a palpable hatred toward those who love Him; ridicule and smug denial of His rightful place in our reality is the result of His mention, with scorn leading to derision, laughter and social rejection to those who are not ashamed of Him.

With Darwinism the rudder and guide of our moral compass, it is not difficult to understand how we have arrived at this place of utter moral destitution – the evolutionary vessel HAS NO rudder but lists and turns wherever the wind and tide takes it.  Mores have been difficult to explain in the lonely, emptiness of the Darwinian realm and their existence in our hearts and minds is by itself proof against this claim of a self-existent universe.  Onward and upward goes the spirit of mankind, propelled by the wind of nothing in a grand evolution toward spiritual godhood. Yet the tragedy of causing our children to be subject to the philosophy of evolution and forbidding its Antitheses has produced now THREE generations of confused, depressed, hopeless adults who are easily susceptible to the conditioning of those controlling the media.

To say that the world has slipped into moral decay in these last several decades would be a gross understatement of what reality is now demonstrating. It could better be described as an avalanche to the abyss.  And although shocking to see, it is not surprising to realize, that is, if one has lived long enough to have witnessed this downward progression of morals in this culture.  Taking the time to examine the gradual “steps” which have shifted this world from where it was to the here and now it’s quite amazing to see that the modern world has held on to any sense of normalcy for any duration of time.  With the philosophy of life expressed in these days and the continual perpetuation of what were previously things undesirable, the culmination of this progressive onslaught is now on full display everywhere we look.

Some younger people may argue that the same happens in every generation; the older generation dislikes the younger generation’s music, dress, hairstyle etc. etc. but this has no basis in reality when comparing the last two decades to the previous seven.  Generational “gaps” have been growing wider by the year and as society reaches its climax of vulgar materialism, we are seeing something new happening to our youth never before seen in this society –   Something unseen in the modern age is happening to our young people and it can be directly traced back to Darwinism and the teaching of evolutionary theory in the classroom from grade school through college.

  • Skin

The amount of skin being exposed today forbids the posting of modern women’s bathing suit pictures for the comparison of how far this culture has “progressed” but a short internet search will quickly show you the revealing comparison.

The change in dress has been comparably moderate when examining the years from turn of the twentieth century to 1950 but in just one decade, from 1960 to 1970 the change in dress, became shocking as the mini skirt and the bikini were released on the cultural scene. Go to any beach today to see the latest “fashions” and the poignancy of the matter is driven home in a very revealing and shocking way.

Female dress has changed most drastically over the years.  Males for the most part are sexually stimulated by sight so it would be logical to see such changes in fashion taking place in this “free sex” society and this decades-long burlesque show has a traceable history.  The progressive exposure of the erogenous female anatomy could be charted over the years.  The gradual shrinking of the dress revealing the calf, then the knee were the first parts to go on public display.  Then came the plunging neckline, the shoulders, the midriff and finally, the hips and buttocks.  I recall, growing up in the 1960’s and 70’s watching the popular sitcoms of the day, one of which was “I dream of Jeanie” in which the Jeanie, (Barbara Eden) wasn’t permitted to show her navel in her Jeanie costume, only the midriff was visible completely sans navel.  Television is an excellent barometer for gauging the changing morality of the culture because, in a very large way, it has MOLDED the culture. What we see today is clearly off the charts of any kind of time – measurable exposure of skin and for the purpose of communicating the trend, I’ll not mention it except to say that if it continues, there will be NO fashion at all except the fashion that everyone is born with which will never go out of style.

Today, if we go to the beach we quickly learn that there is not much left to the imagination. The body covers the bathing suit instead of the other way around.  Know what I mean?  I’m referring to the “thong” bikini literally swallowed up and invisible from behind.  And the front has shrunken to a tiny, narrow triangle covering much less of the female anatomy than the hair, now completely shaven, used to cover. The “string” bikini is evolving into its exact namesake. Why bother wearing anything at all if you’re going to show that much skin? Why has it become fashionable to go naked in public just because there is a beach and ocean?  The modern bikini-clad (or clad-bikini) girl today, if somehow dropped onto a beach circa 1950 by Doc Brown and Marty McFly, she would without the slightest hesitation, be covered up and arrested as shocked mothers scrambled quickly to cover their wide-eyed, pre-adolescent sons faces with towels. What used to be shocking is shocking no more.  That doesn’t mean that it is without consequences.

What is equally bothersome in this age is the young person’s love of anything shocking.  The more shocking and disturbing, the better it sells. We have moved from an era when displaying a SINGLE tattoo brought the integrity of the wearer immediately into question, to seeing persons completely covered in ink not even getting a glance.  Even those marking themselves just 25 years ago were modest about where they were marked, for example, it was unheard of for someone to have tattoos on their neck or face.  Today, even the military has “relaxed its standards for such things, now permitting recruits to have visible tattoos on their face and neck.

We look to the present time and we see people completely covered in ink working at a Walmart checkout counter.  I was shopping one day and the young man at the counter was wearing tribal earlobe stretchers (sorry, I don’t have a name for them).  They begin this particular brand of body mutilation by wearing a small plug in the earlobe and as the skin stretches, progressively larger and larger circles are worn thereby stretching the earlobes as far as possible over time.  This person wasn’t wearing his most current plugs (probably the size of hockey pucks by now) and his earlobes were hanging down around his shoulders!  I couldn’t believe it! Whenever he turned his head quickly, the earlobes seemed to follow in slow motion as if he was wearing fleshy, dangling earrings. swinging back and forth before coming to rest.  Call me old fashioned but who the heck wants to do such a thing to themselves? He was also sporting the latest piercings and tattoos featuring all sorts of questionable symbols of “sacred geometry” and the like, even pentagrams, and upside-down crosses, all in an effort to look more shocking than his friends.  It seems that Walmart sets the standard for what is approved for public appearance.  The thinking is “if Walmart, the biggest retailer in the world would hire this person, they must be alright and hence, their public image must be too.  What have we become?

  • Body Modification

The “body modification” insanity shows no sign of decrease with the media’s introduction of the “Human Ken doll”.  A confused young man from South America spent well in excess of 175 thousand dollars on surgeries to make himself look like the 1960’s companion of Barbie, the popular Mattel doll “Ken”.  He immediately became the mainstream media’s darling and starlet – the poster boy for the insane.  He has been heard saying that he thinks he looks fantastic but to the average viewer, this man looks like a genderless, plastic, lunatic and nothing like the namesake he intended to mimic– nothing at all like the Ken doll.

This is another clue that something far more drastic and dangerous is happening to our youth than just a normal generation gap. The man looks like a FREAK to anyone who isn’t submersed in this insane, emerging culture of “body modification” which should look like MUTILATION to the normal person but our Godless society is quickly becoming desensitized to such things and with the current social crime of “political correctness”, judging or “hating on” someone because of how they look, everyone is reluctant to speak out against it.  This young man simply wants attention and is he ever getting it.  They crave attention but when it’s not the type of attention they want, they cry “foul” and go running off to their “safe” space.  The media clamors after such things and they are now promoting the “Ken Doll” as something to be admired and you better not use “hate speech” against him!

