What is a REAL Christian?

1/14/2013  Half of correspondence between me and Youtuber ssjlkrillin

Well, I like what you are saying so when your fingers rest, keep typing!  I don’t consider myself a part of the “truth movement” nor a “truther” (however, I find the name that that they gave to those who ask questions, especially about 9/11; TRUTHER, very humorous because they unintentionally have labelled themselves “falser”!  Another, more common name for them since they admit to not being a truther is “LIAR” and all this of their own doing!  Goes to prove that if you call the truth a lie, it will come back and clear itself up eventually, sometimes, immediately!

I found out the answer to some of my questions a much longer time before I found out the truth that we are being lied to on a scale that would make your ordinary sitcom watching, Joe six-pak, Fox News and Sean Hannity couch crumpler’s head spin but I didn’t know any esoteric truth beyond what I had learned about myself and my place in the world.

I searched for answers in many places, not content with what I was being shown as a young person through the public school system (a whole subject for another day) and family and not easily convinced about anything unless I saw it with my own eyes.  So I hid within myself experimenting with different substances that would make me feel as though the world made more sense.  I stumbled through college with a degree in nothing (liberal arts & Sciences and later an Associate in Culinary Arts) and must have been a big disappointment to my father who was a professor at Pitt.  The happiest day of his life was when I took a job as an adjunct instructor of Culinary Arts at the local City College.

I must say that in retrospect, it is much easier to just be deluded and flow with the programming on TV and go to movies and allow yourself to be dumbed down while being systematically poisoned by whatever they are spraying in the clouds.  It is easy to give up when everyone else is calling you a “nut case” and a “crackpot” even your own family.  But finding truth is something that I just can’t quit.  It is driving me and lately has come to define my very being in part.

I used to play drums and sometimes still do but lately I have found solace at the keyboard…the one I’m typing on right now.  I love to write, especially about the things that interest me, which at this point in my life, it isn’t very easy finding those people of like interest, you know, the ones who have taken the “red pill”.  I just want to know how far this rabbit hole goes but what I want most is for those that have been stealing from us (taxes and more taxes) and lying to us to be exposed before we do meet on a FEMA train in some crazy, early morning, fog enveloped, razor wire surrounded detention camp with guard towers and police dogs. (the dogs don’t know they work for the enemy, that is why they are called man’s best friend; they will do what you train them to do)

You know that I’m rambling and I am good at it so I will get to my point.  I mentioned that before I found the truth that we are all cattle being led to slaughter, I found the Truth of everything we NEED to know in this world.  My passion is to tell people about that Truth if they don’t already know.  Many more are skeptical than not and you may be one of them but if you have visited my channel, you no doubt know that I am a follower of Jesus Christ.

I find that in this day and age, it is not enough to merely say that I am “Christian” because that can mean so many different things to so many different people for example, Roman Catholics call themselves Christians but they are in a system of delusion older than the Illuminati and has existed since Charlemagne named the first Pope and ruler of the Roman Empire in 314 AD and simply replaced Christian names and beliefs with those that existed before e.g. Horus and Isis and the sun god Ra and they formed a new religion which serves a completely different god than the True God.

Most people who go to a Catholic Church don’t even know this and they think they are gaining credit with God by counting down sacraments within a “church” system that exists solely for the purpose of gaining money and riches. (it goes much deeper than that and some say that underground, in the Vatican, Witchcraft is practiced and spells that affect the world are cast and I have no reason to believe contrary. You can see for yourself that Pope John Paul ll had a throne with an upside down cross on it, he carried the “bent cross” which has tons of occult meaning tied to it and he was buried in a trapezoidal casket-more occult symbolism) Others that call themselves Christian; Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, even some groups of Freemasons call themselves Christians

So, the difference between what this present world system calls a Christian and what the bible calls a Christian have become two separate and distinct persons over the last 40 or so years. (One can’t even trust the bibles that exist now of which some are awash with paganism and outright heresy in some translations, that’s why I use an Authorized King James Version. Some other versions even make God gender neutral taking out HE and replacing it with SHE/IT)  The modern liberal church now ordains unmarried, sexually active pastors, homosexual pastors, women pastors and the mainstream churches, i.e. the Methodist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Catholic, Episcopal and all other brand names of protestant churches have embraced what is called “Ecumenism” which simply means that they are trying to bridge the divide between Romanism and Protestantism under one world religion.

