Comment on Generations W/Kevin Swanson

This was from a show called Generations With Kevin Swanson called “Why Teens Kill, Inside the mind of a teenage killer”   Please listen

and read my comment below.

Just a few days after this Generations Radio Broadcast, one of the worst teenage massacres in the world took place. We ought to be getting pretty good at seeing the warning signs now. One preventative measure that we should all take – Christian or not – DON’T play these 1st person shooter video games! (I had no idea so many millions of them have been sold; the owners of the media outlet that manufacture these “games” must be making big profits!)

They are designed by the Illuminati and are very successful at training our kids to kill. I believe that they (The Illuminati) are even brainwashing, kidnapping and conspiring with “select” teens that are already pre-disposed to such violence to do their child sacrificial killings at public schools – a place where one who wanted to inflict the most damage to our children as fast as possible would go to carry out their murderous plans.

If you include abortion on demand, partial birth abortion (and propagandizing kids to have sex by placing FREE condom dispensers in boys rest rooms at public schools under the guise “safe sex”) and other means of killing unborn babies, America is the world leader in sacrificing it’s children to the gods of materialism; the pagan gods of this post modern age.

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