It’s a new era of “me” never before seen in modern society.  The confusion of young people, now completely lacking mores and values has looked to themselves for the upbringing their parents failed to give them thus seeing themselves as the only person that matters in the least.  When a child believes that they have no intrinsic value or purpose and that their life is a chance reality playing itself out before an empty grandstand of time and space with nobody directing the play, they feel free to “fill in the gaps” in whatever way they imagine and we now have a society of empty, selfish, foolish and criminal youth in our larger cities who get together in “flash mobs” stealing, looting and doing whatever they feel.

This new generation is all about feelings, as long as they’re left alone and not criticized or limited for it. If they “feel” like something, they either do that thing or they turn themselves into that thing, whatever it is. Boys “transforming” into girls, girls into boys and then forcing the world to acknowledge them as such, granting them all the privileges of their “gender of identity”.  I’m still waiting for the person who “identifies” as a Giant Fruit Bat and sues the state for not financing his move to New Guinea to live with his relatives and eat his favorite tropical fruit. That would be bad enough but the current “permissive” state of our society and judicial system would allow for it and use taxpayer’s money to fund any crazy person’s whimsical psychosis… it’s insanity!  It is literally “anything goes” for this nutty generation and the nuttier the better.  Look at the news to see how people are becoming animals.  Did you ever see the “Lizard Man”?  I’m not talking about the gecko. There is no shortage of people who have completely come unglued, destroying their bodies intentionally. But the very latest body mutilators make the lizard man look conservative.  It seems they’re always trying to outdo each other, inventing new and more stupendous ways to change the physical appearance which God had given to them.

  • Vanity

It is part of the new culture of people who have absolutely no direction nor connection with reality and who don’t understand that their body is not their own.  It’s a philosophy of vanity and pride growing at an unstoppable rate; a new thought which makes a statement to the world, “it’s my body and I’ll do what I want with it”.  To say it’s disturbing is an understatement and the trend is always to the more graphic and shocking.  It is exactly what we would expect to see in a world which has rejected God The Father and Jesus Christ, the Creator of Heaven and earth and all things seen and unseen.  We are witnessing the decline of modern civilization back to the days directly before the flood of Noah.

This progression toward immorality which we see every time we look on TV or the internet, walk around the mall or stroll through the park is growing out in all directions yet all is pointing to one place…farther and farther AWAY from God.  If God is Peace, Love and Safety then moving AWAY from Him is violence, hatred and fear.

The disturbing reality of what is going on in this post-modern, liberal, Godless culture is going to continue until it is Forcibly stopped.  I’m not curious to see the next thing because it has already become too vexing for me.  With the blurring of gender proliferation, we see lunatic ordinances being passed in our courtrooms allowing insane and unstable men to use women’s restrooms if they “identify” as a woman.  Can’t the moral majority see where this is leading?  Is there even such a thing as a “moral majority” anymore?  This is CRIMINAL insanity!  It’s taking the very physical away from being physical and recategorizing it as “imaginary” and intangible and all kinds of perversion will follow. I don’t know about anyone else’s parents but I’m not at all comfortable with a sexually confused pervert being permitted by law to enter a women’s restroom where my teenage daughter might be.

  • Gender Insanity

The gender identity “crisis” that these lost, souls are going through is brought on by their parents and/or guardians (some households now having the same gender mother and father and this trend is increasing) mostly brought along with the liberal onslaught of modern society in the universities and its permissive trends. The beginning of this was the women’s rights/equality movement of the sixties but we now see something that is demonizing masculinity and according to some of these groups, we must apologize for being a white man!  This is Geisha, the feminine spirit taking over our culture and it has found a willing participant in what are now the postmodern, progressive liberal, humanist, feminists and highly visible, easily offended social justice warriors and snowflake progenitors and personalities as seen on the television shows in this age… “The View”, Oprah and Ellen Degenerate.

We just learned that in Canada, a law was passed that if a child is not permitted by its parents to “be what gender it identifies as” i.e. IF THEY ARE A BOY YET CLAIMING TO BE A GIRL or vice versa, that child can be legally taken from the parents’ custody! The gender of a person is no longer physical, it is emotional according to these insane socialists but this is far beyond the concept of socialism.  It is a means to an end which is much worse than socialism.  It is NAZIISM!  Is anyone out there listening to any of this? How far will society allow this insanity to go?  How far CAN it go?

Not even the pagan tribes of South America, Africa and the Pacific Islands have a problem identifying their own gender. They, like the rest of society should, usually take note soon after they’re born.  Now we have unstable and insane parents raising a generation of confused, gender twisted “neutral” children to perpetuate this disease into the next generation and beyond. This is mostly a WESTERN cultural phenomenon and is a product, as already shown, of the colleges and universities, having kicked out God, invited in, wicked, demented spirits. Yet more irony: while seeking to be pagans, we are becoming WORSE than the pagans!  While the young people crave and take on all of these tribal fashions which are being used in pagan ceremonies to worship false gods (demons) in the “less civilized” societies, we see a large part of our society given to “going tribal”.

This is not a fringe fashion.  Young people are conforming to such things and are comfortable with bones in their noses and tattoos on their necks and faces, piercing every protruding part and then hanging jewelry from them.  The trend is so predictable that if one were so inclined, they might look carefully at the pictures of pagan, evil cannibal tribes throughout the world’s jungles and in history books seeking to start a new piercing craze or some other trend to capitalize on.

  • Back to the Jungle

Next, we’ll see our young people hanging from the ceilings of their dorms by many hooks stuck through their backs.  I can almost hear the cash registers ringing up the ornate and decorative paraphernalia necessary to practice this monstrous, pagan insanity.  14K gold hooks, dyed, woven, hemp ropes from the orient, Nepalese ornate carved leather straps etc. etc.  I can almost hear the sitar music played in the background as “spiritual” young men and women, even tattooed, gray haired wrinkly baby boomers burn incense while hanging naked from the ceiling by hooks pierced through their flesh, chanting to each other.  It appears as though this has already been done and is practiced by pagan Hindu nations; it just needs to become en vogue first in the UK and then here in the US in California.  All immorality seems to come from the Godless European nations, taking the long way and crossing the globe via the Pacific, directly to Los Angeles ports before sweeping across America.  I’m surprised Hollyweird didn’t already adopt this.  Perhaps it doesn’t have enough shock value anymore.

Now that all is said and done, (all that can be said in this book, that is) we can make a final determination as to where this is all leading.  I believe it would be safe to surmise that this movement is definite evidence AGAINST evolution!  Civilized man is now turning back to the jungle! If this trend continues, it won’t be long and they’ll be trying to pass laws so that people can eat each other! I have already heard of an eclectic and well known chef who will host a dinner for couples, cutting off pieces of their own flesh and cooking them before their eyes before feeding them their own blackened or poached or braised flesh.  Although I’m not sure of the legality of such a thing, I’m convinced it will soon be perfectly legal, opening the door to cannibalism for future generations. (thank God He is coming quickly) It is the evolution of the culture of death. Hey Chuck!  It’s “reverse” Darwinism! You’d better load up the Beagle for one more journey!  Beside the fact that your evolution is a proven fallacy, you’re going to need new “theory”.