The Christians who are left who don’t fit into any of those categories are born again, bible believing, fundamental, dispensational, pre-Tribulational, millennial followers of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. They take the bible literally from careful study and rightly dividing of scripture.  These believe that the bible is the inerrant, Holy Word of the Living God and they read the bible daily and pray in the Spirit of God, having a relationship with Him and are forgiven of their sins by the one act of Jesus shedding of His blood at the cross and ascending into Heaven to be seated at the right hand of the Father. This he has done by the simple act of asking for forgiveness. If he is sincere, he is born again and indwelt by the Holy Spirit.

The real Christian doesn’t believe this haphazardly but has investigated the Truth through a careful study of history.  He finds that God didn’t expect us to believe in His Word without giving us proof that it is His Word but has shown us who He is by telling us the end from the beginning.  In other words, the prophecy that is in the bible, written hundreds of years before the events predicted had ever come to pass, always happen precisely as they are written.

With the unfolding of time, we have more and more evidence of this in true form e.g. the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Tel el Amarna tablets which contain an almost complete set of the writings of Isaiah (and plethora of others) in which he makes prophecy about the Messiah that supernaturally comes true to the letter.  God shows us He has inspired His Word supernaturally writing through the prophets to pen his Word for many future generations.

These aren’t vague predictions about something that is bound to happen over time like an earthquake or volcanic eruption but detailed, obscure things precisely told about the person of Jesus Christ, when, where, how he would be born, of a virgin, in a manger, in Bethlehem and more…of his death.  His crucifiction; a practice not even invented at the time it was prophesied to the amount of money for which he was betrayed, what would happen to that money (a field was bought where poor people are buried), who would betray Him, even that the soldiers would cast lots to see who would get His garments; He would be crucified between two thieves, He would drink vinegar, His hands and feet would be pierced, His side would be pierced, He would be crucified at Golgotha and on and on and on.

Together, there are over 300 prophecies of Jesus Christ alone in the old testament that had come true EXACTLY how they were told.  It was said of one university statistics professor that the random chance of just 10 of those 300 prophecies coming to pass without supernatural foreknowledge in the exact manner as they were foretold would be on the order of 10 times 10 to the 56th power or 10 with 56 zeros after it TO ONE!  And that is only for 10 of them, he wouldn’t try to factor in the 290 that were left!  That pretty much leaves only 2 choices, Isaiah and the prophets knew all these facts about Jesus (impossible) or these words came down to us from a supernatural source.  (You can check all of this and see that it’s true.  That is why I believed and sought a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Period.  No amount of study of history can prove otherwise but more study reinforces the facts!  It has happened to many scholars who set out to debunk the bible.  After seeing all of the facts,  They became Christians.  One example (for times sake) is Lee Strobel. OK, one more. William Lane Craig)

And that is just prophecy about the Messiah.  The bible is REPLETE with prophecy about other events that came to pass like the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD, the fall of Babylon and on and on.  This information is there for ANYONE to examine but most people won’t because they don’t want to know the TRUTH.  They would rather stay in their ignorant cozy little world and believe with the rest of the world that the bible is just a book of fantasy about some goat herders a million miles away.

But the bible says that God not only put proof in a form that the intellectual as well as the simple could read and understand, He put knowledge of Himself in our HEARTS!  “Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them for God hath shown it unto them; for the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse”. Romans 1:19-20

But in the style of a true fact seeker, I do not adopt a belief and THEN look for evidence why I believe it to be truth, I examine the facts to arrive at the truth NO MATTER WHERE IT MAY LEAD.  (This used to be the goal of the scientific community also but scientists have become something entirely different than the truth seekers they started out to be. Much more can be said on this subject).

