How to fix the country

The only thing that will save us now is for the states to dis-assemble the federal gov’t starting at the top removing it’s present powers by incarceration if necessary and immediately construct a skeletal Government of honest people from a pool of hard working, patriotic citizens from each state capable of holding onto the controls of the military and other critical Federal gov’t functions by election and special ballot. This will be done ACCORDING TO THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The new government will terminate EVERY congressperson and start from scratch.


Let the TRUTH be known to the American people and the world that the US has been hijacked by a secret and elite group of global bankers with an agenda for world conquest and they control ALL MEDIA and corporations. They own all of the economies of the world and control them by lending money at interest and have become so powerful that they have infiltrated every government of the industrialized world and are tearing down our constitution by staging and carrying out false flag events, creating a “need” to a.) go to war and b.) Change the laws set up for free and sovereign countries in the name of the protection of its citizens and “peace and safety”.


Next, SHUT DOWN THE FEDERAL RESERVE and stop the federal income tax by shutting down the IRS. Make public an accurate AUDIT of the Federal Reserve to show how it has been stealing from the citizens by illegal taxes, lending money to the gov’t at interest and refusing to be audited…EVER. Make the entire world aware that this system of private banks controlling the money of the world is a system of ultimate global takeover by a small group of super-rich bankers and we are ripe for the taking at this point. Begin to give the stolen money back to the American people and get the economy rolling again. There will be BILLIONS UPON billions of dollars available once the salaries of these overpaid, power drunk evil socialists are ousted and dethroned.


Next, CLOSE THE BOARDERS and send back any illegal aliens who are here only for a free ride on the backs of hard working Americans. The tax burden for illegal immigrants alone could pay the whole new government’s salary. Shut down the Welfare system and completely change the way the system operates. The system will begin to improve itself immediately after the illegal immigrants are removed. Make it into a USEFUL system, not one designed to keep an entire class of lower socio-economic and untrained and unskilled potential workers and their families trapped in a system of despair and indigence. Make programs of job training and education available THAT actually WORK and get the unemployed and under-employed working again.


Begin to build an economy based on SMALL BUSINESS and make the process of setting up and maintaining small business trade in the USA benefit the small businessman instead of the current system that is PUNISHING him.

Finally, take back NAFTA and any other ridiculous free trade acts and set up proper world trade. Encourage businesses to stay in the US and this country will begin to become the #1 producer of goods in the world that it once was and along with proper growth will come prosperity and unemployment will shrink to the percentage it should be, not 1 out of 4 people out of work in some places.


That’s how we could take our country back. Anyone interested?




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