But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death.”  Proverbs 8:36


  • Conclusion

Since the time that Eve ate the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and gave it to her husband with her, and he did eat also, mankind has been in a state of rebellion against God.  This one event, along with God’s plan of getting mankind back into a state of Grace with Himself was written in a book called Genesis which is part ONE of 65 other books which make up the whole counsel of God.  This book proves itself to be written by God Himself to anyone who decides to check this statement: The supernatural quality clearly exhibited by the prophecy contained within its pages have been telling of future events with 100% accuracy, in most cases hundreds of years before they come to pass. As mentioned in earlier chapters, it tells us throughout of its own identity, that is, the written word of God which never changes and which God has preserved for us perfectly over the millennia. This is available for anyone who will humble themselves to learn the truth and to read and study the bible.

The process of finding salvation, for most, is stifled by God’s most despised sin, the transgression of PRIDE.  Pride is a word that has taken on different meanings over the years and in our society of self and indulgence, it has come to mean something other than what it truly is – an emotion that isn’t discouraged or resisted but encouraged and embraced highly visible as “pride in work” or pride in social setting like colleges and universities and now, even grade schools.  In the sense of “team pride” or pride by association with a group, it is no less harmful than individual pride.  It is defined by Wikipedia thusly: “Pride is an inwardly directed emotion that carries two antithetical meanings. With a negative connotation pride refers to a foolishly and irrationally corrupt sense of one’s personal value, status or accomplishments, used synonymously with hubris. With a positive connotation, pride refers to a humble and content sense of attachment toward one’s own or another’s choices and actions, or toward a whole group of people, and is a product of praise, independent self-reflection, and a fulfilled feeling of belonging.”  God’s definition is in stark contrast to this watered down version. Pride is on the list of the seven deadly sins listed in the bible and is THE reason mankind is in the state of decay and death in which he now finds himself.  In short, pride is the opposite of humility and it is what prevents most people from realizing who they are and where they came from.  It could be called the cause of every other transgression away from God and His Righteousness and Holiness.

Every effort of mankind to free himself from the strings of his Creator are on display throughout the world and history.  The very times we live in now…the end of the age of Grace, are unlike any other in that we have now a whole world of people who have been trained to believe that God is not necessary and that everything in the universe is simply cold, dead matter, including themselves.  Most people believe that the randomness which caused everything (by chance) is just waiting to turn them back into dust in an inevitable transfer of energy.  This worldview, so rampant and disingenuous to the nature of the universe would have been impossible to promote without a widespread belief in Darwinian evolution.

I have given Darwin the lion’s share of credit for evolutionism throughout this manuscript because that is the name of the person who brought the idea to the forefront of science and academia over 160 years ago but Darwin was simply a messenger.  The name and the man are but titles now given to the person who was in the right place at the right time, writing about the things that were, in a large part, already written, in a time when the world was prime for disposing of truth and replacing it with a lie.  The brunt of the credit must go to those principalities and powers that rule this world; those unseen, spiritual rulers who have controlled everything since the time of Nimrod.  Darwin was the face attached to the “big lie” which was coming to the world with or without him.  The names and faces have changed over the years but the agenda has remained the same.  These influential principalities and powers have now been successful in making the lie “go viral” as they say and have built up the very same lie first told by the serpent to Eve in the Garden of Eden: “ye shall be as gods.”

So, they pursue godlike status among their peers in the world.  The problem with this is that they will never gain social acceptance in this age if they side with truth.  It is the desire to be famous which is driven into the psyche of the young person by the media and with it comes great riches.  So, you might conclude that FAME is by many, pursued FIRST in order to achieve the money. Fame and fortune as it is called and the desire for it consumes the lives of most people ever born into this pseudo-society which is merely a continuous play performed before the public and is a matrix (dare I say) with the intentions of making everyone act, think, believe and desire the same things.  The controllers build up the latest “pop stars” and Hollywood actors into gods and goddesses themselves creating a desire to become like them. In this age, they are making “stars” out of anybody. There are stars from every profession and given their own TV “reality show”, one for the desire of each person on earth it would seem and more distraction from the truth that is trying to surface within each individual.

The more I see this in action and the more I expose it, the more insane the reality of it becomes and the obvious lateness of the hour shows demonstrably to be the opposite of what this whole country is now believing – that a billionaire, real estate tycoon who owns a large chunk of New York City is going to “make America great again”. I could go on about the complexities of the divide of right and left but suffice it to say that this also is a tactic of the elite who rule over us and is a useful tool to those who desire to divide and conquer.  The divisions of race and the egging on of the media to foment chaos, hatred, division and unrest is the result of their dividing the population and is a complete topic for another book.

Through it all, there are at present, relating to eternity, only two types of persons in this age; those who are saved from their sins by faith in Jesus Christ and His ability to pay our sin debt which wages are death; and those who are not.  Of those two types there are two sub-types each.  For the saved, there are, a.) those moving toward God, ever increasing in His Grace and Knowledge by constant, careful study of prophecy, desiring Him to come for them and rightly dividing His written word, and b.) those backsliding away from God perhaps caring more for the things of the world and its lusts; those who don’t read and study His written word nor understand prophetically God’s time table and in what dispensation we are right now, but who, caring not much at all for the things of God, will be saved as if by fire.  (1 Corinthians 3:15)

Among the unsaved, there are those who a.) may be curious and whom The Lord has called for many years, just waiting to “make a decision” to look into such things and b.) those who simply think such things to be foolishness and have rejected God and Jesus Christ as Redeemer solidly.  These are the primary sub types but many varieties and degrees of each exist within those sub types.  Make no mistake, although there are distinctions, there are only two KINDS; saved and unsaved.  Within the unsaved grouping, there are some who PRETEND to be saved, perhaps even being found in the pulpit preaching from God’s word and captivating silly audiences of people with itching ears, doing so for filthy lucre. These types also can be found in the congregations of the church, pretending to serve Him but only for their own selfish motives e.g. to be perceived by others as an upstanding and respectable citizen – a “church goer.

They are hypocrites, wanting the reward of the world yet want to be seen as “righteous” and holy and pious yet their hearts are darkened and they believe not at all the things of God only about how they might exploit Him for their own gain in the world.  Of all the groups discussed, the largest group by far are the unsaved in this and every other age.  This has been the case historically since before Christ ascended into Heaven.

His followers were very few when He taught on earth.  Surely though, there were many people “following” Him when He preached for example in Matthew 14:14 when Jesus fed the five thousand men but after they were filled with all they could eat, they went away so they mostly were only USING Him and not SERVING Him with their lives. That’s not to say that there weren’t many who did believe and love the Lord, perhaps even asking to go along with Him and His apostles but the bible is largely silent on this topic.

Those who LOVE truth and have sought to know the truth and to follow it wherever it may lead are those who have found the Truth in One Person, the Person of Jesus Christ because any honest search for absolute truth will only lead to Christ and whether you choose to believe it or you don’t, that is a FACT.  He is the ONLY Creator by Whom God made all things seen and unseen and He is the SOURCE of LIFE.  Men who have found this Truth LOVE Him and want to serve Him every day and forever and ever.

Sadly, most people ever born into this world end up seeking life OUTSIDE of the Source of life because they love their sins instead of God. When presented with the truth, most care more for the fleeting things of this world – fame, fortune etc. and they reject the knowledge that comes from God. Each person hears about truth yet most reject it outright.  They are ashamed of God.  They are much more concerned with their appearance in the eyes of others than in the Eyes of God and their peers dictate their lives. As the years accumulate in my own adult life, this is an endless source of astonishment to me; that people would care so much for what others think of them as though “others” set the standard by which everyone behaves and conducts their lives!