Along with the lies that have become twisted into a complex and chaotic pattern over the last few decades because of the move toward One World Government and the tearing down of the Republic and it’s constitution, the Illuminati (which is controlled by unseen entities known as principalities and powers) have kicked up the battle against the True God and His True followers by calling out atheists to recruit a new generation of aggressive opponents of Christianity with a High Priest named (Pope) Richard Dawkins.

The New Garde Atheist is no longer a reasonable, quiet person with an opinion characteristically outside the moral majority  willing to calmly debate his dissenters but has become a “God hater” Hell bent on destroying the Christian and his philosophy, shaking his puny fist at God while instilling in the hearts of new “followers” a new “religion”  rabidly screaming against God and for the cause of Macro Evolution and the god of chance and randomness (which is now the carefully protected state religion and the Universities are the churches where this new god is worshiped.  Much more can be said on this too).

With that said, I have now given you my partial testimony about why I am a Christian and if I were to give due diligence, I would proceed to tell you how those beliefs tie into the rest of what I have been learning but I am going to save that for A.) if you want to hear it and B.) another day because my fingers are now tired.

I am writing a book and much of what I have written today will be incorporated into that book.  Whether my book sells or not, I have to try to share truth with people that don’t have it.    Thanks for listening.


The book I’m working on is going to deal mainly with getting this idea that the bible is unscientific, inaccurate, and full of errors out of public thinking and to defend it using what I had described to you earlier about its prophecy but going into much greater detail.  It will address the lack of knowledge about how little evidence there is to support this state sponsored religion called Macro Evolution especially the Big Bang, stellar and chemical evolution and Abiogenesis and the need for intelligent design.

I’m not a scientist but what I see in the scientific community these days is a complete disregard for truth and a huge cover up of archaeological and academic evidence of anything that would question Darwinism in the slightest and the propagation of every fragment that might favor the evolution of man (Lucy, Archaeopteryx, etc. as well as the documented hoaxes)

There exists in private collections, all sorts of fossil evidence which paint a much different and clearer picture of what happened in the past, how long it took and what was left behind.  There is more physical, geologic evidence for a catastrophic worldwide flood than there ever was of a rock turning into a prince (over billions of years) yet this evidence is regarded as “fairy tale nonsense”.

There is restrictive academic red tape for graduate students prohibiting their being published in pier review journals in any discipline that calls into question any of the carefully guarded “facts” pertaining to this theory of Macro evolution thereby filtering out all potential risks of a widespread foothold leading to acceptance of anything related to Intelligent Design.  This is purposeful restriction of learning – the opposite of science and not science at all but indoctrination.

I have been gathering evidence for years and I am dragging my feet as of late because of the vast amount of facts available  (as well as sorting out misinformation from truth) and this takes time and effort.  We are also in a battle for truth right now because the principalities are re-writing history and it is starting to take hold in some instances.  Not to mention the race to learn as much as possible before the internet is censored to the point of being useless just as you had some truth about Alex Jones syndicate ultimately owned by the MSM; ABC, I think it was.

Ultimately, I would like to tie everything together to explain how Satan’s most useful tool is deception and the world is his domain (right now) but that would be like trying to write a book explaining everything and that’s just not possible.  I will keep my focus on the historical accuracy of the Bible and try to present it is such a way that it will keep the reader’s attention, fill it with indisputable facts, find a publisher and pray.  As I said, much of the book is already written, I just have to put it together and edit it the way it will have the most impact.

So, as far as your book is concerned, if you write one, although you didn’t ask for my opinion, I will give it to you in regard to Glenn Beck and his promotion of it.  If your goal is to make lots of money and possibly end up with a NY Times Bestseller award, then get Beck to plug it for you.  If you know that Glenn Beck is just a watered down AJ with a huge platform and an actor whom Brietbart called a Liar (soooo much more could be said) then don’t.

It is more than interesting that you “used to be” an atheist and I will comment on that in greater depth later because as it turns out at the moment, I am typing about 2 words a minute with 50% errors! (Not really that bad but there is no smoke coming from my keyboard today if you know what I mean.  That means my backspace key is getting a workout today!)