This is a reality.  Partly innate but mostly due to social standards learned from a young age, most people allow others to think for them, dress for them, purchase things for them, mow their lawns for them, raise their children for them and believe whatever everyone else believes all according to “what others might think or say”.  It’s as if some person (who is just like you with two arms, two legs, a beating heart, two eyes, etc. etc.) should say something or think a certain way, should have some serious lasting effect on your life.  And should two or more persons adopt the same negative thoughts about you, would just be a tragedy. The next thing is they would form a group against you.  All of this comes from the CLASSROOM.  That is why I call the public education system the indoctrination centers for the youth.  Is it any wonder they took the bible out of public education?  The VERY first item to be restricted is the written word of God which shows how God in the Flesh acted toward other people.  He never allowed them to shape His opinion or change a thing about His Own Life.  The public school system is trying to teach ANOTHER philosophy!  One of thinking like the herd.

And while filling their minds with propaganda, they go home to the TV, which, at some point or another, is tuned to the daily news into which they gain their selected “fresh picked” understanding of the things that occur and why they occur. There is packaged “truth” for all ages.  They are spoon fed the philosophy of the world through education and the media which has garnered 99% of their attention in the form of movies, sitcoms, video games, music etc. and has replaced entirely the traditional, biblical, family table and the development of social skills centered around truth to those necessary for participation in “the group”.

In great hindsight, I think back to a third grade classroom event which stuck with me through all these years:  I was chewing a big wad of gum one day in class when the catty teacher noticed and ordered me to spit it out.  I asked her why.  She answered smugly, “unless you have enough for the rest of the children in class, you’re not allowed to chew it.”  If I had known better at the time, I would have stood up and spoke with the big wad still in my mouth while drooling and spitting say, (it really was a big wad) “if that’s your reason, why should I have to spit out my gum? If some kid doesn’t have his own gum, that’s his own fault.  I work and I get an allowance from my parents every week so I can buy my own gum and now you want me to give it away to kids who did not work for it?  That is liberal socialism, Mrs. Sloop!” (yeah, that was really her name. I can’t believe I remember her name) But I didn’t say any of that, I spit out my gum remembering what an injustice and waste it was yet not really knowing why, only that there was so much flavor left in that wad of gum.





These people are found all over the world especially in the modern state temples of Darwin which are the colleges and universities and they have taken the idea of evolutionism and turned it into a religion.  INSTEAD of teaching that we belong to a mysterious macrocosm that is the creation and design of a Sovereign, Loving, Mysterious and Creative God, they have been teaching evolutionism in God’s PLACE without allowing even for the POSSIBILITY of a Creator.  This is a long way from the manner in which most colleges began.

To permit such thoughts as a Creator having made us means that we are each RESPONSIBLE to Him and most people, because of this current campaign against God and the bible, and in a foolish and vain effort to stifle the centuries held belief that God Created everything, the bible was determined to be antithetical to modern science and was thrown out of the state sponsored education system completely.  In this new age, such talk of Creation and God, especially the Name of Jesus Christ is forbidden.  Today, the bible is equivalent to a book of Aesop’s fables but with a difference; Aesop is permitted, yet the bible – the very manual from God The Creator is not, however, the study of any Eastern religion is in fact encouraged.  The Very Christ The Sovereign Creator God is forbidden but any lowercase “g” god is welcome.  How we have advanced in our educational institutions is remarkable.

If there is so much evidence against the theory, why would it still exist and continue to be taught as a scientific FACT in every public school and government funded college and university in the world?”  The answer is that the majority of scientists never investigate this evidence for themselves and the ones that understand these arguments propose outrageously extravagant and twisted solutions for the questions that arise.  In short, most professional scientists never ask any questions about what they are taught at University.  Most assume that someone else has done the legwork and has the answers to these pressing issues, but there are no answers.  The only explanation is found by those capable of thinking logically and without pre-conceived notions to make observations; to test the observations, to repeat the test and to summarize and follow wherever the data leads.  That is the job of science or so I always believed.





That was enough “vain imagination” to darken the heart of generations to come and it was to be sure, BY DESIGN.  Physical evolution gave way to “spiritual evolution” which was the result of realizing that since this happened on earth, and the universe being so unimaginably large, what was to stop such “creation occurrences” from happening in other GALAXIES and other planets throughout the cosmos. After all, the universe is jam packed with galaxies to the tune of BILLIONS of them.  Perhaps the universe was TEEMING with intelligent life!

Neither the fossil record nor the study of microbiology has done anything to advance the evolutionary theory but the opposite; Paleoanthropology and technology are compiling an enormous amount of proof to the impossibility of the Darwinian Evolutionary model and the discoveries being made, are revealing a story beginning with the history found in the bible; “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth” and this scripture is STILL the only explanation for what we observe around us and in us.























Richard Dawkins quote

I became increasingly aware that Darwinian evolution was a powerfully available alternative to my creator god as an explanation of the beauty and apparent design of life…I went through a period of doubting the power of natural selection to do the job required of it. But eventually a friend…persuaded me of the full force of Darwin’s brilliant idea and I shed the last vestige of theistic credulity, probably at the age of about sixteen. It wasn’t long then before I became strongly and militantly atheistic.

4 Richard Dawkins, An Appetite for Wonder: The Making of a Scientist (New York: Harper-Collins, 2013), 140–41.


“If you feel trapped in the religion of your upbringing, it would be worth asking yourself how this came about. The answer is usually some form of childhood indoctrination. If you are religious at all, it is overwhelmingly probable that your religion is that of your parents. If you were born in Arkansas and you think Christianity is true and Islam false, knowing full well that you would think the opposite if you had been born in Afghanistan, you are the victim of childhood indoctrination.”  1 Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion (New York: Houghton Mifflin, 2006), 3.


He is the one, I believe, who will give HARD DISCLOSURE to what the people already think they know as fact regarding the UFO phenomenon and all of the attempts of the government to “cover up” the fact. Either he or one of his hirelings will bring the eyes of the world to one platform in which he will provide the stunning proof for the existence of extra-terrestrial, intelligent life.  He may use scalar weapons to show how advanced the technology is that has been given to mankind, he may do other “miracles” such as the bible says as “calling fire from heaven on the earth” and everyone will believe him and worship him.


But I do!  It is Jesus Christ who spreads out the life of an organism and shapes that organism by means of the chemicals He created when He made the universe (which He also stretches out) and He keeps many of these secrets from being discovered at this time.   Cognitive Dissonance is demonstrated in Romans 1:21; “Because that when they knew God, the glorified Him not as God neither were thankful but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.”  And the previous verses tell us that God has manifest the truth of Himself in every person that He ever made.

This has prevented them from discovering the REAL Truth that Jesus Christ who is Sovereign over all things and who created all things is the ONE who makes and takes life.   The resistance is clearly seen and is very similar for both truths, in fact ALL truth.













“Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?  The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together against the Lord and against His Anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.  He that sitteth in the heavens shall LAUGH; the Lord shall have them in derision.  Then shall He speak unto them in His WRATH and vex them in His sore displeasure.” (Psalms 2:1-5; emphasis mine; God’s sore displeasure yours)


This is the final (un)resting place for those who reject His One and Only Provision for the sin debt that we all carry.  In this life there is constantly hope no matter how grim the conditions.  That hope, (hopefully) leads to an understanding of Who He is, who we are and what we must do.  He has given us His written word and has preserved it in the King James Bible for the English speaking people of this age.  (The new versions are corrupt and changed and made into merchandise – an entire technical study on biblical history).  My purpose in being here is to help people to understand that time is very short and that you must be saved.



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How to fix the country

The only thing that will save us now is for the states to dis-assemble the federal gov’t starting at the top removing it’s present powers by incarceration if necessary and immediately construct a skeletal Government of honest people from a pool of hard working, patriotic citizens from each state capable of holding onto the controls of the military and other critical Federal gov’t functions by election and special ballot. This will be done ACCORDING TO THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The new government will terminate EVERY congressperson and start from scratch.


Let the TRUTH be known to the American people and the world that the US has been hijacked by a secret and elite group of global bankers with an agenda for world conquest and they control ALL MEDIA and corporations. They own all of the economies of the world and control them by lending money at interest and have become so powerful that they have infiltrated every government of the industrialized world and are tearing down our constitution by staging and carrying out false flag events, creating a “need” to a.) go to war and b.) Change the laws set up for free and sovereign countries in the name of the protection of its citizens and “peace and safety”.


Next, SHUT DOWN THE FEDERAL RESERVE and stop the federal income tax by shutting down the IRS. Make public an accurate AUDIT of the Federal Reserve to show how it has been stealing from the citizens by illegal taxes, lending money to the gov’t at interest and refusing to be audited…EVER. Make the entire world aware that this system of private banks controlling the money of the world is a system of ultimate global takeover by a small group of super-rich bankers. Begin to give the stolen money back to the American people and get the economy rolling again. There will be BILLIONS UPON billions of dollars available once the salaries of these overpaid, power drunk evil socialists are ousted and dethroned.


Next, CLOSE THE BOARDERS and send back any illegal aliens who are here only for a free ride on the backs of hard working Americans. The tax burden for illegal immigrants alone could pay the whole new government’s salary. Shut down the Welfare system and completely change the way the system operates. The system will begin to improve itself immediately after the illegal immigrants are removed. Make it into a USEFUL system, not one designed to keep an entire class of lower socio-economic and untrained and unskilled potential workers and their families trapped in a system of despair and indigence. Make programs of job training and education available THAT actually WORK and get the unemployed and under-employed working again.


Begin to build an economy based on SMALL BUSINESS and make the process of setting up and maintaining small business trade in the USA benefit the small businessman instead of the current system that is PUNISHING him.

Finally, take back NAFTA and any other ridiculous free trade acts and set up proper world trade. Encourage businesses to stay in the US and this country will begin to become the #1 producer of goods in the world that it once was and along with proper growth will come prosperity and unemployment will shrink to the percentage it should be, not 1 out of 4 people out of work in some places.


That’s how we could take our country back. Anyone interested?




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What is a REAL Christian?

1/14/2013  Half of correspondence between me and Youtuber ssjlkrillin

Well, I like what you are saying so when your fingers rest, keep typing!  I don’t consider myself a part of the “truth movement” nor a “truther” (however, I find the name that that they gave to those who ask questions, especially about 9/11; TRUTHER, very humorous because they unintentionally have labelled themselves “falser”!  Another, more common name for them since they admit to not being a truther is “LIAR” and all this of their own doing!  Goes to prove that if you call the truth a lie, it will come back and clear itself up eventually, sometimes, immediately!

I found out the answer to some of my questions a much longer time before I found out the truth that we are being lied to on a scale that would make your ordinary sitcom watching, Joe six-pak, Fox News and Sean Hannity couch crumpler’s head spin but I didn’t know any esoteric truth beyond what I had learned about myself and my place in the world.

I searched for answers in many places, not content with what I was being shown as a young person through the public school system (a whole subject for another day) and family and not easily convinced about anything unless I saw it with my own eyes.  So I hid within myself experimenting with different substances that would make me feel as though the world made more sense.  I stumbled through college with a degree in nothing (liberal arts & Sciences and later an Associate in Culinary Arts) and must have been a big disappointment to my father who was a professor at Pitt.  The happiest day of his life was when I took a job as an adjunct instructor of Culinary Arts at the local City College.

I must say that in retrospect, it is much easier to just be deluded and flow with the programming on TV and go to movies and allow yourself to be dumbed down while being systematically poisoned by whatever they are spraying in the clouds.  It is easy to give up when everyone else is calling you a “nut case” and a “crackpot” even your own family.  But finding truth is something that I just can’t quit.  It is driving me and lately has come to define my very being in part.

I used to play drums and sometimes still do but lately I have found solace at the keyboard…the one I’m typing on right now.  I love to write, especially about the things that interest me, which at this point in my life, it isn’t very easy finding those people of like interest, you know, the ones who have taken the “red pill”.  I just want to know how far this rabbit hole goes but what I want most is for those that have been stealing from us (taxes and more taxes) and lying to us to be exposed before we do meet on a FEMA train in some crazy, early morning, fog enveloped, razor wire surrounded detention camp with guard towers and police dogs. (the dogs don’t know they work for the enemy, that is why they are called man’s best friend; they will do what you train them to do)

You know that I’m rambling and I am good at it so I will get to my point.  I mentioned that before I found the truth that we are all cattle being led to slaughter, I found the Truth of everything we NEED to know in this world.  My passion is to tell people about that Truth if they don’t already know.  Many more are skeptical than not and you may be one of them but if you have visited my channel, you no doubt know that I am a follower of Jesus Christ.

I find that in this day and age, it is not enough to merely say that I am “Christian” because that can mean so many different things to so many different people for example, Roman Catholics call themselves Christians but they are in a system of delusion older than the Illuminati and has existed since Charlemagne named the first Pope and ruler of the Roman Empire in 314 AD and simply replaced Christian names and beliefs with those that existed before e.g. Horus and Isis and the sun god Ra and they formed a new religion which serves a completely different god than the True God.

Most people who go to a Catholic Church don’t even know this and they think they are gaining credit with God by counting down sacraments within a “church” system that exists solely for the purpose of gaining money and riches. (it goes much deeper than that and some say that underground, in the Vatican, Witchcraft is practiced and spells that affect the world are cast and I have no reason to believe contrary. You can see for yourself that Pope John Paul ll had a throne with an upside down cross on it, he carried the “bent cross” which has tons of occult meaning tied to it and he was buried in a trapezoidal casket-more occult symbolism) Others that call themselves Christian; Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, even some groups of Freemasons call themselves Christians

So, the difference between what this present world system calls a Christian and what the bible calls a Christian have become two separate and distinct persons over the last 40 or so years. (One can’t even trust the bibles that exist now of which some are awash with paganism and outright heresy in some translations, that’s why I use an Authorized King James Version. Some other versions even make God gender neutral taking out HE and replacing it with SHE/IT)  The modern liberal church now ordains unmarried, sexually active pastors, homosexual pastors, women pastors and the mainstream churches, i.e. the Methodist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Catholic, Episcopal and all other brand names of protestant churches have embraced what is called “Ecumenism” which simply means that they are trying to bridge the divide between Romanism and Protestantism under one world religion.