It is also interesting that you are specialized in Geopolitics. You will have to give me your understanding of what is going on in the Middle East sometime when you have an hour to burn.  You certainly seem like someone who would have a better understanding about these things that what they appear to be on the surface.  I am a novice and only know as much as I have learned from a biblical standpoint about the territory dispute in Israel with the “so called” Palestinians. (Another topic for another day)  I have an Egyptian friend who left Egypt in the 80’s and I have had some briefing on how the Palestinians are just full of HATE for the Jew and that they don’t have any basis for claiming any land at all because they were never a sovereign nation with a language, monetary and political system of their own to begin with but were merely rebel Egyptians for the most part.  As I said, I don’t know much about this, only what I learned in the Bible, though, if you study the OT you will find that the Jews should occupy all of Jordan, part of Saudi Arabia and all of the Temple Mount.  Interesting.


I know that most don’t care to read anymore, I wonder if that goes hand in hand with writing.  There are so many good things to read out there and I would like to recommend one to you now (I could recommend many but for now,) Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview, J.P. Moreland and William Lane Craig.  It is easy to see that you are well read and this should be right up your alley.  I believe Amazon has it for about 20 dollars if you’re interested.  It was, as I recall, one of the most comprehensive, in-depth books on the subject that I have read other than “Institutes”, by Calvin; or A Systematic Theology, by Tillich.

I have read many books that deal with Christianity, more precisely in the area of metaphysics, epistemology and eschatology and I often wonder why the better part of the greatest secular philosophers have often done away with Christ and left Him with a vague definition of what the New Age philosophers have ascribed to Him – a great moral teacher who was one of many “ascended masters”.

The New Age enlightenment that has swept college campuses in the west over the last 50 years is a subject about which many books could be written and at the end of the day, they all have the same agenda, that is, to make God a man and to deify himself.  It’s very peculiar, the very first lie ever told to man was by Satan in the form of a serpent and he said “you will be like God” and man has been believing it ever since!  Right up to this day, Satan is lying to the elites that they could take over the world and live forever by advances made in science, i.e. head transplants, full body transplants etc. etc.

(I occasionally read some off-the-wall things just to see what they are saying but, in order to gain truth, one must be very discerning, as it were, eating the fish and spitting out the bones.

Thank you for the info on the Middle east.  I had known about the Balfour Declaration but was completely unaware that it was written to a Rothschild.  I have to study up on that because I thought that the Jewish state was instituted by decree of the United Nations.  My friend gave me a book long ago about the politics surrounding the Jewish State and the Six Day’s War and I remember reading it but that’s about all I remember. I’ll have to dig it up and read it again.  You see, I am approaching that age where I could go back and read all of the books I ever read and they would seem as though I had never read them! I could save a lot of money that way!  Your assumption that most Palestinians are clueless is spot on and the ignorance intensifies as the principalities gain more of a grasp in reality by highly deceptive means and propaganda.

I will have to check out this documentary you mention called “Expelled”.  I had never heard of that but have heard of many cases just by reading other things and by understanding of this coup that exists in the scientific community stifling many brilliant and talented men and women from being published in any pier review or any related journals if they hold the position of Intelligent design.

It seems you have some differing opinions about the Holocaust than the ones that I have had but to be perfectly honest, it has never been part of my effort to uncover the truth regarding the treatment of the Jewish people in Germany in the second World War (although, my studies and efforts to uncover truth would inevitably lead me there eventually) and I have never done a study outside of what I have learned through school.  There is, however, a highly controversial belief within the Christian community that I staunchly oppose called Replacement Theology in which the Jews are “replaced” by the Gentile Christians throughout the bible because of the Jews’ rejection of the Messiah.  I believe that there may be a thread of a connection to the recent disinformation being spread about the Geopolitics of Israel in this current, heated dispute over the Palestinian state and the fact that even biblical scholars are trying to negate the covenant made (by God Himself) between The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the Jew.

You said, “I did not want to believe a lot of this stuff at first but the truth is what it is.” and that tells me you are a genuine truth seeker by definition.  What didn’t you want to believe?  I think I might know what you are referring to but I want to be sure.

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