The Christians who are left who don’t fit into any of those categories are born again, bible believing, fundamental, dispensational, pre-Tribulational, millennial followers of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. They take the bible literally from careful study and rightly dividing of scripture.  These believe that the bible is the inerrant, Holy Word of the Living God and they read the bible daily and pray in the Spirit of God, having a relationship with Him and are forgiven of their sins by the one act of Jesus shedding of His blood at the cross and ascending into Heaven to be seated at the right hand of the Father. This he has done by the simple act of asking for forgiveness. If he is sincere, he is born again and indwelt by the Holy Spirit.

The real Christian doesn’t believe this haphazardly but has investigated the Truth through a careful study of history.  He finds that God didn’t expect us to believe in His Word without giving us proof that it is His Word but has shown us who He is by telling us the end from the beginning.  In other words, the prophecy that is in the bible, written hundreds of years before the events predicted had ever come to pass, always happen precisely as they are written.

With the unfolding of time, we have more and more evidence of this in true form e.g. the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Tel el Amarna tablets which contain an almost complete set of the writings of Isaiah (and plethora of others) in which he makes prophecy about the Messiah that supernaturally comes true to the letter.  God shows us He has inspired His Word supernaturally writing through the prophets to pen his Word for many future generations.

These aren’t vague predictions about something that is bound to happen over time like an earthquake or volcanic eruption but detailed, obscure things precisely told about the person of Jesus Christ, when, where, how he would be born, of a virgin, in a manger, in Bethlehem and more…of his death.  His crucifiction; a practice not even invented at the time it was prophesied to the amount of money for which he was betrayed, what would happen to that money (a field was bought where poor people are buried), who would betray Him, even that the soldiers would cast lots to see who would get His garments; He would be crucified between two thieves, He would drink vinegar, His hands and feet would be pierced, His side would be pierced, He would be crucified at Golgotha and on and on and on.

Together, there are over 300 prophecies of Jesus Christ alone in the old testament that had come true EXACTLY how they were told.  It was said of one university statistics professor that the random chance of just 10 of those 300 prophecies coming to pass without supernatural foreknowledge in the exact manner as they were foretold would be on the order of 10 times 10 to the 56th power or 10 with 56 zeros after it TO ONE!  And that is only for 10 of them, he wouldn’t try to factor in the 290 that were left!  That pretty much leaves only 2 choices, Isaiah and the prophets knew all these facts about Jesus (impossible) or these words came down to us from a supernatural source.  (You can check all of this and see that it’s true.  That is why I believed and sought a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Period.  No amount of study of history can prove otherwise but more study reinforces the facts!  It has happened to many scholars who set out to debunk the bible.  After seeing all of the facts,  They became Christians.  One example (for times sake) is Lee Strobel. OK, one more. William Lane Craig)

And that is just prophecy about the Messiah.  The bible is REPLETE with prophecy about other events that came to pass like the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD, the fall of Babylon and on and on.  This information is there for ANYONE to examine but most people won’t because they don’t want to know the TRUTH.  They would rather stay in their ignorant cozy little world and believe with the rest of the world that the bible is just a book of fantasy about some goat herders a million miles away.

But the bible says that God not only put proof in a form that the intellectual as well as the simple could read and understand, He put knowledge of Himself in our HEARTS!  “Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them for God hath shown it unto them; for the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse”. Romans 1:19-20

But in the style of a true fact seeker, I do not adopt a belief and THEN look for evidence why I believe it to be truth, I examine the facts to arrive at the truth NO MATTER WHERE IT MAY LEAD.  (This used to be the goal of the scientific community also but scientists have become something entirely different than the truth seekers they started out to be. Much more can be said on this subject).

Along with the lies that have become twisted into a complex and chaotic pattern over the last few decades because of the move toward One World Government and the tearing down of the Republic and it’s constitution, the Illuminati (which is controlled by unseen entities known as principalities and powers) have kicked up the battle against the True God and His True followers by calling out atheists to recruit a new generation of aggressive opponents of Christianity with a High Priest named (Pope) Richard Dawkins.

The New Garde Atheist is no longer a reasonable, quiet person with an opinion characteristically outside the moral majority  willing to calmly debate his dissenters but has become a “God hater” Hell bent on destroying the Christian and his philosophy, shaking his puny fist at God while instilling in the hearts of new “followers” a new “religion”  rabidly screaming against God and for the cause of Macro Evolution and the god of chance and randomness (which is now the carefully protected state religion and the Universities are the churches where this new god is worshiped.  Much more can be said on this too).

With that said, I have now given you my partial testimony about why I am a Christian and if I were to give due diligence, I would proceed to tell you how those beliefs tie into the rest of what I have been learning but I am going to save that for A.) if you want to hear it and B.) another day because my fingers are now tired.

I am writing a book and much of what I have written today will be incorporated into that book.  Whether my book sells or not, I have to try to share truth with people that don’t have it.    Thanks for listening.


The book I’m working on is going to deal mainly with getting this idea that the bible is unscientific, inaccurate, and full of errors out of public thinking and to defend it using what I had described to you earlier about its prophecy but going into much greater detail.  It will address the lack of knowledge about how little evidence there is to support this state sponsored religion called Macro Evolution especially the Big Bang, stellar and chemical evolution and Abiogenesis and the need for intelligent design.

I’m not a scientist but what I see in the scientific community these days is a complete disregard for truth and a huge cover up of archaeological and academic evidence of anything that would question Darwinism in the slightest and the propagation of every fragment that might favor the evolution of man (Lucy, Archaeopteryx, etc. as well as the documented hoaxes)

There exists in private collections, all sorts of fossil evidence which paint a much different and clearer picture of what happened in the past, how long it took and what was left behind.  There is more physical, geologic evidence for a catastrophic worldwide flood than there ever was of a rock turning into a prince (over billions of years) yet this evidence is regarded as “fairy tale nonsense”.

There is restrictive academic red tape for graduate students prohibiting their being published in pier review journals in any discipline that calls into question any of the carefully guarded “facts” pertaining to this theory of Macro evolution thereby filtering out all potential risks of a widespread foothold leading to acceptance of anything related to Intelligent Design.  This is purposeful restriction of learning – the opposite of science and not science at all but indoctrination.

I have been gathering evidence for years and I am dragging my feet as of late because of the vast amount of facts available  (as well as sorting out misinformation from truth) and this takes time and effort.  We are also in a battle for truth right now because the principalities are re-writing history and it is starting to take hold in some instances.  Not to mention the race to learn as much as possible before the internet is censored to the point of being useless just as you had some truth about Alex Jones syndicate ultimately owned by the MSM; ABC, I think it was.

Ultimately, I would like to tie everything together to explain how Satan’s most useful tool is deception and the world is his domain (right now) but that would be like trying to write a book explaining everything and that’s just not possible.  I will keep my focus on the historical accuracy of the Bible and try to present it is such a way that it will keep the reader’s attention, fill it with indisputable facts, find a publisher and pray.  As I said, much of the book is already written, I just have to put it together and edit it the way it will have the most impact.

So, as far as your book is concerned, if you write one, although you didn’t ask for my opinion, I will give it to you in regard to Glenn Beck and his promotion of it.  If your goal is to make lots of money and possibly end up with a NY Times Bestseller award, then get Beck to plug it for you.  If you know that Glenn Beck is just a watered down AJ with a huge platform and an actor whom Brietbart called a Liar (soooo much more could be said) then don’t.

It is more than interesting that you “used to be” an atheist and I will comment on that in greater depth later because as it turns out at the moment, I am typing about 2 words a minute with 50% errors! (Not really that bad but there is no smoke coming from my keyboard today if you know what I mean.  That means my backspace key is getting a workout today!)

It is also interesting that you are specialized in Geopolitics. You will have to give me your understanding of what is going on in the Middle East sometime when you have an hour to burn.  You certainly seem like someone who would have a better understanding about these things that what they appear to be on the surface.  I am a novice and only know as much as I have learned from a biblical standpoint about the territory dispute in Israel with the “so called” Palestinians. (Another topic for another day)  I have an Egyptian friend who left Egypt in the 80’s and I have had some briefing on how the Palestinians are just full of HATE for the Jew and that they don’t have any basis for claiming any land at all because they were never a sovereign nation with a language, monetary and political system of their own to begin with but were merely rebel Egyptians for the most part.  As I said, I don’t know much about this, only what I learned in the Bible, though, if you study the OT you will find that the Jews should occupy all of Jordan, part of Saudi Arabia and all of the Temple Mount.  Interesting.


I know that most don’t care to read anymore, I wonder if that goes hand in hand with writing.  There are so many good things to read out there and I would like to recommend one to you now (I could recommend many but for now,) Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview, J.P. Moreland and William Lane Craig.  It is easy to see that you are well read and this should be right up your alley.  I believe Amazon has it for about 20 dollars if you’re interested.  It was, as I recall, one of the most comprehensive, in-depth books on the subject that I have read other than “Institutes”, by Calvin; or A Systematic Theology, by Tillich.

I have read many books that deal with Christianity, more precisely in the area of metaphysics, epistemology and eschatology and I often wonder why the better part of the greatest secular philosophers have often done away with Christ and left Him with a vague definition of what the New Age philosophers have ascribed to Him – a great moral teacher who was one of many “ascended masters”.

The New Age enlightenment that has swept college campuses in the west over the last 50 years is a subject about which many books could be written and at the end of the day, they all have the same agenda, that is, to make God a man and to deify himself.  It’s very peculiar, the very first lie ever told to man was by Satan in the form of a serpent and he said “you will be like God” and man has been believing it ever since!  Right up to this day, Satan is lying to the elites that they could take over the world and live forever by advances made in science, i.e. head transplants, full body transplants etc. etc.

(I occasionally read some off-the-wall things just to see what they are saying but, in order to gain truth, one must be very discerning, as it were, eating the fish and spitting out the bones.

Thank you for the info on the Middle east.  I had known about the Balfour Declaration but was completely unaware that it was written to a Rothschild.  I have to study up on that because I thought that the Jewish state was instituted by decree of the United Nations.  My friend gave me a book long ago about the politics surrounding the Jewish State and the Six Day’s War and I remember reading it but that’s about all I remember. I’ll have to dig it up and read it again.  You see, I am approaching that age where I could go back and read all of the books I ever read and they would seem as though I had never read them! I could save a lot of money that way!  Your assumption that most Palestinians are clueless is spot on and the ignorance intensifies as the principalities gain more of a grasp in reality by highly deceptive means and propaganda.

I will have to check out this documentary you mention called “Expelled”.  I had never heard of that but have heard of many cases just by reading other things and by understanding of this coup that exists in the scientific community stifling many brilliant and talented men and women from being published in any pier review or any related journals if they hold the position of Intelligent design.

It seems you have some differing opinions about the Holocaust than the ones that I have had but to be perfectly honest, it has never been part of my effort to uncover the truth regarding the treatment of the Jewish people in Germany in the second World War (although, my studies and efforts to uncover truth would inevitably lead me there eventually) and I have never done a study outside of what I have learned through school.  There is, however, a highly controversial belief within the Christian community that I staunchly oppose called Replacement Theology in which the Jews are “replaced” by the Gentile Christians throughout the bible because of the Jews’ rejection of the Messiah.  I believe that there may be a thread of a connection to the recent disinformation being spread about the Geopolitics of Israel in this current, heated dispute over the Palestinian state and the fact that even biblical scholars are trying to negate the covenant made (by God Himself) between The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the Jew.

You said, “I did not want to believe a lot of this stuff at first but the truth is what it is.” and that tells me you are a genuine truth seeker by definition.  What didn’t you want to believe?  I think I might know what you are referring to but I want to be sure.

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The Latest School Shooting

I’m speechless. How can anyone with breath in their lungs and blood in their veins decide to destroy so violently the innocent lives of so many children? God created us to be perfect but sin entered the world and it was changed so drastically from perfection to a valley of death that none of us would recognize perfection if we saw it. BUT, I can say that if anything remains from that time of perfection; if anything still resembles the lack of evil that purity and innocence are, it can be seen in the smiling face of a little child. Nothing else on earth gives us such a glimpse of purity and love than that of a 6 year old child. To attack that symbol of the greatest remaining icons of peace, love and innocence is to attack the Very Creator Himself. May God comfort the hearts and minds of the parents of those poor, precious, innocent victims and may justice be served in Heaven and righteousness be brought to the earth.
It all seems so planned, even to the unwary that believe everything the MSM says, a seed of doubt may exist for some. That seed is growing because the MSM is watering it but let me start with the basics.

What if there were an evil group of people so rich that they own everything in the world and what if they wanted to control everything and everybody in the world and scale back population to 1/6th of what it currently is? Suppose they had a plan to dominate by control of the masses using deception to manipulate peoples thoughts and to produce a population of main stream zombies that through careful manipulation of world events would believe anything they were told. Wouldn’t they need to control (in order of importance) money, public education and the media and to control ALL of it?

What if these super-rich bankers were controlled by unseen principalities and powers to do their bidding which is to dominate the world. Would anything be too extreme for them? What if they were secretly filmed doing ancient Babylonian, Sun-god worship ceremonies that included child sacrifice, would that be the first time in history this has happened? What if they controlled people’s minds to the point that if anyone questioned what they were being told, they were cast from society to the “crackpot” heap, never to be taken seriously again by the masses.

Wouldn’t they need to carry out “false flag” attacks and create disasters so that they could offer their “protection” from the threat whatever it was? Wouldn’t they prefer that the masses “depend” on them and trust them?

All of the pieces are coming together now yet I dare not say what I think may be happening even though it is so painfully obvious. Our children are being sacrificed to our leaders gods while they funnel the world into their New World Order and most of the population is too brainwashed to see it.

They will get our guns and they won’t stop until they do. The majority will give them up, too. Willingly. The rest will probably die trying to keep them.

But there is very good news. There is a way of escape. If you haven’t already done so, give your heart to God by asking forgiveness for your sins. Ask Him to forgive you based on the offering He made at Calvary where He gave His Only Begotten Son as a propitiatory sacrifice for the sins of the world. You can have the forgiveness of your sins if you ask. Get on your knees, bow to Him and worship Him and tell Him you know you are a sinner but you know that He will forgive you if you only ask and believe that He is God, the Son who came to die for the sins of the world. Repent of your sins and thank Him for forgiving you, you are now part of His forever Kingdom.

Very soon, He is coming to pick up His believers who have placed their trust in Him by asking Him to forgive their sins. “For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words. 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18

Comfort one another. It is true. It is also true that the leaders of the world have gotten together secretly and are planning the destruction of mostly everybody. We are in the days that the bible talks about as “the last days”. Satan is putting everything together now because he knows he has only a short time left but what this is coming down to is a world wide battle. Satan and his angels will fight against God and His angels (we will be on white horses to fight with God against Satan in this battle) in the Apocalypse. Satan will be defeated and will be cast into the bottomless pit for 1000 years and we will rule and reign on the earth.

We are living in an historic time. We have front row seats to the end of the age. Jesus Christ is coming. Be ready and waiting because you want to be on the winning side. Satan and anyone who doesn’t receive salvation by the cleansing of their sins will be cast into the lake of fire forever and ever. Read your bibles and sharpen your sword! He is coming on the clouds!!

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Comment on Generations W/Kevin Swanson

This was from a show called Generations With Kevin Swanson called “Why Teens Kill, Inside the mind of a teenage killer”   Please listen



and read my comment below.

Just a few days after this Generations Radio Broadcast, one of the worst teenage massacres in the world took place. We ought to be getting pretty good at seeing the warning signs now. One preventative measure that we should all take – Christian or not – DON’T play these 1st person shooter video games! (I had no idea so many millions of them have been sold; the owners of the media outlet that manufacture these “games” must be making big profits!)

They are designed by the Illuminati and are very successful at training our kids to kill. I believe that they (The Illuminati) are even brainwashing, kidnapping and conspiring with “select” teens that are already pre-disposed to such violence to do their child sacrificial killings at public schools – a place where one who wanted to inflict the most damage to our children as fast as possible would go to carry out their murderous plans.

If you include abortion on demand, partial birth abortion (and propagandizing kids to have sex by placing FREE condom dispensers in boys rest rooms at public schools under the guise “safe sex”) and other means of killing unborn babies, America is the world leader in sacrificing it’s children to the gods of materialism; the pagan gods of this post modern age.

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The Blessed Hope

The church will be “kept from the hour of testing that shall come upon all the world.” (Rev. 3:10)  The believer will escape the tribulation (Luke 21:36).   It is in the character of God to deliver His own from the greatest times of trial. (Lot, Rahab. Israel, Noah,etc)  There are many passages in Isaiah that tell of the Rapture, “Thy dead men shall live, together with my dead body shall they arise. Awake and sing, ye that dwell in dust: for thy dew is as the dew of herbs, and the earth shall cast out the dead.” Isaiah 26:19 is one of them.

The exhortation to be comforted by the “coming of the Lord” (1Thes 4:18) is valid only in the context of the pre-trib view. It could even be a fearsome thing in a post-trib view.  We are exhorted to look for the “Glorious Appearing of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” (Titus 2:13) If there are any prophetic events (ie: tribulation) to come first, then this passage is nonsensical.  Also, “The Blessed Hope” is the hope that I wake up with every day that Paul spoke of in Titus 2:13.  My hope is that Jesus will do as the bible says and take us out before the absolute worst time in human history occurs where BILLIONS will die. (1)

If you look at the next verse, Isaiah 26:20, (Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast.) it describes what Christ was talking about in John 14:2 “In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.”  In Revelation 3:10 Jesus says to the angel of the church at Philadelphia “Because thou has kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation which shall come upon all the world to try them that dwell upon the earth.”  There are actually too many to list here and books have been written on the subject.

Some of the most compelling evidence is how we can list the differences between the Rapture and the Second Coming by simple and literal exegesis of scripture.

ü  At the Rapture, the church meets Christ in the air. At the second coming, Christ returns to the Mt of Olives.

ü  At the time of the Rapture, the Mt of Olives is unchanged. At the second coming it is divided forming a valley east of Jerusalem.

ü  At the time of the rapture, saints are translated. No saints are translated at the time of the second coming.

ü  At the time of the rapture, the world is not judge for sin, but descends deeper into sin. At the second coming, the world is Judged by the King of kings.

ü  The translation of the church is pictured as a deliverance from the day of wrath, whereas the coming of Christ is a deliverance for those who have suffered under severe tribulation.

ü  The rapture is immanent whereas there are specific signs which precede the second coming.

ü  The translation of living believers is a truth revealed only in the NT. The second coming with the events surrounding it is prominent in both OT and NT.

ü  The rapture is only for the saved, while the tribulation and second coming deals with the entire world.

ü  No unfulfilled prophecy stands between the church and the rapture. Many signs must be fulfilled before the second coming of Christ.

ü  No passage in either OT or NT deals with the resurrection of the saints at the second coming nor mentions the translation of living saints at that same time. (2)

You have no doubt heard the argument that the Pre Trib Rapture is a new teaching and only came about in the last 150 years of the church and those that propagate this view give most of the credit to a man named John Darby in 1820.  What you won’t hear from those who believe this is that the pre trib idea was not a new idea at all but was commonly believed in the time of the forefathers of the historic Christian Church.  Most people settle their beliefs and THEN look for evidence to back up their beliefs.  They are not truth seekers.  A genuine truth seeker looks at all the evidence to find the truth and then believes that truth whether they like it or not because it is the truth. The following were supporters of the pre trib rapture.

* Epistle of Barnabas, (AD 100)

* Irenaeus, in Against Heresies

* Hippolytus, a disciple of Irenaeus (2nd Century)

* Justin Martyr, Dialogue with Trypho

*Ephraem, the Syrian (4th Cenury)

and Ephraem (of Nisibis) said…

“For the saints and Elect of God are gathered, prior to the tribulation that is to come and are taken to the Lord lest they see the confusion that is to overwhelm the world because of our sins.”

and more…

*Peter Jurieu, The approaching Deliverance of the Church, 1686

*Phillip Doddridge”s Commentary on the New Testament, 1738

* Dr. John Gill, commentary on the New Testament, 1748

* James Macknight, Commentary on the Apostolical Epistles, 1763

* Thomas Scott, Commentary on the Holy Bible, 1792

Darby wasn’t even the first in the 19th Century to speak of the Pre Trib.  Finally,

* Emanuel Lacunza (Ben Ezra), 1812

* Edward Irving, 1816

* John Darby, 1820

* Margaret McDonald, 1830

Darby POPULARIZED the teaching in the 19th century, he didn’t invent it. That is a popular misconception among amillenialists (post tribs) today.

This is a critical topic and it is part of the dispensational revelation of the Spirit of God.  He reveals what we need to know as the need to know it arises.  I believe that the topic is so important that it affects the whole world view of the believer and his/her interpretation of the heart of God.

Most post trib believers contend that we pre tribulationalists will be “caught off guard” when we find ourselves in the tribulation and will “lose our faith” and take the mark of the beast.  I have heard the arguments for years (more in the last 2 or 3 years than the last 25) from post trib folk and I even have decided at one point not to try to persuade them any longer for the fact that many (most) are rude, angry and insulting, (some even using profanity to deliver their angry sentiment) many claiming that we pre tribs aren’t even part of the Bride of Christ.

I believe that the post trib, mid trib and partial rapture theories are completely against the teachings of the bible and I believe also that they are teachings that have been influenced by Satan.  The devil hates the pre trib rapture theory.  That is enough proof for me that it is the truth!  I hope you enjoyed my dissertation and please feel free to share part or all of it with anyone you know who is any other than a pre trib rapture believer.  May God richly bless you in these very last days of the age of Grace.

(1) www.bibleprophecy.org/

(2) Ibid

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